Girl Problems - Tear It Up / Fast Times - Tear It Up / Fast Times (Vinyl)

All the intensity of a moment before has dropped away and she seems less intimidating suddenly. Hesitantly he sits. Like… kind of a sex thing? Abigail sighs. Accepts a beer from the waiter again and pops the cap before handing it over to him. John takes it, grateful to have something to do with his hands. Something specific and maybe unusual. Not because he actually wanted to tie someone up. Or be tied up by someone. Discipline is punishment — that can be physical like spanking someone, or more emotional, like not allowing them something they want.

Dominance and Submission is where you have one partner that has control over the other, psychologically or sexually, and Sadomasochism is pain. A sadist enjoys giving pain and a masochist enjoys receiving it. Like a meeting space, I guess. Though I think the lights get turned down and the music up on regular nights. Would she want him to tie her up? Would she want to tie him up? He licks his lips, picks at the label on his beer and tries to think. His own sexual knowledge is pretty much of the put peg A into slot B type and he finds porn kind of… boring.

All fake moans and big boobs and dudes that are a little too waxed and oily. He might be an idiot and a jerk but he has good instincts like that. Rape or abuse maybe? The unassuming door leads to a small corridor. Back here the friendly casual atmosphere is replaced with an all-black decor.

He can hear the sounds of someone moaning nearby and in the distance is what sounds like the crack of a whip that makes him jump. Once his eyes start to adjust he realizes there are cubical-like partitions set up around the room, splitting what must usually be a dancefloor into several different areas.

He thinks he can see a couple fucking between a break in the dividers, just the hint of naked skin moving in a very familiar rhythm. The woman is completely naked and tied face down to a strange padded narrow bench, her arms and legs tied to it with a intricate series of interlacing ropes. The man fucking her is fully-clothed, his cock the only thing exposed while he takes her from behind.

It must be good because she groans loudly and then screams, thrashing in her bindings. He just turned it up. The woman is gasping and sobbing, coming he realizes, and John stuffs a hand in his jeans pocket to try and discreetly adjust himself. I once saw a woman that had twenty orgasms before her Master was done with her.

John makes a little strangled sound at that and Abigail chuckles at his side, drawing him away from the couple. The bulge of his cock in his briefs has swollen, not quite hard but definitely interested.

He moves easily, letting the other man guide him into a kneeling position, leaning just slightly towards the other when he steps away to retrieve more rope. A few dividers down, that whip cracks again, and John can feel his heart jump into his throat at the sound. When they round the temporary wall, there is a man tied to some kind of crossed wooden frame, his arms and legs splayed. A woman dressed head to toe in latex stands behind him, a small whip held in her hand.

The woman trails the tip of the whip over his bare skin, gently and the man twitches at the touch. Loud enough John can make the words out clearly. His voice sounds raw and thick and John glances over to Abigail, who is watching him more than the display.

She cocks an eyebrow and he swallows, turns back to watch. The man grunts and sways. The whip comes down again and he cries out, sounding as if something has been wrenched out of him. The woman is at his side in a moment, petting his torso and his hair, murmuring praise as she unshackles his arms. He sags into her and she draws him with her to a nearby bench, allowing him to curl up half in her lap. Sean is sat at one end talking to a busty blond woman and he perks up at their arrival.

Karen just shakes her head and walks to the other end of the bar to help someone there. Not poor little Sean? John makes another of those incoherent noises that seem to be coming out a lot that evening. I thought she was gonna eat you alive when she first laid eyes on ya. Enjoying yourself? I bring you here, hook you up with the hottest girl in da place and you hate me?

What cruelty! He goes willingly, lets her maneuver him as she pleases. She leads them into a different area of partitions, bringing him to a stop in front of a group of three, two men and a woman. One of the men is tied, face up on what looks like a weightlifting bench.

His arms are cuffed above his head with thick leather manacles and his legs are tied to either side of the bench with similar bands, his knees bent and legs splayed.

The woman is kissing him while the man trails something that looks like a wheel with tiny spikes on it up his side and over his nipples.

He twitches and moans with each pass, cock leaking against his stomach. His breath is erratic, panting as he tries to arch away from the wheel. John is pretty sure he actually whimpers at the idea, shifting helplessly to try and relieve the pressure on his dick. John manages to shake his head in the negative. Suddenly he really wants to remedy that.

