In The City - Various - Homebake 04:The 10th Anniversary (CD)

Well done to everyone associated with the success of the expo and we'll see you there again next year. Websites Australasian Gaming Expo www.

The Media Man agency reports that Marvel themed online slot games across the network, and featured at partner PartyCasino, are boosting the popularity of the superhero themed online slot games.

Kevin Nash, who was likely joking, teased an nWo reunion on his Twitter account recently, writing, "A lot of you wanted an NWO reunion,there will be one. As you know we only come in take over mode. Stay tuned!!! Nash later wrote, "Rock will never walk out of the Rumble with the belt we got Phils back Sorry CMPunk we got your back!!!! Nash also stated that Punk would be the leader and that the nWo army would be there "to protect the gold. Ross wrote in his latest blog on jrsbarbq.

Among those scheduled to attend the private affair are steveaustinBSR and miketyson, among many others. No guarantees that any of us will be around for RAW so I particularly enjoyed my experiences Monday night. I look back upon my attendance at RAW as a privilege and am grateful to have had the opportunity to see so many old friends that have meant a great deal to me over my long career. While I would love to honor Mick on that special occasion, there is no way that I would ever put myself in the same category with Terry Funk.

Terry mentored Mick and treated Mick like a son. While I'd love to induct Mrs. However, I stand ready if called upon. I have no idea if this topic is any thing more than speculation based on my friend Kevin Nash having some fun with the subject on Twitter.

Bottom line is that I don't know but I would be surprised if Punk headed up a faction at this time because he seems to be such a solitary man. The only way that I see that ever happening at this stage of Punk's career is if he had complete control on who comprised the group. Pro Wrestling giant Great Khali has tumor removed The tumor was on Khali's pituitary gland, which caused him to increase in height to over seven-feet-tall. However, if left untreated, the tumor could have been fatal, according to WWE's chief medical director, Dr.

Joseph Maroon. It's the same issue that affected Andre the Giant. You can check out the video at Funnyordie. The move has since gone viral as a YouTube sensation, become a nickname and, before the London Games are over, it might become part of U.

Ellis Coleman and his older brother, Lillashawn, used to wrestle with each other at their high school outside of Chicago when they would dial up crazy moves to use on each other. Coleman, at age 21 the youngest member of the six-man U. Olympic Greco-Roman wrestling team, has used the move about a dozen times in competition. In Greco-Roman wrestling, the competitors get points for their various moves. Five points is the most you can get for one move.

Coleman said he has used the move about a dozen times and usually gets at least three points for it. He first unveiled it out of desperation in a match he was losing, stunned his opponent with it and went on to win it. I still picture it. We love him. Coleman dreams of flying away from these Olympics with some hardware. Something gold, perhaps. The New York Post. NSW govt investigates 'floating casino' Hospitality Minister George Souris on Wednesday said a government authority was investigating an allegation that passengers could play blackjack, pontoon, poker and roulette on a cruise that left Sydney on Friday night.

It may be even that both were breached. He said NSW had no jurisdiction beyond 12 nautical miles from shore. James Packer to speak at tourism conference in Canberra Billionare James Packer will be the drawcard for hoteliers, resort operators and owners attending a tourism conference in Canberra in late October.

The gaming tycoon is a major tourism player given his Crown resorts in Perth and Melbourne attract 25 million visitors a year Macau casino operator Melco Crown Entertainment Ltd. But the document doesn't mention any casino facilities despite the company's earlier statements they hope to open up to gambling tables at the property.

It's possible the government could give the green-light on a casino later, but the uncertainty could complicate the company's efforts to finance the project. A representative for Melco Crown didn't respond to requests for comment. Earlier this month Melco Crown announced plans to enter the burgeoning Philippines market by teaming up with local property developer Belle Corp. PH The Wall Street Journal.

Cartoonist Box Brown is working on the book charting the life of the professional wrestler and actor, reports ICv2. He is also known for his role in cult classic movie The Princess Bride. Roussimoff has the condition acromegaly, which saw him grow to 7'4" in height. He died of heart failure in at the age of Digital Spy.

The Expendables 2 slapped with R rating for extreme violence Action star-laden sequel The Expendables 2 has been given an R rating for its violent and sexual content in the US. Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and co will even be throwing some bad language into the mix as they bat off hostile attackers in this follow-up to the action-packed extravaganza. Lionsgate was rumoured to have been considering a PG rating for the film, which is due for release in the States on August 17th.

Once again, Stallone assembles his hardened team of old-school mercenaries for a special mission - taking revenge after one of their squad is murdered on the job. Director Simon West was never in any doubt that the film would receive such a high rating, given the 'very hard' violence and language perpetrated by the all-star cast throughout the film.

