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The real life sister of Sharon Tate was so moved by Margot Robbie's portrayal of Tate she claimed she "cried real tears, I had a big wet patch of tears down the front of my shirt. It was like having my sister back again, after 50 years. Award-winning cinematographer Robert Richardson has said that one of the most gratifying experiences for him on the shoot was filming Al Pacino for the very first time.

He'd seen all Pacino's films, but having the rare opportunity to shoot him with Brad and Leonardo in the same space was a milestone in his career. Editor Fred Raskin 's first assembly of the film was four hours, 20 minutes.

Quentin Tarantino spent five years writing Once Upon a Time in Hollywood as a novel before realizing a film script would better suit the material. Quentin Tarantino was scheduled to make the film for The Weinstein Company but severed the ties when the sexual assault allegations against co-chairman Harvey Weinstein were revealed in the press. To avoid a repeat of the script leak incident that almost cost him The Hateful Eighthe wrote a memo to all theatrical studios, summoning them to send one representative to his agent's The William Morris Endeavor office in Beverly Hills to read his Manson script in person at an arranged time and date.

The memo also mandated that each representative was required to sign a heavy non-disclosure agreement, read the script in person they were not allowed to copy or take the script backand present the list of demands and conditions to the studio management. This project was already one of the most anticipated and promising projects on the board at the time.

After reading the script, Warner Bros. Sony won the theatrical rights in the bidding war, outbidding its closest rival Warner Bros. Quentin Tarantino stated that the story consists of multiple parallel stories and that it is the closest in narrative form to his earlier film Pulp Fiction The design on the wall in the airport is identical to the design on the wall in the airport shown in the opening scene of Jackie Brown For Quentin TarantinoSharon Tate has an angelic presence throughout the movie.

He even considers Tate an angelic ghost on earth, with Tarantino's own words, "to some degree, she's not in the movie, she's in our hearts". Quentin Tarantino considers himself one of the luckiest directors in the history of Hollywood for being able to cast Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt at the same time.

Quentin Tarantino curated and presented a "Swinging Sixties Movie Marathon" of films that influenced Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which was broadcast on TV in 80 countries in the run up to the film's release. Tarantino said, "Sony Pictures made their Columbia Pictures catalogue available to me so that I could select a series of films representative of the era in which Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is set, The Swinging Sixties. I'm thrilled to host these movies so we can enjoy them together.

Not all films were shown in all countries. The scene in which Dalton as DeCoteau blows his lines, then throws a fit in his trailer was suggested by Leonardo DiCaprio. Quentin Tarantino wanted to shoot straight western scenes but DiCaprio wanted to emphasize Dalton's fading star and asked if he could intentionally blow the lines.

Tarantino was initially resistant and shot it both ways, but after seeing DiCaprio's performance with those lines, Tarantino was sold. He agreed that this was important, as it demonstrated the "drunken has-been" theme of the Dalton character. The fictional "Red Apple" brand of cigarettes is the brand that Tarantino uses in every movie. In the Rick Dalton commercial the art on the pack has been changed to give the worm a cowboy hat.

As Rick Dalton says at the end of the Red Apple shoot during the end credits, these are truly awful cigarettes. Leonardo DiCaprio undertook a strict workout routine in order to convincingly play an action star, giving up pasta and desserts and doing hundreds of push-ups a day. This film was originally scheduled to be released on August 9,the 50th anniversary of the murder of Sharon Tate and friends by members of Charles Manson 's "Family," before Sony changed the release date to July 26, Joan Didion in her collection of essays titled "White Album" theorized that August 9, was the day the "Hippie" movement, the free love era, and the s as a whole came to an abrupt end as a result of these murders.

Received a seven-minute standing ovation at Cannes premiere. Shot on 35 mm film as with almost every Tarantino picture some sequences shot on 8mm and 16mm. There are strong indicators that Cliff Booth was based on Hal Needham. As the highest paid stuntman in the world, Needham broke 56 bones, broke his back twice, punctured a lung, and knocked out a few teeth. His career included work on 4, television episodes and feature films as a stuntman, stunt coordinator, 2nd unit director and ultimately, director.

One of the major films he directed was Smokey and the Banditwhich starred Burt Reynolds who was the actual actor in the episode of The F. British Chinese martial arts actor and choreographer J. Cheung was offered the role of Bruce Lee, but turned it down, citing its lack of respect to Bruce Lee and his spirit. Cheung had previously turned down the role of Bruce Lee in Birth of the Dragon for similar reasons. Rather than using infrared or similar technology from later years, it uses ultra high frequency sound.