A single pearl of white beads up at the head and rolls down the shaft and John thinks he might be in danger of coming in his own pants, completely untouched. The man has some kind of whip-like thing in his hand now — a handle with dozens of strips of leather tailing off of it. The flogger makes its way down his body again, slowly, and John sees the woman unclipping the tether from his balls as it moves downward… downward….

Abigail is a surprisingly strong support against him, her lips brushing over his collarbone as he sags against her. Abigail groans when she finally gets home, tossing her keys into the bowl next to the door and knocking her head back against the cool wood. She fishes her cellphone from her pocket and taps the first name in her favorites list, opening the messenger app. That done, she toes off her shoes and drags herself into the house, not bothering to turn on any lights until she reaches the bedroom.

The bed is a welcome nest of fluffy pillows and a rumpled duvet and she flops back onto it and fishes out her earbuds just as her phone rings. The denim is damp and uncomfortable, and she thumbs at the buttons of the shorts, ready to be free of them. Like if someone had carved up my very own wet dream… all long limbs and his waist. Oh my god. Those so broad shoulders tapering down to that almost feminine waist. She can certainly imagine the picture he must make, splayed out on some bright white hotel bed, his clothes a dark line against the stark sheets.

The dark shirt will frame his torso so nicely, pulling open to reveal that wide chest and the dusting of fur that runs down his belly. He always gets worked up so fast too — she can imagine the bulge already straining those dark jeans, pressing the fabric taut over his hips.

No doubt palming himself without permission. He groans in response, and she dips a finger under her own underwear, gently playing over the moist skin there. He was the prettiest thing ever — tall.

I think he might have been taller than you, baby, with long black hair and these gorgeous steely grey eyes. He told me himself. I was a good girl though, I only wrapped a hand around his waist near the end there. His hands are so much bigger than hers. He barely looked at Mary-Beth and she was in that whole latex catsuit get-up and everything. When she turns on the vibrator the buzz is loud enough that Arthur must be able to hear it because he lets out a growl that rockets down her spine.

Wanting to get this story out fully so he can appreciate it with her. The sound of skin on skin is faster in her ear as she runs the vibrator over her clit, dancing it away again before it can overwhelm her. I actually caught him give a couple of little helpless thrusts against nothing watching them. The orgasm is hard, shaking her core and clenching up through her abs, pulsing over and over. They lay there together, breathing in time with one another as they both catch their breath.

Eventually, she can hear him rising on the other end of the line, the sound of running water as he cleans himself up.

Especially at first. And never without the other there as well. Kinda want to meet the fella that can do that to you. Arthur can probably guess that anyway, the bastard. I can hear you thinking dirty things, Abigail. Followed quickly by: Is it okay if I ask you about this? Well this grew legs and walked off somewhere.

I set out to write more phone sex and ended up with 6k of pining and just a little bit of porn. See the end of the chapter for more notes. Abigail is trying to drag a massive box of floggers and other leather goods across the warehouse floor when she gets the text message.

Get to watch his kinky sexual awakening. All those expectations tend to lead to performances, and then she has to spend forever explaining that porn is not real life. As far as figuring out what you like — you have to experiment a bit. Abigail is probably the poster girl for that. Arthur positively oozes Toppy vibes. When he walks into a room everyone turns to look. She had turned to look.

There had been a St. She is undoubtedly not the first person to mistake empathy with a Sub for a want to be in their shoes instead of the one drawing those things out of them. Do NOT interrupt me for anything short of the apocalypse! She leaves the box of leather goods in the middle of the floor and heads into the office before she texts back.

She bites her lip and rubs her legs together at that image. Or wearing. But if you want to do more I am very open to that. Have you tried anything? A finger maybe? Go back to that night — do you picture yourself as the man tied to the bench or the man that was working him over?

She remembers back to teasing him. But I think if it was you doing it that would be… extra good? Kept from having an orgasm? He lets out a little strangled sound. Would you like that? To be punished if you try and take your own pleasure without permission? Some people really love it, and others just want the control aspects. It looked like it was really painful but afterward… I dunno. So I just want you to know that going in.

It would be worse to string him along if this is an issue though. She knows it. She hates it, but she knows it. So you can experiment yourself? A few things I think you might like. Over near the warehouse district? I can leave you something at the desk. Just ask whoever is there. Why the hell not? What the hell. I thought we might meet up but. Sean makes grabby hands at the bottle when he goes back to the living room, deciding to sit on his ratty old rocking chair instead of joining the other man on the couch.

