I Could Use A Kiss (Instrumental)

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent I Could Use A Kiss (Instrumental) Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Record PlantNew York City. Soft I Could Use A Kiss (Instrumental) [1]. Casablanca Records. Weekly charts [ edit ] Chart —77 Peak position Australia. Canadian Adult Contemporary [21]. Billboard Hot Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks [22].

Cash Box Top [23]. Year-end charts [ edit ] Chart Rank Canada [24]. Cash Box [25]. American Top 40 [26]. Gene Simmons " Radioactive ". After returning the ship to normal space, the crew was able to return to their normal age by using the transporters. Like most of her Enterprise crewmates, Uhura was exposed to dangers on several missions. However, most of these dangers occurred during the original five-year mission. The first two assaults Uhura suffered, induring the Enterprise 's original five-year mission happened after the Enterprise picked up an unusual passenger from the Antares named Charles Evans.

Charlie was a seventeen-year old boy who had been, as a much younger child, the sole survivor of a ship crash on the planet Thasuswhose original inhabitants had been thought to have become extinct. What no-one aboard the Enterprise knew was that the Thasians had developed into non-corporeal beings, who had raised Charlie and granted him telekinetic powers. He ended up misusing these powers, but the Antares failed to warn the Enterprise until the Antares was destroyed by them.

Uhura nearly, literally, choked on her own voice. Fortunately, Dr. McCoy came with a medical bag and ointment for her hands.

Charlie was ultimately taken from the Enterprise by the Thasians, who returned him to their homeworld. TOS : " Charlie X ". After Khan took over the Enterprise on stardate When Uhura resisted obeying Khan's orders, the henchman slapped Uhura across the face. TOS : " Space Seed ". When she, Kirk, and Chekov were kidnapped and imprisoned by the Providers of the planet TriskelionUhura fought off the advances of the drill thrall Lars with a water pitcher. When Uhura was freed of the influence of the spores, she re-enabled the communications console to normal.

Perhaps Uhura's most traumatic experience during her time aboard the Enterprise occurred on stardate On this date, Uhura had her memory wiped out by the space probe Nomadwhich misinterpreted her singing of " Beyond Antares " as a biological malfunction. This assault required Dr. McCoy to use advanced medical and educational techniques to restore her memories.

TOS : " The Changeling ". Uhura, along with the rest of the bridge crew, was put into temporary stasis by Hanar. Uhura was considered by the Kelvans as one of many non-essential members of personnel. I Could Use A Kiss (Instrumental) was reconstituted after Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Scotty, the only four crew members not neutralized, regained control of the Enterprise.

Uhura managed to survive and rose above the pain inflicted by Henoch. TOS : " Return to Tomorrow ". An image planted by the Starnes Exploration Party children in Uhura's brain, of her seeing her I Could Use A Kiss (Instrumental) worst fear of being a disfigured, diseased, dying, old woman. The illusion made it impossible for Uhura to perform her duties as communications officer.

Once the children were freed of the influence of Gorgan, the image planted in her brain, making her see an illusion on the communications console, disappeared, freeing Uhura. Later inon stardate Inon stardate Uhura, Spock and Sulu discovered, in the second box, a weapon of great power. When the Kzinti traveling on the Traitor's Claw found out that the three Enterprise crew members were on the planet with such a newly discovered Slaver stasis box, they kidnapped Uhura twice and the Chuft-Captain held her hostage.

Spock and Sulu were able to free Uhura by discovering new settings on the weapon, settings that tricked the Kzinti. After Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Scotty beamed back aboard the Enterprise from investigating the abandoned ship, the crew discovered they had also beamed aboard the same malevolent entity that had caused the insectoids' ship's abandonment.

The crew, including Uhura, were temporarily taken hostage by the entity, until Kirk managed to trick it into leaving the ship and go live around Questar M's orbit. Scotty then used a slingshot effect to break the Enterprise free from Questar M's orbit. As they were leaving the stellar cluster that Questar M was located in, Uhura, on stardate TOS : " Plato's Stepchildren ".

In that universe, the crew met a being who called himself " Lucien ". Lucien claimed that he had, at one-time, been on Earth and had met Humans before.

Lucien also claimed that the Enterprise crew could perform magic in the alternate universe, with the crew being very surprised when they could.

Unfortunately, Lucien's fellow Megans were not thrilled to discover that the Enterprise crew was doing just that. The Megans transported the whole crew to planet Megas-Tu and promptly put all of them, including Uhura, into 17th century style pillories, as punishment. The crew, including Uhura, were in the Megans' interpretation of Salem and were put on a similar Salem witch trialnearly put to death courtesy of Megan Asmodeus ' prosecuting legal tactics.

Fortunately, Spock, as a Vulcan defense counselor, pleaded successfully for the crew's release in that Humanity had grown away from the hatred, fear and bigotry of Uhura and the rest of the crew were restored to normal size via the transporter as the mutated descendants of the lost Terra 10 colony were rescued and relocated from the unstable plaent.

Kirk took the Enterprise and its crew to the " Shore Leave Planet " in the Omicron Delta region for much-needed rest and relaxation. But unaware to the crew, the planet's Keeper had died since their last visit and the planet's master computer suffered from what amounted to its version of a mental breakdown. One of the many violations of its original protocol the planet's master computer did was to kidnap Uhura. While being held hostage in the planet's computer core, Uhura found out that the master computer decided it was time to free the individuals on the fellow computer, the Enterprisefrom their being a slave to their master.

Uhura reasoned with the computer and convinced the master computer that the Humans on board the Enterprise did not have that kind of relationship and, with the Humans on board needing rest and relaxation, the planet's computer itself was not being taken advantage of — but that was useful and needed purpose for it.

That worked, eventually, to get the master computer to go back to its protocols, and to cease its hostile actions against the Enterprise crew. That talk also made much easier Spock's later work with the master computer to make sure something like that did not happen again, on the "Shore Leave Planet". After Kirk's successful plea, she was restored to normal.

TOS : " Requiem for Methuselah ". This time, the assault I Could Use A Kiss (Instrumental) from the Enterprise computer. Captain Kirk, to hide the ship from an attacking Romulan ship, took the Enterprise into a space cloud, not realizing that this would turn the ship's computer into a practical joker, and there were several jokes played on many crew members.

To get away from the practical jokes, not realizing that the computer was the cause of the jokes, Uhura, McCoy, and Sulu decided to get themselves away from the practical jokes in the holographic recreation room. The computer first played a "practical joke" on the three of them by trapping them in a deep hole in a forest. When a security search party could not find them, the Enterprise computer's practical joker went further and trapped Uhura, McCoy, and Sulu in a raging blizzard that none of the three asked for.

Fortunately, all three were found and saved, before they froze to death, by a second successful security search party. Another trip through the cloud rid the Enterprise computer of the practical joker.

This was the final assault that Uhura suffered from during the Enterprise 's historic five-year mission. McCoy was able to find a cure to rescue her and the rest of the infected crew. This was the final illness Uhura suffered from during the Enterprise 's historic five-year mission. TAS : " Albatross ". Uhura received three noteworthy recognitions, which occurred during the original five-year mission. She was one of a few officers privileged to dine at a banquet arranged at the request of Lieutenant Marla McGivers for Khan on stardate When Khan later cut life support to the bridge, Kirk listed the names of bridge personnel to be recorded for commendations.

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