Under Article 70 of the Constitution of Vietnam, all citizens enjoy freedom of belief and religion. Religious beliefs cannot be misused to undermine state law and policies. The majority of Vietnamese do not follow any organised religion, though many of them observe some form of Vietnamese folk religion.

Confucianism as a system of social and ethical philosophy still has certain influences in modern Vietnam. Catholicism was introduced to Vietnam in the 16th century and was firmly established by Jesuits missionaries mainly Portuguese and Italian in the 17th centuries from nearby Portuguese Macau. Aroundof the country's Protestants are members of ethnic minorities, [] particularly the highland Montagnards [] and Hmong people. The national language of the country is Vietnamesea tonal Austroasiatic language Mon—Khmerwhich is spoken by the majority of the population.

The Montagnard peoples of the Central Highlands also speak a number of distinct languages, some belonging to the Austroasiatic and others to the Malayo-Polynesian language families. The French Vietnama legacy of colonial rule, is spoken by many educated Vietnamese as a second language, especially among the older generation and those educated in the former South Vietnamwhere it was a principal language in administration, education and commerce.

Vietnam remains a full member of the International Organisation of the Francophonie La Francophonie and education has revived some interest in the language. Other prominent images that are also revered are the turtlebuffalo and horse. Traditional medical practitioners, amulets and other forms of spiritual protection and religious practices may be employed to treat the ill person.

But since the recent reformation, Vietnam has seen a greater exposure to neighbouring Southeast Asian, East Asian as well to Western culture and media. Vietnamese literature has centuries-deep history and the country has a rich tradition of folk literature based on the typical six—to-eight-verse poetic form called ca dao which usually focuses on village ancestors and heroes. It is not only an oral tradition, but a mixing of three media: hidden only retained in the memory of folk authorsfixed writtenand shown performed.

Folk literature usually exists in many versions, passed down orally, and has unknown authors. Myths consist of stories about supernatural beings, heroes, creator gods and reflect the viewpoint of ancient people about human life. Traditional Vietnamese music varies between the country's northern and southern regions.

The origins of Vietnamese classical music can be traced to the Mongol invasions in the 13th century when the Vietnamese captured a Chinese opera troupe. In recent times, there have been some efforts at mixing Vietnamese traditional music—especially folk music—with modern music to revive and promote national music in the modern context and educate the younger generations about Vietnam's traditional musical instruments and singing styles.

Vietnamese recipes use: lemongrassgingermintVietnamese mintlong corianderSaigon cinnamonbird's eye chillilime and basil leaves. Instead freshwater fish, crustaceans particularly crabsand molluscs became widely used.

Fish sauce, soy sauce, prawn sauce and limes are among the main flavouring ingredients. Vietnam has a strong street food culture, with 40 popular dishes commonly found throughout the country. Vietnamese drinks in the south also are usually served cold with ice cubesespecially during the annual hot seasons; in contrast, in the north hot drinks are more preferable in a colder climate. Vietnam's media sector is regulated by the government under the Law on Publication.

SinceVietnam has regulated public internet access extensively using both legal and technical means. The resulting lockdown is widely referred to as the " Bamboo Firewall ". The country has eleven national recognised holidays.

Other Western sports such as badmintontennisvolleyballping-pong and chess are also widely popular. Vietnam has participated in the Summer Olympic Games sincewhen it competed as the State of Vietnam.

After the partition of the country inonly South Vietnam competed in the games, sending athletes to the and Olympics. Since the reunification of Vietnam init has competed as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, attending every Summer Olympics from onwards. InVietnam won their first gold medal at the Olympics. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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At the beginning of September, only 3. The American apparel and footwear industry has asked the Vietnamese government to prioritize shots among factory workers. According to the latest figures from the government, nearly everyone in Ho Chi Minh City has received the first shot. Chen said he was prepared for the Vietnamese factories to remain closed until November.

Chen said. So it really will affect the holiday. He added that administrators at the factory were calling workers who were in lockdown to see if they needed financial and other assistance. But many are struggling. His employer is not yet able to bring him back, even though he is vaccinated, and he said he had been forced to borrow money at high interest rates to pay for electricity, diapers and food.

