Pressed Against Glass

I can't talk to you. I'm too pushed for time. Can't talk to you now. I'm pressed for time. In a hurry, as in How long will it take? I'm really pressed for time. This idiom uses press in the sense of "subject to pressure," a usage dating from the late s.

All rights reserved. It can also enable the application of numbers and words to a glass panel, such as a house name or number.

The level of privacy is defined by the amount of decoration added, as the etching makes the glass opaque. Unlike etched glass where the design is added to clear glass post-production textured glass has the pattern pressed into the glass during manufacture while the glass is still in its molten state on the production line.

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Safe Consultations. Once Godzilla manages to catch Megaguirus's stinger in his mouth and bite it off, she's completely defenseless, and goes down to a single shot of his Atomic Breath. Katniss of The Hunger Games is a quickdraw with a bow and takes out several competitors in seconds.

Compared to the opposition, she is untrained in how to fight up close, and is slowed down significantly by relatively minor injuries. Mad Max : A psychological application of the trope in the form of the Nightrider. While most of the pursuit has him in total control of both the situation and his faculties, taunting the MFP relentlessly over the radio, one near-miss with Max reduces him to a blubbering, insecure, terrified wreck.

Marvel Cinematic Universe : Scarlet Witch has immensely powerful telekinesis, but she has to concentrate on whatever she wants to affect and seems to take a short time to ramp up to full strength. This makes her nearly unbeatable if she can focus on a single opponent notably in Avengers: Endgame where she completely overpowers Thanos one-on-onebut much more vulnerable against unexpected attacks and any hit that does get through disrupts her current focus such as in Captain America: Civil War where during a mission she accidentally destroys an office building.

Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home has full control of his Attack Drones disguised as Elementals, whose holographic projections are capable of warping their senses as well as pelting them to death with bulletswhich Pressed Against Glass him incredibly deadly when out of reach.

However, Beck himself has the resilience of an ordinary human to the point that, when Peter manages to close the distance and find him, he goes down rather easily without putting up much of a fight. In The Mighty Ducks trilogy, the titular team provides an athletic example. They use lots of Confusion Fu on offense, but their defense is rather lacking.

This is pointed out in the third movie by Coach Orion, who teaches them how to play "two-way" hockey. Orion: I've seen your tapes.

I know you can score goals; I just don't know if you can stop them. Their only form of attack is their war-cry, and rather than fight back at you they will concentrate on absorbing enough energy from the earth to be able to make the war-cry. The moment one of them manages to do so, you will die.

If even one of your attacks misses, you're dead. Deliberately invoked in the series. When the USE attacks Denmark with ironclad warships more advanced than anything else at the time, Prince Ulrik counters by building a fleet of longboats armed with spar torpedoes. Being little more than large rowboats, they're easily gunned down by the USE navy, but they can be built sufficient numbers to swarm the larger battleshipsand, if they get close enough, it only takes one good torpedo hit to disable an ironclad.

In the Bolo books, there are Enemy units that are just counter-grav platforms mounting Hellbores. They can be easily swatted by said supertanks, but can be a problem if allowed to attack. They aren't One-Hit Kill -capable, but the numbers are always on their side.

In The Dresden Files Harry mentions that wizards are like this; for all of the magical firepower they can throw around, they are still mortal humans and still need all of their squishy internals to work. They can mitigate this somewhat with defensive enchantments like projected shields and bulletproof clothing, but these are still subject to limits.

Harry also frequently ntes that most supernatural creatures are Made of Iron compared to humans. Jade in Fallocaust is one of, if not the most powerful character in a series full of them. However, he lacks the pure muscle of some of his brothers, and several characters manage to incapacitate him by virtue of getting a lucky hit in. In Honor Harrington there are several ships like this. At one end of the extreme are outdated Solarian Navy ships which put more focus on offensive weapons than counter missiles and point defense lasers.