Extras include a gag reel, a first for a Marvel Studios film, the chance to hear from the cast and Joss Whedon on their experiences in bringing these larger than life characters to the big screen, a behind-the-scenes look at the groundbreaking visual effects and stunning cinematography, the creation of S.

Content includes special access to the S. App owners will receive push notifications whenever new content is uploaded and available for their viewing. The Supanova pop culture expo has returned to Sydney, Australia, and has warmly embraced the pop culture phenom which is taking place at Olympic Park, Homebush, in Sydney's west.

It's a 3 day pop culture mania bringing together fans, actors, game players, information and tons of merchandise and collectibles. Make no mistake - this is big business, but also lots of fun. It brings out the kid lurking inside all of us, no matter what our age. Witnessing the general public dress up as their favourite hero, heroine or monster was just as much fun as the official exhibitions. Even our favorite real life superheroes of Australian pro wrestling - AWF Wrestling turned up and put on some very solid chain wrestling and brawling to the delight of the crowd.

The wrestlers were also a big favorite with the media and the brawlers got somewhat crowd mobbed with famed actor Verne Troyer Mini-Me from 'Austin Powers' fame joining in the fun and games. The Christopher Lloyd question and answer session was very entertaining and educational, and was a much sought after attraction for both news media and fans. Lloyd shared stories from his illustrious acting and show business career, much of which has been pop culture included such as 'Back To The Future' franchise, where he portrayed Dr.

Emmett Brown. Lloyd even talked about the cult film fav 'Suburban Commando', which also featured pro wrestling living legend, Hulk Hogan not known for great actingbut a very entertaining showman, none the less. Lloyd told the crowd of plus that he enjoyed working with Hulk and that he was a really nice guy and didn't pretend to be a great actor. One lucky fan asked Lloyd if he could have a "high five", and the actor obliged, which got a nice reaction from the jam packed crowd.

Buffy Star also at Supanova Sydney From the popular Hatchet horror movie franchise to spooky shows such as Buffy and Angel, the year-old says she has come to feel comfortable within the genre and loves "a good death scene".

At the age of 16 she auditioned for a supporting role on Joss Whedon's Buffy The Vampire Slayer, a move that would change her life.

No one could anticipate how welcomed and received the show was. McNab experienced quite a character turn on Buffy when her superficial character was transformed into a vampire and eventually went on to join the spin-off series Angel.

Now that Whedon has found mainstream and box-office success with the hit of the year - 'The Avengers' - McNab says his loyal friends couldn't be happier. He's just proved to the industry what he can do. Our Hero is no longer Expendable. In a career spanning five decades, Eric Roberts has become recognisable to millions of film and TV fans.

Fans of comics and animation know him as the voice of Mongul in the Justice League cartoons. Eric will then spend the weekends meeting fans, signing autographs and posing for studio portraits. Nintendo 3DS consoles and Kid Icarus: Uprising games will also be available to use on In The City - Various - Homebake 04:The 10th Anniversary (CD) day so everyone is welcome to join in the fun!

These AR cards are very exclusive and availability is strictly limited so please ensure you are there early to ensure you get your hands on one. With the aid of Palutena, goddess of light and guardian of the human race, Pit must fend off this malevolent threat. The richly immersive graphics of the Nintendo 3DS system offer incredible depth as Pit battles enemies by air and by land. Special guests appearing at Supernova Sydney and Perth include:.

Bevan McGuinness Slave of Sondelle. Suzie Plakson Lt. Andrew Constant Author of Torn. Wolfgang Bylsma Gestalt Comics. Juliet Marillier Author of the 'Seven waters' trilogy.

Artists Alley promo Supanova is all about supporting the local industry and providing a spotlight for the local comic creators. That spotlight is Artists Alley; the place where the fans can meet the creators and explore worlds they may never have known existed before.

The artists are approachable and always willing to give constructive feedback on artwork. As such, Artists Alley can be a fantastic tool for the emerging artist to improve their skills or make new connections and possibly take their first leap into the professional industry!

Thank you to all involved in the promotion and success of Supernova. We look forward to seeing you all out there again tomorrow. Supernova Pop Culture Expo. AWE Wrestling. Media Man Int. The Voice enjoyed a media conference at Hordern Pavilion, Moore Park, this morning, with Voice coaches and finalists there to help promote the smash hit TV show, as the finals approach via Channel Nine.

The culling of eight singers from The Voice last night has set the stage for a controversial finale Channel Nine's talent comp. Only one singer per team was permitted to go through and critics and viewers took to Twitter to complain about the final line-up.