Companies choosing where to invest abroad have always evaluated a broad slate of conditions, like taxes, regulatory requirements and labor force availability.

Bown, an economist at the Peterson Institute for International Economics. Vietnam, just like other countries, will have to prepare for the long game and potentially more outbreaks even after mass vaccination. Hoping that restrictions will be eased in October, some factories in Ho Chi Minh City that have been closed since July are preparing to resume production.

At the moment, though, American companies are looking outside Vietnam, often returning to Chinese factories that they worked with previously or finding partners in other countries that are not in the middle of a surge. It is set on a bend in the Dong Nai River, and there is something vaguely Apocalypse Now about arriving here.

Popular activities include trekking, cycling and wildlife spotting: the Wild Gibbon Trek is a must. The park is also home to a primate centre, where gibbons and langurs are coaxed back into their natural environment. From the floating markets of the Mekong Delta and the souvenir-rich streets of Hoi An to the urban affairs of Ho Chi Minh City and the tribal gatherings in the highlands, Vietnamese markets are a riot of colour and commerce.

For photographers, markets are ideal for getting shots of Vietnamese villagers and their perfectly arranged pyramids of tropical fruit or glistening seafood displays. The region around the town of Bac Ha is particularly market-rich and should not be missed if you're anywhere in the north. Lapped by azure waters and edged with the kind of white-sand beaches that make sun seekers sink to their weak knees, Phu Quoc — way down in the south of Vietnam — is ideal for slipping into low gear, reaching for a seaside cocktail and toasting a blood-orange sun as it dips into the sea.

And if you want to notch it up a tad, grab a bike and hit the red-dirt roads: the island is relatively compact, around the size of Singapore. Ancient but dynamic, the nation's capital hurtles toward modernity, cautiously embracing visitors. Sample Hanoi's heady mix of history and ambition by wandering the streets of the Old Quarter, sipping Vietnam, slurping on a hearty bowl of bun rieu cua a sour crab noodle soup and scoring souvenirs for next to nothing.

When you're done, check out the crumbling decadence of the French Quarter then zip up to cosmopolitan Tay Ho for finer dining and the lowdown on Hanoi's burgeoning art scene. Once hell on earth for a generation of political prisoners, Con Dao is now a heavenly destination of remote beaches, pristine dive sites, wildlife-rich rainforests and diverse nature. Costly flights from the mainland have long limited tourist numbers, but now there are affordable and speedy boat links — expect Con Dao's popularity to soar.

Detour off the regular Vietnam tourist trail in Ba Be National Parkan essential destination for adventurous travellers, with towering limestone mountains, plunging valleys and evergreen forests. Waterfalls, caves and lakes combine in a landscape that sustains over different plants and hundreds of different bird and animal species.

Starbucks may now operate in Vietnam, but indigenous coffee culture runs deep. Virtually every neighbourhood in every town will have a little cafe where locals go to de-stress from the office, the family or simply the traffic most are located on quiet side streets with copious greenery to promote relaxation. Vietnamese coffee can be served hot or iced a real treat in summereither treacle-thick, or with milk usually sweetened and condensed for a double-whammy caffeine-sugar kick.

And for something completely different, order a Vietnamese coffee with coconut, yoghurt or even an egg. Undulating rice terraces cascade down to valleys inhabited by Hmong, Red Dzao and Giay villages. This is prime territory for digging out your walking boots and hitting the trails. Dalat is as popular now with travellers as it was in the days when French colonial officials came to this laidback town in the southwest highlands to Vietnam the lowland heat.

These days, adventure sports are the draw with abseiling, canyoning, mountain biking, hiking, whitewater rafting and kayaking all possible in the temperate climate. But Dalat is also the honeymoon capital of Vietnam, a charming town dotted with grand colonial-era villas, set amidst pine groves and flower gardens, and centred on a pretty lake.

In the centre of Vietnam, the DMZ has the greatest concentration of battle sites from the American War and some excellent tour operators to get you around them. In the far north, Dien Bien Phu should not be missed: there's a good modern museum here to explain the significance of the battle that precipitated the French expulsion from Indochina.

Perhaps the adrenaline epicentre of Vietnam, the prosperous beach resort of Mui Ne is a kitesurfing capital with world-class wind and excellent schools for professional training.

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