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For two performances, while Pertwee was ill, David Banks better known for playing Cybermen played the Doctor. Other original plays have been staged as amateur productions, with other actors playing the Doctor, while Terry Nation wrote The Curse of the Daleksa stage play mounted in the late s, but without the Doctor.

A pilot episode " A Girl's Best Friend " for a potential spinoff series, K-9 and Companywas aired in with Elisabeth Sladen reprising her role as companion Sarah Jane Smith and John Leeson as the voice of K9but was not picked up as a regular series. Concept art for an animated Doctor Who series was produced by animation company Nelvana in the s, but the series was not produced. Following the success of the series produced by Russell T Davies, the BBC commissioned Davies to produce a part spin-off series titled Torchwood an anagram of "Doctor Who"set in modern-day Cardiff and investigating alien activities and crime.

A second series of Torchwood aired in ; for three episodes, the cast was joined by Freema Agyeman reprising her Doctor Who role of Martha Jones. A third series was broadcast from 6 to 10 Julyand consisted of a single five-part story called Children of Earth which was set largely in London. The series was predominantly set in the United States, though Wales remained part of the show's setting.

A third in featured a crossover appearance from the main show by David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor. Ina further such appearance featured Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor alongside former companion actress Katy Manning reprising her role as Jo Grant. A final, three-story fifth series was transmitted in autumn — uncompleted due to the death of Elisabeth Sladen in early The serial featured the voices of series regulars David Tennant and Freema Agyeman but is not considered part of the series.

Numerous other spin-off series have been created not by the BBC but by the respective owners of the characters and concepts. Such spin-offs include the novel and audio drama series Faction ParadoxIris Wildthyme and Bernice Summerfield ; as well as the made-for-video series P. There have been three aftershow series created, with the latest one titled Doctor Who: The Fan Showwhich began airing from the tenth series.

Each series follows behind-the-scenes footage on the making of Doctor Who through clips and interviews with the cast, production crew and other people, including those who have participated in the television series in some manner.

Each episode deals with a different topic, and in most cases refers to the Doctor Who episode that preceded it. Incoinciding with the series' 20th anniversary, The Five Doctors was shown as part of the annual BBC Children in Whos That - Various - Highway (Vinyl Appeal, however it was not a charity-based production, simply scheduled within the line-up of Friday 25 November This was the programme's first co-production with Australian broadcaster ABC.

Featuring three of the first five Doctors, a new actor to replace the deceased William Hartnell, and unused footage to represent Tom Baker. Infor the franchise's 30th anniversary, another charity special, titled Dimensions in Time was produced for Children in Need, featuring all of the surviving actors who played the Doctor and a number of previous companions.

It also featured a crossover with the soap opera EastEndersthe action taking place in the latter's Albert Square location and around Greenwich. The special was one of several special 3D programmes the BBC produced at the time, using a 3D system that made use of the Pulfrich effect requiring glasses with one darkened lens; the picture would look normal to those viewers who watched without LP) glasses. An affectionate parody of the television series, it was split into four segments, mimicking the traditional serial format, complete with cliffhangersand running down the same corridor several times when being chased the version released on video was split into only two episodes.

During the special the Doctor is forced to regenerate several times, with his subsequent incarnations played by, in order, Richard E. The script was written by Steven Moffatlater to be head writer and executive producer to the revived series. Since the return of Doctor Who inthe franchise has produced two original "mini-episodes" to support Children in Need.

The first, aired in Novemberwas an untitled seven-minute scene which introduced David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor. A set of two mini-episodes, titled "Space" and "Time" respectively, were produced to support Comic Relief.

They were aired during the Comic Relief event. Children in Need featured the mini-episode " The Great Detective ".

Doctor Who has been satirised and spoofed on many occasions by comedians including Spike Milligan a Dalek invades his bathroom—Milligan, naked, hurls a soap sponge at it and Lenny Henry. The Doctor in his fourth incarnation has been represented on several episodes of The Simpsons [] and Matt Groening 's other animated series Futurama. Daviesthe character of Vince was portrayed as an avid Doctor Who fan, with references appearing many times throughout in the form of clips from the programme.

In a similar manner, the character of Oliver on Coupling created and written by Steven Moffat is portrayed as a Doctor Who collector and enthusiast.

It has also be referenced in Destroy All Humans! Doctor Who has been a reference in several political cartoons, from a cartoon in the Daily Mail depicting Charles de Gaulle as a Dalek [] to a edition of This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow in which the Tenth Doctor informs an incredulous character from that the Democratic Party will nominate an African-American as its presidential candidate.

There have been various exhibitions of Whos That - Various - Highway (Vinyl Who in the United Kingdom, including the now closed exhibitions at:. Since its beginnings, Doctor Who has generated hundreds of products related to the show, from toys and games to collectible picture cards and postage stamps.

