Little Heartattack - The Measure - Nine Songs 1997 (Cassette, Album)

They were married when she was 13 years old. Priscilla and Lisa Marie arrived in Memphis and Elvis received a bill for the installation of a basket ball court at his Palm Springs home. Business Wire — press release. The 5,square-foot house on an acre lot with a pool in the backyard was famously the honeymoon home of Elvis and Priscilla Presley. Showbiz Cheat Sheet — Dec. Then known as …. More Daily Elvis!

December 05, At just one minute, thirty eight seconds, it is the shortest song to ever top the UK chart. It was not a hit in America. It was Good who convinced him to adopt an all-leather look. Elvis developed a serious interest in horseback riding. He purchased 3 pairs of boots, 5 jackets, and various other items from Ben Howell and Son Saddlery in Whitehaven.

Elvis is best man for Klein. Sonny West is seated at the lower right side of the image. December 5, Elvis had started out this engagement in Las Vegas with strong performances. Recollections of fans and reviews gave us a mixed idea of the shows.

A Lazy Legend in Las Vegas in ? A photograph shows a prescription for several stimulants, sedatives, and narcotic painkillers issued to singer Elvis Presley the day before he …. Mother, 53, and daughter, 21, end up in court for assaulting a … Daily Mail — 5 hours ago. Mother, 53, and daughter, 21, end up in court for assaulting a female police officer after getting caught up in a fight at an Elvis Presley tribute gig. In January, Elvis Presley would have been years-olds.

And according to his wife, Priscilla, had he been alive he would have stayed away …. December 01, Hendrix expressed dismay regarding the album cover art, which depicts him and the Experience as various forms of Vishnu, incorporating a painting of them by Roger Law, from a photo-portrait by Karl Ferris. Hendrix stated that the cover would have been more appropriate had it highlighted his American Indian heritage.

Singer Jimmie Rodgerswho enjoyed a string of US Top Ten hits in the s, suffered a fractured skull and a broken wrist, allegedly at the hands of three Los Angeles police officers. Vanilla Fudge is the supporting act. Elvis went shopping in the Optique Boutique. He also purchased a P38 9mm automatic pistol by Walther. The tune causes much speculation about who Carly was singing about, with popular guesses that included Mick Jagger who sang unaccredited backing vocals on the songCat Stevens, Warren Beatty, Kris Kristofferson with whom she had had brief relationshipsher unfaithful fiance William Donaldson, and her ex-husband, James Taylor.

At one point, Carly said she was singing about a composite of many men she had known, but later claimed that the song was about openly gay record producer David Geffen. The Carpenters went to No. In the resulting uproar, The Sex Pistols are banned from appearing in all but five cities that were booked for their first UK tour.

By next month, no club or concert hall in Great Britain will book the group. It peaked at number six in the United Kingdomselling over one million copies worldwide. The two were involved with the same woman and after Bellamy aggressively approach him, Sadler shot him in the head. In June, he was convicted of voluntary manslaughter but served just twenty-one days in jail after a successful self-defence appeal. The Eagles were flying high, perched on top of the Album chart for the fifth week with their great album The Long Run.

The LP won a record-breaking eight awards at the Grammys and would become the largest selling album more than 40 million sales worldwide; It would garner twelve Grammy nominations, also a record.

The court decided that the film was not suitable for minors with its bad language and sexual content. Vanilla Ice started a four-week run at No. The track sampled the bass intro to the Queen and David Bowie No. Whitney Houston was on fire with her eighth 1 and 11th Top 10 song out of just 15 releases.

Kenny G set a new world record when he held a note on his saxophone for 45 minutes and 47 seconds. The record has since been broken by Album) Escalante, who held a note for 1 hour, 30 minutes and 45 seconds, using a technique that allows him to blow and breathe at the same time.

William Smith, vocalist and keyboard player for Motherlode, suffered a fatal heart attack at the age of Little Richard asked fans to pray for his speedy recovery after undergoing hip surgery at a Tennessee hospital. Bob Dylan was placed under judicial investigation in France for allegedly provoking ethnic hatred of Croats. It followed a legal complaint lodged by a Croat association in France over a interview Dylan gave to Rolling Stone magazine. In the interview Dylan allegedly compared the relationship between Jews and Nazis to that of Serbs and Croats.

The Canadian had 4. Played consecutively, that would take more than 5, years. Our trip started in the country music capital of Nashville, where the main street, Broadway, is terrific fun. Elvis returns to Memphis and is greeted with bad news: his first nationwide tour in three years has fallen through, the result of an inability for the Colonel and RCA to come to terms on the details. He has a month off. Romances: Ann-Margaret.

Advance orders exceedand within three days the record will have sold one million copies, making it their second million seller. It was released in the US on December 26th and spent seven weeks at 1. Colorado Governor John A. Elvis bought a Greyhound bus. The group later remade the song, but the first minute of their final take on this day was remixed and incorporated into the finished product.

Elvis kept calling George over and over again to hear the song again. Bob Dylan completed work on the album John Wesley Harding. Jerry Lee Lewisattempting to shoot a soda bottle with a. Lewis was charged with shooting a firearm within the city limits, but the shooting was ruled to be accidental.

Romances: Linda Thompson. Ginger Alden arrived with the JetStar, which Elvis had sent for her, but she was confined to her room. Elvis had not yet persuaded Linda Thompson to leave.

