The Haunted - Warning Shots (CD)

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Rated M for The Haunted - Warning Shots (CD) and graphic rape scenes. Explore more tags below to find discord servers related to your interests using the most advanced public list! We have thousands of categories, and detailed information about each server so you can find and join discord servers. You looked towards the padawan in front of you, a smirk eminent on his face. So, I love to use Matt, because he's so malleable to use in stories.

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Lemon sharks do not attack humans. Brite comes in. Empowered Manafiend dies, bring in Mana Wyrmling. Mana Surge, done. If Moth Dust lands the sleep reset, if you get hit more than twice or get crit by Moth Balls reset.

I did get an Arcane Blast crit on Star Tail, which made a lot of difference, but it's probably still doable even without that, provided the enemy pets don't get lucky instead. Arcane Storm on cooldown, Mana Surge in between, third pet wasn't even needed. Used them and it was an easy win! I've had success dodging the first attack or the second, but either way, this will put the luck and RNG of the fight back on your side, as you have a good chance of defeating Star Tail and damage Needlenose.

Comment by Consacratia Two Chrominius howl and surge of power take care of the first two then Green Protodrake with 2,2,2. Keep Emerald presence and Emerald Dream up and you are golden. Emerald Bite for damage. Nexus whelpling, Eldritch Manafiend and finished with Brightpaw but I used any arcane ability on the last enemy pet. Comment by Nerdia I used all level one pets. Since Fragment of Anger is undead, I got the kill, first try. Comment by HeavenGirl I use only lvl 1 pets.

Comment by inzomniack Struggling to find an all aquatic team that can win here, or even get through the 1st flyer Comment by ilostmahbucket If you want a 4 button win pick two dragons with Arcane Storm and Mana Surge you can search your pet journal for abilities.

Storm, surge continues 3 turns, Storm, surge continues 3 turns. They're all dead. Also easy win for The Haunted - Warning Shots (CD) Dragonkin. Comment by Blackrose After trying a few times with several different lvl 25 teams I remembered I could use all lvl 1 pets!

The team I used: Renny - because Blinkstrike is op Soulbroken Whelpling - because magic attack plus undead perk Fragment of Anger - because magic attack plus undead perk Did it first attempt with the team above, easy. If you are put to sleep once you may still be able to make it. You may or may not survive Needlenose. Then use Surge of Power to finish Brite. Was a little lucky but should be able to be do it with only a few tries. It needs to die The Haunted - Warning Shots (CD) your Herbit to survive.

Sometimes it uses it, sometimes no. For the 3rd pet, the RNG is based on the Tornado. Your Emerald Turtle comes in. Comment by Subtly I won this with 3x lvl 1 pets after fiddling around a bit : Anomalus Anomalus Anomalus. It works you dont need any Rng BUT due to skills nature you might have to fight couple of times. In that case Stormborne Whelpling can finish the fight without needing 3rd pet. But it works in the end. If not start again. It is annoying seriously. Not rng proof not stun proof not anything proof.

He can win the fight btw :D Soulrush Spiritfire Bolt Fragment of Anger might solo the fight or you can finish the fight with soulbroken whelpling and even you can win while Fragment of Suffering's undead racial triggered. But you will always win ehehe. Due to stupid skill named "Moth Balls" it takes a while to achieve this. Longer tinytron casts arcane blasts better.

Minimum requirment is soaking toxic fumes and casting 2x arcane bolt. He should die in 1 hit or 2 hit maximum 3. Against Brite if call lightning up use Fel Immolate. If call lightning not up use Call Lightning. Use Fel Immolate and Haywire. Cringe fight seriously. Move order: Sunlight Photosynthesis Swap to next pet Repeat until everything is dead. Edit: This strategy should be fairly consistent at least compared to any other Elemental setup I tried. That said, the moth which you'll be facing against most of the battle has two abilities that are highly random and if you keep being put to sleep it might not work out.

When you do get put to sleep I suggest using Photosynthesis and skipping Sunlight, if your health is low. If all goes well, back line pets should already be dead or 1 hit away from death by the time the moth bites the bucket.

On my attempt all 3 Sunflowers survived 1 at max hpso there's a lot of room for bad luck. Some of them seemed to work, but if the first pet was falling asleep from Moth Dust in the first turn then I was failing. But finally it seems I have found a team that will work always. Don't worry, he will survive. Just pass and repeat Howl. Needlenose comes to battle. Brightpaw : 1 - Prowl 2 - Arcane Dash. The Haunted - Warning Shots (CD) dies, Brite comes to battle.

I'd imagine many Magic-damage pets could work just fine in its place - my win did not have the Soulrush stun, but the boss abilities are so RNG it's nice to have a little of your own. Next up is your Manafiend. Your 2nd Faerie finishes off Faryl's 2nd pet if it's still alive, in which case you can probably Life Exchange on your 1st or 2nd round against Faryl's 3rd pet. Otherwise, just mimic your opener and pass however many turns are needed for the Life Exchange to give you good returns you may even be able to slip in a little damage and still have the Life Exchange heal you to full, depending on how close you cut it.

Comment by Minshi 1. Nordrassil Wisp - any, Arcane Blastany 2. Iron Starlette - Wind-Upany, Supercharge. Comment by Tangers58 Any 3 manafiends is a super easy win, AoE spam and then Surge of Power if one of yours is about to go down. Comment by Crittles You can pretty much get away with any 3 level one elementals for this that are strong against flying.

Comment by Hessu Any 1 won with Creepy Critters? Comment by Aieds Chrominius - howl, surge Emmigosa - arcane storm, surge Nexus Whelpling - arcane storm, surge. Comment by Greshkharm Pet Order and Types: 1. Star Tail Flying 2. Needlenose Flying 3. Brite Flying. Comment by naphomci This is easily the most RNG of the tamers. Some strategies are going to take multiple tries.

