Lhomme Du Nord

Indeed, in February, the city council agreed to the connections at the departmental telephone network; but it was not until September the phone system was installed at the town hall. Another important event for the yearthe train stop, being anticipated for 36 years, was inaugurated by the prefect of the Sarthe on 12 August The stop at this station was discontinued September and the railroad crossing in Genetay in October The Boisgeorgiens living behind the railway must now make a big detour to reach the village 4 kilometres 2.

The year saw the creation of a postal office in the town. The post office was purchased February then rebuilt by the municipality.

A true Post Office opened April The communal pool of Homond, located at impasse de la Mare, which had dried up years before, was sold in August The water tower was built inproviding, finally, the drinking water and running water in the commune.

A few months later, the laundry, on the Orne champenoise, was removed. Municipal buildings are electrified during Junewhile street lighting was installed in January The town began to electrify the outer parts of the village during Augustinitially with: a Grande Locherie. The first paved road from the town was the main communication road No.

In JanuaryMrs. Devaux donated a clock to the church. Unfortunately, the tower was bombed on 18 June and the clock stopped working. Funny detail: since the cock of the church was in very poor condition, the city council decided on 11 December to put it out of its misery with one shot. The rectory, which was almost destroyed, is completely renovated.

The grand opening took place on 22 Lhomme Du Nordby Mr. In the sad aftermath of the First World War, a memorial was erected in front of the church in Maywith dozens of deaths recorded for this small town of less than inhabitants.

It was moved in March to the back of the church during the redevelopment of the site. The Girls School now part of the old kindergarten was built in Many works ensuing to expand the two schools boys and girls until The new kindergarten was completed in July Central heating was installed at the same time on the old part. The new elementary school opened in The truck scale was installed in in Town Hall Square, unused for years, was sold to Mr. The first sewers were installed in town in Augustmaking a house collapse.

A major part of the work continued in the springwith the arrival of gas mains in the village. In Maythe new City Hall was opened. It is still located in the old school, which became too small and required extensive repairs. The decision to rebuild was then preferred. The twenty-first century is still in its early years. Also, it is not really easy to have a perspective on the important events of these 10 years.

Untilit bothered no on that the school of Saint-Georges-du-Bois had no name. Following a suggestion by the school council, the school was named Groupe scolaire Trompe-Souris Trompe-Souris School group on 13 Februarythe name of the farm that worked the fields where the school is located.

Then, after many years of study and financial research, the new cafeteria was built in compliance with the High Environmental Quality HEQ standards.

At the same time, much work was done on the school grounds: the kindergarten as renovated, a new playground, a new preschool. In the area of infrastructure, in JuneSaint-Georges-du-Bois was linked to the digital world. But at the same time, the post office closed its doors on 31 December as a result of a unilateral decision by the management of the French Post Office.

A communal postal agency was created in the offices of the mayor and opened on 2 January Over the last 30 years, there has been grocery stores in the town. These shops, at first independent, were supported and assisted by the town several times. Changing owners many times, managers and teachers the town even purchased the walls rented to the merchant.

Despite this, the store closed its doors in Also, the opening, on 22 Augusta convenience store of square metres 7, sq ft finally restored the grocery trade.

Under construction throughout the yearthe town center is undergoing a profound change. The networks that were renovated or replaced: rainwater, drinking water, sanitation, landfill, electricity and telephone networks.

The second phase, inextended this project over several hundred meters. Finally, the last major project of the city: the new waste-water treatment plant. Reached saturation, and not respecting the future European standards, is fully modified and effluents from below of future standards.

The station was inaugurated on In recent years, the town has worked on projects with a commitment to quality that is recognized nationally. Thus, to date, the town has received three awards for his work [ citation needed ]. Following a national competition organized by the Association of Mayors of France and Dexiaon 16 Junethe town was awarded a trophy for quality of the renovation of its rectory. The renovated rectory was dedicated on 22 September by M. On 20 Septemberthe ACO Automobile Club of the West presented the road safety trophy to the town for the accommodations made over CD chicanesspeed bumpspedestrian pathways and crosswalks [ citation needed ].

Saint-Georges-du-Bois applied citing the new educational garden of the school. The project of the town was awarded 2nd prize in the "local" category with the project "Awareness program for children in water conservation. Creating an educational garden at the school, following the construction of the new school cafeteria two citations HQE. The gardens are watered with rainwater. Each child is responsible Lhomme Du Nord a block of the garden.

In Septembera boisgeorgienne delegation was received by Saint Bartholoma. After some discussion, the sister city committee is now dormant. The population of Saint-Georges-du-Bois stagnated for decades. Lack of clean water is probably the reason as it can be noted that the increase in population comes with the arrival of the so-called water on the town in Parc des Hayes ongoing since should reverse this trend over lots, rental houses, apartments and restarting the upwardly mobile population.