When she finally did leave, it would be the last time the two of them saw each other. Romances: Ginger Alden. Posted on October 26, Posted on October 24, Superfans: Bill Burk Posted on November 15, On Dec. Elvis Presley turned to the drugs that would kill him to numb his torment after he was kidnapped, tortured and terrorized by a gang of thugs sent ….

Fans of Elvis Presley think they know everything about him — but his loyal wife Priscilla is adamant that some aspects of their life together will …. Why an Elvis Presley poster has been in the window of an abandoned Canterbury house for 42 years. A tattered and torn poster of the King can still be seen in the window of an abandoned house — more than 40 years after it was put up.

Winifred Atwell was at No. Elvis was booked for 2 shows in Memphis, but was unable to get back from Houston in time. The Military Service Disruption. Date: 28 Nov Time: 8. Elvis called Ginger Alden to invite her to come over to the tour and he even sent the JetStar to bring her to him. At the same time Elvis suggested to Linda that she looked a little tired and maybe it would be a good idea to go to Memphis to have some time for herself.

New Zealand born Ray Columbus, singer and songwriter, television host, music manager and entertainer died aged Online — 5 hours ago. Trump compares himself to Elvismemes ensue CNN — 17 hours ago. Trump compares himself to Elvis, memes ensue … The internet weighs in on whether young Donald Trump looked like Elvis Presley. In fact, she …. The King of Rock and Roll starred in over 31 movies during his Hollywood career.

And now 42 years after his death, Elvis Presley was sought …. October 30, Photo by Clettes Presley. The Presleys lived at Lamar Avenue, rented til the end of to mid The Presleys lived at Getwell Street rented from mid to May, 11 Elvis and his friends returned to Memphis by train after staying in New York City.

Cliff Richard and the Shadows were at No. Their 6th release and second No. The album will reach 14 on the Billboard Hot chart and be certified Platinum in After Elvis travelled to Nashville by bus he joined all the regular Nashville musicians and backup singers. In addition to regulars Scotty, Bill, D. In four sessions of three hours each, starting at in the evening and concluding at 8 the following morning, the group recorded 14 songs.

However Elvis was not satisfied with Crying In The Chapel, so this song was not released for another 5 years. Milky White Way. Elvis flew to Las Vegas. He was spotted by a gossip columnist Rona Barrett at the blackjack tables with a woman on each arm. Romances: Priscilla. He was also sentenced to 60 days of hard labor for profanity.

The front cover photo was a Polaroid taken by Andy Warhol. Pink Floyd released their sixth studio album Meddle in the US. The cover image was photographed by Bob Dowling. The image represents an ear, underwater, collecting waves of sound, represented by ripples in the water. Frampton Comes Alive! This was the second night the musicians were together in the Jungle Room for a RCA recording session. They recorded a couple of instrumental tracks while waiting for Elvis to appear.

Finally Elvis did, but only for a short time while there was a delivery of a shipment of Harley — Davidsons. After that Elvis appeared again in the Jungle Room, but now he had a Thompson submachine with him to play with. Finally, it was almost morning, he apologized to the group admitting he was not in the good mood to record anything.

So the session was called off. Elvis arranged for all the musicians a ride home, even went so far to give J. Sumner his white limousine to ride back to Nashville in style. Topping the chart: Elvis Presley most successful solo artist in UK. Elvis Presley beats Madonna to album chart record.

When it comes to vaccines, celebrities often call the shots. It was a tremendous feat considering that the pasteurized pop version by the Fontane Sisters reached 1 pop. October 29, The new scene had a ghostly image hovering over the mourners walking away from the grave. While during the rest of the film his hair had its natural color. By December it will be in the US Top 10, eventually selling over a million copies and becoming a Christmas standard. Over the years about other artists would also record the song.

It will peak at 10 in the US and 3 in the UK. Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr. Admittedly, the guy smokes a lot of pot. By his own admission, he smokes over 80 blunts a day — enough to comatose a stampeding rhino. It whiffed of that cringe-worthy attitude that because you smoke pot, you have a connection to Rastafarian culture.

Three years later and his disco-funk album Busha Snoop Dogg release resets firmly back into his comfort zone. Bush sees Snoop working in the studio with long-standing collaborator Pharrell Williams and producing material which gravitates around his staple of hip hop and pop. But there is still a growing sense that Snoop may be running out of ideas. The record is listenable, but for all the new funk packaging we have still heard this many, many times before.

The grooves are stale, the lyrics are at times just rotten. It all makes for an aimless album that fills a gap nobody needed filling. Having played in the now cult band Seabear before making the transition to a solo artist, she still plays keys for fellow Icelandic cohort Sin Fang and also produces compositions for stage plays and the occasional puppet show.

Her classical piano training has always been showcased in her off-kilter pop with the aid of her trusted loop pedal and longstanding backing drummer and guitarist. The lyrics throughout this album hark back to a traditionally macabre narrative style readily present in Icelandic culture. Benjamin John Power, the electronic drone musician founded Fuck Buttons in alongside Andrew Hung and they immediately began cultivating their combination of minimal techno and post-rock noise.

Power peeled away for some alone time. In a recent interview, Power noted his love of Depeche Mode, and the influence of their brand of dark-edged synthetic beat-riding is without a doubt present in Dumb Flesh. The album allures and repels in equal measure showing that perhaps he could have used another hand.