Likewise, Maya's Arsenal ships which are capable of carrying thousands of long range missiles, but are just converted freighters and have no defense at all.

Special mention to HMS Wayfarer and her sisters: converted freighters, sluggish and armored for crap, but carrying super-dreadnought-class main guns capable of carving up a battlecruiser like a roast turkey, a complement of light-attack craft capable of laying down significant hurt in their own right, and, oh yeah, the first roll-out of the Manitcoran Missile Massacre. Honor's first cruiser, the HMS Fearless was refitted with weapons that would allow it to kill far bigger ships.

But the weapons' ridiculously short range and the lack of any decent defenses resulted in a single resounding success during the first fleet exercise, and getting 'destroyed' in every exercise thereafter once the opponents had realized the threat and decided to give some payback for the first success.

Fortunately for them it worked again against an actual enemy who thought the defenses of the Fearless were spent and closed to point blank range to eliminate them. The Manticoran LACs introduced in Echoes of Honor are armed with battlecruiser grade grasers, but they're not very survivable should an opponent decide to focus on them.

In universe, LACs in general are described as "eggshells armed with hammers". The Hunger Games : Despite being quick-thinking, agile, and a good shot with a bow and arrow, years of being underfed really limits how much stress Katniss's body can take.

Not surprisingly the Lensman universe plays with this one, but the vulnerable sluggers are always accompanied by copious numbers of their exact opposite — ships that are all shield and nothing else sometimes not even a human crew. There are, however, usually large numbers of balanced ships in the same fleet. Coinshots in Mistborn are a kind of Misting who have only one power: the ability to telekinetically shoot metal away from their bodies.

This makes them able to dish out a ton of damage, since a Coinshot with a pouch of money is basically a human machine gun, but they have no greater ability to resist damage than anyone else. Have a half-dozen Coinshots protected by about the same number of Thugs Mistings who can increase their strength, speed, and durability to superhuman levels though, and you've got yourself a small but very effective army.

Pressed Against Glass averted in The Alloy of Lawas firearms have become commonplace, and Coinshots are possibly the only Mistings who can reliably deflect bullets Lurchers, who have the opposite ability, generally pull bullets toward a metal plate carried on their chest.

Leila in the Night Prince series. A human ordinarily couldn't hope to defeat even the youngest vampire, yet with her electricity whip, Leila once killed a group of five vampires. Before that, she took out a group of three. This is purely an offensive power, though; she's as fragile as any other human. Deathpoint in The Reckoners Trilogy can kill almost anyone just by pointing at them but lacks a "prime invincibility", meaning that he can be killed just as easily as anybody else.

Second Apocalypse : Anasurimbor Inrilatas is half Dunyain by birth, inheriting his Lightning Bruiser father's strength, speed and intellect. However, when he attacks a fellow Dunyain descendant, Maithanet, he gets his face crushed in, causing Maithanet to sneer that he had "his mother's bones. She has, however, demonstrated the ability to cancel the Siberian projectionwhich no other cape in history has managed to do. She was also able to kill a cloned Grey Boy which had only been done previously by one of the most powerful characters in the story.

It's later revealed her power literally cannot be defended against, even by other superpowers. Shatterbird's power is to control glass. She can cause serious citywide devastation by using her powers to shatter all the glass in her range, but her powers give her no defensive buffs aside from using glass as makeshift armor, unlike most of he other Slaughterhouse 9 members, who generally survive joining by having something up their sleeves to protect them when pissed-off heroes inevitably land hits.

Live-Action TV. Agents of S. Most of them only gain one power, and while that power tends to be very useful, they generally lack anything else to protect them. In particular, the series' lead Daisy Johnson has a power that is comparable to The Incredible Hulk in terms of damage she can dish out, but excessive use of it can injure her and beyond that she's a rather short woman who, while exceptionally combat trained and more resilient than most, can still be overpowered and outmatched by stronger combatants or numbers.