The ruling meant fan favourites on the same team were culled. Both Leahcar and Percival battled a virus as well as the high-pressure nerves, which told in their limited vocal performances last night. During the show's preamble, Madden likened the semi-final line-up to The X Men: "We all have super powers. No one is better than anyone else. The final performances will be on Sunday, with each contender performing one cover and one original song.

The winner revealed on Monday night, no doubt to massive TV ratings, the likes of which have not been seen by Nine for years, is the inside word. Each contender will perform one cover and one original song. May the best man or woman win, and hopefully its also a win for the Australian entertainment industry. The Voice leaped to 2. That figure based on actual broadcast time - not the preliminary figure of 2.

The program gave Nine a A key result for Nine was Tricky Business's performance into its fifth week. But the actual figures based on broadcast times show the drama starring Gigi Edgley averagedviewers with its number rocketed by The Voice's over-run as "Team Seal" decided its contestant for Sunday and Monday's finale.

Seven News came in second for the night with 1. The Block continued to build for Nine, up to 1. Revenge continued its awesome run for Seven with 1. Four Corners was up toviewers, Australian Storyand Media Watch , all well up on their averages in theregion. Seven's AFL figures were not yet available for publication. Hugh Jackman tried to punch Russell Crowe as many times as possible during rehearsals for theatre production Les Miserables.

The Australian star keeps asking to re-shoot fight scenes where he knocks Crowe out, because he enjoys it so much. A source told The Sun newspaper: "The crew find it hilarious as Crowe would obviously sweep the floor with Jackman in real life. Although Jackman has always had to be in good shape to play muscular superhero Wolverine in the X-Men films, he was recently told he had to bulk up to play the character in the next movie, The Wolverine, as he had lost so many pounds while appearing in Hugh Jackman: Back On Broadway.

He said: "The studio wants me to bulk up. Singing and dancing makes the suits nervous because weight just falls off me, but I'd rather sing and dance on Broadway than make movies. Crowe is also no stranger to long fight scenes, having undergone gruelling shoots against Michael Shannon in Superman: Man of Steel, in which he played the titular superhero's father. He tweeted: "15km bike ride, umpteen hours fighting Michael Shannon. He's very hard to put down. Hard to tell who wins, we are still fighting tomorrow.

It's been mixed headlines for The Star over the past month, but the powers that be are hoping the ship will turn around after re pushing the celebrity card, now looking to have netted Paris Hilton and friends.

The Star in 'Sin City' Sydney will fly in some big name celebs to help launch its new nightclub, Marquee. It sounds like its going to be a huge night come March 30, and one of the hottest tickets in town we bet. The heiress recently fuelled the rumours when she posted this message on Twitter: "Congrats NoahTepperberg on MarqueeSydney! DJAfrojack is gonna kill it at the opening party down there!

I love Australia! The casino is looking to throw off the negative press that came its way re the the surprise departure of former boss Sid Vaikunta. The National Enquirer is now reporting that Jennifer is "heavily recruiting" close friend and Bruce Willis wife Emma Heming to join the show as well!

So how exactly does Bruce and Sly feel about this? But first he wants to get past the impending arrival of his new baby. Brummer 'acted in self-defence' during nightclub scuffle The former Home and Away heart-throb allegedly attempted to bite one man, and punched and kicked another in the scuffle at the city's Crown Casino after the actor was turned away from a Logie Awards afterparty in May Brummer appeared in court in Melbourne on Friday 23 Mar 12 to face charges of unlawful assault and attempting to commit an indictable offence for allegedly trying to bite the security guard.

However the actor's lawyer, Andrew Dickenson, argued the incident was "largely a case of self-defence" as Brummer was being restrained by up to five guards and had his hands tied. Dickenson asked for the case to be reviewed at a diversion hearing, which allows first-time offenders to escape a conviction by making amends for their actions.

The magistrate granted the request and the diversion hearing will be held on 1 May Soapies star tried to bite bouncer - court Former soapie star Dieter Brummer will reappear in court in May for allegedly trying to bite, push and kick Crown Casino security guards on Logies night.

Brummer, 36, was outside a Logies after-party at Melbourne's Crown Casino on May 2 last year when he was restrained by up to five security guards aka "gorillas in suits". Melbourne Magistrates Court heard Brummer tried to bite one of the guards and pushed and kicked another.

But his lawyer argued he was acting in self-defence. Brummer, who shot to stardom on Home and Away and more recently starred in two Underbelly series, appeared in court on Friday facing nine charges. Defence lawyer Andrew Dickenson said Brummer had been restrained by up to five security guards during the scuffle, had a bloodied nose and his hands tied when he lashed out. The court heard Brummer had drugs in his possession but they were later found to be prescription medication.

