Tony Okoroji - Otanishi (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Old School Rap 6. West coast Rap 1. East coast Rap 2. Psyche 2. Progressive 4. Back to the listing. Anyone can participate and build the database to share his passion for these sounds. Music Guide. All Artist Title Label. Add a new release. Music guide is : releases artists labels. Focus on. Some rare Modern Soul singles Vol 1. Fu Music Series. All playlists. Busca Salsa Articles about Salsa and ot I'm assuming Tender Loving is where this one comes from?

Thanks again for the ever-good music Comb, I'm getting an error message Naija Sounds not found on this server. Is there some trick I'm not seeing?

The President Elect. You should never have doubted yourself — or your devoted followers. This country music is killer stuff. I think there is much of the troubadour spirit — just a guy traveling with a guitar — that has antecedents in the griot tradition. I hope you have all heard the amazing track Chemirochawhich is reported to be the singing of the name "Jimmie Rodgers," by some Kipsigi people of Kenya.

I first found this track on a wonderful Kenyan compilation put out by the late great Original Music. The Porch of the Mystics blog furthers the story, though I'm loathe to believe the story of the Centaur-like spirit mentioned. Either way, it is a fantastic song. Africans have always been attracted to pastoral, highly melodic music and the kind of vivid storytelling inherent to country.

First time I've commented on your blog. Thanks for all the great post. Judging by the attire worn by the musicians on the cover and the fact that the record has the old pink and orange Tabansi label, I'm guessing ish.

I'll try to fill as many of them as I can! Inmere months after the release of Felix Lebarty's blockbuster debut, Lover Boy, a second Lebarty album hit the market. But rather than following the tried-and-true industry tack of designing the sophomore album to capitalize on the success of its predecessor by churning out a batch of similarly-styled hopeful hits, it offered a dramatic reversal in sonic direction.

And it confused the hell out of everybody. The baffling thing about Girls For Sale was the fact it just plain didn't sound like the Lover Boy that the audience had quickly grown to know and love: Not only was Jake Sollo's slick discolypso pop nowhere in evidence--in its place a gritty, lo-fi rock sound--even the braying vocals sounded little like Lebarty's cooed come-ons. The reason for this incongruity was the fact that Girls For Sale was made up of tracks Lebarty had recorded earlier in his career, before he was discovered and groomed for pop stardom by Kris Okotie.

The exact date of the recordings is not clear to me though from their sound, I would guess sometime in the late 70s and neither are the circumstances by which they came to light, but in a interview with Prime People magazine, Lebarty blamed it on singer, producer and then-chairman of the Professional Musicians Association of Nigeria, Tony Okoroji: "That guy really wanted to mess me up, and I can never forgive him.

We talk and all that but each time I see him he's like someone who doesn't like musicians. It was like you've struggled for a long time and someone tried to turn the heat off your album. People reacted to it as my follow-up album to Lover Boy. Can you see the damage? I don't know anything about that, but of course, like I said before, music from the Edo-Delta region is often obscure to the rest of the country.

Does anybody from that area know if Lebarty released an album locally before Lover Boy? In any case, the album provides an interesting glimpse into Lebarty's formative years. Note that "Mr. So it is with some degree of satisfaction that I point out this recent interview I came across yesterday.

In it, Lebarty confirms the taxicab thing: We learnt that things became very tough for you before you left the US. Laughs Let me tell you, I think it is a very big secret. Any man that understands what living a good life is, you cannot find him going broke for too long, because he will always find a means of making ends meet. He will always look at what is happening and fits himself into it.

The only people that go broke are those who are not willing to condescend to the level they should; people who are proud. Even in my negativity, I would come to you and ask you how you are making it. Was that what you did when you went to the US?

On my first visit to the United States, I was received like a star by my community. But when things became tough I asked them, 'Oh boy, how una dey make money here? So, you LP to become a cab driver. I put all these things together and I said that people who were driving taxis were not doing an illegitimate job. If you drove from morning till 11 p. I bought a cab and they started saying 'oh, a star is driving taxi.

These people are going to finish you. I was even the person that broke the news. I bought three more cabs and employed drivers. As the money was coming in, I was investing it. I came to discover that I was better than those that were selling drugs. And now that I think about it, he also alluded to all this on his little-remembered and for good reason!

Poor guy! Friday, October 17, We Shall Win! The mid-western region of Nigeria--an area once known as Bendel State, but now subdivided into Delta and Edo States--has produced LP great many outstanding musicians. However, few of Album) get the opportunity to rise to national prominence largely because the region is composed Tony Okoroji - Otanishi (Vinyl of minority ethnic groups.

Yes, you have your Sir Victor Uwaifo, Sonny Okosuns, Kris Okotie, Felix Lebarty, Evi-Edna Ogholi-Ogosi and others, but for each one of these, there are Tony Okoroji - Otanishi (Vinyl of talented artists whose fame never extended much beyond their immediate locality, so I'm always happy when I discover some of them. Until recently, Pogo Ltd was unknown to me

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