Both are, essentially, artillery ships. They are armed significantly better than a Glorious Heritage -class cruiser like Andromeda Ascendantbut they lack any fighters and their defenses have been reduced to make room for more offensive missile tubes. They are to appear on the battlefield, launch a Macross Missile Massacre 60 missile tubes on the Fist and on the Siegeand then disappear back into slipstream before the enemy has a chance to retaliate.

There were hundreds of Righteous Fist of Heaven -class ships in the Commonwealth Space Navybut they were in the process of replacing them with the newer Siege Perilous class when the Nietzscheans rebelled. Only three of the latter were completed Balance of Judgment and Wrath of Achillesand one was destroyed in drydock.

Babylon 5 has the Centauri warships. Their firepower is high enough that they usually destroy their targets with one or two shots, and their rate of fire is high enough that a single Centauri battlecruiser overwhelmed the station's Interceptors faster than multiple EarthForce warships would be able to in other occasions, but once you manage to hit them they go down quickly.

Game of Thrones : While riding her dragons, Daenerys is a person of mass destruction, capable of sinking an entire fleet of ships by herself and managing to deal a massive blow against a good third of the Lannister army during the Battle of the Goldroad.

Having said that, outside of her immunity to fire, Daenerys is still as vulnerable as any normal human being to blades and arrows. When she lands with Drogon on the ground to remove a scorpion bolt from him, she is practically defenceless to Jaime's do-or-die charge and she likely would have been run through if Drogon hadn't interposed himself between them. Kamen Rider : Kuuga's Pegasus Form grants Kuuga enhanced senses at the cost of overlording his brain if he uses it too much.

This form grants him the Pegasus Bowgun, which shoots out a powerful air of arrow, but needs to be reloaded. It has the weakest defense out of Kuuga's base five forms. Kamen Rider Blade : Garren's base Ace Form is specific tailored for its gunslinger-oriented design and with Rouze Cards combos, Sakuya can attack much harder and defeat Undead with little difficulty from its strong attacks. However, its defense is the worst out of the four riders, and needs to constantly be on the offensive at close and long range.

Tachibana's health in the beginning also attributes to his form's weak defense in the beginning. Kiva's Bassaha Form can one shot opponents with its Bassaha Magum, has sharp vision for firing accuracy, is good for aquatic combat, and can create water on dry land. However, its physically weaker than Kiva's baseDoggaand Garulu forms and Kiva has a tough time tanking attacks or tiring out while in Bassaha Form. To compensate for its lack of close combat, Ryugen can overpower his opponents with its long range abilities and strong Dragon blasts.

Drive's Type Deadheat is much stonger than his three main basic forms in all categories but is risky to use from going berserk and damages Shinnosuke physical if he battles in it for too long due to exposure from the Dead Zone. He has more offensive potential due Pressed Against Glass his ranged weapons but also has moves that can hurt himself and cause collateral damage if he's not careful.

David Haller from Legion is possibly the most powerful mutant everwith immensely strong telekinesistictelepathicand Reality Warper abilities. The boxer delivers a flurry of punches that stagger Superman. For a moment it looks like Superman is actually on the ropes, but then he simply flicks the boxer in the forehead and knocks him out.

The Outer Limits episode "The Camp" has super strong robots that are ludicrously fragile. An untrained woman can tear them to pieces. In robot combat events, such as Robot Wars and BattleBotsfull-body spinners robots with a chassis that rapidly spins and has blades, spikes, or hammers attached to it tend to fall into this category: While they are able to deliver some of the strongest attacks ever seen in robot combat, any opponent who can slip through their offense or can withstand multiple blows without breaking can easily and quickly render them useless.

In particular is Maulerwhich is infamous for getting tipped upside-down by pretty much anything that its spinning doesn't wreck first, such as with a light tap from Jabberwock. Any robot with a flywheel too. Designers, forced to shed weight to ensure it's light enough to compete, often go for shedding armour first. Flywheels also tended to have enormous recoil when they struck something, causing damage to internal components. One of the best examples would be Robot Wars ' Hypno-disc, which became the reason bots had to invest on heavier armor after utterly tearing apart another bot in its very first match, and would generally mangle its opponents spectacularly.

