I Dont Think So - Bjarki - "Æ" (Vinyl, Album)

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The Spotnicks. The London Pops Orchestra. CMH Studio Artists. James Valentine. Our Park. Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star. Yoga Pop Ups. Denny Freeman. Arlen Roth. Simon James. Glem det hele men husk hva' du sagde. Kari Tapio. Aallon Rytmiorkesteri. Niin vain on ja olkoon nin. N'y pense plus, tout est bien. Hugues Aufray et son Skiffle Group. N'y pense plus Tout est bien. Hugues Aufray en duo avec Carla Bruni.

Denk' nicht dran. Denk ned noch. Wolfgang Ambros. Toni Vescoli. Bobby Solo. Takk for alt. We just used that recording. I tried to sing it a few times but that magic was really in this first, genuine, distraught, emotional take that I Dont Think So - Bjarki - "Æ" (Vinyl guys are going to hear on the record.

The Jersey Boysso named because they all came from New Jersey, will provide you with the reason why the Four Seasons were so popular. Having an interest in acting I understood that the actor would have to play it from his point of view to some degree. The thing I was most concerned about was the singing. Jack Clark Brand continues to bridge the gap between old school and new school with this rocking country power ballad.

There must be a hundred different reasons why Stayin' here and lovin' you can't be right but tonight I can't think of one There's a lot of places that I need to be There's a lot of people I should go and see but right now I can't think of one I could come up with a million feelings that I'm feelin' Things I wanna do with you tonight But every single reason I thought I had for leavin' They've all seemed to slip my mind So slide a little closer, get next to me If there's a better place on earth that I could be I swear I can't think of one SOLO I could come up with a million feelings that I'm feelin' Things I wanna do with you right now But every single reason I thought I had for leavin' Escapes me somehow I've said it all before but every word is true If there's anything that I don't love about you Oh girl, I can't think of one I swear I can't think of one.

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Retrieved February 12, Longbored Surfer. Archived from the original on March 4, Retrieved August 31, Retrieved September 13, This is an exclusive concert to celebrate and support the work being done at The Association of Recovery Schools. ARS advocates for the promotion, strengthening, and expansion of secondary and post-secondary programs designed for students and families committed to achieving success in both education and recovery.

Too often, students in recovery from alcohol and other drug addictions return to their former school and are faced with the same environment that lead to their addiction. ARS exists to support such schools which, as components of the recovery continuum of care, enroll students committed to being abstinent from alcohol and other drugs and working a program of recovery. Posted by bhowle on July 17, in Concert Calendars.

Local actor Bill Oberst, Jr. Of all the professions that one might choose to pursue, it is arguable that a career in acting provides an arduous balance of unending performance and fleeting reward. And for most who have seriously sought that holy grail, it is more often than not a pursuit that ends in quiet obscurity. Bill Oberst, Jr. A native of Georgetown County, the something actor has followed his love of performing from childhood with a passion that only the most successful in his field attain — and it has not only fulfilled his dreams, but has given a fortunate public one of the greatest talents of our time.

In it, he will encapsulate a career which includes a well-known local career in spot-on portrayals of such luminaries as Lewis Grizzard, Mark Twain, President John F. Kennedy and Jesus of Nazareth. The trick is to make your vocation your occupation, if you can.

From the beginning, his path was fortuitously plowed by a pre-destined series of events. I vividly remember the moment I did my little bit and heard the applause. Here I was, the ultimate unpopular kid, and the other kids were applauding?

For me? I was hooked. We only had one little theater group in town. Thank the Lord for drama in school. Without it I would have been lost. There were other influences. Bill as the very non-southern Gen. I knew nothing. So I just made stuff up. People were very nice to me. That job taught me a huge lesson in life: how to ask for help.

Generally people are willing to help with anything if you ask nicely. People like to feel needed. More flies with honey, you know? And his incredible some would say a genuine reincarnation interpretation of famed southern humorist Lewis Grizzard is, quite frankly, the stuff of legends.

His portrayal of John F. A deeply spiritual and giving person, Oberst gives back by staging a first person recreation of the teachings of Jesus. So when he made the decision to go for the brass ring and moved out to Hollywood some three years ago, it was a literal tossing of the dice, as with all who make the trek. But Bill Oberst, Jr. In a place where the daily fare of public personas in Tinseltown seems to read more like a tabloid than an inspiring tale, his character, kindness as a person and a deeply spiritual background served him well.