Mr Dickenson asked for the matter to be referred for a diversion hearing, given the circumstances. Magistrate Ann Collins initially had reservations, but agreed after hearing Brummer's claim of self-defence. Huang, G. Mapping cumulative environmental effects, social vulnerability, and health in the San Joaquin Valley, California.

Public Health— Cornell Waste Management Institute. Jung, M. Environmental contamination and seasonal variation of metals in soils, plants and waters in the paddy fields around a Pb—Zn mine in Korea.

Boulding, J. Description and Sampling of Contaminated Soils. A Field Guide Lewis Publishers, Hoffman, D. Impellitteri, C. Correlation of the partitioning of dissolved organic matter fractions with the desorption of Cd, Cu, Ni, Pb and Zn from 18 Dutch soils. Statistics Canada. Data Products, Census, Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment.

Ramos, S. Rare Earth elements in the soil environment. Ontario Geological Survey. Geology of Ontario. Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines. Plum, L.

The essential toxin: impact of zinc on human health. Public Health 7— Smolders, E. Cadmium fixation in soils measured by isotopic dilution. Soil Sci. Zhang C. Characteristics of spatial variability of soil heavy metal concentrations in contaminated sites and their implications for source identification In Chinese.

CAS Google Scholar. Zhang, C. Identifying sources of soil inorganic pollutants on a regional scale using a multivariate statistical approach: role of pollutant migration and soil physicochemical properties. Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. Toxicological profile for Cadmium. World Health Organization. Sadiq, M. Arsenic chemistry in soils: an overview of thermodynamic predictions and field observations. Water Air Soil Pollut.

Arsenic Primer. Uttam, S. Selenium in the soil—plant environment: a review. Kabata-Pendias, A. Wang, X. Spatial distribution and ecological risk assessment of heavy metals in soil from the Raoyanghe Wetland, China.

Premji, S. Socio-economic correlates of municipal-level pollution emissions on Montreal Island. Public Heal. Qingjie, G. Calculating pollution indices by heavy metals in ecological geochemistry assessment and a case study in parks of Beijing. China Univ. Kowalska, J. Pollution indices as useful tools for the comprehensive evaluation of the degree of soil contamination—a review.

Health 40— Download references. Globalink Program. The authors are grateful to Monica Fontes and Elaina Greaves for their help during soil sampling and analysis and Helen Lalande for heavy metal analysis. You can also search for this author in PubMed Google Scholar.

Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations. The images or other third party material in this article are included in the article's Creative Commons licence, unless indicated otherwise in a credit line to the material.

If material is not included in the article's Creative Commons licence and your intended use is not permitted by statutory regulation or exceeds the permitted use, you will need to obtain permission directly from the copyright holder.

Reprints and Permissions. Are heavy metals in urban garden soils linked to vulnerable populations? A case study from Guelph, Canada. Sci Rep 11, Download citation.

Received : 10 November Accepted : 05 May Published : 28 May Anyone you share the following link with will be able to read this content:. Sorry, a shareable link is not currently available for this article. Provided by the Springer Nature SharedIt content-sharing initiative. Hoodoo Gurus then sent their songs off to Durango, Coloradowhere Ed Stasiumwho worked on the band's previous albums Kinky and Crank worked with Faulkner.

Faulkner flew to the US after Hoodoo Gurus performed in Japan[ 88 ] their first performances there in over 20 years. In August it was revealed that Shepherd had been diagnosed with cancer and was recovering from recent surgery.

The first single from their new album, "Crackin' Up", was released in December [ 92 ] and received some airplay on Australian radio stations. In earlythe band announced a series of concerts in Australian capital cities scheduled for April. The concert series is titled Dig it Up!

At the concerts, the band will play the whole of their debut album Stoneage Romeos and other hits. Also playing as part of the Dig It Up! For Grossman, this was his second Hall of Fame induction in a row; the award was for his — stint with Divinyls. This entry is from Wikipedia, the leading user-contributed encyclopedia. It may not have been reviewed by professional editors see full disclaimer. Donate to Wikimedia. A windows pop-into of information full-content of Sensagent triggered by double-clicking In The City - Various - Homebake 04:The 10th Anniversary (CD) word on your webpage.

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Choose the design that fits your site. Please, email us to describe your idea. Lettris is a curious tetris-clone game where all the bricks have the same square shape but different content. Each square carries a letter. To make squares disappear and save space for other squares you have to assemble English words left, right, up, down from the falling squares. Boggle gives you 3 minutes to find as many words 3 letters or more as you can in a grid of 16 letters.

