If You See My Little Woman

Being a teenager in the '90s was hard Even if you were rich, popular, and always got your way. Basically, this movie proves that no matter who you are, or how in control you think your life is, the struggle to find love and get the relationship you want is still there.

With some hilarious humor and not-so-subtle wit, Clueless is a '90s movie you have to see if for some reason you already haven't. Stream here. This movie is the '90s movie that is just all too real for any teenage girl or even beyond that who is struggling with breaking down her walls and letting love in.

Its concept is based off of Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew," and, overall, following your gut and falling for the bad boy are all brought to the forefront in this one.

If there's any '90s movie that defies female stereotypes, it's this one. It's the ultimate story of finding unlikely love and learning to not judge a book by it's cover. And, honestly, Julia Roberts and Richard Gere are a total dream when they are together.

Dance with me tonight and I guarantee by next spring, every girl in Concord will be wearing a patch on her dress! We could do a hundred things, Do anything you please. We could fly If You See My Little Woman golden wings, Across the seven seas. Laurie: We could catch a thousand stars, And stand them on a pin. We could leave from here to Mars, And make the planet spin. Take a chance on me… We could be such friends, Friends are never lonely.

Laurence offers to accompany her but she declines, knowing travel would be uncomfortable for the old man. Laurence instead sends John Brooke to do his business in Washington and help the Marches. While in Washington, Brooke confesses his love for Meg to her parents.

They are pleased, but consider Meg too young If You See My Little Woman marry, so Brooke agrees to wait. While Marmee is in Washington, Beth contracts scarlet fever after spending time with a poor family where three children die. As a precaution, Amy is sent to live with Aunt March and replaces Jo as her companion and helper.

Jo, who already had scarlet fever, tends to Beth. After many days of illness, the family doctor advises that Marmee be sent for immediately. Beth recovers, but never fully regains her health and energy. While Brooke waits for Meg to come of age to marry, he joins the military and serves in the war. After he is wounded, he returns to find work so he can buy a house and be ready when he marries Meg. Laurie goes If You See My Little Woman to college. On Christmas Day, a year after the book's opening, the girls' father returns home.

Three years later, Meg and John marry and learn how to live together. When they have twins, Meg is a devoted mother but John begins to feel neglected and left out. Meg seeks advice from Marmee, who helps her find balance in her married life by making more time for wifely duties and encouraging John to become more involved with child rearing. Laurie graduates from college, having put in the effort to do well in his last year with Jo's prompting. Amy is chosen over Jo to go on a European tour with her aunt.

Beth's health is weak due to complications from scarlet fever and her spirits are down. While trying to uncover the reason for Beth's sadness, Jo realizes that Laurie has fallen in love. At first she believes it's with Beth, but soon senses it's with herself.

Jo confides in Marmee, telling her that she loves Laurie like a brother and that she could not love him in a romantic way. Jo decides she wants a bit of adventure and to put distance between herself and Laurie, hoping he will forget his feelings. She spends six months with a friend of her mother who runs a boarding house in New York City, serving as governess for her two children. Jo takes German lessons with another boarder, Professor Bhaer. He has come to America from Berlin to care for the orphaned sons of his sister.

For extra money, Jo writes salacious romance stories anonymously for sensational newspapers. Professor Bhaer suspects her secret and mentions such writing is unprincipled and base.

Jo is persuaded to give up that type of writing as her time in New York comes to an end. When she returns to Massachusetts, Laurie proposes marriage and she declines. Laurie travels to Europe with his grandfather to escape his heartbreak. At home, Beth's health has seriously deteriorated. Jo devotes her time to the care of her dying sister. Laurie encounters Amy in Europe, and he slowly falls in love with her as he begins to see her in a new light.

She is unimpressed by the aimless, idle, and forlorn attitude he has adopted since being rejected by Jo, and inspires him to find his purpose and do something worthwhile with his life. With the news of Beth's death, they meet for consolation and their romance grows. Amy's aunt will not allow Amy to return unchaperoned with Laurie and his grandfather, so they marry before returning home from Europe.

