Where It All Began (Sat In A Church) - James Osland - Departures (CDr, Album, Album)

I wouldnt say Im there yet, but Im getting there. Its a bit sadder and a bit darker. No more happy vocal samples! Blawan too, despite his consistent techno leanings, was also tagged as being part of dubstep perhaps due to his releasing on Hessle Audiobut has successfully shaken off the tag. Though he was initially frustrated by the association, now he feels more magnanimous and reckons people can call it what they like.

I have said that I found it frustrating but the more I think about it, the more I dont really care. As long as Im doing my own thing, Im going to stay true to it. Let people name it whatever they want, if theyre happy with that, then Im happy with that. Retreating from the limelight somewhat after the initial hype, hes instead immersed himself in techno culture and believes there are benefits to being less visible and more underground.

I wanted it to be that way, I learnt a lot from the last few years and it opened my mind to where I really want to be. Really immersing myself in techno and trying to do it as pure as I can, and learn from people like [Clones] Serge, Ive gone off and released on different labels. Its about strengthening peoples ideas about where I want to go, rather than be a beacon of light for something where no-one really knows whats happening.

Cos that stage youre talking about [the post-dubstep craze], no one knew what was going on, no one knew techno was going to have this resurgence. Mavericks like Untold, Boddika, Joy O and Pearson Sound have begun making their own takes on techno that are entirely in tune with the new clanking, industrial raw sound; their different rhythmic approach, stemming from being techno outsiders, has injected new blood and revivified the genre.

Theres definitely been a shift in the last year, believes Jamie. Its people who werent necessarily making techno before now, and making really good, really forward-thinking stuff.

A lot of people followed, but therere a lot of other people who have never made anything other than techno who are now coming through as big hitters. I would say people like Sigha, hes been making strictly techno for the last three years, and you look at him now, hes at the top of his game.

Meanwhile the influence of Ben UFO, co-founder of Hessle Audio, whos been one of the most visible DJs to begin incorporating granite-tough UK techno into his grime, dubstep and garage sets, cant be discounted.

For a lot of guys coming from a similar background in music, he is a tastemaker, reckons Arthur. Ive got lots of records that I bought because I heard them in. His record collection is probably astounding. Bens a good example of someone who doesnt make music whos one of the most inspiring people, adds Jamie. You dont have to know anything about him, you just have to listen to his DJ sets, and they tell a story.

People understand it. Bens a massive influence, even on producers. He brings fresh elements to stuff without actually writing any music. So hes got that locked down. Karenn and Sheworks are the duos primary concern right now.

The latter, their label, is something that was initially conceived as purely an outlet for Karenn tracks, but is instead becoming an imprint for like-minded beatmakers and collaborative projects. The reason we decided to do it was to put out the first Karenn records, and then, after that we thought, We can help some other people that we might share some affinity with, that were really into, says Arthur.

The emphasis is on people who are UK-sounding. Sunil is an amazing example of that. His tracks sound like old rave tracks but put through some scary filter. The Midland and Pariah record has been a long time coming. Its the only thing Ive released that is straight up techno [so far]. Sheworks is defiantly vinyl-only. Insisting theyre not anti-digital luddites, their vinyl focus is more an ideological move that, they say, is borne of belief in the importance of the black plastic and keeping it alive.

Its the format we both feel most strongly about. Ive loved it all my life. From the first records I bought when I was 14, Ive always been buying records.

I have no problem with anyone playing anything else, cos I use Serato a bit myself, Im no purist. Its a scene that needs supporting. Its hugely important, says Arthur, while he also reckons that the continuing, and vaguely increasing, underground support for the format is hugely encouraging. You hear of people going completely away from vinyl that you thought would stick with it, and then you hear of people coming back to it. Its nice to see that the sales are up, people are buying it again, theres a real interest in it.