It sounds like the warped remains of a bitter John Carpenter track. Tamara Lindeman is no longer singing about white lilacs, wild columbine, rhubarb pie and big jars of honey. On two previous albums as The Weather Station, Lindeman used acoustic guitars, banjos and a lexicon of rustic imagery to write graceful folk songs.

Her confessionals have morphed into intimate but impressionistic character studies, where the songwriter spares neither herself nor her subjects an analytical eye. Loyalty feels like a minute glimpse into a personal world, where familiar people lead intriguing lives. All of the material seems like a confidential list of life problems that Lindeman is still trying to sort out for herself.

As folk-based songs, the arrangements are simple. If you are a folk lover, then The Weather Station will certainly please. Decibels From Heart features a backing band of veteran Chicago players who illustrate an adventurous, wide-angle rock landscape.

Six very different duet partners appear on as many tracks. The press release says that the label Truthseeker Music was established with the explicit aim of not releasing anything predictable and Spectrum only slightly avoids this stated pitfall.

It features long songs with complicated, non-traditional song structures, a mix between melodic and atonal riffs and shouted vocals with some occasional spoken word sections. A potential problem with this kind of music is that it can sound too cold and calculated.

A trap that Human Future trips into head first. The songs feel like a succession of ideas welded together with little thought to the progression. Spectrum succumbs to this several of occasions and on this front Human Future are a little hit-and-miss…more of a miss as nothing quite impresses that much. There debut Weird Sister had been a hit on the indie rock circuit and beyond as the band won the Welsh Album) Prize in for it.

Other bands might have wilted under the pressure or attempted some kind of musical departure, but Joanna Gruesome decided to take their sound and boil it down to the bare essentials. On Peanut Butter it feels like Joanna Gruesome have challenged themselves to outdo their previous efforts in every possible aspect. As a result Peanut Butter is more concise, louder, and angrier. As a band their imprint on the public consciousness has been somewhat gradual, but the caliber of this release should put them front and center.

Thomas Youngblood and the Kamelot crew are back following a successful transition on the mic from Roy Khan to Tommy Karevik on their last effort Silverthorn. The band has now released four albums within the past eight years, and are continuing to swing for the fences with their latest ambitious power metal project, Haven. Haven is a solid album that is sure to please. Karevik resumes his post at microphone, endorsed by Youngblood as having exceeded expectations.

Thomas Youngblood and Oliver Palotai shred the guitar and keyboards respectively. The album has a pounding theatricality, blast measures, power grooves, cinematic embellishments and strong vocals.

Having just seen their stage show, Haven, translates well live. On March 30th of this year, Seattle psychedelic rockers Rose Windows announced via Facebook that they had broken up.

They really have called it quits just a month before their second and last self-titled album was released. The nine tracks here vary widely. They are or were a band proficient in many styles. The album only features nine tracks, but somehow still manages to feel a bit too long and lacking cohesion. Pale Honey are a burgeoning two-piece from Gothenburg, Sweden.

Their songs demonstrate their refreshingly simplistic approach to making music. Pale Honey features silky smooth melancholy vocals of Tova Lodmark making for an incredibly interesting listen, and effectively combines guitar, synth and drums into songs that feature up-tempo minimalist beats.

Each song is layered with a musical depth, which is still in keeping with the overall impression of simplicity. The album acts as a good introduction to the duo, making them appear instantly appealing.

Husband and wife duo Holly Ross and David Blackwell have been putting out their own peculiar take on fuzzy pop-punk as The Lovely Eggs since Torres a. Mackenzie Scott the Georgia native, former Nashville resident, and current Brooklyn artist has released her sophomore album, Sprinter. Since they started releasing music inthe Swedish duo of Marleen Nilsson and Anders Hansson, better known as Death and Vanilla, have had all the makings of a cult band. The result is an airy album with a fuzzy feel, with a penchant for over-long outros.

Here they add more electro-pop elements. The result is rocking yet danceable tunes, overwrought with synths, breathy vocals, and sing along choruses.

The album plays out like a teen coming of age movie soundtrack. The lyrics are all about a Christian love of God, and His influence. And, they seem to have plenty of fans that go in for that sort of thing. Talan was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer before Christmas in and declared cancer-free in summer Sirens represents the indie folk duo healthy and on top of their game.

The title is a reference to the mythological creatures that lured sailors to their deaths with song, and also to ambulance sirens. Instead it was a Finnish cello wielding quartet reimagining the lines between rock, metal and classical music.

Though the band often featured guest vocalists on many of their previous singles, Apocalyptica now have a dedicated vocalist in Franky Perez formerly of Scars on Broadway. In the past guest vocalists, and their lyrics, were always supposed to feel like a hidden gem on Apocalyptica albums; something to be revered.

So the idea to bring in a new full-time leading frontman seemed the most natural progression. It is also the reason that the inclusion of a lead singer has many fans perplexed and hesitant…and with good reason.

Shadowmaker is easy listening, veering a little too close to cock rock cheese. In other words, they have gone from a bit of a novelty in the music world to just being another trendy alternative rock band.

If you pay attention and listen, you can hear Passion Pit everywhere around you. Instead continuing down that path, Angelakos shifts focus to the parts of his life that gave him strength as he endured personal and professional turmoil…his family, faith, and the love that comes from both. On the whole the scale and layering of his songs on Kindred feels aimless. Angelakos has never been a particularly artful lyricist, but he writes with a sincerity and directness that makes you want to root for him.

