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Saint attempts to reason with Mithrax by citing humanity's fear of the Fallen, but Mithrax responds by citing Saint as a monster himself in the Eliksni's eyes, telling a story of Saint's genocide of his people.

Saint takes this to heart, and becomes empathetic towards the Eliksni. After discussing the matter with Osiris and Ikora, the latter intends to keep the news secret within the Vanguard. However, Lakshmi was able to learn the truth via anonymous sources. As she attempts to broadcast to the people of the Last City, Ikora intervenes and asks the citizens to unite with the Vanguard and the Eliksni to drive out the Vex threat. After navigating through several Taken-overcome Vex simulations to triangulate Quria's position for Mithrax, the Guardian fights through a final layered simulation filled with Taken and Vex forces and defeats Quria, seemingly ending the immediate threat to the Last City, and the endless night simulation begins to slowly dissipate.

Lakshmi seems grateful that the immediate threat is gone, however, she still does not have faith in the current Vanguard's leadership, believing Ikora and Zavala should be replaced. Despite the city returning to a peaceful state after Quria's defeat, Lakshmi continues to fear the Eliksni presence.

She announces a city-wide sweep of all the Eliksni by the Future War Cult and New Monarchy, claiming Osiris is helping them, to isolate them to the Botza District and use Vex technology to try to open a rift to exile the Eliksni through, but they are overwhelmed by Vex that emerge from the portal.

They are unaware of Osiris, watching these events from afar before departing. In the aftermath, Saint believes they have entered a new era of peace between humanity and Eliksni due to their combined efforts. She also worries that Osiris is still missing, and that he need only reveal himself to clear his name from Lakshmi's implications. Following the Vex incursion of the Last City and defending the Eliksni from the Vex, Osiris' role in Lakshmi's rebellion is brought into question, and Ikora orders for his arrest.

She at first is surprised to see Crow, but then realizes that he has become a Guardian and has no memories from being her brother Uldren whom she thought was dead. Mara also holds some contempt for how the Vanguard has treated Crow, recognizing a glimmer of Uldren's personality within him, and urges the Guardians to help protect him. To aid in their battles with Xivu Arath's forces, Mara helps the Guardian relocate Ager's Scepter, a weapon created for Uldren from the same materials as the Compass but hidden away by him before he had become Crow.

Traumatized by this revelation, Crow begs Ikora to reassign him elsewhere in order to stay far away from the Witch Queen.

Unveiled on June 9,Beyond Light was originally scheduled for release on September 22, ; however, due to issues with development, its launch was delayed to November During Year 3, seasonal content was only accessible during the season it was active.

Some seasonal triumphs, however, can only be completed during their respective season. Bungie also stated that the narrative across each season would be more interconnected instead of being cut into individual seasonal arcs.

Season of the Chosen then began and will conclude on May Destiny 2 ' s size over its first three years had grown too large for Bungie to efficiently update and maintain, creating several software bugs when they introduced new content. The total content had reached about GB and often required large patches with some updates.

Rather than focus on developing a Destiny 3Bungie decided to work on refreshing the current Destiny 2 content and address the state of the game with Beyond Light. Five of the game's previous main worlds Titan, Io, Mars, Mercury, and the Leviathan area were removed from the game and placed in the DCV along with certain activities, including the campaigns, raids, weapons, armor, and items associated with those worlds.

The DCV also includes all of the content from the original Destiny game. After Beyond LightBungie plans to go back to areas in the DCV and remaster them over time so that they can be better incorporated into the game at a later time as seen with Earth's Moon location in the previous Shadowkeep expansion. Bungie announced in February that the planned November release of the next major expansion, The Witch Queenwas pushed back to earlywith Lightfall pushed back to earlyas Bungie said they wanted to shift to doing big releases in the spring instead of the fall.

In addition to ongoing issues with the COVID pandemic, Bungie felt it was necessary to spend the time on the core client to both conclude the Light and Darkness Saga that will conclude with Lightfall.

It was also announced that the Light and Darkness Saga is Morning Light (Original Mix) the first saga in the Destiny franchise, with a new saga to begin after one final chapter that will be released after Lightfalltitled The Final Shape. Cross-platform play between all supported platforms was formally added on the launch of Season Beyond Light features a major shift in the way that Destiny 2 has presented story content to players.

Earlier seasons and expansions would simply have content tied to the completion of missions or connected to in-game lore, so that players would have received a bit of story content at the start of a new expansion or season and then wait until the next expansion or season for more.

Starting in Season of Arrivals from Shadowkeepthe Bungie narrative team looked to make a more serialized approach where the stories would be more upfront to players and would be spread out over six to eight weeks similar to a serialized television show, which gave the team more room to include additional characters and facets that they had within the Destiny universe, according to senior narrative lead Julia Nardin.

They also made sure that each season's story had a complete self-contained plot, but one that fit into the larger narrative arc they were crafting. Nardin said "We Morning Light (Original Mix) that we wanted to give the player face time with her That allows the player to emotionally invest in something or in someone, and that automatically raises the stakes for the expansion.

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There's just something about being fully exposed and with nothing to hide that brings partners closer together, she adds. Credits taken from Evolver liner notes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Malay KP. Retrieved June 15, Going for Adds. Radio and Records. Archived from the original on September 16, Recording Industry Association of America. DJ Booth. Retrieved June 17, Los Angeles Times.

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