The fact that people are buying it, they might not play it in a club, but its supporting the scene. Its positive. With a new Karenn double-pack in the offing, theyre working on a live show that will lay bare their production processes, with them playing using the same mostly analogue hardware that the Karenn tracks are made on.

Its the purest way to replicate the way we work together. Its alright me and Arthur going in and spinning some records back-to-back, but thats not what we want to do, we want to go there and demonstrate to people how we work together.

The best way to do that is with a live show, Jamie thinks. Analogue, indeed, is an essential part of the Karenn sound. Quizzed as to why they prefer to work with hardware, the pair reckon that the sounds generated by synths and drum machines rather than computers are far more alive, sounding unique each time rather than being easily duplicated, injecting that elusive ghost into the machine that makes techno sound vital and more organic rather than a soulless computercontrolled pulse.

Say youve got a polyphonic synthesizer versus a soft synth on your computer, and you play a C minor chord. That really appeals to me, and especially with loop-based music, even without doing that much, there are these little artefacts appearing out of nowhere, those imperfections in analogue gear is what makes it sound so alive, Arthur says. With their Karenn project and Sheworks in fine fettle, the live show locked down, Pariahs new EP with Midland, and Blawans forthcoming releases for labels Hinge Finger and Decoy, theyre on fire.

But theres just one more thing. What does the word techno mean to them? Whats it all about? But you listen to some of the records you dont get that sort of emotion in other music. Often without using any melody. Its got this kind of sadness mixed with anger, considers Arthur.

The raw energy of it. Its kinetic. You hear Baptism by Regis, and youre getting completely pressed under by that wall of sound, its amazing! Over the past two years Ive come to learn its quite a lifestyle, finishes Jamie. Especially if youre a producer and you want to immerse yourself in techno, youve got to take onboard how you. They know the difference and some people refuse to call it a techno track unless its got a in it. Its about treating it as a culture, how you go about writing your music.

You can do whatever you want with the sound, as long as you have the aesthetic and the intention right, as long as you take it seriously. Thanks to Oval Space for the cover shoot location and facilities. Techno is the sound for many innovative producers today.

We found out what, when and where they came from Currently, though, proper, slammin techno is flavour of the month for many dancefloor destroyers. Its easy to see why. Stumbled upon by Michigans Belleville Three during. Todays heads may not be spearheading a revolution. It was almost like a blank slate, really, Jack explains. At that time, people wanted the chainsaws and there was no point fighting a losing battle. I made a call. Am I going to try to compete on the level of dubstep, make these tracks that have got bigger drops than the next tune?

I was like, nah, my stuff has always been. Tinkering with tribal junglist drum patterns jungle is in my blood, he adds in a way that left dubstep obsessors speechless, s Anaconda set a precedent. Since, hes taken to fitting the tunnel techno of, say, Mike Denhert with a searing underbelly of sub bass, borrowing inspiration from dub scientists like Shackleton and STL, and a label like Perlon. Its a linear format, longer tracks, he says. Its no longer about the drop. Im thinking about how the music can change the atmosphere of a room when you play it.

Staying loyal to the seething undercurrent of his earlier work, under his Jon Convex moniker, he has dropped tunes on Martyns imprint and has just landed album IDORU onto his own dedicated techno label Convex Industries. In keeping with the dystopian bpm ideas explored alongside Boddika as Autonomic, the album sees Damon stir elements of Detroit electro, Krautinformed electroclash and house into the mix.

I just enjoy layering all the elements I love over a thumping head-nodding beat. I feel like I am denying my creativity and suffocating it if I dont express things freely. It is not my desire to box a certain sound off. Techno can please more senses than just your hearing, he explains.

I love its hypnotic tendency. Its very spiritual, tribal Changing cellular structures, moving objects and healing disease in the body with frequency, there is so much more to the sound than we realise. Also check out This time, its the turn of that sounds tougher, more experimental, more mechanistic cousin, the genre thats driven the spirit of innovation and change in dance culture since its inception in the computer labs of Dusseldorf, Detroit, Sheffield, London and beyond.