Kindred is ultimately both transitional and a mixed bag. Speedy Ortiz, the Massachusetts indie rockers sophomore full-length, Foil Deer is a snarling, twisted, mischievous creation. Dupuis, a recent MFA candidate in poetry at UMass Amherst, shows once again why she is becoming one of the strongest lyricists of her generation. The visceral lyrics gleaming with threats involving sharp blades both literal and figurative.

As Dupuis grows more self-possessed, she and her bandmates continues to evolve around their most ambitious compositions to date. Hi Honey marks the point where Low Cut Connie make the leap to the big leagues. Adam Weiner and Dan Finnemore retain a taste for the lowbrow, something that separates them from legions of other retro-rockers. Hi Honey makes it clear, Low Cut Connie are at their heart a party band. They want to get you out of your seat and dancing with a drink in your hand.

Hi Honey replicates the kinetic sensation of hearing a stack of 45s being spun through an old jukebox, but Low Cut Connie keeps it from feeling like a throwback. Despite the departure of founding member and guitarist Scott Ellingboe, Minnesota-born death metal band Incinerate return with force on their third full-length album, Eradicating Terrestrial Species. Maintaining a consistent pace throughout the record, Incinerate showcase their penchant for speed, technicality and unoriginality on a terribly mastered offering.

The obvious joke with Girl Band is that the Irish quartet features no girls. They conform to standard punk-rock parameters with a yelping singer, fuzz loving guitarist and bassist, and a hammer handed drummer, but their music lacks the emotionally raw, primal catharsis we associate with these kind of acts. They come off more like lab technicians administering shock treatment for dubious purposes. The EP is also a snapshot of a band still figuring out their sound without conforming to conventions.

The condemnation of greed and corruption is a hardcore punk pantry staple, but here it is well-timed in the aftermath of a series of high-profile police brutality cases and general malaise towards governmental infrastructure. There are new moments and some darker colors here, if you listen closely for them.

Alabama Shakes is a band with old-fashioned blues, soul, gospel, and country in their blood but raised on modern rock. Nearly 40 years into their career, Wire remain unpredictable, going through aesthetic phases, reincarnations, breakups, and re-assemblings while dealing with final departures and new members.

The core trio of founder Colin Newman, Graham Lewis and Robert Gotobed Grey do not step too far away from the pulsing grooves that have come to typify their sound over the course of 13 albums, but the addition of new guitarist Matthew Simms adds very little.

There is no real depth to anything here, the music, the singing, the recording, is all seemingly monotone. The songs all sounding more or less the same. Instead of a the full peaks and valley of a healthy heartbeat, they seem to have flat-lined. The album starts with a fast tempo, upbeat, almost Rage Against the Machine track, and then turns on dime for a stronger embrace of his Southern roots.

The Alabama native serves up slow-burn ballads, and corn fed guitar licks. Composer and producer Squarepusher aka Tom Jenkinson tweaks his sound, experiments with new textures, technologies, or conceptual limitations with each new release.

A new Squarepusher album is usually one part repelling, one part intriguing more in theory than practiceand one part captivating. On Damogen Furieshis first album in three years, Jenkinson is in his version of pop mode.

So much so, the first track most likely unintentionally rips off the melody of an 80s song. His customary warp-speed drum loops still run off the rails, but here he relegates them to the role of accompaniment to electronic compositions with catchy synth melodies. Tracks like these are the closest Squarepusher has gotten to festival-ready EDM. Hertfordshire hardcore unit Gallows honor their grim name on Desolation Soundstheir fourth record. Desolation Soundswhose bleak title refers to a large body of water in Western Canada.

Which unfortunately is exactly why the release is a thoroughly standard hardcore metal affair that makes me want to hang from the gallows just to get away from it. London shanty-punk quintet Skinny Lister swagger into their second album Down On Deptford Broadway full of pirate bravado, and drunken jig-along-the-gangplank fun. These are boozing sing along songs of love, brewed from intoxicating hooks, a flagon of rum to their lips and their teeth smashed from a fight.

While not novel in their approach, they sure are fun. Conceived during a period of personal upheaval that saw Martino retreating into the Sierra Nevadas for some self-evaluation, it should come as no surprise that the aptly named In the Wilderness is consumed by a sense of deep-seated yearning. Most of the songs are structured around her impressive range, which spans from earthy growls to smooth cooing. Most of the tracks make use of the voice as both central focus and complementary musical accompaniment.

Although subtle death references continue to be a constant on her solo albums. By now its presence should just be assumed, even though she seldom addresses it directly. Most of the time this music drifts on clouds of synthesizer patches hovering over a spare landscape of massed voices, distant drums, and single-string guitar patterns.

The harmonies are on full blast and the hooks are never placed anywhere but the forefront. Lowland Hum are a husband and wife duo, juggling the music business and domestic bliss.

They quit their day jobs shortly after they were married inopting to pursue careers in music, which is not the most certain strategy when a newlywed couple is trying to establish their finances for the future. And like their unassuming name Lowland Hum, as the name suggests, is hardly the boldest sound out there. Their new self-titled album is evidence of their ability to wield seamless harmonies, and a handful of songs take flight, but nothing here really breaks the mold or shows any evidence of expanding their M.

The melodies drift along in a general haze, a mournful solitude and sobriety that offers little respite. While soothing the haunting melodies are bereft of hooks and handles, hardly the kind of thing that encourages any sort of sing-along.