John must look skeptical at that because the younger man leans forward and pokes him in the chest with the cold bottle in his hand. You wanna try dating her? Go for it! John thinks back to the conversation. And then she offered to put me together like I dunno a kind of kinky care package or something to.

Abigail has the best toys, what was in it? Is it here? I wanna see what she picked! Well, come, on then boyo! We can go now! He was quickly learning that Harry did everything on his own terms. But if he was giving Louis something he wanted, he was sure he could learn to deal with it. The studio was much emptier now, close to closing hours. Pam was still at her desk, filing her nails and nodding her head to the record that was playing, and there were only a couple other models milling about the lobby.

Harry was standing by the desk, smoking a cigarette by himself. He was dressed in blue tonight; a rich, royal blue for both his trousers and his tight jacket. The shirt underneath was black but entirely see-through and shot through with glittery silver threads that sparkled under the dimmed lobby lights. He started down the hallway, and Louis moved quickly to keep up with his long strides. He was taking a big key ring out of his trouser pocket and flipping through the keys as he spoke.

He stuck the key in the lock and turned it, the rest of his keys jangling loudly as the lock turned. He took a breath and then turned back to the rest of the room, which just had a short clothing rack, along with a chair and a small table that held a couple bottles of water.

He grabbed one of the bottles from the table, cracking it open as he looked at the one piece of clothing hanging up on the rack. It was It was black, see-through material, sort of like the shirt Harry had been wearing, and had several velvet ribbons hanging off the garment. Louis finished his sip of water and sighed, then started undressing. He went over to the rack and grabbed the hanger, then held up the garment, squinting at it.

So, he started the task of putting on the alien garment. He started with the two parts that clipped together, which he assumed were supposed to be around his legs.

So he clipped one set of flaps together around his left thigh, and then did the same with the right. But then the fabric hung baggy and loose around his hips, not covering anything, and then the criss-crossed straps were just bunched up around his crotch.

He frowned and untied some of the straps, and then lifted them higher, trying to tie them around his waist, but the fabric just sagged awkwardly, not hiding him at all in some places. He untied and unclipped the whole garment, and this time tried to put one of the clips around his arms, but he still had no idea where the other clip was supposed to go, let alone any of the ribbons.

He tied and re-tied the garment at least five times, getting more frustrated each time. He was sweating now, his face burning, and the velvet straps were twisted all around his hips and torso, the mesh fabric bunched up around his crotch, leaving his entire ass exposed.

He squeezed his eyes shut, trying to take a deep breath, but before he could even start to unravel everything and start again, there was a knock on the door. Harry stood in the doorway, his eyes wide as he looked at Louis, and swallowed the lump in his throat with all the energy he had. Harry left swiftly, closing the door behind him, and Louis just looked down helplessly Girl Problems - Tear It Up / Fast Times - Tear It Up / Fast Times (Vinyl) the tangled dress he had trapped himself in.

Harry entered the room again a few moments later, this time followed by a girl. He recognized her from when he had run into the hallway a few weeks ago. Instead of being dressed in a robe and underwear like she had been the first time Louis saw her, instead she was wearing a thick brown and orange sweater and a pair of brown bell bottoms. She has a point. Meri came around Louis, looking at the state of the ribbons and mesh, and Louis felt embarrassed all over again.

Louis felt Harry kneel down next to his other side, and then felt his hands on his hips, pulling at the other set of ribbons. The only thing more humiliating than being twisted in a piece of lingerie and being untangled by both his new boss and a coworker was admitting to both of them that he was paying to study theatre.

Not to mention her pork chops. She needs to be working in a real kitchen somewhere. He kept watching Meri untangle the ribbons, still choosing to ignore Harry doing the same motions on his other side. Together, the two of them pulled apart all the knots Louis had made, while Meri asked him polite questions about his studies, what neighborhood he was living in, where he was originally from. Soon, he was free of all the twisted ribbons, and he felt the mesh fall away from his crotch.

He grabbed it, holding it tight against himself to stay covered, but Harry grabbed his wrist. Louis nodded and slowly let go of the mesh, and before it could fall to the floor, Harry grabbed it and shook it out, then held it up.