To date, Oberst has appeared in over 40 projects on the big and small screen in a wide variety of roles. Oberst has just been cast as a demon in the upcoming feature film The Last Supper opposite Oscar-nominated veteran actor Robert Loggia.

The film relates the Biblical story of the Last Supper as told through the eyes of the Apostles. Loggia plays the Apostle Peter, who narrates the film. Howle: Who were the biggest influences on you as far as your interest in acting and theatre? Oberst: I have always loved monsters. I always identified with them and even sympathized with them, because I felt like one myself. So the old classic monster movies were a big influence.

I wanted to be like people whose careers had ended before I was born. I wanted to be Lon Chaney. I wanted to be Boris Karloff.

I practiced walking like The Wolfman. I wanted to make movies like that. I went into stage first, because there was no chance of my ever making movies being a kid from Georgetown County, SC. I enjoyed the stage immensely for 12 years, but I find it very satisfying that I finally ended up in Hollywood doing what I wanted to do as a kid. Sometimes God allows life to still hold a few surprises for us, even after 40! Oberst: There are no words to describe what a tough, tough environment this is.

Everyone wants to make it here. It is a harsh place to be and there is no mercy shown by the industry to a newcomer. There are too many newcomers every day for anyone to notice or care.

It is brutal. After 3 years here, I am somewhat known by some people in some circles, and I work pretty regularly, but there are still times when I think I will never work again. Howle: How did you find your way into the horror genre? I played a very disturbed and possibly murderous high school principal. It was a nice supporting role and I was lucky to book it right after I got here. Oddly, my two biggest budget and highest prestige projects were not in that field at all.

Howle: What were the biggest suprises that you found in the industry? Good and bad? The good news is that the food on set is really, really good! Howle: Has it been a surprise to find that there is such a cross-working network of contacts that overlap different genres of film and TV work?

Yes I have been surprised to find how small a world the film and TV industry is, especially on the production side. It is yet another reason to be nice to everybody in the business…they all talk! Howle: What have been the projects that have given you the greatest satisfaction?

I wanted badly to prove him right and make him proud, because he had gone to bat for me with the network to get me hired. I also loved playing Lewis Grizzard and hearing that sweet sound of laughter for 10 years.

Oberst: Being back home is a balm to my soul. I love it. I wish I could make a living doing what I love there. I dearly wish it. Howle: What are your goals as you continue to expand your acting horizons? Oberst: To keep on making a living doing what I love is plenty for me.

Everything else is gravy. Howle: Is there anyone you would like to acknowledge in helping you achieve your goals to this point? Oberst: All God all the time. God and family. God and family and friends. God and family and friends and a thousand people who have been kind to me. Howle: Any advice to someone wanting to pursue a career in acting? All phases of the acting career take hard work and dedication.

What I mean to say is, if you can imagine yourself being happy doing anything else for a living, do that instead. Acting is a bitch of career path. It is uncertain, unstable, not merit-based, full of rejection and virtually guaranteed to break your heart many times over. But if you have to do it; if it burns so hotly in you that you just have to do it; by all means do.

That means it is your gift, and you are obligated to give that gift back to others by living out the vocation God has graciously given you. I ran, but it caught me. If this is your vocation, start acting right now. Learn your lines, say your prayers and get out there. Just listen for the applause. Tickets to the June 12, 2 p. Tags: Bill Oberst Jr. Local author Troy D. Nooe, a former Liberty Steakhouse staple, currently works at the Marriott Grand Dunes and has lived in the Myrtle Beach area for close to fifteen years.

His retro mysteries promise to combine Classic Noir Suspense with local historical fact, giving his series an authentic beach feel which is sure to appeal to locals and visitors alike. McKeller is a low budget Private Eye who travels to the beach for a wedding in the first book and ends up staying after being pulled into his first murder case.

His encounters with local characters and landmarks are as important to the plots as the various mysteries he finds himself facing in the land of sun, surf, golf and gators. Nooe is currently at work on the third installment. The new song calls for world unity and strength to support the ongoing struggle against world hunger. Thomas known for blazing a positive I Dont Think So - Bjarki - "Æ" (Vinyl for reggae music with his work.