But it had the problem the rest of its chassis was rather frail and easy to shove around, and a bot with enough armor could simply outlast it by tanking its strikes until it tore itself apart.

Most of its losses were from having taken so much damage even after a Curb-Stomp Battle it had to battle with incomplete repairs. Nightmare from Battlebots is one of the finest examples in robot combat. The details have changed over the years, but at its essence Nightmare's basically a monstrous vertical flywheel mounted on a spindly, easy-to-tip three-wheeled frame with exposed tires although it did get wheel guards for the reboot. Whenever Nightmare fights, someone is leaving the Battlebox in pieces — usually depending on who gets the first hit.

Deep Six's version consists of an enormous vertical spinning bar that alone takes up over half of the robot's weight.

The rest of the robot exists mainly to allow that bar to spin and move about. As a result, of its three matches fought that year, two of them ended in it eliminating itself from the fight by recoil — on its first hit. In Star Trek: Deep Space NineJem'Hadar Fighters are able to deal heavy damage, at least early on, with only a few bursts of their phased polaron beams, but a few phaser cannon shots or a single torpedo are enough to either cripple or destroy them.

This is deliberate on part of the Dominion, with the Fighters being cheap but deadly throwaway ships with minimal and expendable crew, and no features that aren't essential to combat.

Super Sentai : Lou from Choushinsei Flashman. An Action Girl functioning as the secondary muscle of the team, Lou relies on kick attacks more often as a possible way to conserve her physical strength due to even her strongest and punch based attacks easily exhausting herself in battle.

Luka Millfy from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger is not only the strongest fighter on her team, she's also the most evasive due to her lower physique and choosing to only focus on melee combat, leaving her open to attack. Taako from The Adventure Zone is an insanely powerful wizard, capable of casting giant fireballs and missiles of pure magical energy, and has on one occasion dealt damage with one hit.

He also has pathetically weak armor and low max-HP, meaning he can get knocked out of the fight with just a few solid hits, and needs healing most often out of all of his teammates.

Kieron is imbued with momentous arcane poweras well as the durability of a dry twig. Antares from Sequinox can dish out a decent level of damage, but has next to no defence and therefore has to hide behind her Scorpie minions. Professional Wrestling. Masakatsu Funaki in both pro wrestling and mixed martial arts, the latter even more so. Susceptible to take downs and no chin, he relied on simply submitting you before you hit him.

Kevin Nashbig guy around seven feet tall, likes to brag about how badass he is, tears his quadriceps by stepping through ring ropes. Many power wrestlers tend to be injury prone, such as Mark Henry and Gangrel and Jazz. Batista 's case was lampshaded by Triple Hwho teased an Evolution reunion to deal with Legacy, only to reject the idea because Randy was a jerk and Dave was always hurt.

AJ : in response to Dave calling him a Spot Monkey I think it's funny that a guy who takes a bump and tears his back tells me I don't know how to wrestle. In American Footballquarterbacks can do punishing damage throwing the ball downfield and serve as the offense's field general. Mobile quarterbacks like Dak Prescott or Deshaun Watson have the speed to evade defenders, but exposing themselves out of the pocket keeps the trope in force: both quarterbacks have suffered gruesome injuries — Prescott a compound fracture of the leg when tackled on a run during a game, Watson tearing an ACL in practice running a read-option play — trying to make plays on the go.

One of the league's hardest hitters, maybe the best safety in all of football Sanders frequently spent half the regular season on the injured list, which might be because he played so hard all the time, running full-force into offensive players on every play.

The Colts finally released him after the season, and Sanders played one more injury-shortened season for the Chargers before being dropped for good. The Eagles' Michael Vick fits the archetype perfectly. With his freakish speed and arm strength, Vick is the single most dangerous playmaker in the league In 9 seasons, he's played all 16 games only once, and has spent quite a few contests limited due to one injury or another.