These are all personal, subjective selections tunes we believe have been momentous and influential, either pushing techno into hitherto unknown territories, or simply club monsters that destroyed dancefloors, mini vignettes that offer a window into dance music at a certain place or time. Techno is a broad church, incorporating many diverse definitions, so weve attempted to touch on every significant offshoot and sub genre possible, while staying true to the essence of what it quantifiably is; as such, weve avoided incorporating tech house or electroclash hybrids.

Its also in chronological order, so weve started with the proto-techno tunes that helped usher in the movement and conclude with the new cuts that are continuing to mutate the style as we know it today. Were out to celebrate the endless brilliance that continues to define techno, not dwell on sepia-tinted electronic memories, but there is inevitably a large number of older tracks to represent the first flushes of imagination before dance music split into many different, highly regimented fragments.

Anything you think is missing? Or that we shouldnt have included? Tell us so mail ben. Enough talk. Lets step into the darkness and strobe-lights Born out of the Blitz Club inLondons androgynous, heavily made-up melting pot of fashion, music and gender dissolution, New Romantic band Visage were founded by Steve Strange and Rusty Egan, with the line-up completed by members of Ultravox including Midge Ure and Magazine.

Though second single Fade To Grey was their biggest worldwide hit, it was this techno-before-techno B-side on the follow-up single that gained heavy rotation with era-shaping Detroit radio DJ The Electrifying Mojo, as well as with Chicago legend Ron Hardy. Still menacingly compelling, its moody metronomic metallic stomp and dystopian synthesised soundscape signal a direct precursor to Atkins, May and Saunderson.

Where techno really began is a hotly contested topic that will rage forevermore, but few could dispute just how important these four Germans were in crafting the embryonic electronic form that birthed the genre as we know it today. The motherlode, the rosetta stone of techno, Kraftwerk seemed utterly alien when they first materialised in the early 70s with a motorik sound totally divorced from the hard rock and prog that dominated then.

But it was their experiments into the latter half of the decade, and embrace of an entirely synthetic audio imprint, that really pushed the Dusseldorf sonic scientists into a new sphere of influence. While there are a multitude of candidates for this list, Trans Europe Express, with its obsession with perpetual motion and technology, its pulsing, blipping beat, electro synth bass and eerie, futurist lead riff sampled by Afrika Bambaataa and endlessly referenced is the best expression of Kraftwerks seminal techno brilliance.

Arguably the first Detroit techno record unless the person youre arguing with is Juan Atkins A Number Of Names actually sounded more like the work of a certain four white guys from Dusseldorf than two black teenagers from Detroit; with a Germanic vocal eulogising a high-rolling lifestyle over a beat more Kraftwerk than a mannequin on a mountain bike.

Cybotrons Clear sounded like it was constructed by sentient, funky droids, such was its dauntless, stargazing uniqueness when it first emerged in Over fifty minutes long, taking up both sides of a vinyl album, this very long, undulating epic was recorded in and had literally no precedent. So futuristic was it, in fact, that Gottsching didnt feel the world was ready for it until when it was finally released.

Though much is made of the assembly lines of Detroits motor industry, and how their mechanistic machinations provided the inspiration for much of the citys incipient techno music culture. The godfather himself, Bellevilles Juan Atkins started his post-Cybotron solo career as Model with this track. Top most important techno records the first on the fledgling and now most legendary Metroplex label. It remains one of the most important records in techno music.

Released init was a blueprint, a road map made where Funkadelic and Parliament collided with Kraftwerk and Bambaataas Planet Rock. They say there is no hope, they say no UFOs, why is no head held high, maybe youll see them fly?

Douglas McCarthys stentorian vocal Books! And the jackboot drums and blitzkrieg bass of Nitzer Ebbs single saw two blokes from Essex who were pretending to be German make an oblique link between the industrial grind of EBM bands like DAF, the carnal hedonism of New York disco and the then-embryonic sound of Detroit techno.

