Surprise - Gnarls Barkley - The Odd Couple (CD, Album)

At the end of the performance, Harris sheds a single tear. Album) and Fred Armisen casually talk in a break room while Forte sings about every little thing that they're doing giving each other a high five, reading magazines, drinking soda, and wearing dresses. At the end, it's revealed to actually be a commercial for the D.

It was originally cut from the Ben Affleck dress rehearsal. Episode host Steve Martin walks into the office of Lorne Michaels and asks if he could air a short video that he and "some film people" made, which turns out to be yet another installment of Laser Cats! It becomes evident that Samberg and Bill Hader have put Martin up to the task of presenting the short, crediting him as Executive Producer as well.

Admiral Spaceship Samberg and Nitro Hader intervene to put an end to its killing spree, and are shocked to find out that Cyber-Face is Admiral Spaceship's estranged father Martin right before he is gunned down by police officers. Cyeber-Face apologizes for being a deadbeat dad and reveals that Spaceship and Nitro are brothers before self-destructing. Michaels kicks everyone out of his office in disgust. Samberg wins a prize from a cereal box for a boat trip for three people and selects Schaffer and, to Taccone's surprise and dismay, T-Pain to join him.

The short then cuts to the lucky trio performing an "aggressive" and expletive-laden rap about their boat ride the word " fuck " is used 17 timeswith occasional shots of Taccone having a miserable time back on land. The fourth single from The Lonely Island's debut album, Incredibad. Samberg blackmails the Jonas Brothers with a videotape of them as an '80s band called Property of the Queen. Samberg ultimately wants to know how they stayed young for 25 years and it is revealed that the wizard featured in one of their music videos Bill Hader kept them young.

Samberg and Hader are at a party where everyone and everything is a literal representation of a slang term i. When Samberg and Hader discover "two douchebags", however, it's revealed that they're looking at themselves in a mirror. During a performance review conducted by episode host Seth RogenSamberg raps about his typical day as the boss of a large company.

The first few activities he names are what one might expect, such as approving memos and micromanaging his staff John Mulaney. His actions become increasingly erratic, however, after a subordinate Kristin Wiig rejects his advances and he is consequently denied a promotion. The boss's description ends with him turning into a jet, crashing into the sun, and dying. Rogen Album) the performance review in apparent disgust as Samberg repeatedly reminds him, "I'm the boss.

Taccone also makes a cameo appearance as the man who hands Samberg a notice about a harassment lawsuit filed by Wiig. Akiva Schaffer Jorma Taccone [26] [27]. Five months after the events of "Dick in a Box," Samberg and Album) characters who have just been released from prison sing about special gifts for Mother's Daywith Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson appearing as their mothers.

They decide the best present for them would be for them to have sex with the other's mother. They proclaim it is the second best idea they have ever had. The song was originally omitted from sessions for the album Incredibadas produced by Asa Taccone and Drew Campbell.

Will Forte John Solomon [28]. Akiva Schaffer John Solomon [28]. A man Forte with a strained voice discusses his life commanding a SWAT team and raising lambs for slaughter with an increasingly fascinated date Megan Fox. Andy Samberg is brought home by Megan Fox, and meets her hostile roommate " Optimus Prime " Moynihana man wearing a bathing robe and a mask of the Transformers character.

Cameo by Brian Austin Green as " Bumblebee ". Akiva Schaffer [29]. A beatnik Samberg performs slam poetry about how he fights "the system" by throwing objects on the ground.

His actions quickly become bizarre as he throws a child's birthday cake, his girlfriend's cellphone, and a fish bowl on the ground for no apparent reason. Things take a turn for the worse when the beatnik attacks Ryan Reynolds ' and Elijah Wood both appearing as themselves during their dinner by flipping their table. An incensed Wood and Reynolds chase down the beatnik and taser him "in the butthole.

A s commercial for two amateur laser magicians played by Fred Armisen and episode host Drew Barrymore. They announce they are suitable for any occasion such as birthday parties, but disrupt events such as graduations, engagements, and people meeting their biological parents.

As the video progresses, the two fall on hard times and are arrested for harassing people on the street. In this parody of the movie adaptation of Twilighta high school girl played by host and musical guest Taylor Swift falls for Frankenstein's monster played by Bill Hader.

A man Armisen keeps barging in on his roommate Samberg sitting on the toilet — even when Armisen is at the gym, on an elevator, and walking outside of Studio 8H at 30 Rockefeller Center.

Samberg seems completely unaware that "Reba" is actually just a homeless man played by Kenan Thompson who found a red wig in a dumpster and is masquerading as the country superstar despite looking and sounding nothing like her. Bonus track on Lonely Island's new Surprise - Gnarls Barkley - The Odd Couple (CD, Turtleneck and Chain.

Rihanna and a redheaded nerd named Shy Ronnie Samberg perform an uplifting song for a classroom full of children, but the song is ruined by Shy Ronnie's weak singing and bladder control. Rihanna eventually leaves, at which point Ronnie mouths off to the kids. This short was nominated for an Emmy for outstanding music. James Franco guest stars on a children's show about wearing "jammies," and performs the "jammy shuffle.