Formed in Jamaica in the late s, The Wailers are one of the most successful reggae bands of all time, selling million albums, and playing live to an estimated 24 million people worldwide. His new track studio album with 14 original songs and is riding high in the charts sees Stephenson working with legendary reggae producer, Dean Fraser, the mastermind behind the majority of production on Black Gold.

The Wailers have I Dont Think So - Bjarki - "Æ" (Vinyl on to become the most successful reggae band of all time, selling million albums, and playing live to an estimated 24 million people worldwide.

But more than just a bass player, Family Man was also the right-hand man of former band leader Bob Marley. Catch this always-entertaining show at House Of Blues in N. By Brian M. Well you are about to find out. One Dragon is either the most danceable Rock band ever or the most guitar driven dance band since Prince brought out the Revolution.

Did I forget to mention that they can take requests all night if need be? Keep your ears, eyes and soul open and please do believe the Hype.

The Hot Fish Club located at U. For information, call Courtesy RoadRunner Records. The debut effort was stunningly amazing. The sophomore follow up kept true to the first. The new surroundings allowed them to strengthen their relationships as both band members and friends, ultimately a detail that sets Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea above previous recordings.

The raw intensity that pervades the music on this album harkens back to the early days of Black Stone Cherry, when they were a bunch of blue-collar guys just making music together for the hell of it. Sure, this is Southern rock at heart; but the concept is universal: just take what the world gives you and make that work.

The promotion bringsBlack Stone Cherry branded bottles to shelves nationwide through June, including special mp3 offers and a chance to win a trip to meet the band at one of their shows.

Black Stone Cherry is set to have quite the busy spring, with tours with Hinder and Alter Bridge on the horizon:. Hinder, Saving Abel. Avenged Sevenfold, Godsmack, Theory of a Deadman. And tell Ben that Brian sent you. Originally founded in in the Netherlands, Album) Records earned its place as one of the most prominent international independent record labels.

Established primarily as a hard rock label, Roadrunner now boasts depth and variety in its artists. The label has experienced unprecedented success with multi-platinum artists Nickelback and Slipknot, near-platinum Theory of a Deadman, gold-certified Stone Sour and Killswitch Engage, as well as modern heavy hitters Korn, Dream Theater, Megadeth, Trivium and Opeth.

Roadrunner catalog includes now-classic albums from seminal artists such as Type O Negative, Sepultura and King Diamond. For more information about Roadrunner, visit: www. HowleRoadrunner Records. Dragonforce with new lead singer, Marc Hudson. After entries from thousands of hopefuls across the globe, the shredmasters supreme welcome year-old Marc Hudson to the band to fill the boots left by ZP Theartwho parted ways with the band in March of last year. Since the age of 16, Hudson has been building his vocal skills, gigging with bands in the UK underground scene, developing a powerful style with influences which include Bruce Dickinson, Michael Kiske and Sebastian Bach.

The band I Dont Think So - Bjarki - "Æ" (Vinyl been working on a new album since earlyrecording in various studios in California, London and the South of France. With Hudson brought into the fold, the band is enjoying an injection of enthusiasm and hunger that sees Dragonforce prepared to return more focused and determined than ever before.

There are several very good reasons why I love music so very, very much. Some of them are obvious and fairly universal. And then, some of them are just … special. And the local community never ceases to fail me when it comes to being my favorite special reason.

Minutes after being born, Ryan suffered a serious stroke. It causes Ryan to suffer symptoms much like someone with severe cerebral palsy. He is confined to a wheelchair; very challenged in normal daily activities, has never known a childhood, and is helpless as a newborn.

This chamber was originally set up for people who surface too quickly after diving in the ocean. It forces pure oxygen to the brain which can repair damaged areas of the brain. This procedure is also used to help those with spinal cord injuries after serious accidents.

The HBOT procedure for a child this age is a two step phase, with each phase taking 30 days to complete. The child and mother have to go into this chamber forty times during each phase, and each session could last 30 minutes to an hour. His wife stays at home to care for Ryan. Myrtle Beach, SC Phone Posted by bhowle on March 2, in Uncategorized. In a music world always longing for a new voice, The Private Life of David Reed represents the singer-songwriter for the 21st century fan.