These include board games, card games, gamebooks, computer games, roleplaying games, action figures and a pinball game. Many games have been released that feature the Daleks, including Dalek computer games. The earliest Doctor Who —related audio release was a minute narrated abridgement of the First Doctor television story The Chase released in Induring a hiatus in the television show, Slipbackthe first radio drama, was transmitted.

Along with the main range, adventures of the First, Second and Third Doctors have been produced in both limited cast and full cast formats, as well as audiobooks. The series Destiny of the Doctorproduced as part of the series' 50th Anniversary celebrations, marked the first time Big Finish created stories in this case audiobooks featuring the Doctors from the revived show. Along with this, in May the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant, appeared alongside Catherine Tate in a collection of three audio adventures.

In AugustBig Finish announced a new series of audios beginning release in Mayfeaturing Christopher Eccleston reprising his role as the Ninth Doctor.

In addition to these main lines, both the BBC and Big Finish have produced original audio dramas and audiobooks based on spin-off material, such as Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures series. Doctor Who books have been published from the mid-sixties through to the present day. From to the books published were primarily novelised adaptations of broadcast episodes; beginning in an extensive line of original fiction was launched, the Virgin New Adventures and Virgin Missing Adventures.

Since the relaunch of the programme ina new range of novels have been published by BBC Books. Numerous non-fiction books about the series, including guidebooks and critical studies, have also been published, and a dedicated Doctor Who Magazine with newsstand circulation has been published regularly since This is published by Panini, as is the Doctor Who Adventures magazine for younger fans.

Numerous Doctor Who video games have been created from the mids through to the present day. It has been constantly updated since its release and features all of the Doctors as playable characters as well as over companions. The game and pack released in November Doctor Who Infinity was released on Steam on 7 August Since the creation of the Doctor Who character by BBC Television in the early s, a myriad of stories have been published about Doctor Whoin different media: apart from the actual television episodes that continue to be produced by the BBC, there have also been novels, comics, LP) stories, audio books, radio plays, interactive video games, game books, webcasts, DVD extras, and stage performances.

The BBC takes no position on the canonicity of any of such stories, and producers of the show have expressed distaste for the idea of canonicity. The show has received recognition as one of Britain's finest television programmes, winning the British Academy Television Award for Best Drama Series and five consecutive — awards at the National Television Awards during Russell T Davies ' tenure as executive producer.

Inthe Peabody Awards honoured Doctor Who with an Institutional Peabody "for evolving with technology and the times like nothing else in the known television universe. The revived series has received recognition from critics and the public, across various awards ceremonies. Doctor Who has been nominated for over awards and has won over a hundred of them.

As a British series, the majority of its nominations and awards have been for national competitions such as the BAFTAs, but it has occasionally received nominations in mainstream American awards, most notably a nomination for "Favorite Sci-Fi Show" in the People's Choice Awards and the series has been nominated multiple times in the Spike Scream Awardswith Smith winning Best Science Fiction Actor in The Canadian Constellation Awards have also recognised the series.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. British science fiction TV series. This article is about the television series. For other uses, see Doctor Who disambiguation. Science fiction Adventure Drama. Sydney Newman C. Webber Donald Wilson. Ron Grainer. Various composers sinceSegun Akinola.

Various as ofMatt Strevens and Chris Chibnall. Multiple-camera setup studio — Single-camera setup —present [1]. Regular episodes: 25 minutes —84, —89 45 minutes—17 50 minutes —pres. BBC One —pres. Mono —87 Stereo — 5. Main article: History of Doctor Who. Main article: Doctor Who missing episodes. See also: List of Doctor Who cast members. Main article: The Doctor Doctor Who. Main article: Regeneration Doctor Who. See also: The Doctor: Inconsistencies.

Main article: Companion Doctor Who. Main article: Dalek. Main article: Cyberman. Main article: The Master Doctor Who. See also: List of Doctor Who composers.

Main article: Doctor Who theme music. Doctor Who theme excerpt. An excerpt from the original classic theme music to Doctor Who. Main article: List of music featured on Doctor Who. See also: List of Doctor Who music releases. Main article: Doctor Who fandom. Main article: List of Doctor Who home video releases. Main article: Dr. Who Dalek films. Main article: Doctor Who spin-offs.

Main article: Doctor Who spoofs. Main article: Doctor Who exhibitions. Main article: Doctor Who merchandise. See also: List of Doctor Who novelists. See also: Category:Video games based on Doctor Who. Main article: List of awards and nominations received by Doctor Who.

Some reference works such as The Complete Encyclopedia of Television Programs — by Vincent Terrace erroneously credit Terry Nation with creating Doctor Whobecause of the way his name is credited in the two Peter Cushing films.

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Retrieved 6 October April Archived from the original on 24 April Retrieved 24 April Archived from the original on 7 January Retrieved 11 December BBC Worldwide. We then use a plagiarism-detection software to ensure that it is, actually, completely plagiarism free. We ensure that there is no way you could find your paper plagiarized. Your money is safe. If we fail to satisfy your expectations, you can always request a refund and get your money back.

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