Disco Punks On Jolt - Blue Stahli - Antisleep Vol. 01 (CD, Album)

A player who has joined the bandit faction needs to single handedly kill as many Duty faction members as possible and stay in Agroprom whilst the bandits move up. The bandits can easily beat the stalkers on their own and do not require the help of the player until towards the end.

Basically all the player does once joining the bandits is kill Duty members to stop the never ending spam of heavily armored and equipped AI.

In Clear Sky, the Bandits are notorious for their extortion. Their checkpoints guarding the area Album) will take all of the player's money any time the player attempts to pass through to another area, regardless of Scar's faction reputation with them. Upon first entering the Garbage, the Bandits control every exit from the area, but other factions will start to fight over these checkpoints as the player progresses through the main quest.

The Stalkers and Bandits will regularly take the Cordon exits from each other after Scar helps Father Valerian in his dispute with the military, while Freedom will take over the exits to the Dark Valley after Scar helps them with their mercenary problem, and Duty will take over the exits to Agroprom after Scar helps them flood the underground to deal with their mutant problem. Once another faction has taken over an exit point from the Garbage, the player no longer needs to worry about Bandit extortion from that checkpoint.

Also, Bandits will not attack the Freedom checkpoints, while Duty is heavily equipped enough to defend from any Bandit attack. Below is a list of events where Bandits have an opportunity of robbing you early on, and some potential countermeasures. In Call of Pripyatthe Bandits change into a slightly secretive faction, and they begin to act in a united and organized manner. The main leader, Sultanhas set up deals with several of the factions, including Freedom and some members of Duty.

These deals are usually artifact exchanges and weapon purchases. It seems Sultan kept to the shadows and observed the failings of the Bandits under Yoga 's and Borov 's leaderships, and comes to realize that open warfare with multiple other factions could only work against the Bandits in the long term. Along their new way of work, Bandits occasionally do raids on Stalkers and attempt to claim superiority. There also appears to be two, if not three, distinct factions, operating independently of another.

The Bandits of Yanov do not always listen to Sultan, and usually work in the more traditional sense, holding up Lonerseven kidnapping and extorting others for financial gain - some of them go as far as to immediately open fire on Loners and unaffiliated Stalkers, such as the player, without warning.

These 'classic' Bandits are led by Jackwho runs a loan-shark business that has taken some Loners as victims. He was also loan-sharking Vano. Another group is led Shishak who holds Mitay for ransom in the container warehouse. Notably, even if the player has good terms with the Bandits, Jack and Shishak do not recognize this. Moreover, there is always a hostile group of Bandits near the Jupiter plant. Comparatively common, Rookie Bandits wear the trademark black anorak and blue track pants that they wore in the first two games.

Their jackets are in fact the worst armor in the game, with no protection whatsoever. They can be dropped with ease with nearly any weapon. Usually working in tandem with a Rookie or another Experienced, these fellows wear the brown trenchcoats that Veterans wore in Shadow of Chernobyl. They also carry grenades and can be just a bit more of a fight than their less experienced comrades. Wearing the Bandit variant of the Merc Suit, the Veterans are the toughest of the Bandits regularly seen in the game.

They tend Album) wield AKMs and occasionally Chaser 13 shotguns, as well as an ample supply of grenades. Otherwise they're fairly unremarkable foes. Wearing the black trenchcoats, Expert Bandits are a rare sight, and have a fairly short lifespan compared to other Experts. Despite being fairly intelligent and tactically sound in combat, they simply don't have the equipment to match their opponents and thus often die in droves against them. The common Bandit is usually seen wearing a black anorak and track suit pants, as well as a hooded shirt.

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