Dream Letter / Happy Time - Tim Buckley - Dream Letter (Live In London 1968) (CD, Album)

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But there are two clowns on the album cover: the dignified one who looks straight at you, and the disheveled one behind him, casting a long shadow. Is it possible, given all of this baggage, to hear the album fresh today?

To hear it as listeners in did? Though, of course, they had seen Scary Monsters via a prism of impressions and perceptions that we, forty years later, can only guess at. A punk kid who considered Bowie an old vampire, looking to steal what he can.

Eno was gone. April-May Scary Monstersa hard-crafted, punchy album, as seen before the last layers of paint were applied. Scary Monsters sounded good in part because of where it was made, the hottest new studio in New York. Originally a Con Edison plant on West 53rd St. Among its first users were Chic, who would book its Studio B for months.

Decades later, inBowie went back to the studio, which at the time was Dream Letter / Happy Time - Tim Buckley - Dream Letter (Live In London 1968) (CD as Avatar, to cut backing vocals for a Scarlett Johansson record. Their departure after this album Alomar occasionally returned to the Bowie orbit; Murray would retire completely was inevitable and tragic.

Alomar parries, Murray rumbles, Davis settles matters. Then they do it again. And how could you fake being taken away to war? It makes no sense! One line is a garble, the next a fragment, the subsequent one a sharp phrase that lingers in the memory.

Ziggy Stardust has no comprehensible story but the one that you, listener, choose to give it. Meaning would be found, should one wish to find it, in the spaces between the lines, in the note that Bowie used for a particular word, in how he phrased a closing line. You can take this argument too far a very Bowie thing to do. See Scary Monsterswhose lyrics were written from possibly late to, in a last revision burst, March-Apriland in jumps from New York to Japan to London.

The first is below:. The other page, whose smuggled exhibit photographs are harder to read Leah Kardos did her best to transcribe itis more dense. Bowie kept paring and revising lines, sometimes to obscure an image, to make things less obvious.

Bowie instead often uses consonance. A reactive person…too much data, possible events. Scary Monsters has recurring themes. A sense of entropy, of energy ebbing, of structures fraying and eroding. Major Tom falls to earth. Skylab falls from the sky, sneakers fall apart. And the flash was created, but nobody was really found holding the smoking pistol. So [rock] sort of went off at tangents after that. More precisely, a horror documentary. The word is that the hunted one is out there on his own.

One flash of light, but no smoking pistol. I feel like a group of one. He jumped into the furnace, singing old songs we loved. The album is slightly more than a foot in length and width.

A late developer, late in discarding teddy bear and comics and to be honest, neither yet fully relinquishedno good at sports and an academic failure, sanctuary was sought in the art room at school, the harmless pursuit of the cissy. The cover and inner sleeve were designed in by Edward Bell. A photographer became an illustrator. This illustrator, having done a series of portraits of friends, got his first show at the Neal Street Gallery, in Covent Garden, London. Instead Bell would deface them, covering one up with his own illustration, reducing other photos to postage-stamp size others literally became postage stamps, in a sheet included with early issues of the album.

After Bowie was photographed in the Pierrot outfit, Bell asked him to muss his hair, smear his makeup, look Album). Become a clown scowling backstage after the show, looking cranked off and sour. Then Bell sketched him. The cover and sleeve design went through various drafts. Perhaps most obviously, the use of hand lettering, in bold strokes in black ink, for the lyrics on the inner sleeves of both albums. David Bowie, throughout the Seventies, was always on the cover of his latest album in the center of the frame: displaying a fresh look, a new haircut, a new caprice.

Pre-Raphaelite decadent sprawled on a couch. Tragic silent movie star. Glam icon in an alleyway and phone box. Freakshow attraction. Hollywood glamour queen. A Man who has Fallen to Earth. An emissary from a lost future. And here, the sour Pierrot. The Bowie photograph that should be here has instead been torn in two, the smaller half confined to the back cover.

Overlaid upon much of the photo is a haughty-looking cartoon figure, which stands off-center, confined to the left half of the front cover. The past becomes a faded, distorted cartoon of itself Bowie as the Scary Monsters and Super Heroes of his inspiration. Having only known it as an album sleeve for much of my life, I found its true form astonishing. The LP sleeve itself is a reduction, a substitution, a diminishing of an original grandeur.

He gave Bell who also did the Tin Machine II cover in a postal address in Switzerland—Bell would mail the occasional letter or postcard, to no response. Then a call would come in. It was Bowie as a lighthouse keeper, a harbor master, making his solitary rounds over the years, but mostly existing in his absences, as he does on the cover of Scary Monsters.

Talking with Bowie makes me more than unusually aware of the manifest absurdities inherent in the interview process. Why should Bowie tell me anything at all? He has little to gain and much to lose by doing so. The promotion of Scary Monsters was relatively modest by Bowie standards. Whether by circumstance or design, he was particularly open or, at least, apparently so and retrospective. As fascinated by his life as anyone was, Bowie precisely and coolly assessed his Seventies, which seemed like a science fiction novel in retrospect.

That said, Bowie the son of a PR man, had been adept at media manipulation since he was a teenager. He could, in a flash, discern who an interviewer was, what their likely angle would be, how they could be flattered, their likely status in the publication they worked for. Most of all, what role they wanted him to play. M: I was there and came away thinking you were sort of fascist maniac. I had found King Arthur. Album) a wild bit of psychological legend:. All that stuff was flying around, buzzing around the skies.

I could see it. Bowie jumps around the chessboard. To be anything to do with rock and roll and to go and live in Los Angeles is I think just heading for disaster. It really is. A few lines of thought begin here. Do you feel any—how shall I put it? I keep trying to find the Duchamp in me, which is harder and harder to find laughs …. Good Morning America3 September With a few exceptions, Bowie was charming and intriguingly vapid in his post-Seventies American TV interviews, rising to the challenge of the medium.

The visual—Bowie looking like a rockabilly Eloi in a purple turtleneck before a backdrop of potted ferns—is exquisite, though. It was designed as a positive step to make myself learn how to relate back to the real world.

The best of the TV interviews of the period. I keep getting drawn back to such a logical, conservative me but it wears me out trying to fight it. Fighting it used to lead me to that very rough, drug-oriented, forceful kind of lifestyle which makes one on edge all the time. Countdownbroadcast 16 November filmed ca. Bowie, filmed in an NYC Japanese restaurant, gives off the vibe of a charming civil servant being asked to justify some questionable expense account statements.

The last great interview of the period, parts of which were used for a promotional LP, with Bowie going into each song on Scary Monsters. Scary Monsters was a greatly unrealized album on stage, as Bowie would never perform half of its songs.

More something like a month of shows in the UK and Europe, a month or two in major markets in North America, maybe a Japanese coda. The emphasis was on new hits, old hits, a few obscurities for the die-hards. Scary Monsters was represented only by its charting singles. The rehearsal tapes show that the band had the song down well, if Bowie sounds borderline camp. A Scary Monsters track tailored for the following decade. Had the potential to be irritating on stage, and sometimes was.

Its live peak wasas it suited the Earthling era well. Something was always off: the bassline, the keyboards, his vocal.

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