They were a profound influence on Derrick May, The Hacker and Black Strobe amongst others, who all paid tribute by panel beating Nitzer Ebbs sheet metal into new shapes on s Body Rework album. It is arguable that if Juan Atkins had not produced this early techno track, DJ Mag might not have that much to write about.

There is also some disagreement about the provenance of the word techno. It is often attributed to Neil Rushton, who put together the compilation Techno! The New Dance Sound of Detroit which this track appeared on, but some people argue that Atkins himself coined it. Of more importance, however, is the musical impact of Techno Music.

Following Atkinss early forays as Cybotron, Techno Music appears to build a bridge between Europeaninfluenced electro and his Model work. Over a synth that warps in and out of distortion and a squelchy acid bass, a solemn, Kraftwerk-esque robo vocal intones the tracks title, supported by the kind of phased claps and sinewy rhythm that were a feature of Model tracks like Sound Of Stereo and Electronic.

A master, Chicagos Robert Armani was an early advocate of a more brutalist and uncompromising take on acid techno. Forget the funfair name, too. An intoxicatingly crude, jumpy, panic alarm smash of techno, the industrial reality of Circus Bells is more like a flurry of iron fists to the face.

Strings Of Life may be the track that got the glory, but its predecessor Nude Photo deserves as much respect, and not merely for being pioneering.

Co-written by Derrick May and Thomas Barnett, its a robotic masterstroke, with its snatches of female laughter amid the dark, brooding funk. It even featured artwork from fellow Detroit producer Alan Oldham. But it was Strings Of Life, which saw May chop to pieces a piano jam by his friend Michael James, that would link him inexorably with the exploding acid house scene in the UK.

A euphoric, raw, and in places, haphazard masterpiece, that, impossibly, manages the miraculous without even having a bassline. Using one of Kevin Saundersons various monikers, Just Want Another Chance features sexuallycharged lyrics, and even simulated moaning, but its primal urges are most manifest in the unfathomably deep and resonant bassline that underpins its rhythm.

May, Atkins and Saunderson get all the credit for kick-starting techno in Detroit, but during those early years another name played a key role: James Pennington. Working as Suburban Knight, Penningtons first record, The Groove, appeared in on Mays Transmat, hinting at a more menacing undercurrent in techno than the label owners symphonic Strings Of Life. While Groove was a formidable debut, the follow-up, The Art Of Stalking, sounded like Pennington had taken possession of the keys to Hades.

This is our second single. Still considered a classic by many and still being featured in many DJs sets today. It was recently given the Berghain treatment by Rod and Jerome Sydenham. DBX aka Dan Bell has made many amazing records for the label, but its this underground gem that in our humble opinion lasts the test of time.

With its throbbing bassline and tripped-out synth lines, this track never leaves our playlist. Shakes the ass and twists the mind like all good techno records should! Searing through the global underground like lightning, Joey Beltrams Energy Flash remains as definitive and darkly anthemic to this day standing the test of time like few other techno tracks.

From the radioactive glow of its seething bass, through the panic-stricken whispers of ecstasy, ecstasy to the cyborg voodoo of its demonic squarks.

Within weeks, the records iconic, cascading rave chimes struck a chord and soon cemented themselves at No. Rather than surrendering to the unashamed euphoria of the eras acid house wave, Chime was an unmistakably British take on techno that retains a universal allure. Available on Techno 2: The Next Generation, the desolation suggested in the title of Stark captures its icy cool swirl of mournful moans, dark acid bass and swirling snares.

The work of classically trained Tim Brown, who Kevin Saunderson hired to run KMS, he never released another track, making it all the more essential. An epic, emotional minute-plus journey, its overdriven kick and classic snare programming underpin a simple string melody that burrows its way into the brain, and once heard, is never forgotten.

