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Best Apps For Music Lovers

Love listening to Music, here are some of the best apps you have to have on your phone to be called a true audio lover.

  1. Shazam – This app is a must. You can literally find information about any song or music using this app. It records a small portion and matches that against a database to give you all the details about the track, all fast and seamless.
  2. Prime Music – This app has a long and rock solid library for music lovers. Be in English, Hindi or regional languages. This app runs flawlessly and has lyrics added into countless tracks as an added convenience. Go on try it.
  3. Spotify – This is one name that makes each and every such list. Their playlists are well curated and the AI which does this is truly well designed and uses an impressive algorithm it seems. Moreover the plans include options for paid as well as advertisement included free options to select from. Their library is huge and will encompass literally everything there is out there.
  4. JioSaavn – Initially known as Saavn this music streaming app is now owned by Jio and now known as JioSaavn. JioSaavn has a gigantic collection of over 50 million songs in English, Hindi and other Indian languages. To make it easy of caller tune lovers Jio users can easily use the app to set their Jio caller tunes from this vast music library. Like most others this platform is offered for a nominal monthly fee. Alternatively you can use it for free if you are okay with subpar audio quality. Put on your earphones and enjoy the music.
  5. Gaana – Gaana is a Times company. This platform and online steaming service has a very large collection of English, Hindi and other regional music and songs. In what can be termed as a unique feature allows its users to create their own music playlist which can be made public that can also be used by other users. Their plans start with a basic free plan and with advertisements. The audio quality is less than optimal in this free plan. However paying a monthly fee easily overcomes the advertisement problem as well as sound quality problem.
  6. YouTube Music – This is by far the platform which is to buy if you want songs and remixes. As this app includes music from all the videos available on YouTube video platform and that has tons of musical covers and remixes which are not to be found anywhere else. The paid plan is cheap and gives you instant access to a wide variety, collection and library of musical world.
  7. Apple Music – Well this is the app if you are in the Apple ecosystem. It give you easy sharing across family members and it is the app that easily enforces restrictions such as “explicit” content. Making matters more interesting is the lossless and Atmos content which is truly admirable. The plans are well though out and family sharing them makes them all the more attractive.

All in all almost all the available apps are offering huge collection of audio library and some of them offer free plans with lower quality of music. So if you are a music lover and like listening and vibing to music on your earphones then go ahead and download the app(s) above. Read how selects technology related products such as earphones.


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