Dead Souls - Joy Division - Still (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Und die feiern wir diesen Abend! Freut Euch auf Musik von z. Mehr Infos inkl. We had everything planned to perfection but unfortunately sometimes life has other plans in mind and we need to adapt.

We are just as disappointed as you are but we want to be able to give you the best show possible. Tigress are a British rock band from Chelmsford, England. All three releases were met with much acclaim across a number of major and independent music publications.

The band also played with Alvarez Kings and Fort Hope. June saw the band perform on the Avalanche Stage at Download Festival. Towards the end of the year the band opened for The Xcerts and Skindred. Eskapistische Pop-Hymnen, geschrieben in der nordhessischen Provinz. Das Konzert ist ersatzlos abgesagt. Monobo Son feiert Geburtstag! Viele Metamorphosen hat Monobo Son auf diesem Weg vollzogen — stilistisch und personell war und bleibt die Combo stets in Bewegung.

Was sie eint, ist die bedingungslose Liebe zur Livemusik. Der Blick ist immer nach vorne gerichtet. Die Show wird vom All purchased tickets remain valid. We are truly sorry and will see you soon, but everyones health comes first. We hope you understand. Stay safe; look after yourselves and the people around you!

We love you guys. Always want to be part of the Free Entry Elite? Das Konzert muss leider vom So ehrlich und reflektiert, dass es schmerzt. We all have our secrets. But sometimes those secrets become so powerful that they can no longer stay buried, festering and gnawing at our souls so much that they can stop us from living life to the fullest. Not anymore. I wanted to touch base and just really go into this emotion. Something was driving me down there, into myself.

So I made a conscious decision to write about my personal experiences for the first time. I felt like it was time. I went back and I switched some words around so that the entire meaning of the song shifted. With a growing reputation for stealing the show. Talent met in equal parts with work ethic and a prolific writing process that she shares with guitar wizard Eduardo Rivera. Das Konzert ist auf den Through his lyrics JPson shares the essence of life that drives him around the world and the lessons he learns whilst traveling.

Not only is his music incredibly uplifting but his rhythms and beats will get you grooving in a festive and unifying spirit, bound to inspire reflection and new connection. JPson left South Africa right after school to go discover his European roots inheritated from his Swiss father. What seemed like a month joy trip away from home turned into a year journey around Europe, which JP refers to as his University of life. Through his travels he realised on a regular basis how he would constantly find peace within lyrics and melodies.

Even though the life of Dead Souls - Joy Division - Still (Vinyl wary traveler can sometimes be extremely tiring, he would often gather warmth and support from the music he listened to and find guidance in the music he created. Guidance that taught him how to open up, to be happy and live life to the fullest as it is a wonderful gift that should be cherished with every single breath. Nach fast 8 Monaten in einem Tourbus, startete die Corona-Pandemie.

Wir mussten aus Irland nach Hause direkt in einen Lockdown fliegen. Wie kann ich mich damit identifizieren? Es ist unumstritten: Griff ist auf dem besten Weg, ein Superstar zu werden. Die Karriereleiter klettert die Britin stets hinauf. Meist findet man sie auf diversen Albumklassikern aus England, die alle schon ihr Aber immer nur in Nostalgie suhlen?

Das kann es doch auch nicht sein! Alle vier waren in den Nullerjahren in der Gitarrenmusikszene Kopenhagens aktiv — und alle vier vermissten genau diesen Sound, der sie einst mit Rockmusik angefixt hatte.

Melodiebesoffene Gitarren, wuchtige Drums, ein Bass wie die starke Schulter des Nebenmanns an der Theke — und, ja verdammt, auch eine gesunde Mischung Pathos! Genau das ist mir seit den 90ern etwas zu kurz gekommen.

Oasis haben George Hennessy in seiner Jugend gezeigt, dass es ok ist, Balladen zu singen. Und die weckte in mir den Wunsch, selbst Songs zu schreiben. Es dauerte dann trotzdem noch eine ganze Weile, bis George seine Musik teilte.