When the lights come back on, only a horrified, blood-covered Franco is left alive; the singers dub him the "king" as he screams for help. Jonathan Krisel [30]. Alicia Keys makes a late-night phone call to a flamboyant, yet socially awkward man Sambergwho is talking to her during an intervention for his heroin-addicted friend.

In a loose parody of Sam Raimi's Drag Me to Hella young businessman Samberg is cursed by a homeless shaman Fred Armisen to be haunted by a sexy, shirtless saxophonist named Sergio played by host Jon Hamm after stepping on the shaman's dreamcatcher and not paying for it. The saxophonist is loosely based on a scene from the film The Lost Boys featuring musician Timmy Cappello. Samberg raps about the many different flags of the world, including the American flag, "Spain-ish" flag, "We Love Betty White " flag referring to the campaign on Facebook to get her to host the show"No You Didn't" flag, and a "Black Flag" based on the band of the same name.

Episode host Jennifer Lopez makes a cameo. Zach Galifianakis shows up on the sets of various NBC shows with fictional scenes and archival footage either talking to the actors, or just standing in the background, finishing with a clip from a SNL episode hosted by Robin Williams showing a bearded child supposedly Galifinakis and the words: "Zack Galifinakis: on TV for over 30 years.

A music video for the song "Boombox" featuring Samberg and Julian Casablancas. The second verse from the album version of the song was not included in the video.

Cameos by Schaffer dancing with two copsFred Armisen the Spanish guy doing the Bartmanand Bobby Moynihan the orderly in the old folks' home who steals one of the resident's money. The eighth track on The Lonely Island's first album, Incredibad.

A man named Kyle Ryan Phillippe keeps knocking on his loved ones' ex-girlfriend, best friend, parents, etc. Eventually, the European man shows up at Kyle's house, wanting to have sex with him. But Kyle reveals that he's already having sex with the European's twin brother. Gabourey Sidibe and Andy Samberg dressed in kimono spit cherries at each other in rapid succession, catching the ones the other throws. At the end, Samberg spits one last cherry at Sidibe. The cherry sings dramatic music in midair before Sidibe just misses catching it in her mouth.

They bow. Golden Girls' Theme. Andy Samberg Akiva Schaffer [33]. Akiva Schaffer Jonathon Krisel [33]. White likes it but then shows her own version to the cast: a death metal trash rock version, with the cast members being attacked by leather-clad mosh pit dancers.

An unemployed cocaine addict named Dennis Samberg goes on drug binge while singing an elaborately choreographed Disneyesque musical-theater number about how it is going to be a great day. The more cocaine he snorts, the faster he sings, and the more disjointed and surreal the song becomes. Eventually the whole experience is revealed to be a vivid, cocaine-induced hallucination. Cameos by Bobby Moynihan as Mailman Fred, Taccone as Dennis's friend who asks about his pledge to run with the bulls in Spain, episode host Alec Baldwin and musical guest Tom Petty as themselves, and Bill Hader and Nasim Pedrad as a neighborhood couple walking by a hallucinating Dennis.

Fred Armisen also appears briefly as Dennis's boss. Katy Perry sings at an Academy Awards-like ceremony the theme song from the fictional superhero film Boogerman played by Peter Sarsgaard. Features most of the cast including episode host Amy Poehler.

A man Samberg tries to call to report a home invasion on his iPhone using the app " Emergency," but is bombarded with ads for the movie Rescue Dogs 3D. At the end, Samberg is caught by the burglars, only to be saved by Rescue Dog. Helen Mirren appears as the police chief in the trailer for Rescue Dogs 3D.

A man Samberg is the subject of a bizarre therapy session conducted by his psychiatrist played by episode host Jane Lynch who inserts herself in his self-conscious images of peace and tranquility.

A girl played by episode host Emma Stone sings in her school's cafeteria about breaking her arm by slipping on grape jelly. Her situation only worsens as each verse ends with her falling again, breaking a new appendage until she ends up paralyzed, confined in a wheelchair, and only able to talk through a computer program a la Stephen Hawking. The grape jelly Andy Samberg comes to life and claims not to be the cause of the girl's broken appendages. Shy Ronnie Samberg and Clyde Rihanna team up for a second time to rob a bank.

Unfortunately, Ronnie's social awkwardness puts the heist in jeopardy and forces Clyde to do most of the work. He raps aggressively when Clyde leaves. Cameo by episode host Jon Hamm as a bank customer-turned-hostage. Having won a competition, a Model United Nations team present their thoughts on world history to the General Assembly at the U.

The presentation is a rap performed by Samberg portraying a student that chastises the diplomats for past and present atrocities, such as the Holocaust and Darfur. Musical guest Arcade Fire appear as themselves. A parody of the movie Weekend at Bernie'sin which two men Hader and Samberg find the corpse of their boss played by episode host Robert De Niro and attempt to make him look alive during a party at his beach house.