He grabbed his soft cock in one hand, holding it close to his body, and Meri nodded. Soon, the garment was in place, with the ribbons crossing up his sides, exposing his skin, while the mesh held him in the back and in the front. Now he was alone with Harry again, who just gave him a long look, his eyes flicking up and down to observe Louis in his new attire.

If we start in just a second, we can both get back to our very busy Friday evenings. He left the room, closing the door behind him.

Louis sat down hard on the bench in the room, putting his face in his hands as he took a deep breath. Louis lifted his head and took a deep breath, trying to school his face.

He touched his cheeks, making sure they were less hot now, and then stood up, grabbed a spare robe from the back of the door so he could toss it over his arm, and walked down the hall to the studio room. When he entered the room, he saw it was similar to the other studio from last time. There was also a bed in the middle of the room, with all white sheets, and Harry was standing near the foot of the bed with his camera and a set of lights.

He shot Louis a smile when he came into the room. Louis did as he was told, climbing onto the bed, which was adorned with pure white sheets today. He set his knees down on the bed and then lowered the rest of his body down, and Harry nodded, crouching behind the camera as he looked at Louis through the lens.

Relax your shoulders. Harry stood up from his crouching position after that and took a long look at Louis. Louis blinked, that heat coming back to his cheeks, but he went back to keep his eyes open when he saw Harry was ready to quick the camera once more. Now for this one, I want you to put your hands on your chest, like this. Harry demonstrated by putting his own hands on his chest, his big palms resting just over the top of the curve of his pecs.

Louis tried to mirror him, putting his own hands on his body. You look like your mother just walked in the room.

He tried to think of his last girlfriend, Natalie, who had let him touch her over her bra and panties once. That had been nice. He really liked Natalie. He focused on that memory, the softness of her breasts and how they had been covered in scratchy lace, the heat just under the thin layer of her knickers, her…. Louis did, lifting himself up and then tucking his legs under himself, sliding onto his front. He held the position Harry wanted, and he heard the camera snap a few times, and then Harry spoke again.

Harry was quiet for a moment, and Louis looked over his shoulder to see the other man fiddling with the camera and chewing his lip. You have lots of strengths. You have that ass, first off. A pretty face. Gorgeous eyes. Lots of things I can work with. And I have boys that work here that are nine inches and over. You see? Now turn back around and let me show it off. Louis sighed and turned back around.

I can turn a fan on after this shot. Just cup your cheeks, just with your fingers, keep your palms by your chin. Louis felt that flush come back, creeping up his neck and into his cheeks.

Harry took several pictures in rapid succession, and when he was done he was grinning. Louis nodded, offering a soft smile to Harry as he took a couple more shots. Harry kept snapping photos, the sound of the lens becoming rapid. Then the noise stopped, and Louis opened his eyes, sitting up from his current pose. The other man started to take apart the studio lights, giving Louis another look over his shoulder.

You can talk to Pam on your way out and she can schedule you for your next session. Louis perked up at that, his posture straightening. He sat up fully, putting his feet on the floor and leaning forward. Louis smiled, pushing himself off the bed fully. He grabbed the spare robe and wrapped it around himself, tying it tightly. He was taking his camera off the tripod, but he still looked at Louis, flashing him a smile. Louis went back down the hall, back to the dressing room. He slowly undressed, taking off the robe first and untying the ribbons on the body suit with extra care and delicately unsnapping the mesh bits at the top and bottom.

Then he hung it back up on the empty hanger on the Girl Problems - Tear It Up / Fast Times - Tear It Up / Fast Times (Vinyl) rack and turned back to his discarded pile of clothes. He fussed with his hair as he tried to ignore the feeling of growing used to his own clothes again, and then he opened the door and walked back down the lobby, to the hallway. Pam was at her desk, refilling a stapler, which she promptly put down as Louis entered the lobby and approached her desk. Pam flipped open her thick date book, drawing her long, manicured nail down a page filled with times and dates.

He wants us to be safe. In place of her cherry red lipstick she normally wore, she wore a dark plum purple shade that matched her nails and stood out boldly against her pastel pink top. Louis wondered if Pam and Harry were a thing once again, but he kept himself from asking for another day. It had been awkward that morning in the shower, using a razor with a hand cupped protectively around his cock, but it was what Harry told him to do.