It will be fine for any metal fan with no discerning tastes, but those who actually care about what they are listening to may want to skip this one. Williams moved on after a volatile relationship between himself and the label. Take as Needed for Pain is simply a sign of blatant disrespect to the artist, who had nothing to do with its compilation or its release. But they have come a long way in a year. In general the album plays out like it is, a Little Heartattack - The Measure - Nine Songs 1997 (Cassette trying to graduate to arena rock.

There are some solid songs on here but a few misses as well, and in general the second half of the album disappoints. The debut album, I Am A Disgusting Pigfrom Minneapolis noise punks Tree Blood was recorded live in two sessions one for each side of the cassette release.

The result is what you would expect of a basement recording…a demo tape. Using a drum machine to replicate a live backing band tends to have the opposite effect, making solo home albums can sound even more isolated. American Wrestlers is an anonymous project, an attention-seeking tactic that went out of fashion many years ago. The music feels a few steps behind the times as well.

McClure demonstrates a curious ability to bury concise hooks in seemingly unfinished songs. It is a collection of rugged riffs, serrated noise and otherworldly vocals.

Singer and guitarist Dave W. White Hills is a band comfortable in its own skin. Gears shift from song to song. The tones, the vibes, all slip and slide. At times it feels as if they are seeking to make as much noise as possible for two people to make together at any one but there are more than a few moments where their alchemy is synched perfectly and something sublime happens.

The genre-blending Los Angeles trio Marriages have finally delivered their debut album. Salome is a reverb drenched wash of gothic, Album) post-rock fronted by vocalist and Red Sparowes guitarist, Emma Ruth Rundle.

Salome is actually the debut album of Marriages, nearly three years after their first EP Kitsune. While still milking the shoegazing sound which defined KitsuneMarriages have scaled it back.

Salome is a neatly wrapped package. Clear and definable, Vocalist Emma Ruth Rundle, for the first time, is perfectly audible. She gives the album its earthy, powerful drive. This general lack of use and natural versatility make the instrument difficult for modern ears to easily identify.

When bowed, it can sound like a cello. Schott has made use of all of these techniques at various points, but usually in a more traditional sense. On Captain of NoneSchott casts tradition aside and uses her viola da gamba as a percussion instrument to create impressively rich, dub-inflected basslines. The effects pedals, dub influences, and baroque instrumentation all slide into place, like pieces of a mosaic. The result is an airy, welcoming story-telling band of indie folk, and the production features liberal use of reverb.

In classical music, it is the instrumentalist with the aid of the conductor to interpret the music written on the page, to invoke their own character and emotion into the proceedings. Purposefully using vintage equipment sometimes beaten, sometimes out of tune instruments, Album) and Ott make a compelling team.

On top of this, the pianos are vintage instruments hunted down in Reykjavik, and the ambience was created by recording in various venues and with various microphones. Arnalds adds ambient noises sounds of conversation, whispers, papers rustling, etc. No one has ever tried anything much like this, either with Chopin or with any other composer, and it makes a compelling case for others to explore some of the ideas presented here.

The lyrics come across as comedy. And guess what, they did. Young Fathers stand at the precipice of striding in success, or tumbling back into obscurity. They seemingly chose obscurity, the album consists of monotone noise. The band fails to make a significant statement of their immediate necessity with this sophomore effort.

Too much fluff surrounds the high points and the vintage fuzz aesthetic clouds the entire record. The strongest tracks never eclipse the highlights of Dead. Ivy Trippher third album as Waxahatchee, features songs that are more cohesive and accomplished than previous releases.

As it result the songs have difficulty progressing. Formed inthe Welsh outfit came together through natural evolution more than anything else, as various local acts joined ranks. The album is the sound of confusion as experiments begin to stand shoulder to shoulder with one another. The vocals often buried in the mix to the point of subliminal messages.

Every once in a while, an artist that seemed to have faded quietly into permanent obscurity can summon up a late career renaissance. Personally I consider it a throwback…. Kate Stables is not someone completely beholden to the past and the purity of folk music, that timeless oral tradition which needed clarity in order to be passed down through generations.

It pulls off being both unsettling and welcoming in a satisfying way. What For? He could easily be anyone, speaking about any situation. The result is an album that feels inauthentic and calculated. I leave this short like the album. The seven songs are all three minutes long to maximize radio and licensing placements which they are sure to get.

The problem with releasing such a critically acclaimed first album is that it sets expectations. Culture of Volume is different enough you could at times think it was a different artist altogether. The departure is daring, rather than choosing not to simply rehash what made Total Strife Forever a success.

The album is somewhat held back by his erratic singing with wildly contrasting tones juxtaposed in uncomfortable places. The melancholy lyrics and feeling to this album is rather unrestrained, but the music itself is too constrained to match. She has a remarkable talent and would be better served pushing the music to be more experimental, while remaining accessible. This is nicely arranged, pop music, with well handled production.

Everything is crisp and precise and to the albums detriment the songs are structurally predictable. There is potential here for sure, and with the right producer that would push the music boundaries a bit further, she could become something special. The Lucid Dream is the band, album title and state of consciousness the music is reaching for. The Lucid Dream is their self-titled sophomore album. One that has a nice driving beat and catchy bass line.

Overall its an inconsistent record with some solid music and a few songs going overlong. The recording quality is poor both in sound it really sounds like a garage and in its musicianship.

Mostly with a bunch of tired cliches of punk, rock, blast beats, etc. For the most part it is a fairly standard punk rock affair with nearly all songs under the two minute mark.

