Oh! My Soul - My Funk - Daskmathic - The Heap Is Small (File, MP3)

The Jayhawkers - Dawn Of Instruction The Warlocks - Hey Jo The Spike Drivers - High Time The Thyme - Somehow The Thyme - Very Last Day Faine Jade - It Ain't True 2. Velvet Illusions - Velvet Illusions 3. Beautiful Daze - City Jungle Part 1 4. Beautiful Daze - City Jungle Part 2 5. Caretakers of Deception - Cuttin' Grass 6. Wild Woods - Plastic People 7. Joys of Life - Descent 9.

Davids - I'm Not Alone Davids - Sweet December Nobody's Children - Good Times Nobody's Children - Somebody to Help Me Paysleys - Now! Hunger - Workshop Cycle - If You Can Steven - Aye Eh Pooh Dye Novells - Love Head Shop - Head Shop Corporation - Yes I Know Whalefeathers - Know Thyself Heavy Balloon - Barnyard Blues Shoppe - Soap and Crime Labels: CompilationGaragePunk. Various Artists - What It Is! While major artists topped the charts with funk hits throughout the '60s and '70s, What It Is!

A four-CD, track compendium that would take incalculable hours to assemble from dusty bins at disappearing record shops, What It Is! It's an unprecedented shadow history of funk, pulling together rare sides from well-known artists and definitive grooves from less-known but supremely gifted masters of the art form.

Artists include Watts rd St. Deluxe packaging houses a massive booklet with rare photos, liner notes, and track-by-track commentary. A righteous undertaking of great magnitude, What It Is! Funky Soul and Rare Grooves trawls through a decade-long stretch of the Warner-distributed archive -- taking in the catalogs of Warner Bros.

While many of these cuts have been repurposed as vital ingredients of hip-hop tracks, which has in turn fostered a voracious collector's market it would cost a fortune to collect these songs in their original formats of releasethe box is a leagues-deep trawl through an otherwise forgotten past.

There are few well-known names on these four discs, but even they tend to be represented by selections that are not obvious. Curtis Mayfield's " Don't Worry If There's a Hell Below We're All Going to Go" is likely the best-known inclusion, and after a substantial number of cuts that can't be considered truly rare, there's a sudden drop into sweet, sweet oblivion -- unless you're of the small minority whose spines tingle at the sight of names like Grassella Oliphant and Rasputin's Stash.

The chicken-scratch guitars, wild Hammond B-3 runs, group chants, and blaring horn punches are served by the dozens, but the box also illustrates an evolution that took place through the '70s.

Since the sequencing is, for the most part, chronological, those changes are all the more perceptible. It's not one big party, either. The themed playlists and imaginary compilations hiding within this compact box are innumerable, bound to take the average overthinking funk freak to new levels of nerd-dom.

There are region-specific sets to be made, as well as sets with possible titles like Latin Funk and Flute Funk and The Early Arrangement and Production Work of the Late Arif Mardin, in addition to a remarkable batch of covers, a tight collection of instrumentals, and a not-very-exclusive list of tracks that have been sampled throughout the years.

The accompanying booklet could be sold separately, as it contains scads of seldom-seen photos and scholarly track-by-track notes. Rhino also deserves applause for resisting the urge to house these discs in a massive synthetic afro or an oversized wah-wah pedal.

You can snugly tuck this thing between your arm and chest and sense its power run through your whole body. Bring on a second set that extends past the disco era and involves the likes of Slave, Mass Production, Brides of Funkenstein, and Dinosaur.

Labels: CompilationFunkSoul. I have been shopping the blogs for some old compilations that I used to have but, for one reason or other, have gotten away from me over the years.

Among the ones that I found is this little gem from around Each does what they do best while showcasing the sounds that them so recognizable. There's not much to say about this album, otherwise. The line-up here speaks for itself. Among the players featured are Sonic BoomJ. Here Albini gives us a taste of pretty much every trick in his bag! Back in about or so I ended up seeing his band Shellac at a strange little place in the small town of Cookeville, Tennessee.

It was a pretty intimate setting and between songs Albini announced he was taking requests. I was sitting up front so I decided to yell one out. I thought I would pick something obscure that no one else would probably be asking for and " Lemurs " was the first one to pop in my mind. I yelled it out and after giving me sly grin he went into it and played the entire piece. Sonic Boom - Overture [Spaceman] 2. Dean Wareham - West Broadway [Galaxie ] 8. Mark E. Robinson - Guitarrorists Theme [Unrest] 9.

Marc Gentry - Mariposa [Rein Sanction] Helios Creed - Green Volcano [Chrome] Don Fleming - Sound as Steel [Gumball] Kim Gordon - Kitten [Sonic Youth] Nikki Sudden - Cats Cradle Marcy Mays - Always Late [Scrawl] Lee Renaldo - Here [Sonic Youth] Posted by Psyche Zenobia 5 comments. W hat should be the punishment for someone who hijacks a tribute blog for their own selfish reasons?

A harsh verbal warning? To be hanged, drawn and quartered? How about their own tribute blog post? And who said crime doesn't pay? I strongly urge any fans of experimental psych-rock, fans of legal downloads, and fans of faded, black XXXL t-shirts to check them out. But don't take my word for it; read it straight from the horse's mouth.