Yes, its all very fucking silly, but early Mayhem were in fact rather good. Making unlistenable soulless metallic noise that would undoubtedly put the shits up any passing Christian or,even better, Muslim Suicide, Murder,Arson,stabbings,slashings,atheism,ultra right wing paganism,high speed noise,and all in glorious,atrocious,deafness inducing shit-fi too.

What more could anyone possibly want from a pop group? If Dead were called, THE, Dead, one would automatically think that they were some uninspiring punky group just making up the numbers. But, AS just simply These Floridian reprobates were obviously going to be interesting. I digress but,Strangely enough 'Dead' was also assumed name of the vocalist in Norwegian Black Metallers Mayhem,who killed himself in the name of art. However,In their desperation to categorize Dead's bizarre mash-up, most dull as fuck music commentators have graded this as "Death Metal",which evidently means the singer does that growly thing over a load of sped up major chords.

One understands that Dead had a career after this demo tape,of which I am pleasantly unaware,but my experience of how most embryonic pop groups turn to shit in pursuit of 'a Career', i have little curiosity LP how they turned out. It wouldn't surprise me to find out that they actually are now a standard predictable Death Metal group of half way up the List at Hell Fest level of fame.

Metal is normally a by-word for Shit,but the reinterpretation of the adjective 'Metal' by Dead in ,is a wonderful impression of blown speakers wired up to an overloaded amp in a rotating concrete mixer full of rock and metal The quality of these recordings lie somewhere between just plain shit and luminous raw sewage from Fukushima piped into your suffering brain.

Like being rendered deaf by an oncoming train of impenetrable radioactive smog. The tape ends,like any worthwhile anti-social behaviour, with a visit from normalsville and law and order officials threatening Jail if they don't stop. And in true Death Metal style, they stopped. Saturday, 11 September Chemotherapy — "Chemotherapy" Uprising — One of these 'epoch's' in question, would have to be the US Hardcore scene between and ,before it all just became homoerotic Punk Speed Metal.

Black Flag were shit of course,but there were legions of kids like "Chemotherapy" who made it their own,and didn't once think about shifting units. The 'top' Hardcore bands became 'punk' equivalents of Yes,and ELP, in ,playing with such impossibly muso intensity,that the kids couldn't play it.

The worst bits was sacred cow stuff like The Bad Fucking Brains I expect the race hate highwayman to jump out from the bushes to accuse me of genocide,but If I wanted to listen to Reggae I'd put a reggae album on me turntable wouldn't I? I remember Moby saying the greatest Hardcore album ever was the Bad Brains And all that Jah rastafari codswallop?

They were religious for fuck's sake!? Albeit a really made up religion where no whites get to go to heaven,and only slightly less silly than Mormonism In fact they're all made up and no-one no matter where they were born gets to go to heaven, which almost certainly does not and cannot exist.

Chemotherapy, however, were just a bunch of school kids from Indiana They may have been white kids,but such documentation of apathetic acceptance of a life of wage slavery and pointlessness has hardly ever been created,other than the hundreds of of other similar exercises that have been unearthed since the beginning of Rock tyme. I don't feel this angst in Bad Brains stuff,they looked far too healthy. As a bit of a fair-weather Hardcore Punk fan,if I can,or endorse someone else,being a fan of anything; wot are my bestest three Hardcore albums?

I like that first Discharge Album,if you can actually call Discharge Hardcore,it sounds more like an avant garde masterpiece to me. Of course,and you may have already guessed Apparently Minor Threat did actually get looped somewhere on this tape What makes this even better is, in the proud tradition of fake bands,Genocide Association are nothing more than Dig of earache Records,before he'd heard of Thatcher's Enterprise allowance scheme They had the bright idea to cut up a bunch of Hardcore demo tapes,rejig the constituent parts and make some rather crazed backing tracks for their shouty vocals.

So, ideologically, this tape has a lot going for it in the Die or DIY? If John Oswald had come up with this, it would have been lauded as an Avant-Garde statement of Noble Prize winning proportions There are times when one asks oneself,"What the fuck am I Listening to"?