The remote features four buttons, each which trips a spring-loaded hammer that strikes a metal reed. Each of the reeds is at a separate pitch, all of which are inaudible. One button was for turning the TV on, another for turning it off, one for raising the channel and one for lowering it.

As each button press makes a loud click, many people simply referred to the device as a "clicker". A rather humorous failing of this system is that if you jingled your car keys it could cause the TV to turn on.

Quentin Tarantino claimed to have written the role of fictitious Hollywood agent Marvin Schwarz specifically for Al Pacino. In the scene at Spahn Ranch the name Randi Starr can be seen as a sign on the main street buildings.

Starr was a real ranch hand and stunt man who worked at the ranch. He died during the Tate La Bianca trial. The final version of the film is slightly longer than the cut that premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. Most notably, the scene where Rick Dalton appears in a clip from The Great Escape which required the use of digital effects and thus could not be completed in time for Cannes and the mid-credits Red Apple commercial were absent at the world premiere. Rick Dalton is portrayed as a Steve McQueen wannabe.

At the film's world premiere screening at the Cannes film festival, the scene where Brad Pitt, 55, takes off his shirt to show off his still-muscular stuntman physique drew gasps and spontaneous applause from the audience, as reported by the BBC and Indiewire. Quentin Tarantino thinks of this movie as "his memory piece". Roman Polanski calls his dog 'Dr. This was the name of a character in Rosemary's Babyhis latest film at the time.

Tarantino is known not to be a lover of CGI effects but this was the only practical way to accomplish this iconic scene as there was no realistic way to recreate it due to the age of the film and death of all the original actors in the scene. During one interview, while not revealing who it was, Tarantino said that he got the idea when watching the interaction of an actor with his stuntman.

While Kurt Russell 's name as been put forward as the inspiration for Dalton, the strongest argument is for Burt Reynolds and his long-time stuntman, Hal Needham. Before making a huge impact in Smokey and the BanditReynolds had spent many years kicking around in TV shows, mostly playing villains and his career was going nowhere. Tarantino based his film on his experience growing up in Los Angeles in the sixties and seventies. Reynolds did not leap from obscurity until Tarantino was 14 years old.

It is interesting that Dalton supposedly played the bad guy role in the featured episode of The F. Car coordinator Steven Butcher found the actual Ford Galaxie used in the Tate murders and had an exact replica built for the film. The Lancer episode being filmed within the movie appears to be Lancer: The High Riders with DiCaprio's character in the part played by Joe Don Baker, complete with long mustache. This episode was indeed directed by noted Shakespearean Album) Sam Wanamaker hence the reference to Hamlet.

Brad Pitt was reportedly in talks for an unspecified role in the film, which was rumored to be a detective investigating the murders, and was eventually turned down by Pitt. Negotiations stopped for a couple of months as it was assumed Pitt wasn't interested. Quentin Tarantino then tried to consider Tom Cruise for a role as many assume it was the same role it has not been confirmed that Pitt declined, but matters never materialized with Cruise.

Tarantino then went back to Pitt months later for a role, but this time the role was confirmed for being the stuntman character, Cliff Booth, which Pitt would sign on to do. As mentioned in 'The Rewatchables' podcast, Quentin Tarantino describes how the Spahn ranch sequence was influenced by the Robert Duvall helicopter scene in Apocalypse Now Once Coppola introduces this scene with the helicopters, every subsequent scene before they head up the river needed to include helicopters in the background of each shot for it to work thematically.

Quentin does the same for the Spahn ranch scene, but instead uses dogs. The aim for Tarantino in this sequence was to make sure that dogs can be seen in every shot at Spahn ranch wandering around.

The Columbia Pictures Release intro at the beginning of the film is authentic for the s. It was recycled from an unknown Columbia Pictures film from the same period and wasn't even remastered in order for it to keep its scratched, slightly faded look. The only nod to modernity is the digital addition of the Sony name at the bottom of the screen Sony acquired Columbia Pictures in the early s. As an additional piece, Columbia Pictures television arm of the era, Screen Gems, is also name-checked in the film.

The ending was deliberately omitted from copies of scripts in order to keep it secret from everyone including the studio.

The only persons who really knew the ending right at the beginning of production apart from Quentin Tarantino were the lead actors themselves and a close friend of Roman Polanski whom Tarantino showed the entire script. Robert Richardson said that he and other main crew members were only told of it two months prior to filming the climax.

Others knew much later into filming or during post-production; an example Album) be that Margaret Qualley only found out through Brad Pitt while filming at the Spahn Ranch set. Not counting the 'archive footage' interview on the set of Bounty Law at the beginning, Cliff Booth's first and last lines in the 'present' portion of the film are the same - "I try. When Sharon goes to the Bruin theatre to see the film she is in, a poster of The Mercenary can be seen.