You can also try the grid of 16 letters. Letters must be adjacent and longer words score better. See if you can get into the grid Hall of Fame! Most English definitions are provided by WordNet. The wordgames anagrams, crossword, Lettris and Boggle are provided by Memodata.

The web service Alexandria is granted from Memodata for the Ebay search. The SensagentBox are offered by sensAgent. Change the target language to find translations. Tips: browse the semantic fields see From ideas to words in two languages to learn more. All rights reserved. Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Find out more. Drummer Mark Kingsmill with Hoodoo Gurus. Richard Grossman,April Main articles: Ghostwriters and Richard Grossman musician.

Main article: Brad Shepherd. It's a really beautiful spot for a show. Outdoors on a nice big terrace and also right by a rather large lake although they didn't have quite the audacity to call it the University of Wisconsin Beach Campus or something like that And finally on to Milwaukee or to be more precise, Port Washington WI which really isn't very far from Milwaukee and guess what - its another outdoor show and it's next to a really big Lake.

And then there's a whole run up the east coast the following week but I'm not even going to go into that. That might require a whole other blog later on which I may also use as a debriefing session on my general feelings towards Lakes.

And what else? I've been doing a few things lately that should start popping up online over the next few weeks, interviews and performances and the like, there will be links right here as they come along. In fact, here's one now. And I'll also be doing a live set for audiotreemusic.

I'll see if they can arrange a cardboard backdrop of Lake Tanganyika. Well, that's about it for now. S release of his album, Everything is True. The band are onstage at 9pm sharp. Sunday July 3rd from 8pm on Well it's about that time again eh?

Time I reached out across the internet to let each and every one of you know just how much I care And you only. Each and every one of only you I played down there with the band last month which was a great time and I'm looking forward to getting back there and I would certainly love you to come down to the show if you're not working late. Or something. There's nothing on TV on Monday night anyway. Is there? And probably going to the Smithsonian all afternoon before the show.

And probably wondering what the Voice of America would sound like if it was y'know James Earl Jones? Morgan Freeman? Jeff Bridges? Bobcat Goldthwaite?

Wow, there's a blast from the past. What dimly-lit corner of my brain was he hiding in?! Come to the show on Monday night. Because you're special. There will be an official parade down 5th avenue and fireworks over the Brooklyn Bridge and every Mr Softee van in the city will play the album on repeat all day long instead of that other song Just come along to that instead.

And then then then then then Melbourne artist Stuart Hall has painted this wonderful portrait of Paul for entry into the prestigious Archibald Prize for Well done and good luck Stuart!

The Archibald Prize is one of Australia's oldest and most prestigious art awards. JF Archibald's primary aims were to foster portraiture, support artists and perpetuate the memory of great Australians. Since its inception in the prize has been awarded to some of Australia's most important artists, including George Lambert, William Dobell and Brett Whiteley.

Paul is very excited to return to Australia to play 3 nights at The Speigeltent as part of the Brisbane Festival September 5 - 7th. Tickets are on sale now. Click here for all information. This is a free show! New York in June The days and nights are warm, there's an early-summer electricity in the overcast sky that simply won't allow you to stay indoors, you have to get outside and walk around all day and all night and just witness it.

I've crammed an enormous amount into my first week here. Mostly just running around making sure everything is where I left it - I'm going to In The City - Various - Homebake 04:The 10th Anniversary (CD) to impose some routine on myself Had a great show at the Rockwood Music Hall last Tuesday and I'm looking forward to getting back there again on Tuesday 22nd Meanwhile I'm going to run along and see our friends Kashmir play at the Bowery Ballroom tomorrow night aaaaannnndd I just started reading my favourite book again Which is nice.

Alright then. After announcing a 2nd headline show for London in May, we are now also very pleased to announce that Paul will play a selection of shows throughout Germany in May also - The dates are as follows. May 14 Great Escape ,Brighton. Well, the Burning Leaves tour is over and Saturday night's hometown show at the Forum Theatre was a perfect way In The City - Various - Homebake 04:The 10th Anniversary (CD) finish up and say cheerio for a little while I want to say a huge thank you to my band, Pat Bourke, John Hedigan and Mike Noga and our crew, especially Clinton Kraus and Stephen Varga, Wizards one and all and a great pleasure to share planes, trains and automobiles with Also a big thank you to Dan Kelly and his Dream Band and to Papa vs Pretty both of whom have highly recommended new records imminent for joining us on this tour and of course - huge thanks to all of you who came along to the shows and made them so memorable and enjoyable as always.