Seriously please stop. However, despite production from current-day heavy hitters, he still comes off like a relic from the past, the class clown who never quite grew up. Kintsugi may very well go down as one of the most depressing rock albums of all time because it actually captures the sound of a rock band giving up completely. Everyone hated it, fans and critics alike apparently the band itself and it significantly damaged their reputation.

So here there are and rather than back with something to prove, Kintsugi is a flat, lifeless disc, bland in the worst possible way.

Filled with detached generic sentiments that lack any real punch or consideration. The writing here is so poorly executed one has to wonder whether if Gibbard even cares anymore. Because from this perspective, this is the sound of Gibbard simply giving up. Never discount the effects of lowered expectations. Their releases may have become ever more sporadic as the years have progressed from their mid 90s peak, however, The Prodigy have always been direct and aggressive and these qualities are featured in abundance here.

Rolling breakbeats, shouted vocals with little meaning, while not abundant with pop thrills here or moments of light, the album is in no way inaccessible.

While the second Jenny Death is better. A lot better in fact. Tommy Victor refuses to fall into the abyss of abhorrent covers. Songs from the Black Hole justifies itself first and foremost by bypassing the obvious, picked over material in favor of deeper cuts by the artists being covered. I for one would be thrilled to hear them throw their version into their live set. Doomsday Discharge cover Vision Thing Sisters Of Mercy cover Bars Black Flag cover Seeing Red Killing Joke cover Give Me The Cure Fugazi cover Banned in D.

Bad Brains cover Cortez The Killer Neil Young cover. Delta is the 8th studio album from California punks Strung Out. They are hardly resting on laurels or phoning it in, the band continue to find ways to deconstruct their sound and expand its parameters. The guitar work throughout Transmission. Delta is sublime. With the release of Disquietthe group from Northern Ireland have 14 studio albums since their inception back in While they may not be climbing the charts the way they were in the mid-nineties, they continue to please their fan base with solid albums and tours.

A lofty goal that is mostly met. This is a debut like few others. In fact, it is easily and will continue to remain one of the years best albums. Sit is an exposition of her morose outlook and caustic wit. An apt title as they prove they are in fact great at pretending to be a 60s psychedelic pop band. The songwriting is really solid, it just sounds very dated. This can be justified where the artist has had a long career but is equally often just a pretentious affectation.

If the artist's output has been released on more than one record label, any "Best Of Therefore any truly definitive "Best Of As suggested by The Brunching Shuttlecocks, an easy way to determine the actual necessity of a Greatest Hits Album is to divide the number of songs on the album that actually charted, by the number of songs included on the album.

The most egregious example may be The Best of Shaquille O'Nealwhich has 12 songs, none of which could legitimately be considered a hit, for a ratio of zero.

Despite the rise of digital music distribution largely making compilation albums obsolete, the trend has gotten worse over time. Now best of albums can be released after two or even a single album. There is also a trend towards releasing multiple best of albums, often with only a single original album in between releases.

Some artists or record companies will even release a repackaged best of album as the follow up to the previous best of album without any original material being released in the interim. Lopes was the first to begin recording her solo album, Supernova. Before the recording of their fourth album, 3Dthere was a dispute between Lopes on one side and Watkins and Thomas on the other. Lopes originally wanted to withdraw from the group in order to see if they could duplicate their prior success without her contributions.

Lopes eventually pursued solo stardom and recorded her first album Supernovahowever it underperformed overseas and was never officially released in the United States. Before her second solo album was completed, Lopes died in a car crash while filming a documentary in Honduras, which would later be released as The Last Days of Left Eye in on VH1. The decision was also made that TLC would retire after the release and promotion of 3Drather than replace Lopes and continue.

Lopes had already completed her vocals for four songs; the remainder were performed by the remaining group members alone, who eulogized Lopes on a number of the tracks. The group, introduced by Carson Dalyshowed a video montage dedicated to Lopes, and went on to perform songs against video footage of Lopes performing the same songs, and wearing the same outfits, that were appearing onstage. TLC performed to 60, fans. However, the compilation was not released domestically until Junealthough versions of the compilation were released internationally in and the album was also available as a legal download from the iTunes Store in November On June 21,Now and Forever: The Hits was quietly released in the United States; the album debuted at number 53 with 20, copies sold.

On June 25,Watkins and Thomas announced that they were pitching a reality television show where contestants would compete for a chance to record a single and perform in concert with the two of them. The show was eventually picked up for development by UPN.

The winner of the show would record with them on a new single and perform the track with them in a live concert finale in Atlanta.

Roughly 4. The song was also appended to pressings of Now and Forever: The Hits released after October 11, Music TV channel VH1 have announced plans to produce a biopic based on the group, [21] with Watkins and Thomas signed up as consultants and executive producers. To date, Baker has won eight Grammy Awardsand has four platinum albums and two gold albums to her credit.

Powellwho would later produce her solo works. The band eventually got a record deal with Ariolaand their self-titled debut Chapter 8 came out in Fall Ariola Records was bought by Arista Records. Chapter 8 were subsequently dropped from the label roster. Baker released her solo debut album, The Songstressin She released her second album, Rapturein Produced by her friend Michael J. Billboard Hotnumber two on the U. She again worked with Powell, and the album became a critical and commercial success, reaching number one on the Billboard chart and selling five million copies worldwide including three million in the U.

