Go Stetsa I - Various - Rapp Eighty-Seven Vol. 4 (Cassette)

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Expand the sub menu Digital. Expand the sub menu Theater. Mobile Android iPhone Go Stetsa I - Various - Rapp Eighty-Seven Vol. 4 (Cassette) Phone. Desktop Google Chrome Windows 8. Plugin W. Media Player Winamp. Editar playlist. Stetson Hat Company was born. The most distinctive uniform item worn by air cavalrymen Go Stetsa I - Various - Rapp Eighty-Seven Vol.

4 (Cassette) Vietnam was the Go Stetsa I - Various - Rapp Eighty-Seven Vol. 4 (Cassette) hat. The hat was adopted in Go Stetsa I - Various - Rapp Eighty-Seven Vol. 4 (Cassette) effort to increase esprit de corps in the new air cavalry squadron and was meant to emulate the look of the pattern campaign hat worn by cavalry troopers long ago.

Once units deployed to Vietnamthe custom slowly spread to other air cavalry units, and by the cessation of hostilities, virtually all air cav and some ground cav units had adopted the Cav hat. It was most often supplied by the Stetson Hat Company.

Other companies, such as Charlie Horse were also Go Stetsa I - Various - Rapp Eighty-Seven Vol. 4 (Cassette). While unit commanders did not mandate the wearing of the hats, there was considerable peer pressure to conform, and most troopers quickly added the Cav hat to their wardrobes. Just as World War 11 paratroopers were fond of their jump suits, wearing them long after issue had ceased, so too did the Cav hat instill fierce pride and loyalty in the units where it was worn.

Most air cavalry veterans interviewed by the author proudly cherish their Cav hats today. Because the hats were delivered from the manufacturer in the U.

Thus, current unit members sometimes accepted hats meant for departed comrades. Stetson Hatteras Wool Cashmere. Stetson Cooperstown Outdoor. Stetson Caidan Traveller. Stetson Uland Hatteras. Stetson Hatteras Gareth. Stetson Addison Driver. Stetson Western Woolfelt. Stetson Hatteras Linen. Stetson Mccook Pigskin. Joseph H. August 6, Kevin O. Durham, NC. Purchased 1 year ago. January 30, Reviews for Similar Products. Recently viewed Previous Recommended Product.

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