Which is the number one,and increasingly rare, look-for moment in any music is it not? How much more 'Punk' can one get than having no instruments,believing in nothing as controlling or as silly as Anarchy as your raison d'etre, and best of all, never playing a gig.

So the time signature can get a trifle eccentric from time to time,and the patchwork style sonik quality is endearingly inconsistent,veering from rich boy demo studio quality to one mike in a garage static fog. Prostituted by the System. Death Is Their Only Salvation. Music for the Manic S laughter. The Complete Original Demo:. There's nowhere else, not even Chernobyl,who's been exposed to more rads on the Geiger counter than the Japs.

This goes a long way to explain why they are such a bunch of apeshit muther fuckin' crazy assed muther fuckers. Either that or they have lived in one of the most socially repressive environments on the planet this side of Victorian England.

This is the label that brought us Sieg Heil, but it seems they have ill-advised pretensions towards real music Why does this always happen? Which means, der management doesn't want to be seen as just another Hardcore label,which is understandable I suppose.

The majority of it is of the type of zero-Fi hardcore lunacy that Seig Heil so generously committed to tape for us future dwellers to enjoy in the 21st century. The outstanding quality of the sound on here is the thoroughly repulsive guitar sounds these kamikaze muso's effortlessly achieved like a divine wind of integrated circuitry.

The sound of solid state transistors committing mass suicide is one of thee most subversive sounds on earth. Holing what passes for worthless early 21st century music below the waterline in the process,machine gunning the survivors in the water. Enjoy it while you still can,because they are coming for your mind.

Labels:Compilationsjapanlo-fi japcorenoisecoreViolent Party Records. There's nothing like getting up the noses of the self-righteous, the indignantly politically correct,the 'Likers',or mr and mrs Standard Views,and their rotten children.

Somehow,It got filtered down to the furthest corners of the globe that British Punks wore swastika's and didn't care who knew it. They wrote humorous songs about the Holocaust,spent half their dole money on studs for their leather jackets,didn't like nuclear war,but basically, existed purely to upset as many people as they possibly could in the shortest possible time. Sieg Heil from, Kyushu Japan, achieved all of this without one moments hesitation, or even Thought!? Such perfection. Even if it means going back to move forward.

Tactical withdrawal was not a phrase that Hitler ever understood They made their television debut on Tony Wilson 's local news show Granada Reports in September Wilson added that one of Gretton's main reasons for approaching Factory was so "he wouldn't have to get on a train to London every week and 'talk to nuggets'.

No one could use the word 'cockney' with as much contempt as Rob". Unknown Pleasures was recorded at Strawberry Studios in Stockport over three weekends between 1 and 17 Aprilwith Martin Hannett producing. Hannett later said, "[Joy Division] were a gift to a producer, because they didn't have a clue. They didn't argue". AllMusic wrote that Hannett's production on Unknown Pleasures was "as much a hallmark as the music itself," describing it as "emphasizing space in the most revelatory way since the dawn of dub.

He confused you and made you do something you didn't expect. But he needed our ingredients. Sumner said, "The music was loud and heavy, and we felt that Martin had toned it down, especially with the guitars.

The production inflicted this dark, doomy mood over the album: we'd drawn this picture in black and white, and Martin had coloured it in for us. We resented it Morris disagreed, saying, "I was happy with Unknown Pleasures.

My theory on things at the time was that the two things—listening to a record and going to a gig—were quite different. You don't want to hear a record when you go to a gig: you want something with a bit of energy. But now I can see that Martin did a good job on it There's no two ways about it, Martin Hannett created the Joy Division sound. Peter Savillewho had previously designed posters for Manchester's Factory club indesigned the cover of the album. I was convinced that it was just sexier in black" since it represented a signal from space.

It is not a Fourier analysis as sometimes stated, but rather an image of the intensity of successive radio pulses, as stated in the Cambridge Encyclopaedia. As the star turns, it emits electromagnetic radiation in a beam like a lighthouse, which can be picked up by radio telescopes. Each line on the image is an individual pulse. The image was originally created by radio astronomer Harold Craft at the Arecibo Observatory for his doctoral dissertation as a way to visualize smaller pulses within larger ones, which might help explain what had been causing the pulses.