Trent went on to co-found the revered Prescription Records, but never topped the timelessness of his breakthrough release. Raw, deep, powerful. Words arent enough to describe these tracks. After all this time, they still have the power to transport any crowd to another dimension. Few minds in UK electronica have displayed as much maverick genius as that of Richard D. James, aka Aphex Twin. But way before world domination and bearded Aphex clones with boobies, the Cornish crackpot announced himself to the world with the shape-shifting, DIY masterpiece Analogue Bubblebath.

A comedown classic that matched its avant-garde electronics with a melody that melted Album and minds, Analogue Bubblebath also represented one of the first flushes in the earlys flood of ambient or so-called intelligent techno. Really, the sound of someone bellowing Overdose! But the breezeblock thud of the tune that announced Richie Hawtin as a major talent in still announces scenes Where It All Began (Sat In A Church) - James Osland - Departures (CDr dancefloor euphoria when its dropped on clubs today.

A collab between New Yorks Joey Beltram and Belgiums Mundo Muzique, Second Phases Mentasm gave us arguably the most influential and certainly most copied sound of the modern rave era the hoover.

It might not have its own dance to go with it, but in techno terms those three letters standing for Low Frequency Oscillation are as anthemic an acronym as Village Peoples Y. The Dutch producers decision to ditch melodies and hooks in favour of abrasion caused a lot of consternation however, not least because he was capable of such epics as Evolution.

Like a lot of early 90s techno, this was all about the climax, as a twonote synth riff is pushed onwards and upwards by insistent bleeps, rolling, crashing snares and the kind of atmospheric, eerie pads you just dont hear any more. Paaps subsequent releases were more sonically provocative, but Evolution remains one of the classics of early 90s trance-techno. Jochem Paaps conversion from trancey techno to noisy industrial was one of the most fascinatingtransformations of.

Unlike other early UR releases, Frontier reveals an emotive side to the Detroit collectives sound. Opening with shuffling drums, its authors spray on a frequencyshifting acid line before those unmistakable synths, equal parts dreamy and spine-tingling, kick in.

Championed by Laurent Garnier at the time it was the centrepiece of his X-Mix CD if any techno record will reduce a purist crowd to mush, its Final Frontier. Top most important techno records the Belgian techno brutality that the label was perhaps unfairly tagged with and instead delivered a strafing, orchestral techno-trance masterpiece.

A unique and classy epic, Camargue was loaded with heart-tugging emotion and majestic strings, but powered with bouncy, intricate techno grooves. Some of our younger readers might well question how a track called My Definition Of House Music can sit proudly in the most influential techno tracks of all-time. But that would be all too simple. Rewind to and house and techno both embodied the same relentless journey into unknown futures that arguably only the latter has upheld.

For DJ Hells breakthrough was nothing if not forward-looking. An odd but easy marriage of edgy orchestral strings, futuristic techno grooves and dense tribal percussion, My Definition Of House Music put Helmut Josef Geier aka DJ Hell on the international music map and launch padded one of the most colourful careers in the history of modern techno.

The archetypal alchemy of technos metronomic pulses and the blissed-out euphoria of trance, Age Of Loves eponymous anthem was another track that stretched technos definition into new territories; providing the technotrance foundation that labels like Sven Vths Harthouse duly built upon. However, Flash was no typical Detroit techno track.

Liberally sampling from the P-Funk Allstars Hydraulic Pump, its slamming house beats and series of smart drops and cut-ups lead the way to tweaky keyboard riffing and that unforgettable, suitably deranged sax solo. Voorn released more material under the Fix guise, most recently as last year on his Night Vision label, but as far ashands-in-the-air, party music goes, he never again scaled the dizzy heights of Flash.

There are many deserving Mad Mike Banks moments in the pantheon of techno, but Jupiter Jazz is surely among the most majestic. Who says that pianos dont belong in techno? Not Banks, thats for damn sure. Released as part of the World 2 World EP in which also features the blistering, unsettling anthem Amazon and the blissful Cosmic Travellerits euphoric whirlwind of rave stabs, bubbling acid, benchmark techno percussion and hands-in-the-air pianos deliver everything you could possibly require from a classic moment in dance music.