When Louis walked into the studio, Harry was wearing bright yellow pants and a fully unbuttoned, white button up. He had light brown cowboy boots on his feet and the same chunky, silver rings on his hand. Harry stood up straight and turned to look at him at the sudden interruption, huffing out a laugh and rolling his eyes.

Bring one knee to your chest and leave the other leg down flat on the bed. Harry kept tinkering with the camera, then adjusted the curtains in the background, and Louis took the moment of attention not being on him to breathe deeply and calm himself. He settled himself into the position, keeping his back as straight as he could and putting an arm on his knee, trying not to stare directly into the camera. Harry pushed his head back just slightly, still holding his jaw, and Louis tried to focus on the sound of the camera once again.

His heart was beating too hard in his chest and his cheeks felt warm. Louis nodded his agreement as Harry let go of his face only for a moment, before he wrapped his hand around his neck. Want to make sure I get some of your face. Louis tried to imagine himself alone in his room, tried to think up all the same thoughts that he always imagined when he tried to touch himself. Harry grabbed a handful of his hair and yanked his head back and Louis moaned just as the flash of the camera went off again.

He came with another low moan, biting his lip to keep himself quiet, in sync with more clicks from the camera. Keep that up. He sat up, the embarrassment washing over him all at once. Wordlessly, Harry went to a small towel basket across the room, retrieved a flannel, and tossed it to Louis. He used it to clean himself, and by the time he was done, Harry was at his side with a cold bottle of water from the small studio fridge.

He went over to the camera, adjusting it and taking out the film, and then setting the finished film in a steel case behind him.

He still felt a little hazy from what had happened, like his brain had yet to catch up with what was happening around him. Harry left, then, leaving Louis alone and sprawled out on the bed, a sticky flannel in one hand and a now-warm water bottle in the other. His cheeks were still burning red, and his heart was racing.

He knew he had time to spare before he had to leave, but he felt like he needed to leave. He knew this was his job, and all things considered, this should be fairly tame. But Harry literally getting on top of him, putting his hands on him, guiding him not only with his words but with his body…. Maybe that was part of the job, too.

Maybe that was something Louis would have to get used to. He wiped himself off one more time, took a swig of water, and then scurried back to the dressing room, putting his clothes and shoes back on and grabbing his rucksack.

She lifted up her painted hand and sighed. Louis woke up at a reasonable seven thirty in the morning - occasionally allowing himself to sleep in until nine on a Saturday - while his flatmates regularly settled down for bed when the sun was waking up. Louis waited until he heard his footsteps fade into his room and pressed the receiver to his ear and spoke.

He took a brief moment to appreciate - for the first time - that there was only one phone in their flat, knowing his flatmate well enough to know he would be listening in on the other end if he had a chance. He watched Cal shuffled back into his own room and closed the door much too hard, making the plates in the cupboards rattle with the force of it. Your flatmate sounded absolutely thrilled to answer the phone. Harry hummed on the other end and the sound of paper shuffling filled the silence.

Have the driver pick me up at the south green at ? He walked down the familiar hall to the last door and knocked once before pushing the half-open door the rest of the way open. This shoot, however, has brought in nearly three times that only in the first two days.

And that is cause for celebration, darling. Harry hummed and leaned forward on his desk on his elbows. Louis stared for what felt like a moment too long as he tried to let the words settle in. Louis sighed, trying not to sound as irritated as he was. As much as he knew Harry was kind and a great employer, Louis also knew he was exactly that.

An employer, his boss. So, the last thing he wanted to do was get fired. And I enjoy the photos. Your photos are doing so well. Harry was quiet for a moment as he shut his calendar book and shoved it into his bag.

Louis felt jittery from the nerves, the fear of Harry firing him for being too demanding resurfacing all at once. He had a feeling he knew what Harry was going to say, but he knew he needed to hear it anyway.

Just in case. Likely a man, over thirty. They want to see you with someone they can envision as them. Harry shook his head and sat back in his chair. Underground rumors say straight women are some of the biggest consumers of gay porn. Louis sighed and nodded again. Just photos for me, then. The two hundred you want for video plus cab fare home. Does that make you feel better?

Louis came in just as he was requested on Friday, as soon as his classes were over. He came in and greeted Pam, who was on the phone when he came in. She held up one finger to him and then tucked the phone by her shoulder and pointed down the hall. Louis followed her instructions and went down the hall, knocking on the familiar door. A moment later, it opened, and Harry leaned one arm against the door, smiling at Louis.

