Desperation - Tankard - Zombie Attack / The Morning After (CD, Album)

Kreator Coma of Desperation - Tankard - Zombie Attack / The Morning After (CD Rem 2 CD. Tankard Vol l ume 14 CD. Back to Top. Logga in. Skapa konto.

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Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. From today's featured article Adult male The Eurasian blackcap Sylvia atricapilla is a typical warbler in Europe, western Asia and northern Africa. Wilfried Gruhn The Social Democratic Party wins the most seats in the German federal election. Canadians Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig are released from detention in China shortly after the release of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou from house arrest in Canada.

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Tat was snapping pictures of her son one day and I called her over and asked her to take some pics of me — one or two days post-surgery — with the intention of preserving some record of the state of my present physical and mental well being. These photos are testament to the living hell I endured, as is the above poem. Pretty cool, eh? Album) day of a 2-day shoot went great. Fionnula and Seymour are wonderful. I've know Seymour for years just haven't talked to him in years.

And I feel like I've known Fionnula forever. Course, she IS from Ireland and you know my love for Ireland and we chatted about her native land and she wants to read more of my plays, blah, blah, blah. You really don't wanna hear any more Hollywood crap, do you? More pics coming soon! NFL Wildcard Saturday.

We we rooting for the underdogs since the Vikings and Broncos aren't in the playoffs and things got a little crazy at the McCann -Glover home in Tujunga.

I just let the camera record the spontaneity. Here's a preview of my goddaughter's favorite book, "Duck! At least, it's her favorite book now.

I've read it to her twice already. Read the New York Times book review. Grace foreground and goddaughter Gwyneth playing in their "tent" in Tujunga. Escaping the Wisconsin cool weather and jettin' off to LA tonite for a week. See my goddaughter and her family. Cali friends. Based on my short play, "Pass the Salt, Please. She's scared. She knows it's her last night with me - and we're both sad. This is a flash mob. They knocked down mannequins and merchandise and made all efforts to disrupt mall business.

Nine kids were arrested. A gunshot was fired outside the mall around the same time though it's not clear in the article if it's related to the teen activity in the mall. This behavior is not a flash mob. Not here. Or NYC. Or Amsterdam. Not anywhere. He states in his "In My Opinion" column that he won't defend any unruly black children in this case who ruin people's shopping experiences. That's great, Mr. You can stop right there. Kane pictured above goes on to state, "It's too early in to start getting too excited about this tired old story, which will likely come up again.

It's the first and probably the only time I'll use that word in a blog post headline. But it's at the heart of a controversial move by NewSouth Books, a publisher in Alabama, to offer younger people and general readers a sanitized version of Mark Twain's classic "classic" doesn't seem to have enough oompf!

A professor of English at Auburn approached NewSouth with the idea after years of hesitating before reading aloud the racial slur. The NewSouth edition also substitutes the word " indian " for " injun ". As you might imagine, the shit has hit the fan - and that includes opinions from black writers. Never fear - the original version will always be available. Regardless, it's censorship, plain and simple and a reaction to political correctness gone wacko.

Twain's writing and use of language reflect society's racial viewpoints at that time - and that fact can not and should not be altered by a publisher's red pencil. Should we buy up every copy of Edward Sheldon's play, " The Nigger"because we don't like the title of his play? Where does it end? Modify historical literature? When will someone suggest Dickens or Tolkien or the Bible be sanitized because someone is uncomfortable reciting a particular word or phrase or talking about certainn subject matter?

Why don't we edit out all the book burning references in "Fahrenheit " because we all know book burning isn't cool. Bring your own marshmellows. You know where I stand. My favorite flower. The aroma the Desperation - Tankard - Zombie Attack / The Morning After (CD narcissus Desperation - Tankard - Zombie Attack / The Morning After (CD is splendiferous. Here's what my pot of PN's looked like on December 16th. And here's what they look like today.

They were in bloom on December 31st upon my arrival back to Wisconsin from Iowa. Sonsabitches grow like a weed.

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