Heartless - Evelyn Thomas - High Energy (CD)

He ministers to others through his music. God Bless him and his family. I will continue to pray for him. I applaud him for not giving up. His song I Heartless - Evelyn Thomas - High Energy (CD) Give Up is one of my favorite of his songs. It's also a personal testament for Lee Williams himself. Don't give up now Mr. Lee Williams. You've come too far to turn around now.

We Love You! Lee and his brothers and many of the old groups dedication and music is what kept me alive on days when I felt like giving up completely. If anyone has or deals with depression, you will completely understand. God used him to send messages of encouragement to the lost, sick and for those who needed a word from The Lord through songs. Thank you Mr Lee Williams for doing what God called you into ministry to do.

Praying healing mercy for you. Lee William's music did not keep you alive! The lost do not need a message of encouragement. He needs to hear the gospel and to believe it. The sick do not need a message of encouragement. He needs a physician. I pray the Lord will open your eyes to His Real Truth.

I never said how Williams affected you. I trust the Word of God way more that I trust what you say about your experience. I'm not believing one second that Williams songs healed your from clinical depression. Does the Bible encourages healing through song?

I suggest you read your Bible and read about the anointing mentioned. It has nothing to do with a person being gifted with talent and singing about Jesus in a song. Lee Williams it's a blessing to listen to your music. My prayers goes out to you and your family. I did not know you personally, but I love your music!!

Prayer goes to him and his family. Just continue to enjoy life with him!! Continued Blessings and Love. What an amazing message received in each and every one of his songs, yes, they can draw you closer to receiving The Lord as your Saviour.

Is Lee Williams actually deceased? How old is he, if so? Or is he just retired. A Mighty God. In Jesus name We Serve. Thank You. I know I'm late commenting but as I read the comments, especially the ones about encouragement not in the song. Well I disagree, because encouragement does comes in the form a song especially a gospel. As some of you who may not know, if you listen to the lyrics those words comes from the bible, thats how they put most of the together.

I pray God is seeing Mr. Lee Williams and his family through this time in his life. Thank God for Mr. There is a difference between "encouragement" and "feeling good" inside for the moment. Tell us where you lacked "courage" before, and gained it after hearing one of this man song of the blues. Why are you ppls being so negative. Read your bible. I was so hurt to see him in that condition and I wrote a few comments, I had to repent and apologize for them. Be blessed mrLee.

Lee Williams is one of my favorite gospel singers. I listen to him daily and find it hard to get away from his music. I hate to see like this, but God is a healer. And Lee has touched so many hearts, so many souls along the way with his songs.

People do know that if Job suffered and surely if Jesus suffered please know that we will. But will you be gracefull when it is your time? Love all the encouragement I have received down through the years. I thank God for you and you following Heartless - Evelyn Thomas - High Energy (CD) mission for you. Lee William's will forever be in our hearts. We still cherish a photo of our dear mother and Lee William's when in concert down past sibley, ms years ago.

When we would drive from Ca. You are in our family prayers. A quite man, a peaceful soul, one that I got to know and fell in love not with the man but his Spirit, I know nothing of him good or bad on a personal level, but what I do know is that if you ask of him he would deliver.

He was there for Our hunch family on not once but two occasion and I love His Spirit. Mr Williams, may God keep u in perfect peace, the Prize is given to the one that endure to the end.

We love u u MAN. They are the only ones who needs hear you for they understand your every word better then man. To Mr Lee Williams i really enjoyed your music especially cooling waters it lead me back to the day i got baptized went in that water came up everything looked new been looking the same every since i just wanna god has been on you and still is you are faithful sir and i love you in jesus AMEN.

I didn't know him to long but he touch me i love his songs and his love for god god bless him and his family he will be miss he still ith us in our hearts always god bless all people amen!! Mr Lee Williams, was surely a blessing from God. P lee williams. U touched my heart It is sad to hear people could be so mean well let me reminded you negative people in the Bible the Kings called the musicians to play when they were troubled in they souls,I pray for you and hope that God save you from sickness.