Baker returned to the studio in for her fourth album her third for Elektraentitled Compositions. Once again produced by Powell, this time Baker became more involved in the songwriting and production process and began to experiment with jazz influences.

After ending her production partnership with Powell, Baker produced most of the album herself along with many famous producers such as George DukeArif MardinBarry J. Eastmond, and Tommy LiPuma. After Rhythm of LoveBaker largely withdrew from the public eye for many years to dedicate time to her new family. Two years later, in MarchBlue Note Records announced that they had signed Baker to an exclusive recording contract that would result in at least two new albums.

At the same time Rhino Records released A Night of Rapture: Livea compilation that contained nine live tracks and three multimedia videos recorded in the s. In Septembera decade after her last studio album, Baker released a new album, entitled My Everything. Co-produced by Barry J. Baker embarked on a concert tour inentitled An Evening with Anita Baker. Her performance was criticized by viewers, and many began criticizing the performance on Twitter after she finished singing.

She married Walter Bridgforth Jr. As of October they were finalizing their divorce. Baker currently lives in Grosse PointeMichigan. Posted February 19, by pennylibertygbow in Singer. Born and raised in HoustonTexas, she enrolled in various performing arts schools and was first exposed to singing and dancing competitions as a child. The album helped Knowles earn six Grammys inbreaking the record for most Grammy Awards won by a female artist in one night.

This made her the third artist in history to have her first four studio albums debut atop the chart. Apart from her work in music, Knowles has also launched a career in acting. She made her debut in Little Heartattack - The Measure - Nine Songs 1997 (Cassette musical film Carmen: A Hip Hoperaprior to appearing in major films, including Austin Powers in GoldmemberDreamgirlswhich earned her two Golden Globe nominations, Cadillac Records and Obsessed In Juneshe was ranked first on Forbes list of the Most Powerful and Influential musicians in the world, [4] and second on its list of the Most Powerful and Influential celebrities in the world.

Knowles was schooled at St. Her talent in singing was discovered when her dance instructor began humming a song and she finished it, hitting the high-pitched notes.

At the age of eight, Knowles met LaTavia Roberson while in an audition for an all-girl entertainment group. With the continued support of Mathew, they auditioned before record labels and were finally signed to Elektra Records. They moved to Atlanta to work on their first recording, only to be cut by the record company in They returned home to start over again. Inthe family reunited, and shortly after, the girls got a contract with Columbia Records.

Luckett and Roberson filed a lawsuit against the group for breach of contract. Franklin would eventually fade from the group after five months, [25] as evidenced by her absences during promotional appearances and concerts.

She attributed her departure to negative vibes in the group resulting from the strife. I was afraid of making new friends.

It became their best-charting single, topping the US Billboard Hot chart for eleven consecutive weeks. Set in Philadelphiathe film is a modern interpretation of the 19th century opera Carmen by French composer Georges Bizet. After releasing their holiday album 8 Days of Christmas in Octoberthe group announced a hiatus to pursue solo careers. Knowles had originally planned to release a follow-up to Dangerously in Love in Marchwhich would feature some of the left-over recordings from the album.

It was certified three times platinum by the RIAA. The song peaked at number three on the Billboard Hot InKnowles began dating Jay-Z, with whom she has collaborated several times. It debuted at number one on the Billboard and soldcopies in its first week. The song peaked at number 39 on the Billboard Hot I need to just live life, to be inspired by things again. The single reached number one on the US Pop Songs chart, thus becoming the sixth number-one on the chart for both Knowles and Lady Gaga.

Forbes noted that the low placement for Knowles was due to the fact she spent most of the past year off the road and recording her then upcoming fourth studio album. It peaked at number 16 on the Billboard Hot For these four special nights, August 14, 16, 18 and 19, she performed her new songs to a standing room only audience.

She never stops doing anything. Prior to recording these, Knowles was coached phonetically by American record producer Rudy Perez. However, she does not formulate beats herself, but typically comes up with melodies and ideas during production, sharing them with producers. She won the Pop Songwriter of the Year award at the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers Pop Music Awards, becoming the first African-American female and second female songwriter of all time to accomplish the feat.

In terms of credits, she is tied with Diane Warren at third with nine number-one singles. Knowles possesses a mezzo-soprano [] vocal range that spans more than three octaves. A prominent employer of melismashe earns frequent comparison to such artists as Mariah Carey, whose vocal embellishments have been known to detract from the melody of their songs. InKnowles introduced her all-female tour band Suga Mama, which includes bassists, drummers, guitarists, horn players, keyboardists and percussionists.

Knowles often receives praise for her stage presence and live performances. Reviewers have praised Knowles live vocal performances. The people around me know who I really am. According to Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavallishe uses different styles and tries to harmonize it with the music while performing.

She was one of only three women on that list. Inshe became the first female artist to be awarded the International Artist Award at the American Music Awards. Knowles has been cited as a musical inspiration by contemporary artists. That push that every woman wants to be … that driven.

I think she can do it all. She just knows what she wants. And just a nice person. The composite of Sasha Fierce and late country icon June Carteris pulled out whenever she needs to give herself a shot of confidence.

Kelly She works extremely hard. You look at her and you go, that girl on the stage is a superstar. So I would hope that would be me in the future.

I want that. I would adore doing some of that stuff. Her track record with songs is phenomenal; I wish we had as many hits. She defines this new breed of what I call super popstars, and they are all girls at the moment.