He was unaware for years that the image was associated with the album cover until a friend told him; afterwards he bought a copy because he felt he should have one as the creator of the image. Its white on black lines reflect a pulse of power, a surge of bass, and raw angst. If the cover doesn't draw you in, the music will. The cover image became strongly associated with the band's fans at goth gatherings later in the '80s, after Joy Division's surviving members had become New Order.

In the 21st century, it started to become an iconic image outside Joy Division fandom. Raf Simons collaborated with Saville on a clothing line that used the plot; three years later Supreme followed suit. In the Disney corporation used the cover image for a t-shirt with Mickey Mousewhich was taken as a joke but not meant as one.

The inner sleeve features a black-and-white photograph of a door with a hand near the handle. It was some years later before Saville discovered that the photograph was Hand Through a Doorwaya well-known picture by Ralph Gibson. Unknown Pleasures was initially printed in a run of 10, copies, [17] with 5, copies being sold within the first two weeks of release, [24] and a further 10, copies being sold over the following six months.

Initially, sales of Unknown Pleasures were slow until the release of the non-album single, " Transmission ", and unsold copies occupied the Factory Records office in the flat of label co-founder Alan Erasmus. Following the release of "Transmission", Unknown Pleasures sold out of its initial pressing, with this prompting further pressings. However, following Curtis's suicide in May and the release of their second album, Closerin July, it was reissued and reached No. Inremastered versions of both Unknown Pleasures and the posthumous studio album Closer —plus the compilation album Still —were re-released, with the remastered version of Unknown Pleasures including a bonus disc of a live recording of the band playing at The Factory in Manchester on 13 July Melody Maker called Unknown Pleasures an "opaque manifesto" and musically described it as " Gary Glitter meets the Velvet Underground ".

Reviewer Jon Savage declared "[leaving] the twentieth century is difficult; most people prefer to go back and nostalgise, Oh boy. Kind of similar to the sounds my bones and joints make when I try to move to the tunes. A date on which The Fall again defy convention by insisting that the Album) label issue a new album along with a new single. Oh, and if you chose instead to buy the new album on cassette rather than vinyl, then you would also get just about all the music that was available on the new single, as well as the tracks that had made up the previous two singles….

Of the other six, Brix was credited on three of them, which is some achievement given that her only previous contribution to a Fall album had been to co-write one track on Perverted By Languagereleased some ten months earlier.

It has to be said that the other band members were quite relaxed about it all. Steve Hanley is on record as saying She did commercialise the band, she helped convince Mark to go that way.

The other four blokes were still those who had been making music together for the past couple Album) years — the duel drumming efforts of Karl Burns and Paul Hanley who also played occasional keyboardsCraig Scanlon on guitar and Steve Hanley on bass, whose musical contributions were becoming even more increasingly important and influential.

Nobody bought the new album or the Call For Escape Route package. It would take until the early 90s, and me picking up a CD compilation album bringing together the singles that had been released on Beggars Banquet between and before I actually heard any of these songs. In this instance, it was No Bulbsbut it immediately became an instant favourite, and remains so all these many years later.

Indeed, The Fall had been playing this song, or at least a variation on it, as far back as Clear Off! The tune, in places, reminds me of a slightly sped-up Hip Priest and at other times, like the sort of tune New Order would pull together a little later on in time. The full version of No Bulbs extends to a few seconds short of eight minutes while the edited down version, given the title of No Bulbs 3is around four-and-a-half minutes long. It is this edited version which was included on The Fall 45 84 89 compilation I mentioned above and thus offered me my first ever listen to the song.

If ever you wanted to hear just how much John Leckie brought to the table in terms of his production skills, then take the time to give a listen to both, or either, versions of No Bulbs offered here today.

There is also a truly inspired closing stanza, which drives home the miserable conditions of their habitat The single came into the charts at The album got as high as In both instances, it now feels like an absolute travesty.

