Girls (Specific) - Jynxx - Records, Tables & Needles Vol.1 (CD, Album)

He avoided Edison's need for Album) stylus made from precious jewels by using points which could be made from steel sewing needles and pins. The size of the stylus effectively determined the size of the grooves in a record and the recordable Girls (Specific) - Jynxx - Records range limited by this groove size determined a speed between 70 and 90 rpm.

Standardization did not begin untilwhen the British Gramophone Company conducted listening tests on their back catalogue. They settled on the average or possibly the median of these tests, Album) turned out to be Tables & Needles Vol.1 (CD rpm. Other companies adopted this, but the process was not complete until the early s. After standardization problems still occurred.

Because of electrical mains frequencies differences on opposite sides of the Atlantic, stroboscopic speed testers and synchronous motors meant a nominal speed of These were later fixed in national but not international standards.

A inch 78 with Berliner-type grooves could hold between 4 and 5 minutes per side. The first practical sound films produced in the US in the late s had their sound on separate disc records and it was more important for the sound to be continuous. A reel of film might run for 11 minutes, so a rotational speed of about 32 rpm was required to make the sound match the picture. It seems CBS engineers who developed the first LPs insimply experimented with one of the old machines hanging around in their workshop.

Commonly we get stuck in a schema that feels as if music needs to be a certain way o…. Classically-trained electronic composer Jon Hopkins has been creating cerebral elect….

Brazilian electronic artist Gabriel Eduardo has quickly become one of the favorites …. UK synthwave producer Jesse Reuben Wilson drifted onto the synthwave shoreline somet…. Once the frontwoman of the cult Album) pop duo Prince Rama, the untamed talent of Tar….

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The Toni Frissell Collection. You Might Also Like. An untitled locked groove should be listed as "Untitled", and Release Notes mention "Track xx is a locked groove". Some file based download stores such as Beatport place the phrases "Original Mix" and "Original" on the end of any track title without a mix name. These phrases should be ignored unless specifically appropriate to the release for example, by the physical counterpart or cover. Only the track titles should be listed in the track title field.

Please make a note of extra information recording dates, dance names, etc. The extra artist for each track is to enter any relevant credits. The same guidelines apply as to the main Credits section.

This field should not be added if no extra artist is present on a track. Please enter durations in the format they appear on the release, or if they aren't on the release, in the most convenient format. The format should not be changed without good reason.

If durations are entered from the release text, they should be entered for all the tracks, unless the release doesn't list the durations for all the tracks. In this case please enter the track durations that are listed on the release, and explain the discrepancy in the Release Notes. If the durations are not listed on the release, they can be found and entered by timing the vinyl, listing the CD times from a CD player or computer, etc.

The timings must be taken from the exact release - please do not transfer timings between releases. Please mention in the Submission Notes where the durations were derived from. This adds x number of tracks, the number is selected from the drop down menu to the left of the button.

This will overwrite all track numbering with 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. This will add a main artist field for every track. Pressing it multiple times will add multiple main artists, with corresponding join fields. This will add an extra credits field for every track.

Pressing it multiple times will add multiple extra credits, with corresponding join fields. Selected by clicking on the small arrow on the right of every track, this will add a track above the existing one.

Selected by clicking on the small arrow on the right of every track, this will delete the existing track. Index Tracks are used whenever the Index Track Title is the title of a musical piece and the Sub-tracks below are parts or movements of that piece.

The Index track title must be a valid name for the musical work when presented as "Index Track Sub-Track ".

If it isn't, a heading must be used instead. The Index Track should Girls (Specific) - Jynxx - Records refer to a group of audio tracks directly below. Every Index Track must have at least one and usually two or more Sub-Tracks below it. Use a "Heading" whenever there is a block of text on the release that is descriptive of the tracks below, but is not the title of a musical piece.

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