Saint-Georges-du-Bois is located in the Academy of Nantes. A public school for boys only existed in Saint-Georges-du-Bois beforeas shown in accounts of local councils. Due to weak finances, the municipality leased space untilwhen a grant from the Department of Public Instruction allowed the purchase of the school building.

Following the Falloux Lawsthe town opened, in a rented house, a public girls' school inalthough this was not mandatory. It moves to a new location inthen inthe municipality launched a project to build a school for girls, at 26 rue de Sable. Finances slowed the project, which was completed in The school has grown from one floor in The school was available, but not free, at least untilthe date of refusal of the council to follow the request of the prefect of making the schools free.

The oldest part of the existing nursery school dates from and has grown since to have a third class. The new part was built inand extended the central heating into the old part.

There were big changes in the construction of a primary school with six classes used to group boys and girls in suitable, dedicated premises. The boys' school was also used for the town hall, and the girls' school was very small. The girls' school then served as home to the school principal, then in to the extended day program.

Thanks to a strong commitment from the Community of Municipalities Bocage Cenomanithe schools are computerized. Thus, for Saint-Georges-du-Bois, there are 23 computers for students. In Mayfollowing a request by the school council, the school was named: Groupe scolaire Trompe-Souris named after an old farmhouse near school.

After four years of study, the new cafeteria was built according to HQE standards, and was to be dedicated by Mr. The old cafeteria, released and renovated, since May houses the extended day program and the library since January The school board is decorated with large frescoes.

They depict the theme linked to the name of the school group: Trompe-Souris. Since the beginning ofthe town is exploring the possibility of remodeling the primary school. Indeed, built inthe thermal insulation is very poor or non-existentthe roof is leaking in many places, the classrooms are too small, and the storage spaces are too small. Also, after several meetings with parents and teachers to discover the requirements, the town is working with a research firm on three possibilities: building a new school and destruction of the present school, enlargement of the school and renovation of the current building, or just the renovation of the current building.

For these three choices, the price criterion is not decisive because all three projects are about the same price: around EUR 2 million. Saint-Georges-du-Bois is no longer the head of communal celebrations for several years, even decades. However, there is a story about a festival. Intwo annual festivals enlivened the small town of St.

George: one was on Sunday after St. George's day 23 Aprilthe second on Sunday after St. Apollonia 9 February. This assembly was moved to the 4th Sunday of September in February to spread the festive dates between neighboring municipalities. Since 24 Maythe welfare office became Centre communal d'action sociale Municipal Social Welfare Centrewas organizing a meal for the aged Since this meal for the aged was held the first Sunday after Saint George 's da. It was offered each year to all Boisgeorgiens over 65 years of age.

The finale takes place on the school grounds and includes the lighting of a bonfire. Saint-Georges-du-Bois for many years has had a health outreach. Even inthe town had established a commission of charity to help the needy. Ina medical assistance service which is transformed into charity office in A medical office was established inwith three general practitioners. The departure and arrival of two general practitioners was planned for the end of first half of The pharmacy, attached to the medical office, is located in the town sinceand was expanded in For other health services hospitals, clinics, specialty hospitals It hosts 25 disabled people.

Nursing facilities are available. Finally, a project to install a home for the elderly is underway. After several private projects were canceled since Novembera public project supported by Sarthe-Habitat was being considered as of May In Lhomme Du Nord, the village installed a sports field on a space adjacent to the schools, the field was expanded in March But it took more than ten years until in Novemberbefore trying to create a sports club.

In Septemberthe village moved Lhomme Du Nord metres 1, ftthe football field to its current location, then in Septemberadded prefabricated changing rooms for the soccer club, remodeled in June In Julya complete soccer training field with equipment was completed. It was refurbished in May The club has, since February moved to more spacious and brighter locker rooms, the old locker rooms are no used for storing old equipment and the snack bar.

The former soccer field was then redeveloped for playing school sports: a track, long jump and high jump pits, and a handball court. The track was used for several years by a roller skate sports club. In Junetwo tennis courts were constructed next to the soccer field. This group was dissolved in March to create a new association dedicated to this sport: "Tennis Club de Saint-Georges-du-Bois". It was also during this period that a local installed courts near the sports field for tennis players.

The village does not have a mult-purpose room for the practice of indoor sports. However, a building project near the soccer field project was being considered in Junebut was abandoned because the costs were too high for local finances. Similar projects were also planned in November and November with the same result. In Junea recreation area began emerging around the soccer fields including a BMX track and a large bowling green. The track was converted into a BMX track in June Finally, each neighborhood or so has a bowling green.

To date, seven smaller field and three multi-use fields are available that regularly come alive. Lacking a sports hall, the range of practical sports in Saint-Georges-du-Bois is necessarily reduced.

Here's the list: [34]. It was printed for some time as a quarterly since May Stopped for a few years, it appeared first Lhomme Du Nord black and white and quarterly from June It was switched to color January The legal deposit is in the municipal library of Angers. Inthe total active population of the village was inhabitants. Defretin »sur shf-lhb.

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