Robin Andrew Guthrie born 4 January is a Scottish musician, songwriter, composer, record producer and audio engineer, best known as the co-founder of the alternative rock band Cocteau Twins. During his career Guthrie has performed guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, drums and other musical instruments, in addition to programming, sampling and sound processing.

All I have is one track, included on a compilation CD given away with Word magazine in October Well, whatdyaknow? One of the very best ICAs was one which consisted solely of b-sides. One of my fave Super Furry Animals singles had this little monkey hiding almost unnoticed on its flip.

It reminds of so many other things that have come out much more recently, but as is the norm for the Furries, they seemed to be ahead of their time back in Each version had three songs, albeit just two tunes The single did get to 28 in the UK charts, and was also voted in at 21 in the John Peel Festive 50 of The picture sleeve used to illustrate this post is taken from one of the German releases as the UK single came housed in a plain sleeve.

It was also the first ever release attributed to more than just the band It was, of course, a cash-in attempt, coming on the back of Walk On The Wild Side being a solo hit for Lou Reed in but it proved to be a flop, with Radio 1 not the slightest bit interested in playing it. Yesterday featured a song which peaked at 40 in the UK singles charts.

Its deja vu…. Lazy week of sorts for me. The next few days will see me delve into some old ICAs and reproduce the words written about a particular song at the time, before expanding to include its b-sides. This is one of the finest anthems of our generation. Looking back, you can learn, or be reminded, that North American Scum was the lead single from the second studio album, Sound of Silver.

It peaked at 40 in the UK charts which, quite frankly, is another dreadful indictment of the taste of the record-buying public. If only mobile phones and social media had been around back inthen we would have an idea whether it is fact or fiction. After all, who keeps giant squid in their fridge? It made it all the way to 8 in the Indie Charts and was voted in at 47 in the end of the year Peel Festive Fifty.

In truth, it passed me by in and my recollection of being introduced to it was via listening to the Peel end-of-year rundown, which I was taping onto cassette each night. But it is one I sought out, via Discogs, not long after starting the blog reignited fully the passion for vinyl. It really is that sort of song……. Skip to content. SIDE A 1. Maniac from Va Va VoomThe Dead Souls - Joy Division - Still (Vinyl track from the debut album seems as good a place to start as any.

Lollobrigida from Disco ValenteBy the time Cinerama had gone into the studio to record Disco Valentetheir second album, they had expanded to a five-piece band with the addition of Terry de Castro bass and Simon Pearson drums who had been the rhythm section of indie-band Goya Dressas well as Simon Cleave who had played guitar with The Wedding Present in the mid-late 90s.

Love b-side, Cinerama announced themselves with the release of the single Kerry Kerry in July SIDE B 1. Wow extended version from Disco ValenteBy rights, given this is another of my all-time favourite David Gedge song, this should have been placed somewhere on Side A. Songwriting of the raw and brutal variety. Apres Ski from Disco ValenteA lot of the Cinerama material does seem to recall film soundtracks from the 60s, with the occasional nod to John Barry.

Superman live version, June Superman was the eighth single to be released by Cinerama, released in earlybut was already well-known to fans as one of the most popular tracks on Disco Valente which had been released the previous year. Careless from Torino, Two tracks deliberately chosen to close things off to offer up evidence that the remnants of TWP were there at the beginning of Cinerama and, by the time what proved to be the final album was being recorded, the guitars were again increasingly to the fore.

Our verdict? And the music turned out to be quite special too. And so to Scritti Politti. He wrote this song for an album released in mp3: Lloyd Cole and The Negatives — Tried To Rock Maybe I was just too much of a fanboy back in the day to make a true judgement on things, but I really did like the singles and almost all of the debut album. Thanks, Nanci. You really shone a light. Let It Shine On Me flimflamfan.

From wiki: — Robin Andrew Guthrie born 4 January is a Scottish musician, songwriter, composer, record producer and audio engineer, best known as the co-founder of the alternative rock band Cocteau Twins. It really is that sort of song…… JC. Older posts.

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