His outfit of the day was a flowy teal shirt covered in sequins and a pair of white bell bottoms, with matching white leather boots. Harry huffed out a laugh and rolled his eyes, the smallest smirk on the corner of his mouth. Louis set the chair down next to Harry and then sat down next to him, crossing his legs.

And that includes the process I use to shoot. I would like to be able to guide you into a certain kind of pose - show me your ass, your cock, focus on your face - without needing to take time away from my camera and physically move you myself. I prefer to spend my longer blocks of time doing video, which you will be able to move up to once you've mastered the posing.

He opened the first magazine from the stack to a page with a stick thin, blonde haired boy sprawled out across a bed, solo. Do you think you can tell me why?

Go ahead and flip through the pages. Louis flipped through the several pages that were dedicated to him - Dominik, was his stage name - and most of the poses seemed the same. His eyes were closed in all of them, and he seemed to want to accentuate his narrow and long body more than anything else. He had about two good shoots that made average money before he fizzled out. Usually they sell out within a few days of being on the shelves.

But what really makes the money is when people subscribe to a specific model. But when his second shoot was little different from his first, the subscriptions stopped getting renewed.

Eric had better poses that looked more natural and showed off his entire body. All the sides of him were shown off and Louis noticed several of the poses that Harry had put him into in their shoots.

I like to direct, not lead. Eric is really good at that, which is how he got up to films. Louis nodded, squirming in the chair. It made him feel hot in his neck and on his face, but he swallowed down that embarrassment as Harry continued to talk him through different Girl Problems - Tear It Up / Fast Times - Tear It Up / Fast Times (Vinyl) and ways to look and feel more comfortable on the camera.

They kept going through the shoots with Harry pointing out the smallest details that Louis never would have noticed. Some boys use butt plugs or rubbing it off right before the shoot. But some people are really good at coming up with mental images that can bring them to that place without needing them. Louis blinked again, eyebrows drawing down. Nine Tables was the kind of place that Louis had heard of people going to in theory, had heard people talk about wanting to go, but he also knew it was the kind of place you had to know someone to get in to.

I told you I take care of my team. Do you have a nice suit? The end of the day came before long and Meri was half-knocking, half barging into his studio as he was getting undressed.

The two of them had decided to try some of the poses Louis had liked, and it felt like a successful shoot. At least in the way that it felt like he knew how he needed to move his body to get Harry the shots he wanted. Harry had had him wrapped up in lace and bows, each tied in hand-done bows that Harry tied up for him neatly along his legs and around his neck. He undid the last bow around his thigh just as Meri walked through the door without knocking, a cream white suit and black undershirt hung on a silk hanger.

Meri smiled and shrugged. In the weeks since she had helped Louis out of his bodysuit debacle, they had run into each other several more times around the studio, and had gotten to be fairly good friends. They had bonded over their love of sweet coffee, their shared experiences going to religious schools, and most of all, griping about their boss. Louis huffed out a laugh, rolling his eyes. What are you wearing? It looks good. He knocked back pink little cocktails like water for the first hour before their appetizers even came out.

And, with each drink, he seemed to get more and more touchy. It was clear Harry was fucking Christina, and he had no reason to think otherwise. She was a stereotypical win for a guy like Harry. Anything any guy should want, but somehow everything Louis had to force himself to think he wanted.

Harry whispered something in her ear and squeezed her hip softly, just noticeable enough that Louis could see from where he sat. Louis laughed and went ahead and tipped his drink back, downing it all. He looked over when he was done and saw Meri was holding an empty glass, her cheeks ruddy as she held a hand over her mouth, giggling. Louis was late, and he could already hear the hell Harry was going to give him for it. He was sweaty, face hot and shirt sticking slightly to his back as he nearly sprinted down the sidewalk, haphazardly dodging others walking around him.

The tube line he'd gotten on had stopped half way between stops, leaving him and everyone else on board sitting inside the train for nearly half an hour. Then his flat broker showed up late and had a much too long chat with the landlord before they finally arranged giving him the keys and permission to start moving in the next day. At some point, he'd stopped being able to tell if he was sweating from the stress or the speed walking, but he figured it didn't matter all that much.