The Private Life of David Reed crests on his thought-provoking lyrics, layered with fierce guitar riffs and slight electronic tweaks. Headlining the Jagermeister Music Tour, the L. It can become complacent and rest on its laurels. It can become cautious and just give fans more of the same thing they liked the last time.

It can become cocky and not even care about what comes next. One Dragon formerly Psych Ward is performing for one night only in a rare local appearance on Saturday, February 12, p. The Islander Bar and Grill is located at U. Ryan Howell is a local 6 year old boy who needs your help. He is a bright sweet boy but is confined to a wheelchair; very challenged in normal daily activities, has never known a childhood, and is helpless as a newborn.

Their doctor has given them hope that this procedure can help by bringing their son back to a better standard of life. This procedure is not covered by any insurance because it is considered experimental. As a result, this family has to pay of pocket for the procedure. For more information, callor Posted by bhowle on February 5, in Concert Calendars.

They cranked out some seriously incredible music, albeit extremely eccentric from time to time well, more often than not is more like itand Frank himself was an absolute machine, a prolific writer and artist who churned out an amazing body of work in his all too short lifetime.

Posted by bhowle on February 5, in Along The Watchtower. Posted by bhowle on January 16, in Concert Calendars. Oh, you had to buy every issue of Teen Beat, Cream and Rolling Stone ; you had to convince your stodgy old high school band director to cop some current sheet music that was harder to come by than stock in IBM; you had to search far and wide for mail-order catalogs for instruments and P.

Yeah, you heard me, grasshopper — AM. But no more, dear hearts. Well, those kids told their friends, and they told other kids who wanted to play — one looking for piano, one looking for guitar, one looking drums, one looking to sing; and as the number of students grew, he convinced some of his fellow musicians to join in the tutoring of the youngsters — still from the friendly confines of his humble abode.

Myrtle Beach SC. With the love of music as my guiding light, it has offered more rewards than I ever dreamed possible — but I Dont Think So - Bjarki - "Æ" (Vinyl just in personal satisfaction or achievements.

By the way, Rickey can play guitar, piano, synth keyboards, and about anything he puts his mind to, as well as writing, arranging, producing, editing, recording — all with a laugh and a smile … well, you get the picture. Howle: So where do you base from now, and how many days a year are you on the road? Godfrey: Well, I live in Nashville now. Howle: Hmmm … well, that pretty much begs the question: What are you hoping to change?

Louis is like, 6 hours out. Godfrey: Well, I imagine laughs. One of those incalculable figures — that can never truly be assessed — is the number of little boys and girls who made out their Christmas lists, and who put a toy train at the top.

They currently have 36 avid members, ranging from 16 to 90 years of age. All types of people from all backgrounds belong, and among these is a retired electrical engineer, who helped build the dual control panels on either side of the layout, with switches and indicator lights to show which track the train is running, train speed, and track switching. Posted by bhowle on October 4, in Concert Calendars. Posted by bhowle on September 26, in Concert Calendars.

The iconic and influential rock band just released their first-ever double album of all acoustic materials, Croweologyand is currently embarked on a four-month North American tour which includes a stop along the shore at our fair little town.

This article also appears in Alternatives NewsMagazine, Sept. In advance of their upcoming Sept. Howle: How long is this tour? Gorman: I started in music listening to records in my basement, pretty much. I wanted to; in my head I was drumming my whole life. But I was a jock, you know, and for a lot of different reasons that never happened at the time.

So I dropped out of school my senior year with a buddy who had wanted to start a band; he lived in Atlanta at the time, so I moved to Atlanta and started a band with him.

Rondo: Tempo Di Menuetto - Südwestdeutsches Kammerorchester Pforzheim* - Flautissimo ! (CD, Album, M, Five Minutes Away - Prefuse 73 - Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives (CD, Album), I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) (More English Extended) - Various - Just Dance (CD), To Love You (Radio Edit) - Control* - To Love You (Vinyl), Regnet Faller - Suzzies Orkester - No 6 (Cassette, Album), Right P.U.J Obstruction 2, The Ancient Ones Story - Tehace - Zipped Noise From Hell (CD, Album), Baby Please Set A Date - Elmore James - The Complete Fire And Enjoy Recordings (CD), Another Saturday Night - Hell In The Club - Let The Games Begin (CD, Album), Puff Rider - Dave Cloud & The Gospel Of Power - Napoleon Of Temperance (CD)