Franco Nero was the original Django. Director's trademark: Mexican standoff. Many Tarantino films have featured Mexican standoffs scenes where characters point guns at each other at the same time. This film has one too, but with a twist: Tex points his revolver at a stoned Cliff, who responds by making a mock gun with his hand and pointing it back at Tex. In the special features interviews Kurt Russell refers to the film illustrating the Hollywood that he knew when he was growing up.

During the time that this movie takes place, Russell was featured in a number of movies as well as guested on a number of TV shows. Meanwhile, his father Bing Russell was also guesting or playing a recurring character on various highly popular TV westerns and other shows. When Rick is talking with Trudy he says that in fifteen years she would be washed up as well as him.

Kurt Russell was one of an extremely small number of child stars who continued to have a strong career through adulthood. In fact, he was the only one to end up with high-profile roles into his senior years, having made this particular film at the age of To portray a hippie follower of the Manson Clan, Margaret Qualley let her armpit hair grow out over the course of the shoot for her 'Pussycat' character. Leonardo DiCaprio was courted for several months to take on one of the two primary characters in the film.

The role was revealed to be the character of Rick Dalton, a washed up former television western star, for which DiCaprio would eventually be convinced to sign on for his second collaboration with Quentin Tarantinotheir first being Django Unchained Quentin Tarantino based the Rick Dalton character on a number of actors of the era.

The most obvious influence is Steve McQueen who, like Dalton, found early success on the s western series Wanted: Dead or Alive Unlike Dalton, McQueen made a successful transition from television to films and would remain an A list star throughout the s. Like Dalton, Duel was the star of a western television series, Alias Smith and Joneshad issues with alcohol and had his driver's license revoked after arrests for drunk driving.

Deep Purple performed this at the Mansion in one of their first TV appearances. Quentin Tarantino 's wife Daniella Pick has a brief cameo as one of Rick Dalton's leading ladies during his Italian period. Dalton questions Wanamaker about how the public will recognize him as villain Caleb DeCoteau due to the disguise created for it.

It's loosely inspired by Once Upon a Time in the Westwhere Henry Fondaas the villain, was given unusually dark makeup in order to distance himself from the familiar and friendly person that was so well known to the audience.

Antonio Margheriti was actually a real Italian filmmaker who did most of his directing in the s and s. At the beginning of the film's third act, Rick Dalton is served a cocktail on a flight by a Pan Am stewardess. This stewardess is played by Margot Robbiebut only her hands, arms, and part of her uniform are shown.

Shannon Leedaughter of legend Bruce Leewas most disappointed with the way her father was portrayed by actor Mike Moh under Quentin Tarantino 's direction. She felt he was sorely misrepresented as an arrogant blowhard who was full of hot air.

Both series used Spahn's ranch for filming locations some fifteen years earlier. When Sharon comes to the door and sees Charles Manson, that door represents the door on which the word "pig" would, in real life, be written in Sharon's blood. It then served as the front door of what was once Reznor's recording studio on Magazine Street in New Orleans.

It is now owned by Chris Moore, a collector of rarities and oddities. This music can be heard at the start of every movie at all Alamo Drafthouse Theaters. She previously appeared as B. Cliff Booth is suspected of killing his wife, while KHJ boss jock Humble Harve Millerheard on the car radio in several scenes, actually did kill his wife in They went with "Green Door" in the end.

Where Opposites Meet (Part 1) - Sky (4) - Sky (Cassette have circulated that Jennifer Lawrence was being considered for the role of Manson Family member Susan Atkinswho was played in this film by Mikey Madison. In interviews around that film's release date, Tarantino described Daisy as "a Manson girl out West, like Susan Atkins or something," suggesting that Tarantino has had Lawrence in mind for a part like this for some time.

In a interview to promote the film's novelization, Tarantino confirmed he did Album) Lawrence to play a member of the Manson Family but had her in mind to play Squeaky Fromme, who was ultimately played by Dakota Fanning. The Trudi Fraser child actor character bears a strong resemblance in appearance and professionalism to child actor Margaret O'Brienwho took her craft very seriously and displayed the same level of maturity.

In the scene where Cliff Booth gathers tools from Rick Dalton's work-shed in order to repair Rick's fallen antenna, the flamethrower can be seen on the floor, leaning against the wall. The Cannes premiere of the film made such a splash that a large number of people, including film executives, weren't able to get in.

Journalists queued for two hours before the film's p. When the attendants came to the entrance barrier at the theater at about p. The crush and Where Opposites Meet (Part 1) - Sky (4) - Sky (Cassette to get in became such a heaving mess of sharp elbows that the staffers had to admonish people not to push their way into the theater.

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