He walked through the doors to Erskine, holding his breath just slightly to keep from sounding as out of breath as he was. She hummed and flipped open her schedule book. But stop standing and chatting with me and get to getting dressed. He made his way to the dressing room and only then let out the breath he'd been holding in. As much as he doubted Harry would fire him for being late one time, he knew he didn't know him well enough to be able to say for sure.

He shuttered thinking about how hard he'd yelled at the last model that was late, trying not to think of himself in her place, tears in her eyes as she left and didn't come back. He dressed himself quickly, thankful that it was just a lingerie set this time - typical lace and garters and ribbon that he'd gotten used to tying himself over the months he'd worked for Harry. Two knocks tapped against the door and Harry stuck his head in, lit cigarette between his lips.

He hummed, sighing softly. Thank you for being honest, at least. Louis pulled the left sock up over his thigh and grabbed the silk robe from the hook just beside him.

I could use a second to catch my breath. Harry nodded and left with a gentle closing of the door. Louis took a deep breath as he sat himself on the plush loveseat in the dressing room and grabbed one of the ever present bottles of water on the table just beside it. He could feel the beginnings of a headache forming just behind his eyes, but he didn't have time to focus on that.

He had more important things to think about. Louis finished getting dressed and then walked into the studio, and Harry came back only a few minutes later. Louis let his eyes scan over yet another outfit that made no sense to him, but somehow Harry pulled off.

He had on tight, black leather pants that showed off how toned his legs were, just above black dress shoes that matched the exact shade of his pants. He wore a cotton candy pink button up without a shirt beneath it and a black blazer over the top, finished off with a pink bandana that held his hair back.

It was a simple shoot with basic poses; Louis posed with his hips jutted out, his arms up with his hands behind his head. He put his fingers in his mouth and pulled down the band of the panties with his thumb, exposing his hip bones and the very top of his dick. Then Harry made him turn around to show off the open back of the panties, had him lean over, spread his legs, pull his cheeks apart.

They were missed within about twenty minutes, and Harry gave him a warm smile when all was said and done. The headache he had had earlier came rushing back to him, this time jabbing sharply into the spot over his right eyebrow.

Harry clearly noticed and tilted his head, frowning. I have a free hour. Let me get you a coffee. He went back to the dressing room, putting his street clothes back on, and then walked back to the lobby, where Harry greeted him. They walked down the street to a fancy cafe Louis had only stopped in once to use the loo, but had never returned because of the high prices.

But Harry easily strolled up to the counter, flashing a smile to the barista. A black coffee, two shots of espresso, and a spoonful of ghee. And my friend will have a lavender latte and a raspberry scone. Thanks so much. He whipped out his wallet and paid for the 15 pound coffee order like it was nothing, and then Harry went to claim a table in the back of the shop, next to an enormous potted monstera.

She also set down a small plate with a warm scone and a dish of butter in front of Louis, and then she was gone. Louis picked up his cup and took a cautious sip, then blinked down at the drink. Louis took another sip and then picked up his scone, buttering it and then taking a bite. Ask me anything you want. Anything at all. Harry reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet, then took out two small pictures and handed them to Louis.

One was a Siamese, with silvery-grey and black fur and two different colored eyes, and the other had fluffy orange and white fur that took up nearly the whole photograph. But they were undeniably cats. When Louis looked up, he could see Harry grinning, and as soon as Louis caught his eyes, the other man was cackling.

Louis slapped the photos on the table and leaned back, crossing his arms. He picked up the pictures and held them up to Louis again, pointing to the picture of the Siamese and then the orange and white cat. And yes, I call them my daughters because they feel that way sometimes. But taking care of a child And my mum.

I try to talk to them nearly every day. They mean the world to me. It can get busy down here. Louis looked down at his hands for a moment, pressing his thumbs together, and when he looked back up, Harry had his brows raised, like he was expecting what Louis wanted to ask next.

I told them when I first started to actually make good money from it. I have been with both men and women and I have enjoyed both greatly. Or bisexual people, I guess. And my dad was a deadbeat dickhead but he had a nice, pretty name.

So why not use it? Louis laughed, and Harry mirrored his smile. It gave him a warm feeling in his belly, when Harry was happy. And it was even more so, when Louis could make him happy. Louis stepped off of the tube and headed three blocks north to a building that was only a few kilometers from the city center. He followed her into the lobby, past a doorman who Maureen mentioned would be posted twenty four seven for building security. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, like you asked.