Another Collection is their 40th. Simpson, a homage to producer Jimmy Miller, the theme song for a low budget cable comedy sketch show, one too many accidental nods to Hawkwind and stoned tributes to Ali, Guess Who guitarist Kurt Winter, Pink Floyd and whatever was on the box that given weekend.

It's all culled from their previous 19 releases Last year's 20 A Collection features highlights from 1- The best part? It's all free for the taking.

Posted by AllyWonderland 3 comments. G reetings Digital Meltd0wn readers! As such, they are a rather fascinating bit of music history. The gag is this: usually there is a brief clip of a song playing that is interrupted for some important breaking news the break in. From there, it cuts to a reporter who is interviewing eye witnesses of an event, various experts about the event, or sometimes even fictional characters about whatever the breaking news has been reported to be.

That, in a nutshell, is what a break-in recording is. Bill Buchanan and Dickie Goodman are often credited as the originators of this type of recording. Now here is the interesting bit. Think about what Buchanan and Goodman are doing. This is long before sample-based hip-hop or electronic music enters the scene. As familiar as we are nowadays with sampling in music and audio entertainment, Buchanan and Goodman were innovators at this time. Some claim The Flying Saucer to be one of the earliest if not the earliest example of sampling within a pop recording ever.

If nothing else, it seems to be the first recording that relies upon sampling that reached such a level of popularity. So did this go without controversy? Of course not. Copryright lawsuits were just around the corner for the originators of the break-in record. However, the results of the legal proceedings may surprise you. The various lawsuits facing Goodman were, apparently, settled out of court after this decision.

However, it seems that this case is one of the first, at least to my limited knowledge, legal cases where the art Oh! My Soul - My Funk - Daskmathic - The Heap Is Small (File sampling was defended within a court of law.

The point of all this? Well, the point is more historic than anything else. I just found it interesting that we can easily trace the sampling debate all the way back to the fifties. That said, here is the track listing for this compilation.

Note: not all of these are break-in recordings. Posted by J-Unit 1 12 comments. Labels: CompilationScience-Fiction. Michael Jackson Tribute August 29, — June 25, This blog traditionally strays away from mainstream material, but I would be remiss if I did not mention the passing of who I consider the greatest entertainer of all-time.

Although I have been quite promiscuous with music; experimenting and dipping my fingers in any honey pot I could find, you never forget your first love. Michael Jackson was my first love. In a sad attempt to reconnect with that little girl singing "Heal the World" into a hairbrush, I purchased tickets to what was supposed to be Jackson's final tour in London.

The purchase highlighted my European vacation planned for mid-July, but obviously upon the news of his death; plans have been altered. Dubbed "The King of Pop" and deservedly so with such accolades as 13 Grammys and million records sold. His Thriller album remains the best selling album of all-time, and theBad album is the only album ever to produce five 1 singles.

ABC was the second studio album release by The Jackson 5. The Love You Save 2. One More Chance 3. ABC 4. Never Had a Dream Come True 8. True Love Can Be Beautiful 9. I'll Bet You I Found That Girl Download: Michael Jackson - E. Posted by AllyWonderland 8 comments. Labels: AudiobookPopSoulSoundtrack. Otto Kinzel IV - e. Since it would seem that JUnit1 isn't quite ready to start his guest spot here at DM I thought I would post this interesting little homebrew release.

Every once in a while someone contacts me asking if I would listen to and review their music. I always try to oblige with the condition that anything I review must be available for download on the internet. For an "unsigned" artist I think it's essential to put one's work on the the net for free. It encourages people, who have access to any album they want in a matter of seconds, to listen to something new from an unknown musician and most times it's at least refreshing to know music does not need corporate sponsorship to be good.

This little e. The first track, " Life's Blood ", really does remind me of Mike Patton's vocal styling with a hard edged industrial dance groove. The other two tracks here are pretty decent, as well. One is an instrumental showcasing Kinzel's metal guitar skills while the other is a mellow sort of meditation with a carnival theme.

Although this sort of music isn't really my usual cup of tea Otto Kinzel does it well. He's able to put together some really lush and complex arrangements that demonstrate his unique musical and production skills. Although this is a home recording, it's slick enough to be mistaken for an expensive major label release. I look forward to hearing the full album when it comes out. Not really. But an East Coast accordionist has released a collection of Philip Glass covers.

Some solo, some of it sounds overdubbed, no other instruments. This shouldn't work in a million years, yet it does, and quite brilliantly at that. It's no gimmick - the guy's got some serious squeezebox skillz, and the surrealism of making 20th classical music sound like a Balkan village dance is an unexpected bonus.

Japura River 2. Facades 3. Cloudscape 4. Floe 6. Etoile Polaire 7. Subterraneans 8. Resource 9. Knee 1 And you thought that the Dead Kennedys were a strange choice for an accordion tribute My email mail m If you've written to me in, I dunno, the past week or so, I probably didn't get it. Nice not to get all that spam, tho Skrewdriver are one of those bands more heard of than heard. Sure, they're not that great, but plenty of other lesser UK punkers got ink. Since when has rock 'n' roll been about upstanding citizenship?