Each one I have below I was able to win with at least several times. If I list a breed, it's important to be that breed. Depending on the timing, it would be best to Sandstorm the same turn Needlenose does their Toxic Fumes. Deflect Toxic Fumes if not doing Sandstorm. Once final pet comes in save deflection for one of the two claws when it has crit chance up.

I didn't even use Surge of power. If using more than 1 Chrominius, use Surge on 2nd enemy pet Emmigosa comes in to finish first pet. Storm, then breath. Second pet - hopefully surge will just finish it, if not breath then surge. For the proto-whlep v.

Good lord, this one is dumb, good luck. Continue with Acidic Goo, dive to avoid the environment attack. Final one just spam Bolt and Rush on CD. Comment by Whitemane4Ever lmao I still can't beat this guy with level 1 pets. The stats on all the SL pet tamers are just bonkers.

I can beat BfA trainers with a team of greens. You need perfect breed blues to stand a chance against any of these guys. It's actually mind boggling how they thought forcing someone to sit through a 5-hit attack on a 1 round cooldown was good design. Round 9: Ooze Touch Round Corrosion. Your 2nd Fetid Waveling should die here. My Void Duster died halfway through the 3d pet's health, from there on I only needed a Moonfire from my Sentinel's Companion.

Start with Curse of Doom, then spam Arcane Explosion until dead. If Necessary, your 3d pet to finish it off. High RNG tamer. Comment by tresilianny My strategy for the magic team was kinda weird, and i'm not sure how RNG-heavy this is, but after a few tries with many different pets, this finally worked for me.

It's important that your last one has an ability like Soulrush. What i did was only to spam Arcane Explosion until Star Tail dies. You should be on your last pet when Needlenose comes out, but keep doing arcane explosion until it dies. When Brite comes, the only thing you'll need to do is Soulrush, and then it should die, right after casting its cyclone. Comment by QueenSyd dream whelpling, bronze proto drake, widget the departed.

I know this is a weird combo but its what worked for me. Hope this helps. Happy gaming. In about 8 attempts I tied once and won on the last attempt. I don't know how RNG Droplet is but I didn't like that you have to hope for a damage expunge, specially with that pet being rather expensive where I am and requires a specific breed.

Evolution restart if you get stunned 2. Ooze Touch 3. Ooze Touch 4. Ooze Touch and Star Tail Dies if you die here, restart 5. Pass and Everliving Spore dies they need to take this Toxic Fumes hit 6. Bring in Corrupted blood, Cataclysm if it misses, restart 6. Scorched Earth 7. Cataclysm and Needlenose dies if it misses, restart 8. Brite comes in, Explode 9. Pride ling comes in - Disruption to cleanse crit buff Blast of hatred Surge of Power - at this point the enemy should be under and surge should finish the fight.

I tied once simply because he hit me max damage without critting and the tornado finished off my pet after surge of power, next attempt I won though. Btw any dragonkin pets with bonus attacks vs fly mobs will do a trick. This one is easy to defeat. Thanks to tresilianny for the idea. Apocalypse 2. Cauterize 3. Swap to a snail 4.

Acidic goo 5. Dive 6. Ooze touch until snail dead. New Snail enters. Acidic goo 8. Ooze touch 9. Dive Ooze touch snail should die here Cauterize Pass Comment by wowdm6 This is a crazy fight Tried all sorts of critters. So far only got Magic and Dragonkin to work on this trainer. I think I got very lucky with RNG, and void cyclone almost got the other 2 pets at half hp.

Moon moon didn't even die so I did not get to use my third pet which would have been Feline Familiar. Comment by Xzeria 2 pet Elemental Team - I did this multiple times and worked every time. Eyeblast 2. Mana Surge 3 rounds 3. Mana Surge 4. Mana Surge Needlenose enters fight 5. Focused Beam you will die before cast. Bring In Trunks 7. Moonfire 8.

When Elekks Fly Needlenose Dies 9. When Elekks Fly Didn't need third pet. You should get two chances either both on Star Tail, or one on Star Tail who dies, and the other on Needle Nose where it usually misses. Either Trunks dies or Needle Nose is down to around health. Switch to Wrymling. Needle dies and Mana starts or continues on Brite before Wrymling dies leaving Brite around health.

Minfernal might end up with a tad of life if Bright's Cyclone gets lucky, but you should still win. I have tried four times while writing this and won each time.

Comment by ThornyDrood For Mummified Magics : Erudite Manafiend The Haunted - Warning Shots (CD) 2 1 Jade Oozeling 1 1 1 Eldritch Manafiend 1 2 1 sidenote : you can swap in any of the manafiends or oozes hp min so long as they have the right moves.

This should kill Needlenose Corrosion Ooze Touch if you can; if the ooze dies, you should still manage to win. Comment by Amarhan Auatic apparitions : Guys its getting long first i wanna say.

But i won with only this way. Moth balls must miss you or after month ball hits, your pet must have more than hp, othwerwise you must start again don't wait for finish battle cause impossible the win.

Your Slimy Fangtooth comes in. İ win like this. Comment by kaynen Macabre Mechanicals: I made a new post instead of replying from naphomci Post.

If misses every time or hits only once Id restart. You need him to get 1 or 2 hits against 2nd pet. My fight went as follows. Lighting shield still up and it helps first round Sentry put in 8 Laser pet is under hp and laser hits for 9 Super Charge 10,11 Laser till dead Iron put in 12,13,14 Wind up till dead.

I did not super charge since I doubt Id have survived and I wouldn't have.

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