Professor Bhaer is in Massachusetts on business and visits the Marches' daily for two weeks. On his last day, he proposes to Jo and the two become engaged. Because the Professor is poor, the wedding must wait while he establishes a good income by going out west to teach. A year goes by without much success; later Aunt March dies and leaves her large estate Plumfield to Jo. Jo and Bhaer marry and turn the house into a school for boys. They have two sons of their own, and Amy and Laurie have a daughter.

At apple-picking time, Marmee celebrates her 60th birthday at Plumfield, with her husband, her three surviving daughters, their husbands, and her five grandchildren. Meg, the oldest sister, is 16 when the story starts.

She is described as a beauty, and manages the household when her mother is absent. She has long brown hair and blue eyes and particularly beautiful hands, and is seen as the prettiest one of the sisters.

Meg fulfils expectations for women of the time; from the start, she is already a nearly perfect "little woman" in the eyes of the world. Meg is employed as a governess for the Kings, a wealthy local family. Because of their father's family's social standing, Meg makes her debut into high society, but is lectured by her friend and neighbor, Theodore "Laurie" Laurence, for behaving like a snob. Meg marries John Brooke, Laurie's tutor. The sequel, Little Men, mentions a baby daughter, Josephine "Josie" Brooke, [14] who is 14 at the beginning of the final book.

Critics have noted Meg lacks independence, relies entirely on her husband, and is "isolated in her little cottage with two small children". According to Sarah Elbert, "democratic domesticity requires maturity, strength, and above all a secure identity that Meg lacks".

The principal character, Jo, 15 years old at the beginning of the book, is a strong and willful young woman, struggling to subdue her fiery temper and stubborn personality. Second oldest of the four sisters, Jo is boyish, the smartest and most creative one in the family; her father has referred to her as his "son Jo," and her best friend and neighbor, Theodore "Laurie" Laurence, sometimes calls her "my dear fellow," while she alone calls him Teddy.

Jo has a "hot" temper that often If You See My Little Woman her into trouble. With the help of her own misguided sense of humor, her sister Beth, and her mother, she works on controlling it.

It has been said that much of Louisa May Alcott shows through in these characteristics of Jo. Jo loves literature, both reading and writing. She composes plays for her sisters to perform and writes short stories. She initially rejects the idea of marriage and romance, feeling that it would break up her family and separate her from the sisters whom she adores.

On her return home, Laurie proposes marriage to Jo, If You See My Little Woman she rejects, thus confirming her independence. Another reason for the rejection is that the love that Laurie has for Jo is more of a sisterly love, rather than romantic love, the difference between which he was unable to understand because he was "just a boy", as said by Alcott in the book.

After Beth dies, Professor Bhaer woos Jo at her home, when "They decide to share life's burdens just as they shared the load of bundles on their shopping expedition. The marriage is deferred until her unexpected inheritance of her Aunt March's home a year later. According to critic Barbara Sicherman, "The crucial first point is that the choice is hers, its quirkiness another sign of her much-prized individuality.

Jo also writes the first part of Little Women during the second portion of the novel. The wise words of young Amy, rebellious Jo, and Marmee among other characters were inspirational to multiple generations of women—be honest, didn't Jo make you want to be a writer when you grew up? The women in this story were examples of the proud, strong, vulnerable, stubborn women we could all grow into. The Little Women were the ultimate feminists—enjoying all the pleasures of life and never apologizing for their femininity or their tomboyishness, as it were.

I also share her curiosity and fervour to learn. I wanted to be a farmer, an English professor or an archaeologist. But playing one of the March women is very special because you rarely see such well-rounded female characters, who see their own faults, are introspective, and work hard to grow, change and be more generous and kind. They remind us that we have permission to reinvent ourselves. In the novel, Beth is 13 when the story starts.

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