I wanted to know what they actually sound like. Disclaimer: Nazis are bad. Their debut "All Skrewed Up" is decent raw, basic punk with a few unexpected, unpleasant forays into mainstream rock. There's not a hint of racism in this original line-up, tho their propensity for dumb lyrics was already coming to the fore on songs like "Gotta Be Young.

But it is a catchy tune: Skrewdriver " Gotta Be Young " Bandleader Ian Stuart Donaldson dissolved this lineup, and re-emerged a few years later with a new-and-unimproved Skrewdriver that now openly embraced Nazi, anti-semitic, racist ideologies, with lyrics as un-poetic as slogans shouted out at a political rally.

The irony of declaring themselves strongly patriotic Brits while supporting that which tried to destroy Britain in WWII is, of course, lost on them. And then there's the puzzling hatred of Communism. Why support one bloodthirsty dictatorship while condemning another - professional jealousy? Har har! The music didn't advance, even if the punk scene had. Still, they could come up with the occasional memorable melody: Skrewdriver " White Power " After this period, there wasn't much gas left in their musical tank.

Meanwhile, the oi! I can see how a group like this might have caused some alarm in the '80s, but it all seems fairly toothless, even a bit pathetic now. Donaldson's death by car crash in ended the band, and the Nazi skinhead scene, tiny to begin with, became increasingly marginalized to the point that it's now practically invisible to the general public.

Good night, Adolph I'll be joining host Greg "Spacebrother" Bishop playing lots of goodies I haven't had the time to feature yet here on M4M. So even for regular readers of this here web-log it'll be mostly unheard stuff. Spinning all the platters that matter or should that be "madder"?

Makes me glad to Oh! My Soul - My Funk - Daskmathic - The Heap Is Small (File alive. I actually own a couple of these records, such as the afore-mentioned "Fever" and Ralph Marterie's pseudo-Arabic "Shish Kabob," but for the most part these are mighty rare, otherwise un-comped so far as I know oddities by no-one you've heard of.

The Lavender Jungle. So, a topical year-old punk rock song is relevant again. Who'd have thunk it? Of course, Jerry Brown isn't quite the same hippie-fied "Gov. Moonbeam" that he was in the '70s. For one thing, he has a lot less hair now, and he isn't dating Linda Rondstadt so far as I know.

And yes, this portrait of Brown is the official one that hangs in the California state capital. I've seen it! Quite a contrast to the formal, staid governor's portraits that come before and after it. As we wrote back in '06 : " Oakland, CA's Aaron Seeman plays accordian, for your weddings, parties, bar mitvahs, etc.

He's in a Romanian folk music group, can play waltzes and polkas. And as Duckmandu he's recorded a note-for-note remake of the entire first Dead Kennedy's album, the punk rock milestone "Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables. Yep, just squeeze-box, and singing that's a darn good impression of DK's vocalist Jello Biafra. New to Zoogz? Start HERE. We've come to end of our brief survey of the wildly prolific and imaginative Zoogz Rift. Remember, you can now send away for an inexpensive set of his almost entire output if this has whet your appetite.

Thanks to him, we have a plethora of Mormon-culture artifacts, such as: " Sons of Provo ," a hilarious mock-umentry film about Everclean, a Mormon boy band. The soundtrack is not only a spot-on parody of those psuedo-r'n'b teeny-bopper groups, but a gentle tweaking of the impossibly wholesome squeaky-clean image of the LDS. Jokes from the film like the band recruiting a new member from his job in the Oh!

My Soul - My Funk - Daskmathic - The Heap Is Small (File department of a crafts store might not seem too crazy, but this is a religion that traditionally has not allowed even a hint of rebellion or free expression.

Anyone who leaves the church is sometimes shunned by family and friends, so any satire is a bit radical. Everclean " Everclean " - " So what is it that they're all satirizing? Brace yourself for a full album of It's Family Night!

Thanks windy! No, not Bela Lugosi. But how great would that have been? It never happened. But Christopher Lee has a new-ish album out, and at 87 years of age, he's practically as old as Dracula himself. Christopher Lee goes campy epic metal?

Totally rad, of course. Give me a clear day and all those pics, posters, info and novelty items etc. Hmmmmm, has anyone had a postcard about this book? I've moved around so much in the last year I can't remember which address I put down!! Don't want to miss out I am working on the new tribute CD as we speak I need to have it done by tonight.

I've got some questions and comments. First of all, we need a title for it. Right now I have "Second Heads". Please post your other ideas here.

Secondly, I've decided it's best to keep bio and credit info off of the CD sleeve. The main reason is that I don't want to misspell or miscredit anyone on a "permanent" medium such as a sleeve.

I just got some songs yesterday and today, and am missing bios and credits from some of the bands, so in the interest of consistency, fairness, and overall quality I think it's best that I provide a URL for a biographical website, which I can always edit whenever I get feedback from contributors. So, the CD will contain band names, and possibly members' names where providedbut will refer to the web site.

I think that'll be a lot of fun! I have enough songs to get us well into Vol 3! In addition, there are at least 3 bands who missed the Vol 2 deadline 4 if you count mebut will hopefully get their songs in for Vol 3 no deadline set for that yet. Contributors seem enthusiastic about the idea of an all-originals compilation CD. That's gonna be a very interesting project.