I am one lucky bastard. Until next time, all the best Wednesday evening Had a wonderful run of shows last week in SA and WA, thanks to all in attendance And to fool around with new things as well What else can I tell you?. Jul 25 8 mins. Checking in, July 26, See acast. Jul 21 77 mins. So - money was a way that we found to put value into a common language that served as a way to help us exchange that value.

You give me a common language of agreed value, in this case money - which you probably got doing something of value for someone else. Back in the day, money was of actual Value - made of metals that we agreed were valuable. So now we are at essentially digital money, the next level from that is cryptocurrency. Essentially, cryptocurrency is another agreement of value.

One that by design makes all the transactions secure and importantly does away with intermediaries represented by banks, which have pesky fees and differing investment policies and things like that. The main feature of cryptocurrencies, security is provided by Blockchain technology — which is a network of computers having an identical copy of the database and changing its records by a common agreement based on pure mathematics. Those who deposited and withdrew are anonymised, but the amounts are there for all to see, and every time a transaction happens, it verifies itself with another copy of this statement to be sure the transaction is legitimate.

Token is a type of privately issued cryptocurrency, a unit of value that exists and pays off within the ecosystem of a particular business model. Rob has a fascinating story, and the way his own life experience lead him to explore other ways of the way we In The City - Various - Homebake 04:The 10th Anniversary (CD) things is something I found truly inspiring. Big thanks to my buddy Jaxon for making this conversation happen.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Rob Wilson See acast. Jul 18 14 mins. Checking in, July 19, See acast. Jul 14 79 mins. I know a lot of people listening will be heading to Byron Bay for Splendour in The Grass - an annual music festival which is coming up on 20 years of gigs - and in honour of that yearly pilgrimage which so many music lovers make, Today's guest is one of the founders of Splendour in the Grass, and indeed one of the founders of Homebake before that - the one and only Jess Ducrou.

I hope you get a lot out of this chat. Jul 11 12 mins. Checking in, July 12, See acast. Jul 07 58 mins. First up - you may know I like to ride bikes. Bikes are freedom machines. I am not a competitive cyclist. However right now the biggest competition in world cycling is happening every night on the telly - the Tour De France is upon us. Bryan set out to make a film about what happens when an incredibly fast and fit amateur cyclist competes in the hardest non-professional race in the world clean, and then while doping - just like the pros were doing at the time.

What happened next is something that ended up blowing the lid off of a systemic international doping system which had implications in no small part playing a role in the entire Russian national team being banned from participating in the Winter Olympics in South Korea. I hope you get as much out of this as I did. Enjoy this conversation with Bryan Fogel. Jul 04 14 mins. Checking in, July 5, See acast.

Jun 30 77 mins. But what she shares in this conversation is an unflinching drive to make the world a better place - be it by teaching men how they can be present and supportive during the birth of their children, helping charities from Cambodia to Ethiopia provide better outcomes for mothers and children struggling in those communities, or inspiring others with her own story about how she overcame the adversity of a catastrophic motorcycle accident to go on to achieve all of these things - all of this as the mother of three kids - Lucy is an absolute powerhouse.

You can find out more about Lucy Bloom at thelucybloom. But for now, come to our kitchen table at our apartment in Bronte, Sydney, for a cuppa and a chat with Lucy Bloom.

Jun 27 14 mins. Checking in, June 28, See acast. Jun 23 74 mins. It was an incredibly famous case of the miscarriage of justice. Along with two others, Damien was falsely convicted of the murder of three eight year old boys.

Barely 18yrs old, Damien was sentenced to death and ended up spending 18 years and 78 days on death row. Which indeed ended up happening. In the men were released from Prison as part of a plea deal. Two things about this conversation - Go with it.

While what Damien talks about, is an evangelist for and practices every day might not be for you - I got a lot out of hearing how it worked for him and it made me think about how I might double down on my own daily work and ritual that helps me get through the day. And secondly - we connected via Skype from far, far away. Sometimes not everything works as well as it could.

I do have redundancies when I record, just in case - and thankfully in this instance, I had one because the original feed from my mic got lost in the netherworld. Also - a massive thank you to Rachel Barrett my producer who managed to track Damien down for this conversation. Jun 20 8 mins. Checking in, June 21, See acast. Jun 16 79 mins. Sonya Pemberton is an Emmy-winning science documentary maker.

We got in touch when a few months ago I put a photo of myself getting some vaccination shots up on instagram. We have a baby on the way. Vaccines are proven effective by the scientific process, so therefore I use vaccines. To the point that people were accusing me of wanting to kill my child, and accusing me of being on the take from pharmaceutical companies.