Deliberately named as a shot-in-the-arm to the sleepy Parisian club scene, Wake Up was a gorgeously trippy epic that replaced the MDMA-glowing warmth of his Acid Eiffel recorded as Choice with a more sinister narcotic charge. If it was Phuture in Chicago who threw down the acid gauntlet with their seminal Acid Trax surely a techno track despite its association with the citys house music historythen it was Hardfloor who really snatched it up and ran with it, latching onto the little silver box with monomaniacal zeal.

The much publicised story of the Roland TB that it was a groovebox designed for synthetic basslines which allowed musicians to practise their instruments by playing along, but was transformed into an alien-sounding, freaky machine demon when overdriven and overloaded must have been the urtext to this German duo, who constructed squelching, kinetic micro symphonies with the bubbling, sulphuric offworld sounds of the unit. In the process, they created dark, scary, thrilling, druggy masterworks like Acperience 1.

Thumping, melody-free, with deadly snares and those evil sounds, its acid in excelsis. Mark Gage is one of the great what if producers in techno music. Gage was responsible for just a handful of releases as Vapourspace and Cusp, but never capitalised on the huge appeal that Arch, his finest moment, generated. Clocking in at close to 15 minutes, it has a long, drawn out intro that starts with a wide-eyed ambient coda and leads into a trancey, arcing riff.

To this Gage adds a pulsing, evocative bass and eventually a slamming percussive rhythm track that guaranteed a wide spectrum of DJs from the techno, trance and progressive house spheres played it.

Gage only released a few more Vapourspace EPs and was last heard of in the late 90s. Only the second release on Underground Resistance off-shoot label Red Planet, The Martian aka, you guessed it, Mad Mike Banks let fly this firing, trance techno colossus inthick with flangers and delays, and a warped synth wigout at the end. A track to lose your mind in. Issued around the same time that UK producers were introducing jazzy elements to techno, its lean rhythms show that integrating the freeform spirit of jazz yields greater results than merely throwing a sax solo sample over techno beats.

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I bois aznavour mp3 songspk ram leela mp3 songs royal: else crown stick pomade? LibriVox is a hope, an experiment, and a question: can the net harness a bunch of volunteers to help bring books in the public domain to life through podcasting?

LibriVox volunteers record chapters of books in the public domain, and then we release the audio files back onto the net. We are a totally volunteer, open source, free content, public domain project. LibriVox volunteers narrate, proof listen, and upload chapters of books and other textual works in the public domain. These projects are then made available on the Internet for everyone to enjoy, for free.

There are many, many things you can do to help, so please feel free to jump into the Forum and ask what you can do to help!

Various - Aus Der Jugendzeit (Vinyl, LP), Les Chemin Des Dames - Paris Violence - Renaître En Décembre (Maquette 98-99) (CDr), Lures - Love Like Blood - Odyssee (CD, Album), Carbon Cones, Is Believe - Groinchurn - Already Dead (CD), The Worlds Most Broken Heart - Tammy Wynette - In Love (Cassette, Album), Glue, Big Drum - Fischer-Z - The Perfect Album (CD), Ill Remember April - Cal Tjader Quartet - Jazz At The Blackhawk (Vinyl, LP, Album), Roadhead - Steak (4) - Slab City (CD, Album), The History Of Colour TV - Havid Dasselhoff (Cassette), Wikinger (Live) - Absurd (3) - Facta Loquuntur (CD, Album), Соловей - No Artist - Птичий Концерт (Cassette), Rose Jaune De Novembre - Autunna Et Sa Rose - Né Lêtre… Eternel (CD, Album), A Dream Surreal - The Underneath (2) - The Underneath (Vinyl)