I am so happy to have had a chance to submit a song for part 2and I hope to get my version of ouch monkeys done in time for part THat brings mre to this question I have not found a web site that I can check the lyrics I have against someone elses got out of it?

Vol 2 is DONE! I have been churning out CDs. Contributors, please let me know as soon as possible to what addresses I should send your CDs. I can dig up old addresses, but I'd prefer to make sure I have the current ones now.

The most urgently needed addresses are for:. I was just having a look at WWW. CDNOW don't seem to think that anybody really wants to know and haven't listed them.

Which Waterstones did you buy your copy of Repossessed from as my local branch and the Head Heritage Site say its not out until the 18th October!! I feel a complaint to Anne Robinson coming on!! Both of which are available as b-sides to cope singles.

I may be wrong though as I also thought that the two tracks were both from the cd singles of off of the Interpreter singles. Andrew your quite right about the 2 tracks. You have to get tickets?

I'm going to the Leeds one. Where do you get them from Russ and how much? Can't wait to see him again. Loved the Modern Antiquarian 'talks' he did I kept making CDs until I ran out of labels. Right now I have a dozen or so Vol 2 CDs in addition to the ones going to the contributors.

I'm gonna mail each contributing group one CD so that they can hear it while I am on travel. I have two Vol 1 CDs ready to be mailed out can't make any more until I get some more labels. When I get settled again, of course, I will finish filling all the orders. That might be as late as December or January. We'll see! By all means, feel free to order a CD! Please don't order in bulk, though, until I'm settled again and am able to burn as many CDs as people want.

If you are overseas, you can add a couple dollars if you want, for the increased postage. Or not. Use your judgement. I'll be checking Rail On and my email periodically when I'm on the road. I need to do an archive soon, but have no time this morning.

And lastly, I created a web page still embryonic which will give you some info on the contributors to both Vol 1 and 2. I'll add more info to it. You can get to it through my main Cope page. Click on the Second Heads link in the CDs section. The branch of Waterstones I got my copy of Repossessed from, was my local branch at Northampton. They put it on display last Saturday. It was still on display yesterday when I went past. Don't worry I already have complained, they just basically told me that it was hard cheese!!

And that its not out till the 18th and they can't get me a book that is not out yet!! Boooooo Anyway, people. If you want to moan at me then you have 3 weeks to do so as unfortunately I am off to pastures new! I'm off to work with the Homeless of Southampton Cyprus to the ice box that is Germany and finding it hard to knuckle down to work. HO hum. Good to hear about repossesed, is it as good as Head On sorry for the dreaded need to compare.

Also heartening to see Head Heritage is promising to get it's finger out, we'll see about that. Now to see if I can get my mate in London to pick up a copy of Repossessed. Will JC be doing book signings? Pathetic I know, but what the hell, I need it to go next to my signed copy of MA. Oh well back to the hard graft. I rang Oxford and they confirmed that there is a date booked and that it was ticketed but no tickets are actually available yet.

Gerrard is a really good mate of mine and Marks. He's also a massive Julian fan, but cause of his work can't get to the e. He'll probably be at the Leeds Signing thing so some of you might get to meet him. He's really nice. I like him anyway!! So I like to leave him a little message now and again, so sorry if they bother you!!

The three of us had a super duper time at Glasto this year. All round good egg I have the following news from Ochre Records that might interest some of you. Doors Open 8pm.

If you like Skyray then check out The New Album on Ochre called 'Mind Lagoons' It is a fantastic album definately one of my favourite albums released this year. The Melody Maker called it "Heaven on earth" and they gave it 4 out of 5. Julian Cope gave us a tab on his birthday and we went on Tiswas tripping.

But I don't think they liked us too much, we couldn't take it too seriously. They never asked us back. Hello my friends! I feel sure my friend Jim is around here someplace.

It's a foregone conclusion. Can anyone supply lyrics for Come Back by Wah? I looked all over the net for them and this seems the most likely place, sad to say. Checked out amazon. I just bought the new Guinness Book of Hit Singles everything up to which contains a list of the artists who have had the most hits without ever getting into the top This might well be blatantly obvious to many people, but it wasnt to me, so I continue.

Whilst copying a load of cd's the other week, it was thought not by me, honest that they would look nicer if written on in a nice looking pen, so we used one of those nice looking silver markers. Anyone in Glasgow fancy a meet up prior to the Sauchihall Street event this month? I know of a pub where we could play some of The ArchDruids sounds - interested?

Just a quick hello and to say "yes, I've also jumped on the "Repossessed" bandwagon"--I just ordered my copy from www. Hmmmmm a test after you have read Repossessed For anyone who lives in the Southampton Area ie. Izzy and me I am having my leaving party on the 27th October in The Crown Public House, Highfield, can't promise you Julian Cope but can promise you, an excellent array of lagers and fine wines, a varied menu and a barman who looks like a fat lookalike of Will from TFI!

Oh and me and Izzy, so pop along Hey belbin - I'm just wondering if I should take offence at your post I was rather fond of those bands which you've put exclamation marks after!