I explored a bit more as to why people might believe such things. You get more of what you click on. Then you eventually vanish down into a filter-bubble of confirmation bias. Where you never see anything other than the kind of things you click on. Things start to get scary. Eventually, wanting to feel less alone, or looking for others in a time of fear people reach out to others who are also concerned - primarily in Facebook groups.

I see it in the vegan community all the time. Once that identity is set in - any challenge to the base belief of that identity is seen as heresy and ends up pushing people deeper into that delusion. She told me I should have Sonya on the podcast - because of the extraordinary film she made - Jabbed, a film all about vaccines and how they work and the history of vaccines which goes back hundreds and hundreds of years. We managed to make that conversation happen.

It was over Skype, so thanks for understanding the audio quality. In this film, Sonya tells the story of six people, three who had very positive vaccine reactions and three with negative vaccine reactions. I hope you can hear it.

Because thing Checking In 9. Jun 13 11 mins. Checking in, June 14, See acast. Jun 09 91 mins. Stephen Dupont is a conflict photojournalist from Australia. Stephen is a rare breed of person, the kind that willingly forges forward into a conflict zone, hoping to get the right shot that will tell the story of those in side the conflict so that those on the outside world may bear witness to it and maybe do something to change it.

I get confused in this episode and mistakenly said that photographer Bob King had passed away. He's thankfully very much alive! I got confused - Bob asked me about a photo I took of him and another shooter who did pass away for the funeral programme and in the moment I got the names confused. Checking In 8. Jun 06 9 mins. Checking in, June 7, See acast. Jun 02 91 mins. Doris came around to the apartment the other day to chat about life, studying at NIDA, being in a relationship for 20 years and the perils of living in the public eye.

Enjoy this conversation with Doris Younane See acast. Checking In 7. May 30 13 mins. Checking in, May 31, See acast. May 26 90 mins. Checking In 6. May 23 8 mins. Checking in, May 24, See acast. May 19 52 mins. Something very different. Something that would put people more in touch with the food they ate, and something which would allow recycling of food and waste products in a sustainable way.

This conversation is a little different from a regular podcast I do. It sounds like you think it will, two guys nerding out about mushrooms. Hopefully it gets you thinking more about where your waste goes, where you get your food fromand how you might reduce one and increase the other. Enjoy this conversation with Julian Mitchell. Democracy with James Mathison. May 16 79 mins. Checking in, May 10, See acast.

May 12 91 mins. Checking In 4. May 09 14 mins. May 05 79 mins. I hope this conversation encourages you to explore just that - the nuance of the issue at hand, not the knee-jerk emotional response that we seem to have been drawn into more and more in this FB like-button world of calling out perpetrators to our team and finding offence to something as small as a lower-case proper noun which I have been called out for.

Jonathan is just fascinating and I highly recommend you track down his books which you can find out more about at righteousmind. Checking In 3. May 02 9 mins. Checking in, May 3, Apr 28 99 mins.

My guest today is Jo Thornely - on twitter JoThornely. Jo is an author, podcaster and music aficionado from Sydney Australia. A rabid live-tweeter of The Bachelor in all its forms, Jo is also utterly fascinated by Cults. Enjoy this conversation with Jo Thornely.

Checking In - April Apr 25 12 mins. Checking in, April 26 Apr 21 77 mins. My guest today needs very little introduction. Ian Dickson. A massive media career followed, TV shows, radio shows, you name it, he did it. You thought you knew what drove him. Prepare to know something new. Enjoy this conversation with Ian Dicko Dickson. Checking in 1. Apr 18 18 mins. Checking in, April 19 Apr 14 94 mins.

My guest today is Mahmood Fazal. The son of Afghani immigrants, Mahmood was just a kid at school with a different name and probably a stranger lunch than the other kids. Then things changed for the young man.

Just off the top here. This is a conversation about violence. We needed to describe violent acts in order to put things into context. Some of the descriptions are quite graphic. With that being said - I hope you get a lot out of this conversation with Mahmood Fazal.

Apr 07 85 mins. They aspire to promote the health and well being of adults from the age of 18 years old with an intellectual or physical challenge. One of their goals is to provide a fitness program that will be fun, safe and enhance social relationships; as well as establishing a pattern of physical activity to promote wellness throughout adult life.

Todd is also involved in a rapidly exploding grass-roots fitness community called The - which takes place just down the road here in Bronte where we live. He works with many people to help inspire them to get moving, to get access to that physical and mental benefit of moving. Enjoy this conversation with Todd Liubinskas.