He nodded, listening as she continued to talk about details of the flat on the elevator ride up. He nodded, looking around each of the bedrooms and bathrooms with wide eyes. There were wood floors throughout the unit that looked recently refinished, countertops that looked to be quartz, and a large, blue refrigerator with spinning, lazy susans as shelves inside.

The bedrooms were massive and he could already see himself installing bunk beds in the spare bedroom for his siblings and buying a bigger bed for himself. As we discussed on the phone, the high price point of these units come with some incredible amenities. It felt strange to be able to be picky for once in his life, to make decisions by what he wanted rather than only what he could afford. The second flat she showed him was on the ninth floor and it was significantly larger than the first.

It had the same wood in the living room with carpeted bedrooms that Louis immediately fell in love with. The balcony was larger than the first, with enough room to put chairs on it to smoke or have tea in the morning.

You still have the funds for first and last month's rent, as well as the security deposit? Louis looked up, gazing around the big bedroom, with its beautiful crown molding at the corners of the ceiling and the big, private balcony outside his own french doors.

Through the door to his left was a bathroom with a deep claw-foot tub, out in the next room was a living room with an entire wall of windows and a kitchen with brand-new, shiny appliances and sage green cabinets. Less than six months ago, he would have dreamed of having a closet-sized flat if he could only live by himself, and now, this was all his. Louis was sitting Girl Problems - Tear It Up / Fast Times - Tear It Up / Fast Times (Vinyl) the studio in a blue satin lingerie set, on a bright white bedspread, ready to jerk off on camera, and yet what had just said made him choke on his water.

Are you drinking water? Sleeping enough? Week, I guess. I feel like I need a drink and a hot bath. I finally found a nice flat in the city and I get to start moving in tomorrow. I'm just not sure how I'm going to get all of my stuff from the other end of town to this flat.

Louis blinked, looking at Harry with his eyebrows drawn down. It was the last thing he expected from the other man, and the way he offered so casually without being provoked only made him think that he was genuine in the offer. Help each other out. When Austin moved a few months ago we all showed up, ate some food he made us and had some drinks and had him moved into his new place in like, three hours. Louis rolled out of bed Girl Problems - Tear It Up / Fast Times - Tear It Up / Fast Times (Vinyl) half eight with a groan, the mattress without a frame making his back feel twisted into knots he didn't know could form.

Everything in his room was packed into neat little boxes, taped up and labeled with exactly what was in them so he could have an easier time when everything was actually moved into the new place.

He hadn't packed it, but he figured Stan could have it. It was beat up bad enough that Louis assumed it would go out before long enough, anyhow. Some friends are coming by to help me load everything up. I already paid your dad my half on the first of the month? I got taken off the lease already and you and Calvin signed the agreement to that. Louis sighed and went back to making his tea and breakfast.

He would only have to deal with this for a little while longer. He went back to his room to eat and do the last bit of packing, allowing himself to whittle down the time.

Then, Calvin opened his door without knocking an hour later, walking inside with a frown on his face. Dude, aren't you scared they're gonna like, hit on you? Give you diseases or some--". Didn't you say you were going to go somewhere today so I could move in peace?

Did you like, want to go be gay or somthing? His flatmate just shrugged. Louis groaned and took a deep breath, trying to keep from sounding as upset about it as he was.

He'd thought that his flatmate would be gone already or he never would have invited Harry and the others over. He knew how Calvin was and the last thing he wanted was for any of them to think he was just as bad. Can you at least just stay in your room? I really want to just get everything done, so I need some space. Calvin headed to his room and closed the door behind him as Louis went to the front door to let Harry in.

Harry was wearing the most normal thing Louis had ever seen him in, and it was still an out-there outfit. It was only slightly toned down compared to what he normally wore at the studio with jeans that looked too tight to be comfortable, cowboy boots, and a psychedelic patterned, pastel button up, finished off with his signature rings and necklaces hanging down his half button covered chest.

Ten people walked into the soon-to-not-be-his flat and followed him to his room. We have all the time in the world. It took less than three hours and only two trips for all of his boxes to be piled in the living room of his new flat instead of the old one. Louis was out of breath once again, sweat dripping down his back and his forehead, but he was beyond happy that everything was done.

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