In many respects he's the person who is closest to me, and with whom I can speak honestly about everything. His opinion is very important to me and I value it a lot. In addition to infrequent live appearances with the band, Klinghoffer appeared on Golden Shoulders ' first two albums, 's Let My Burden Be and 's Friendship Is Deepplaying bass guitar.

He returned to play bass guitar, drums, electric guitar, mellotron, organ, and synthesizer on 's Get Reasonableand electric guitar and piano on 's Could This Be the End. Klinghoffer was a touring and session musician for Gnarls Barkley. Klinghoffer appeared on the band's second album, 's The Odd Couple and was part of the band's touring lineup to support their first two studio albums which also included an opening slot for the Red Hot Chili Peppers on their Stadium Arcadium toura tour Klinghoffer would eventually join as a backing musician in Klinghoffer founded his own band, Dot HackerAlbum)where he holds the position of primary songwriter, singer, rhythm guitarist and pianist.

The group is made up of former touring musicians for Gnarls Barkley. Inthey released their first full-length album, Inhibition. The title track to Inhibition was first played in a Bob Forrest radio show. The band announced plans to play Tokyo in February in support of the two albums. This will be their first time performing outside of the United States.

InKlinghoffer played with Red Hot Chili Peppers on the final few legs of their Stadium Arcadium tour, playing additional guitar, backing vocals, and keyboard parts alongside the band. This tour would ultimately be John Frusciante 's last with the band, and Klinghoffer's first. Inthe Chili Peppers ended a two-year hiatus, and were joined by Klinghoffer in the studio to begin work on their tenth album, I'm with You. At the time, unbeknownst to the public, Frusciante had already quit the band earlier that year without announcing his departure.

Regarding his entry into the band, Klinghoffer notes, "I've always been attracted to the idea of a tight-knit unit, a band of family, a brotherhood. Since my earliest memory, they always seemed like a band with Surprise - Gnarls Barkley - The Odd Couple (CD lot of love for each other. After eleven months of writing and rehearsing, the Chili Peppers began recording a new album, I'm with Youon September 13, InKlinghoffer wrote and performed the original score for the documentary Bob and the Monster.

Klinghoffer also appears in the documentary, which is based on the life and career of musician and drug counselor Bob Forrest.

This was the first time he performed any of the Chili Peppers' songs live since officially joining the band as their guitarist. At 32 years of age, Klinghoffer is the youngest artist ever inducted, surpassing Stevie Wonderwho was 38 when he was inducted. In JanuaryKlinghoffer returned to the studio with the Chili Peppers to begin work on their eleventh studio album which would be produced by Gnarls Barkley's Danger Mouse.

Recording was put on hold the following month when bassist Flea suffered an injury during a skiing trip. Production resumed in August and The Getaway was released on June 17, which was followed by an extensive world tour that concluded in October This would be the band's final show with Klinghoffer.

We are deeply grateful for our time with him, and the countless gifts he shared with us. We also announce, with great excitement and full hearts, that John Frusciante is rejoining our group. Thank you. In an interview released on January 18, by Ultimate GuitarKlinghoffer spoke briefly for the first time about his departure from the band. Klinghoffer said that he couldn't go into detail about his departure but when asked if there was any hard feelings between him, the band or Frusciante he responded by saying "I don't think so.

Not from me. Klinghoffer on January 23, gave an interview with Marc Maron on the WTF with Marc Maron podcast where, for the first time, he discussed in detail his firing from the band. When they decided they wanted to carry on and he maintained he was sort of done with it, and they asked me to do it, I think he was really surprised that they were going to carry on without him… It was sort of a strange position I was holding.

I feel like we did create something. On January 31,Klinghoffer was interviewed by Rolling Stone and opened up much more about his firing. Klinghoffer said "I love those guys deeply. I never saw myself as deserving to be there over John. But I can see in his eyes that it was a very painful decision. And I think of Anthony as a very tender and supportive person. We all hugged and Chad texted me before I even got home.

He was really heartbroken about the whole thing because Chad and I are very good friends. And it does look exactly like a death announcement. Klinghoffer performed all instruments and vocals across these two tracks, with album art by Dot Hacker partner Eric Gardner. His live debut as a solo artist was going to be opening shows to Pearl Jam as part of the North American leg of Gigaton Tour. Due to the band's inactivity, The Odd Couple would become the group's last album to date as of over a decade later.

In late January, an assumed leaked track appeared on several music blogs. Despite "Run I'm a Natural Disaster " being the lead single at the time, " Going On " was the highest-charting album track on iTunes having made it as high as number 23 on the Top chart as of March 25, subsequently debuting at number 88 on the Billboard Hot An early leak of the album over the Internet in early March,prompted the duo to push the release of the album from April 8.

The album was released in the United Kingdom on March 31, An instrumental reverse edition of the album, retitled elpuoc ddo ehtwas released on April 17, The entire album is fused into one track played completely in reverse, starting with the album's last song and ending with the album's first. This unorthodox edition was released officially by Danger Mouse and is legally available as a second disc on the vinyl edition of the album.

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