Not counting the 2 seasons he missed while answering to " Federal Inmate ". Dan Marino of the Miami Dolphins is frequently ranked as one of the NFL's greatest quarterbacks of all time, setting or breaking numerous records. Sadly, during his professional career, the Dolphins had one of the worst defenses in the league.

It probably didn't help that he wore the 13 jersey. Hockey player Eric Lindros was called the "Next One" by pro scouts in the late s, in reference to Wayne Gretzky's nickname of the "Great One" as the single best player to ever put on skates.

Lindros seemed to have it all, from massive size to impressive speed to a gifted scoring touch. When he made it to the National Hockey League, he was one of the most dominant players in the league The Houston Rockets, under the same head coach as the Seven Second Suns in Mike D'Antoni, suffered similar fates in the postseason with one of the most potent offenses in the league but an inability to stop anyone in turn.

In baseball, the Colorado Rockies, although part of it is out of their control. Coors Field in Colorado is a mile above sea level, and the thin air exponentially boosts fly balls to incredible degrees, even with the somewhat deep field dimensions. This, in effect, has turned the Colorado Rockies franchise into baseball's perpetual Glass Cannon; no matter the roster, they will be atop offensive categories in the league and at the bottom in pitching.

While the Rockies have no trouble developing or signing hitters, developing or convincing pitchers to come there is a whole other story. This forces Colorado into simply bludgeoning teams to win at home, since they can even the odds against teams with superior pitching, who will be negated by the altitude of the park.

Mixed martial artists : Alistair Overeem is known for two things: his freakish knockout power and his glass chin. Brock Lesnar was known for his incredible speed and strength, which he used to ragdoll heavyweights and pummel them into paste Johnny Walker became infamous for this. Out of all the 23 fights in his record, only five went past round one. He either completely destroys his opponent or gets destroyed in the first round. Andrei Arlovski had excellent hand speed and punching power, but was notoriously easy to knock out.

Sadly, it appears the American press often doesn't need any outside help when it comes to censoring themselves. This time it would be the biggest mistake for the Western press to repeat that—absolutely the biggest mistake. But the most important point I want to make is about what the press does now. And finally, this is who most of our political press is—gullible enough to be surprised by either of the first two. If the "Y" Pressed Against Glass lot press their advantage they may cut off the enemy troops on the toe of the Peninsula.

He does well to be proud of his men and of the way they played up to-day when he called upon them to press back the enemy. He was to pay one third of the amount before the book went to pressthe balance he was to pay within a reasonable time.

Here, Mr. Slocum paused to wipe his spectacles, and the wife seized the opportunity to press the question. In addition to the idioms beginning with press. New Word List Word List. The first method uses metal anchors and metal threaded through the surface of the board. They appear as exposed metal studs at all four corners, and are most popular in frameless models. For the second mounting method, glass whiteboards are hung with heavyweight hardware similar to that used for hanging framed pictures.

Glass whiteboards can also include convenience features, such as an accessory rack to hold markers and erasers. There are some glass whiteboard models that are magnetized, which is convenient Pressed Against Glass educators or others who utilize magnetic shapes, letters, and numbers.

Many colors and some magnetic models are available in this price range. They often take up a significant amount of wall space and utilize the highest quality glass. Purchase markers and erasers at the same time. Consider the size of the room. Room size affects how large your glass whiteboard can be. Be mindful of rings and jewelry. Sharp-edged jewelry, especially diamond rings, can scratch glass. Try to avoid direct contact between your jewelry and your glass whiteboard to keep both in pristine condition.

This model has a frameless design, which makes it a perfect addition to a modern, minimalist office. And you have other options as well, because this product is available in six sizes. Choose between a 9 x 12 inch board and a 12 x 16 inch model. It also embraces an ultra-minimalist look.

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