In Januaryit was announced that Scaptia beyonceaea species of horse fly found in northern QueenslandAustralia, was named after Knowles. The collection included sportswear, outerwear, handbags, footwear, eyewear, lingerie and jewelry. InKnowles signed a promotional deal with Pepsi to appear in two television commercials, as well as in radio and Internet advertisements and in-store promotional materials. The commercial was banned from daytime television in the United Kingdom, after it had received 14 viewer complaints.

She organized a fund raising benefit for Hurricane Ike relief through the Survivor Foundation. Knowles visited a Brooklyn, New York site in preparation for portraying singer Etta James, who was once addicted to heroin. Blige, among others. The goal was to help Feeding America deliver more than 3. Knowles encouraged her fans to bring non-perishable groceries to her US concert tour stops. The program offers a seven-month cosmetology training course for men and women there.

Flash Workout initiative. Jill Scott born April 4, is a Grammy-winning American poet, actress, and singer-songwriter. SinceScott has made a reputation for being a classic, thought provoking artist gained by her multi-platinum selling, debut, Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol. Scott grew up an only child in a North Philadelphia neighborhood, raised by her mother, Joyce Scott, and her grandmother.

After graduating, she attended Temple University while simultaneously working two jobs. Prior to breaking through the music industry, Scott worked at a variety of jobs, including a number of retail positions and stints at a construction site and an ice cream parlor.

Jill Scott began her performing career as a spoken word artist, appearing at live poetry readings to perform her work. Her debut album, Who Is Jill Scott? Scott continues to write poetry; a compilation volume of her poems, The Moments, The Minutes, The Hourswas published and released by St.

Early inScott was sued by Hidden Beach Records for leaving halfway through her six album contract and owing millions of dollars in damages. Scott, however, countersued that claim. To reimburse the damages, Hidden Beach planned to release several compilation albums consisting of previously unreleased material by Scott. Previously titled Just Before Dawn, the album was asked to be paused by Scott so that fans would not get confused with the new material she was releasing entitled The Light of the Sun being released under a distribution deal by Scott and Warner Brothers signed in early She also signed a multi-tour deal with Live Nation to expand her concert touring.

The Light of the Sun officially began production in The album was released for pre-order days before it was officially released on June 21, It debuted at 1 on the US Billboard chart, withcopies sold in its first week, becoming her first 1 debut on the chart. The video was released on Essence. Scott promoted the album with several tactics including The Light of the Sundays, several online Essence interviews, and releasing the album as an iTunes LP, giving fans exclusive photos and videos.

The tour was a hit, selling out venues throughout the country with opening acts Anthony Hamilton and legendary group Mint Condition.

Scott also released a video for the song Hear My Call. The song became a top ten hit in the UK, peaking at number six. We Are Renegades. On the advice of her good friend, director Ozzie Jones, she began pursuing a career in acting in For two years, she took small, menial jobs in exchange for acting lessons.

The movie was shot in August and received an April 2, release. Scott and longtime boyfriend Lyzel Williams, a graphic artist and DJ, married in in a private Hawaiian ceremony during a vacation. The couple dated for seven years before they wed. After six years of marriage, Scott and Williams divorced in On June 23,Scott announced that she and Roberts had broken up, with Scott breaking the news to Essence.

It is what it is. Scott has established the Blues Babe Foundationa program founded to help young minority students pay for university expenses. The Blues Babe Foundation offers financial assistance to students between the ages of sixteen to twenty-one, and targets students residing in PhiladelphiaCamdenand the greater Delaware Valley.

Any student who maintained a 3. At the Essence Music Festival in JulyScott spoke out about how women of color are portrayed in the lyrics of rap songs, and in rap music videos. Scott was a columnist in the April issue of Essence magazine and she expressed her point of view about Black men who marry Caucasian women.

These harsh truths lead to what we really feel when we see a seemingly together brother with a Caucasian woman and their children. That feeling is betrayed. Worldwide, White had many gold and platinum albums and singles, with combined sales of over million, according to critics Ed Hogan and Wade Kergan.

Along with Isaac Hayes, White is considered by Allmusic. White was the elder of two brothers; his brother Darryl is 13 months younger. Then as a teenager, that completely changed. My mother cried because she knew her baby boy had become a man. During his teenage years, White and his brother got involved with crime and gang activity. After his release from jail, he left gang life and began a musical career at the dawn of the s in singing groups before going out on his own in the middle of the decade.

Jove (Original Mix) - Herbst (3) & Blecha* - Jove (Vinyl), Face To Face - Real Life - Send Me An Angel (Vinyl, LP), Celebrate! (Everybody) - Globe* & Pow Wow - Celebrate! (Everybody) (Vinyl), Strangers - Darko (14) - Overexpression (CD, Album), Hell Driver - Various - SPV 25 & Alive - The Finest In Hard Rock And Metal (CD), Tibili - Michel Polnareff - Michel Polnareff (Cassette, Album), No Matter What - Badfinger - No Dice (Vinyl, LP, Album), Stay Tonight - Cry Wolfe - Promised Land (CD, Album), Child Of Love (Version), Act 1, Scene 1, Concl.: Scene 2: Scene 3, Part 1 - Richard Wagner - Georg Solti, The Vienna Philharm, Red Dragon - Ride Again (Vinyl), Doctor Jazz - The Dutch Swing College Band - Spotlight On The Dutch Swing College Band (Vinyl, LP)