We can't all be hippies y'know I have a feeling they were. They give the book 4 stars out of 5 and they call it "Easily the best value music tome of the year. Bristol 4th Dec, may see you there.

Izzy you mad fer it? Ta for my messages, didn't realise you all loved me so much!! Gonna miss you all too I've just recently picked up an item known as a "test pressing" from a second-hand store.

It's the Teardrop's Kilimanjaro on what appears to be some kind of white-label. There's no artwork or anything on the sleeve. Well, actually there's a slip of paper with a listing of the songs and credits tacked on. It mentions Mercury with even a catalog number included. Does anyone know what this is? Is it some kind of promo type thing they give DJs to play or is it merely a plain-Jane bootleg?

Well you lot, you may have Julian Cope in your respective Waterstones bookshops over the coming weeks. Southampton still haven't got 'Repossessed' as far as I'm aware, maybe we live in a different time warp space continuum, to the rest of England Early chapters don't show the same snap as Head-on, but then it wasn't a great time for the Drude so maybe that's to be expected. Still funny though. For those still waiting, Kakalog 4 came too.

Also, there is a Rooster Cosby and somebody - sorry! CD but you'll have to scour the bottom of the Kakalog for details. Liverpool or Manchester for the signings?

Probably both. And maybe Oxford. So many people miss out the Midlands maybe with good reason but then we do lack venues. Oh well nevermind. Going back to Somerset this weekend, so I may find it there My mum thinks I know Julian personally and get these cards as a personal hello!! Ahhhh sweet, must get round to telling her one day! This mornings Guardian has a most fine interview with Julian in that anyone who can should get a copy of. Somewhat too long to copy the whole of it onto the list, the highlights include:.

What is the ultimate art form "Rock 'n' roll without a doubt A very good way to start the day. Shame that if rock 'n' roll is the ultimate art form he doesnt do a bit more of it, but An unconnected point:JC actually had 15 hit singles to put him in 4th on the list I mentioned before. Saxon had the same number. Do you know what, I think that I am cursed!! Not only can I not get a copy of Repossessed for what ever reason, I can't even buy a copy of the Guardian!! Of all the days, today is the day that the delivery people forgot to drop them off at the shop!!

The Guardian article - the "churlishly undervalued Interpreter". Good article, Nat! While it may be a bit sad to admit to being a regular reader of Record Collector, it is because I am that I know that the Drude has been sadly ignored by them.

He's not the most collectable artist in the world, but he features regularly in their annual round up. The last piece done on him was way back in the mid's when St Julian was just surfacing. Given the considerable amount of obscure releases that our boy has put out over the years, he would be ideal Record Collector material. Plus the overseas stuff. There has to be a written piece to go with discographys, which is supposed to pick up from where the last piece left off. From floppy post-punker to New Age mystic, Julian Cope has been a professional weirdo for more than 20 years.

But the twisted genius has some remarkably down-to-earth views on the music biz, says Tom Cox. The first time I met Julian Cope, he stuck his tongue in my ear. It's a fully functioning, shapely ear, and I'm proud of it, but I'd be optimistic to think that the incident represented a significant life event for a man who routinely necked between 10 and 30 teenage girls per night during his time fronting the psychedelic post-punk band, the Teardrop Explodes. Then again, this is Julian Cope: the man who can recall what he and the Teardrops' drummer, Gary Dwyer, named the imaginary horses they rode around Rockfield Studios inand precisely what kind of breakfast they'd slipped into their acid beforehand.

I ask Julian about remembering - something most pop stars make geriatrics seem adept at. But I remember everything about the 80s.

Bring up the 80s in front of the average ish icon who made their name in that tacky decade, and they'll visibly shrink and change the subject. Ask the same question of Cope, an artist royally screwed by the 80s and at odds with everything they stood for, and he'll tell you about his most terrifying drug experience, show you a picture of his most preposterous hairstyle, and quote gamely from his worst review.

Repossessed, the forthcoming second instalment of his autobiography, is one of the best books about the 80s ever written and without doubt the best book about toy cars, hermitting, integrity and drug paranoia. When the 70s began, Cope was a shamanistic teen idol, middle England's own leather-panted, smelly-haired, absurdist answer to Jim Morrison; a year into the 80s, he was in danger of becoming post-punk's Syd Barrett "the more people talked about it, the more I obsessed about it" ; byhe was the music press's whipping boy, token lunatic and all-round laughing stock.

The 90s began; Cope was born again as Father Earth, hippy spokesman, prog explorer and alternative archaeologist - no better or worse than the Cope of the preceding decade, but immediately, inexplicably more credible. No other artist epitomises the style bigotry and rampant short-termism of the 80s quite so comprehensively. Did it feel strange to be suddenly venerated by the same people who had previously vilified him? But I was determined not to become one of those Steve Winwood old gits who say, 'Ooh, you should have seen me then, but look at me now, I'm really together.

Lester Bangs [deceased insurrectionary rock critic] said the difference between the Stooges and the MC5 was that the Stooges were unrighteous and the MC5 were righteous, but that neither of them were self-righteous. I was unrighteous and then righteous, but I've never been self-righteous. I believe if I'm misunderstood, then it must be because I'm shit. There are a lot of churlish people my age - 'Nobody gets us.