They will send u into a Praise and worship. I wish he was able to write and sing more songs! But I'm grateful and thankful for the ones that he has done. And by the the I had a chance to meet him in person he's soft spoken and very humble!!! God bless Patrick for taking care of him and sticking by his side along with the rest of the group!!! I listened to Lee Williams everyday at work I didn't like his music at first but,the song can't run did something to me and every since that day I have been a true fan.

I send my love and prayers to Lee Williams and the QCs. Lee William, was a great singer and a great man. He save lot of souls, But he never give up,He was my favorite Singer. Ithank God for him. Going forward all comments will be screened. Ann Brock Wednesday, 04 July, Ann Brock Thursday, 05 July, Anonymous Thursday, 05 July, Unknown Wednesday, 07 August, Unknown Thursday, 20 February, Unknown Wednesday, 01 April, Unknown Sunday, 02 September, Anonymous Thursday, 04 October, Unknown Tuesday, 09 October, Unknown Monday, 26 November, Anonymous Wednesday, 05 December, Anonymous Wednesday, 19 December, Ann Brock Sunday, 30 December, Unknown Tuesday, 12 February, Unknown Saturday, 16 February, Unknown Saturday, 08 June, Unknown Sunday, 26 January, Anonymous Thursday, 20 February, Unknown Sunday, 26 April, Coretta Thursday, 11 June, Unknown Sunday, 21 October, Merriam Webster Online Dictionary.

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He Lee has been called by God to minister through song to a hurting and hope-less world. Have you ever cared for a senior male or female suffering from Alzheimers? Well its hard; consider the comfort towards his family that sees him pressing to do what he loves Praising God Thanks Anonymous for commenting, I love Lee Williams contribution to the world by way of his music. It is ashamed that we as humans, made in the likeness of God can be so ignorant. I look at it as Lee Williams tribute to the Father in heaven.

Inspite of his physical body, the inner man his soul had a desire to still worship God. Some of us that are able to worship Him will not. I commend Lee Williams for getting up on stage and praising God the best way he know how. So I say to the sinner man or woman with your negative comments, you could not have done what Lee Williams did! Your heart is not in it, otherwise you would not have time for heartless comments. You need Jesus! Spend your time getting to know Jesus, then you will understand why Lee Williams did what he did.

Ve always loved lee being from miss myself we go a long way back to c him likecthis breaks my heart but God has him in his had. I thank God for Dr. Lee Williams is a testimony of that! Its a blessing to have such recordings to keep pressing on. Its my opinion: many need to stop with that drama he sings for money at this stage in his life.

You can clearly see hes patting his leg, clapping still holding on cause he Cant Give Up!! K been listening and going to gospel concert i was presented a photo personal by Mr Lee Williams himself plus I had the honor of witness signing the photo of the qroup he is a legend til day I still enjoy his music i thank God for blessing me to be able to personal meet this legend and shake his hand i will never forget he truly is a vessel Heartless - Evelyn Thomas - High Energy (CD) the Lord.

Why is it that we always find the negative in everybody but ourselves. Lee Williams is a great singer for the Lord and that's why he was able to stand in one place and not move with such power in his voice. It's not greed that keeps him going. He said it best in his song "I can't give up now. It's not sad. Don't pity Lee Williams. Pity yourselves and pray to God that you make it as far as Lee has.

Check your oneself before you put something negative out there about this wonderful man. God bless you and have a great week. Praise God Glory. No one could have said it better.

I love Lee Willams and so does my husband. We can pray for him. Remember Footsteps. When we are too weak to walk, That is when God comes in and carry us. Thank you God for Lee Williams. When I first saw the video of him with this condition ,yes I was sad and said maybe they needed to not put him out their but aside saw the videos and sometimes his reaction to the songsmy opinion was changed somewhat.