Mar 31 89 mins. I called her the other day to double and triple check to make sure that what we talked about was ok to go up on the podcast, and she assured me that it was. Her book is out wherever books are out and Bachelor in Paradise unpacked goes live right after our first episode on April 9th. Mar 26 67 mins. Find her on twitter CHSommers Her work mainly focuses on gender politics, feminism and free speech in universities. I felt it was important to have a conversation with someone that I might disagree with on some part of their message - but at the same time find places that we may connect.

Mar 24 88 mins. Dr Ian Chung has been practising for nearly fifty years in Sydney, Australia. Not only was he and the first doctor to diagnose me with social phobia which was the first time everything started to make sense but he was the first doctor that I saw about my head that taught me real skills to deal with what was happening rather than just talk about it.

There are many, many excellent doctors who can help you if you need help. So be quiet, listen to what they tell you to do, and do it. Ladies and Gentlemen, Dr Ian Chung. Mar 17 mins. Josh Szeps is a Tv presenter and radio broadcaster now based in Sydney Australia. Josh and I have worked together a few times in our careers - however, he went on to become far more successful than I with his award-winning satirical radio work, his work as a founding host of Huff Post Live, and his podcast We The People Live.

Josh has a show coming up at the Melbourne International Comedy festival youtoo, tickets are available at ComedyFestival. Mar 11 29 mins. Graeme Simsion is an Australian author, screenwriter, playwright and data modeller. Yes, we get nerdy and talk about Data Modelling in this chat. Graeme changed careers relatively late in life to become an author, and achieved astonishing success with his books centred around the character Don Tillman - the Rosie Trilogy, The Rosie Project, The Rosie Effect, and now most recently The Rosie Result.

If you like what you hear, Graeme is on twitter graemesimsion See acast. Mar 10 53 mins. Mar 05 40 mins. Joe Williams is an author, speaker, and activist.

Joe now dedicates his time to traveling the country giving talks and running workshops on Suicide Prevention and Wellbeing Education. Mar 03 44 mins. Feb 26 48 mins. She also featured for a number of years on Shark Tank as one of the investors.

If you resonate with this conversation - please reach out to Naomi and let her know naomisimson on IG and Twitter. Feb 24 31 mins. Feb 19 38 mins. Living a life chasing what he thought was success, and at the frighteningly young age of 39, Adam suffered a heart attack. A story of self discovery, forgiveness and compassion for ones own past, and a commitment to sharing the joy of his new life with others. You can find out more about what Adam is doing at ifeelgood.

Feb 17 43 mins. Feb 12 43 mins. And self described Rugby Tragic. Allan is one of just five Australian heroes in the past 43 years to be awarded Australia's highest bravery decoration and civil award, the Cross of Valour. In JanuaryIn The City - Various - Homebake 04:The 10th Anniversary (CD) was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia 0AM for service to mental health support organisations and the community.

In August he was further awarded Australia's 4th highest bravery decoration, The Commendation for Brave Conduct for saving the life of an aboriginal man who had fallen onto train tracks at Redfern Railway Station in Sydney. His life story is extraordinary. He is also a sailor who has circumnavigated the globe, a survivor of PTSD and a best selling author with Penguin Books.

Feb 10 60 mins. Feb 05 43 mins. Feb 03 54 mins. Jan 27 90 mins. This applies to not only the private sector but also the public sector. For more about Michael - go to michaelmcqueen. Jan 20 98 mins. Andrew Taylor made world headlines a few years ago when in seeking to battle food addiction, he lost over 50kg by eating nothing but potatoes for a whole year.

Speaking to Andrew, I learned that even though in my case the addiction was alcohol - our stories were very similar, and the abstinence model was what worked for us both.

During our conversation, I heard many parallels with my own life, my own relationship to food and indeed what I use food for - beyond just sustaining my body to live another day.

I should say upfront, the way Andrew tackled his food addiction is what worked for him - however, there are other ways to deal with this issue, including Overeaters Anonymous which I know has worked well for people close to me.

Schedules And Fares - Manitoba - Start Breaking My Heart (Vinyl, LP, Album), Eka Kerta - Pojat - Toimintaa & Sankareita (File, MP3, Album), Die Young, Purple Mood - The Billy Taylor Trio* - A Bientot A Touch Of Taylor (Vinyl, LP, Album), Sorry Seems To BeThe Hardest Word - Engelbert* - Zärtlichkeiten (CD, Album), Largo Y Tendido (Instrumental) - Alejandro Lerner - Sus Primeras Canciones (Vinyl), The Libran Sea - Zygoat - Zygoat (Vinyl, LP, Album), How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) - Junior Walker & The All Stars - The Best Of Jr. Walker &a, Pirates, TMA (5) - Whats For Dinner? (Vinyl, LP), Sometimes When We Touch - Various - Boogie Fever (Cassette)