Try harder. It's not a right that you have to be listened to. You've no doubt heard that Julian Cope is bonkers. Yet since the beginning of the 90s he's managed to write four books, raise a family and make nine albums - some work rate, especially for an alleged "new age weirdo" who's supposed to spend most of his time taking acid and wandering the ancient sites of Wessex.

In fact, on a level of sheer self-awareness and self-comfort, he's the sanest musician I've interviewed. He is, however, brilliantly, exhaustingly enthusiastic to speak to, the kind of person whose handshake sends ripples up your arm. He attempts neither to cloak his normality with wacky energy nor cloak his wacky energy with normality. What other hell-raising rock'n'roll icon would own up to spending his first royalty cheque on a living-room carpet? I'd be doing a disservice to old ladies because I'd go into a corner shop dressed as a punk and say, 'Thank you very much,' and she'd say, 'Oooh, these punks are all right.

Brought up in Tamworth, Cope became the displaced psychedelic posh boy of the Liverpool punk scene - the hippy "poof" who would walk into the spit-splattered Eric's nightclub pronouncing garage rock as "garahge rock". As it was, he was in The Teardrop Explodes, one of the most underappreciated and contradictory groups Britain has produced - a new-wave band with horns, a speed band whose favourite drug was LSD, a psychedelic Joy Division who knew what joy was.

Those were my fundamental roots, the first people to accept me as a weirdo who was capable of something and not just a weirdo. He once cycled across London to see McCulloch, only to be told the sulking Bunnyman was "busy".

While his peers have faded into a thin facsimile of their old angry selves, Cope has pushed ahead, striving to keep rock'n'roll as a currency that only a select few comprehend.

My problem with someone like Mark Smith from The Fall is that he's fastidious to his trip and he's totally true on a level but the goalposts have changed so many times since then that to me the mere fact that he's still allowed himself to be in that position" - he pauses, choosing his words - "well, he's quite lucky, really!

Many people can't quite pin Cope down, and that's why he's so vital. He shows me upstairs, to his workroom, where we find an enormous collection of ordnance survey maps, fantastic rolling views of Wiltshire, a computer, several 18th-century archeological tomes, and a batch of proto-metal records. It's possible there's not a more eclectic room in Britain. Then he grins manically and pulls out something which might, in another century, have been mistaken for footwear.

With more books than records released in the last five years his last "proper" album was 's churlishly undervalued Interpreterwhat does he think is the ultimate art form?

Rock'n'roll, without a doubt. A good book can inspire you to acts of heroism on your own, but it lacks the community aspect. Even a facsimile of rock'n'roll can work - Oasis aren't any good, but they can inspire people to shake their booty, feel each other up, and go home and listen to the Beatles. Rock'n'roll has made us a better-looking bunch. It means that I can keep growing my hair long, or appear on Top of the Pops with a mohican and no knickers.

The great thing about rock'n'roll is that it's a movable feast. We can turn up in a place like Calne [a small town west of his home], or in Devizes Corn Exchange, and say, 'Hi. We're Brain Donor! I think that's very powerful. The infectious conviction with which he puts this across is difficult to convey, but suffice to say that I'm still buzzing an hour later, heading back to London, stripped of all cynicism, ready to break some rules.

Not to worry Nat. I saw the "sulking" Bunnyman last night. He seemed to be in an ornery mood. His voice was shot due to a cold or at least I assume it was a cold and he could barely talk yet alone sing. Not that it mattered because the mix was a muddy mess. For those of you planning on seeing EATB in the upcoming months don't expect to be knocked out of your bunnymen socks.

The rhythm section was totally pedestrian and provided no spark. It was a disappointing show. They've got my VISA number, but they don't have any books! I'm trusting corporate America with my money Julian makes me do things I ought not to. Initial comments on Repossessed: Intriguing stories, some of which we didn't go public on because they were so harrowing mad fans - gasp!

Well, guess who told Copey where he was in the first place? Lotus Eaters bad but Jim Morrison good! Big fat dead guy in a bathtub versus sublime toons band. No contest. Coyle's demos post Lotus Eaters kick ass as well. New Screaming Secrets site nearly finished! Includes to die for discography! More news to follow I finished reading Repossessed last night!!!

Its a great read and I recommend that you get it as soon as possible. I think I might have to start collecting toy cars!! I wonder whether the 'Fried' truck is still rusting in a Drayton Bassett shed? It would make a great start to the collection. The book gives a great insight into the Archdrude's thoughts on the eighties albums. I always thought that he was not entirely happy with 'My Nation Underground' as it stinks of 80's crap production techniques.

It is a really surreal trip to listen to Paranormal Part 1 via a walkman in the very place it was recorded. Far Out! This might give some of you copeyists some wacky thoughts for cover versions!

Ba B a Ba B aaaaa! Julian H. Cope is being interviewed together with Vic Reeves Oh Yes! Oh and by the way, the guy who runs the Stones mailing list Chris Tweed thinks that the Modern Antiquarian is a load of codswollop, so I mailed him, and in a. I've started going through my scrapbooks all 23 of them to add to the site i'm going to link reviews to each of the records in the discography to start with and then gig's and magazine articles. Screaming Secrets will be attending tomorrow's signing in London, but anyone who can't make it might want to tune into Radio 1 at 8pm.