I was not use Heartless - Evelyn Thomas - High Energy (CD) seeing him that way but then I realized I had no say in the matter. I didnt know what bro. Lee and his family had discussed before the memory loss was worsening. So actually it was none of my business. I loved all of his music and I still play it every day. I continuec to pray for him and I believe Lee is our modern day prophet sent to tell the world about Jesus. I pray for bro Hollis as well and the group.

People have their opinions. I Never heard of Lee Williams until It hurt because there came a time when she no longer ate, talked or walked.

For all of you that has never had to witness that illness, read my book, entitled Alzheimer My Mother and Me i believe it will help us understand this illness a little better and how to deal with the things we cannot change. I love to hear Lee Williams sing, he has ministered to my soul many times and I thank him.

I just learned about his illness, which made me very sad but only GOD knows just what to do. Be truly blessed everyone and know that God got this. God is good. Always try to speak positive things into the atmosphere. Just remember life and death is in the tongue. Also remember you reap what you sow. This man is still giving God praises in his time of illness and some people aren't ill and don't give God the praise. Praises go up blessing comes down. Amen and some people don't even care about God you know what I do when people sees you serven God they going to talk down on you but I keep on keeping on I been lied on and talk aboutyou know I do I pray that's right i pray.

The message Lee Williams gave in song can never be erased. Thank you God for the gift of Your song in the body of Lee Williams. I saw Jesus in his eyes each time a song was delivered. But GOD. I pray that Alzheimer's never steals away the knowledge to Praise God from the mind of Lee William's.

God will never forget him and will heal him on the other side some day. He got many souls delivered through his musicmy husband loves his music. Willams may you R. Thankful for making every Concert here in Texas He still does it because he Loves doing it, I'm sure it's not for a check. Every time he sings he sings with passion and sings to the Glory of God.

God Bless Him. I agree, maybe he's not ready to give up, just like he say in his song, I can't give up. It is hurtful to hear people judging the life of one of God's faithful even in illness he is squeezing out what has been poured into him I thank God for Lee Williams and the joy and comfort he brought to so many who were on their death beds, my sister being one.

For those of you out there that think he is only doing this for money, you don't know what it is to be a soul singer. It is in our soul and even on our death bed, we will be singing in our spirit He hears and loves our sound!!! Many just don't realize judgment is as great as they judges. And since they don't know the heart of the man of God they all need to be careful because With whatever Heartless - Evelyn Thomas - High Energy (CD) they judge it shall be measured back to them.

We as a black have had to thrive in some kind of a way or another, singing was one of the greatest way we had to resort. Alot of times jealousy causes folk to speak out against a person, therefore you don't know what's in the heart of a person until they say, text or how ever they message it.

Whatever he does it is between he and God, I have not read where the negative comments were welcomed. If you have loved one whom you really care about and if you do not want them to experience affects of your statements to experience and what will return then just don't say whatever.

I ask the Lord one day why do we the blacks put others down? He gave me an answer I want tell you the answer, but I do feel that this is a question that everybody need to ask themselves.

God bless Mr. Williams, the QC's and God bless you all. Evangelist Jones. Praying for Lee Williams strength and mind!! I love his music as does my family!! God continue to bless him and his family as they take great care of him!!!! God knows his heart and I'm praying God forgive those that had Heartless - Evelyn Thomas - High Energy (CD) comments to say. Only God knows and sees all of our hearts.

Lee Williams Is one of the greatest gospel singers of all time. He ministers to others through his music. God Bless him and his family. I will continue to pray for him. I applaud him for not giving up. His song I Can't Give Up is one of my favorite of his songs.

It's also a personal testament for Lee Williams himself. Don't give up now Mr. Lee Williams. You've come too far to turn around now. We Love You! Lee and his brothers and many of the old groups dedication and music is what kept me alive on days when I felt like giving up completely.

If anyone has or deals with depression, you will completely understand. God used him to send messages of encouragement to the lost, sick and for those who needed a word from The Lord through songs.

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