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How Can I Get You The real thing 2. Talk to me 3. Should have loved you more 4. Freeway 5. Make a little time 6. The one to cry 7. Rich Boy 8. Don't look back 9. Gonna be our night Belle Full version Talk to me Energy mix by that black Can you feel the love Rhytm of my heart We will…. MTV 3. Welcome to Russia 9. Party for Everybody GUF 8. FEDUK - 27 6. Hero 3. Sen Eding 4.

Christmas day 6. Ishon 2. Kechir Meni 3. Ovora Право На Выбор - Гарик* - 5:0 В Мою Пользу! (DVD) 4. Qushcha 5. Mening Shaxzodam 6. Netay 7. Hope 8. Ishongin 9. Sen Kelma Soxta Sevgi Arabika 2. EMIN 8. EMIN 6. Reels 2. Saltarella Tarantella 3. Bailar 4. La Sansonette 8. Lazersong 9. EP 1. We Got Enough 3. Aids 2. Outro Game For You 9. Leila 3. RE-pac …. Reality 9. Love me tonight 2. Boys and girls 3. Its name is Greek and its origin is Babylonian — not Jewish.

Greeks were using this system for occult practice years before Jews were. Indeed, it seems Jews picked it up through contact with the Greeks, although it may have entered Judaism during the Babylonian exile. Either way, it is not by origin a Jewish concept. Philologos reports: Gematria does not begin with the rabbis, though, nor even with the Greeks; its earliest use on record is Babylonianand it occurs in an inscription dating from the reign of Sargon II BCEsaying that he built the wall of the city of Khorsabad to be 16, cubits in length because that was the number equaled by the letters of his name — the full, honorific form of which was much longer.

From the Babylonians, gematria spread to the Greeks, who called it isopsepha equal counting and used it widely for magical and occult purposes. But it was in medieval Judaism that gematria was most systematically employed for a wide variety of religious purposesranging from halachic reasoning to kabbalistic theosophy to messianic speculations on the times and dates Право На Выбор - Гарик* - 5:0 В Мою Пользу!

(DVD) redemption. The 17th-century messianic movement of Sabbatianismbuilt Право На Выбор - Гарик* - 5:0 В Мою Пользу! (DVD) the figure of purported messiah Sabbatai Zeviresorted to gematria repeatedly in its efforts to prove that the latter was indeed the Redeemer. In the Lubavitchers purchased a small collegiate-gothic-style Brooklyn building once a medical clinic at Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, for the sixth Rebbe, Yoseph Yitzchak Schneersonwho had recently Право На Выбор - Гарик* - 5:0 В Мою Пользу!

(DVD) to the United States to escape Nazi persecution. Ina year after his passing, his son-in-law Menachem Mendel Schneerson officially accepted the title of the seventh Lubavitch Rebbe, and inherited a congregation decimated in numbers by the holocaust. A 13th is under construction in Cleveland, U. A and, rumor has it, another is being planned in Santiago, Chile.

The film had a March 9th DVD release. First I'd like to thank the many people both in the U. Among the many who ordered, we spotted, from the e-mail address he used to place the order, one of America's top scientists. Our privacy policy forbids us from disclosing his name, but we are of course elated that this eminent gentleman is taking an interest in our work.

Is this a harbinger of better things to come for our truth mission? Yom Kippurthat glorious orgy of rabbinic self-congratulation, begins Friday evening, Oct. Say what? It's called kaparot. It doesn't fit the misty, gauzy, Spielbergian image of Orthodox Judaism, does it? Talmudists shlugging twirling a chicken over their heads in the belief that by reciting the Mahzor prayers while doing so, they are transferring their sins to the chicken!

Kaparot is the pre-Yom Kippur voodoo that the media are reluctant to report. When they do report it they usually omit the twirling and the belief in sin transference to the unfortunate fowl.

China's news agency, in covering the kaparot rites in Jerusalem this week, reduced them to nothing more than "the symbolic slaughter of chickens as an act of atonement. Judaism's kaparot ritual is such a patently pagan rite that it has the power to shock even gullible goyim out of their hypnotic slumber.

The first 40 seconds of this rare kaparot video features the actual chicken shlugging the rest of the video shows believers dumping crumbs into the water, preceded by a cacophony of rabbinic clamor. After the kaparot voodoo concludes, the perjurer's ceremony begins: on Yom Kippur the infamous rite of Kol Nidrei takes placealmost always explained away to the outside world as a blessed ritual of begging God for forgiveness for oaths that were violated, contracts that were broken and promises that were not kept in the past year.

The trouble is, that pious picture is a phony. Kol Nidrei is actually a ceremony Право На Выбор - Гарик* - 5:0 В Мою Пользу! (DVD) 1. That's the actual reality of Yom Kippur's Kol Nidrei rite, and it's one reason why Yom Kippur is the best-attended of all of Judaism's synagogue ceremonies. Part C. Skilled Independent. Systems manager. Additional cord of left ventricle cavity». All inclusive. I am Russian. How are you? I hope you're OK? It's Gospel truth! Where is your boarding card?

Annual limit covered.

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