Unknown Gut

Bacteriophages of the Human Gut: The "Known Unknown" of the Microbiome. The human gut microbiome is a dense and taxonomically diverse consortium of microorganisms. While the bacterial components of the microbiome have received considerable attention, comparatively little is known about the composition and physiological significance of human gut-associated bacteriophage .Cited by:

The research reveals clues to ancient gut bacteria compositions, detecting microbial species never before seen in modern microbiomes. Ancient microbiome study discovers unknown types of gut bacteria.

 · Almost 2, unknown bacteria discovered in the human gut. by European Molecular Biology Laboratory. EMBL-EBI researchers and collaborators used computational tools to Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins.

 · Scientists working with samples of ancient feces have found previously unknown microbes that could help in the fight against chronic illnesses such as diabetes.

 · Scientists have broadly studied the identity and roles of human gut bacteria. However, research into human gut viruses is lagging. In a new study, scientists identify a .

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