Lamacq Live apparently features a piece on the Liverpool scene with contributions from Holly and Jayne Casey. Thanks to Belbin for bringing the Cope Guardian interview to our attention, and to Shrimp for uploading it. It'll be passed around in my circles as the full Guardian is a bit difficult to get here in Australia. One thing though Belbin and at the risk of being accused of pedantry the Pistols line "we mean it maaan" - isn't that on "God Save the Queen"?

I totally agree with your point on integrity though. Last Sunday morning the guys from Suede were guest programmers on our local all night music TV show "Rage" and they made similar points, and played God Save and many other good things. I was hoping they might play Cope or TE but when I nodded off about 4am they hadn't.

My local pub has got a Cope song on its jukebox! What's the jukebox situation like elsewhere in the world? During my time in the UK I never once found a Cope track on any jukebox Finally, I have my copy of the Guardian, what a lovely pic. Incubus - Nebula Incubus - Deep Inside Incubus - Calgone Iron Maiden - The Wicker Man Iron Maiden - Ghost of the Navigator Iron Maiden - Brave New World Iron Maiden - Blood Brothers Iron Maiden - The Mercenary Iron Maiden - Dream of Mirrors Iron Maiden - The Fallen Angel Iron Maiden - The Nomad Iron Maiden - Out of the Silent Planet Iron Maiden - Wildest Dreams Iron Maiden - Rainmaker Iron Maiden - No More Lies Iron Maiden - Dance of Death Iron Maiden - Gates of Tomorrow Iron Maiden - New Frontier Iron Maiden - Paschendale Iron Maiden - Face in the Sand Iron Maiden - Age of Innocence Iron Maiden - Journeyman Iron Maiden - Prowler Iron Maiden - Sanctuary Iron Maiden - Remember Tomorrow Iron Maiden - Running Free Iron Maiden - Phantom of the Opera Iron Maiden - Transylvania Iron Maiden - Strange World Iron Maiden - Charlotte the Harlot Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden Iron Maiden - The Ides of March Iron Maiden - Wrathchild Iron Maiden - Murders in the Rue Morgue Iron Maiden - Another Life Iron Maiden - Genghis Khan Iron Maiden - Innocent Exile Iron Maiden - Killers Iron Maiden - Prodigal Son Iron Maiden - Purgatory Iron Maiden - Twilight Zone Iron Maiden - Drifter Iron Maiden - Where Eagles Dare Iron Maiden - Revelations Iron Maiden - Flight of Icarus Iron Maiden - The Trooper Iron Maiden - Still Life Iron Maiden - Quest for Fire Iron Maiden - Sun and Steel Iron Maiden - To Tame a Land Iron Maiden - Moonchild Iron Maiden - Infinite Dreams Iron Maiden - The Prophecy Iron Maiden - The Clairvoyant Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark [Live] Iron Maiden - Run to the Hills Iron Maiden - Bring Your Daughter Iron Maiden - Aces High Iron Maiden - 2 Minutes to Midnight Iron Maiden - Man on the Edge Iron Maiden - Virus Iron Maiden - Running Free [Live] Iron Maiden - Wasted Years Iron Maiden - Invaders Iron Maiden - Children of the Damned Iron Maiden - The Prisoner Iron Maiden - 22 Acacia Avenue Iron Maiden - Gangland Iron Maiden - Total Eclipse Killswitch Engage - Numbered Days Killswitch Engage - Self Revolution Killswitch Engage - Fixation on the Darkness Killswitch Engage - My Last Serenade Killswitch Engage - Life to Lifeless Killswitch Engage - Just Barely Breathing Killswitch Engage - To the Sons of Man Killswitch Engage - Temple from the Within Killswitch Engage - The Element of One Killswitch Engage - Vide Infra Killswitch Engage - Without a Name Killswitch Engage - Rise Inside Killswitch Engage - A Bid Farewell Killswitch Engage - Take This Oath Killswitch Engage - When Darkness Falls Killswitch Engage - Rose of Sharyn Killswitch Engage - Inhale Killswitch Engage MP3) Breathe Life Killswitch Engage - The End of Heartache Killswitch Engage - Declaration Killswitch Engage - World Ablaze Killswitch Engage - And Embers Rise Killswitch Engage - Wasted Sacrifice Killswitch Engage - Hope Is Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day Led Zeppelin - Friends Led Zeppelin - Gallows Pole Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song Led Zeppelin - Out on the Tiles Led Zeppelin - Tangerine Led Zeppelin - That's the Way Led Zeppelin - Custard Pie Led Zeppelin - Houses of the Holy.

Led Zeppelin - Kashmir. Led Zeppelin - The Rover. Led Zeppelin - Trampled Under Foot. Led Zeppelin - Black Country Woman. Led Zeppelin - Boogie With Stu. Led Zeppelin - Bron-Yr-Aur. Led Zeppelin - Down by the Seaside. Led Zeppelin - In the Light. Led Zeppelin - Night Flight. Led Zeppelin - Sick Again. Led Zeppelin - Ten Years Gone.

Led Zeppelin - The Wanton Song. Only the End of the World Again. Delores Lesion. The Delores Lesion. Follow Through. Desolation Breeds. Dark-Haired Girl. Fragments of My Reflection. Lo Pro - 1Day. Lo Pro - Bombz. Lo Pro - Fake. Lo Pro - Fuel. Lo Pro - Ignition. Lo Pro - Never. Lo Pro - Not Me. Lo Pro - Oblivion.

Lo Pro - Reach. Lo Pro - Sunday. Lo Pro - Thread. Lo Pro - Walk Away. Lynyrd Skynyrd - Comin' Home. Lynyrd Skynyrd - I Ain't the One. Lynyrd Skynyrd - I Know a Little. Lynyrd Skynyrd - On the Hunt. Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple Man. Lynyrd Skynyrd - That Smell. Lynyrd Skynyrd - Tuesday's Gone. Blood and Thunder. Mastodon - I Am Ahab Mastodon - Seabeast Mastodon - Iron Tusk Mastodon - Megalodon Mastodon - Naked Burn Mastodon - Aqua Dementia Mastodon - Hearts Alive Mastodon - Joseph Merrick Mastodon - Crusher Destroyer Mastodon - March of the Fire Ants Mastodon - Where Strides the Behemoth Mastodon - Workhorse Mastodon - Ol'e Nessie Mastodon - Burning Man Mastodon - Trainwreck Mastodon - Trampled Under Hoof Mastodon - Trilobite Mastodon - Mother Puncher Mastodon - Elephant Man Megadeth - Kill the King Megadeth - Dread and the Fugitive Mind Megadeth - Crush 'Em Megadeth - Use the Man Megadeth - Almost Honest Megadeth - Trust Megadeth - A Tout le Monde Megadeth - Train of Consequences Megadeth - Sweating Bullets Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction Megadeth - Hangar 18 Megadeth - Holy Wars The Punishment Due Megadeth - In My Darkest Hour Megadeth - Peace Sells Megadeth - Skin o' My Teeth Megadeth - Architecture of Aggression Megadeth - Foreclosure of a Dream Megadeth - This Was My Life Megadeth - Countdown to Extinction Megadeth - High Speed Dirt Megadeth - Psychotron Megadeth - Captive Honour Megadeth Oh!

My Soul - My Funk - Daskmathic - The Heap Is Small (File Ashes in Your Mouth Megadeth - Mastermind Megadeth - The Disintegrators Megadeth - I'll Get Even Megadeth - Sin Megadeth - A Secret Place Megadeth - Have Cool, Will Travel Megadeth - She-Wolf Megadeth - Vortex Megadeth - FFF Megadeth - Take No Prisoners Megadeth - Five Magics Megadeth - Poison Was the Cure Megadeth - Lucretia Megadeth - Tornado of Souls Megadeth - Dawn Patrol Megadeth - Rust in Peace Polaris Megadeth - Into the Lungs of Hell [Instrumental] Megadeth - Set the World Afire Megadeth - Anarchy in the U.

Megadeth - Mary Jane Megadeth - Megadeth - Liar Megadeth - Hook in Mouth Megadeth - Blackmail the Universe Megadeth - Die Dead Enough Megadeth - Kick the Chair Megadeth - The Scorpion Megadeth - Tears in a Vial Megadeth - I Know Jack Megadeth - Back in the Day Megadeth - Something That I'm Not Megadeth - Truth Be Told Megadeth - Of Mice and Men Megadeth - Shadow of Deth Megadeth - My Kingdom Megadeth - Disconnect Megadeth - The World Needs a Hero Megadeth - Moto Psycho Megadeth - Times Goodbye Megadeth - Burning Bridges Megadeth - Promises Megadeth - Recipe for Hate Warhorse Megadeth - Losing My Senses Megadeth - Silent Scorn Megadeth - Return to Hangar Megadeth - When Megadeth - Reckoning Day Megadeth - Addicted to Chaos Megadeth - Elysian Fields Megadeth - The Killing Road Megadeth - Blood of Heroes Megadeth - Family Tree Megadeth - Youthanasia Megadeth - Black Curtains Megadeth - Victory Memento - Nothing Sacred Memento - Saviour Memento - Beginnings Memento - Shell Memento - Abyss Memento - Below Memento - Reflections Memento - Blister

I Wanna Know! - Nevrotic Explosion - Smiles, Tears And Disillusions (CD, Album), Digital Tenderness - Adam And The Ants - Dirk Wears White Sox (Cassette, Album), 4 - Retarded Children - Natural Sounds of Nature (File, MP3), Baby - Lloyd Cole - The Collection (CD), Clinton Ford - Dandy (Vinyl), Jes Suis La Mort - Julie Doucet / Anne-Françoise Jacques - Je Suis Un K (CD), Rosana - Formula Diablos - Formula Diablos (Todos Los Éxitos Originales) (CD, Album), Victory Over Life - Human Dissention - Total War (Cassette), Ulterior Exterior - Napalm Death - MP3 Stereo (CD), Mötley Crüe - Kickstart My Heart (Cassette), The Home - Portugal. The Man - The Satanic Satanist (Vinyl, LP), Liberté, Thinkin Funny Blues - Barbecue Bob - The Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order: Volume 1 (2