Colossal - Brave The Elements (Vinyl)

In a few places, the album reaches high quality levels. The other tracks are pleasant, but do not reach the level of these three songs. And, in truth, there are a couple of songs that I tend to skip when I put on this album, like the poppy "Map of the World", which is plagued by a rather insipid chorus melody, or the long and repetitive "The Fruit of the Wild Rose", which builds and builds without ever reaching a satisfying climax.

Overall, Anoraknophobia does not reach the quality levels of other Marillion's masterpiece albums, like the follow-up releases Marbles, but it is certainly better than some of the band's weaker efforts, like the predecessor "Marillion. The rest flows away somewhat inconspicuously, but pleasantly enough to keep the listener interested and entertained for the most part. Review by friso Prog Reviewer. This is a compilation that comprises tracks from three of their studio albums released in Marillion Fish's era.

So, it only Colossal - Brave The Elements (Vinyl) no tracks from "Fugazi". But apart the tracks from those albums, it has also two non-album's tracks, "Lady Nina" Colossal - Brave The Elements (Vinyl) "Freaks" from the time of "Misplaced Childhood".

The lyrics are fantastic, very satiric, and represent one of the best Fish's lyrical performances. This song reminds me the style of Peter Gabriel in Genesis. It's a wonderful track with a very stunning, well structured and a nice melody musical composition. Rothery takes over with one of his best guitar solos. The third track "Incommunicado" is from "Clutching At Straws".

It's an upbeat rocker of a tune led by fun synthesizers and good chorus led by Fish. It's a high paced rock and festive song. This song deals about the poor combination of love and life on the road.

It's another catchy short song of that album. It was also a song released on their second single "Sugar Mice", released in It's a nice mellow track, very emotional but with very sad lyrics. I always loved it. It's one of the slower tracks on that album. It's another romantic ballad which shows how Fish has developed very good manners performing this kind of songs.

But, it still is a great prog Colossal - Brave The Elements (Vinyl) song. The seventh track "Childhood's End" is from "Misplaced Childhood". It's a sweet song. Trewavas playing is superb, keyboards also make an important part for the song and the strumming playing of Rothery's guitar would become his trademark for years. This is a keyboard based song with an upbeat tempo and a high energy.

The music and the vocal line flow nicely with the great keyboard interlude. The ninth track "Lady Nina" was released on their single "Kayleigh" and it was the B side of that Marillion's single.

It was released from their third studio album "Misplaced Childhood", but it doesn't appear on that original album. This is one of the poppiest tracks of the band. But, it still works pretty well in the context. The tenth track "White Feather" is from "Misplaced Childhood". It's really a very energetic and dynamic song. Two minutes of instrumental neo-prog to wind down a lovely work of art.

It's a great song to close that album. It was also released as a 7" single and 7" picture disc with "Warm Wet Circles" as the A side and a live version of "White Russian" as the B side. This is a nice track opened with soft guitar fills.

It's an easily accessible track. The twelfth track "Kayleigh" is from "Misplaced Childhood". This is maybe the most recognizable Marillion's tune. It's one of the most accessible tracks on that album with again nice lyrics and beautiful soloing by Rothery. The thirteenth track "Freaks" was released on their single "Lavender", in and it was the B side of that Marillion's single. It was released on their third studio album "Misplaced Childhood", but it doesn't appear on that original album.

It was also released as a separated single in This is really a funny Fish's romp. It's a song with very powerful lyrics and with a clear political message with references to the Northern Ireland conflict, at the time. This is one of their best pieces and one of their successful hits performed with excellent and speedy guitar solos. Rothery is an underrated guitarist, really.

Conclusion: "Warm Wet Circles" is a fine compilation album from Marillion that comprises tracks from three of their studio albums released in Fish's era plus two non-album's tracks. However, it doesn't have any track from their second studio album "Fugazi", which is, in my humble opinion, a bit strange thing.

For a band that only released four studio albums in Fish's era, that is, at least, somewhat, a bit surprising. It's true that "Fugazi" is in general considered their weakest of those four albums, and is my less favourite too, but it still is undoubtedly, a great album too, really. Anyway, in my humble opinion, that fact doesn't weaken the general quality of this compilation album, really.

It contains some of the best tracks of Marillion released in those days. So, it remains, for me, a very interesting and nice compilation that serves perfectly well as an introduction to the music of Marillion in that era. Still, it can never replace all those albums. Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. Please Colossal - Brave The Elements (Vinyl) supporting us by giving monthly PayPal donations and help keep PA fast-loading and ad-free forever.

The band built their reputation the old-fashioned way by gigging extensively, but their profile was also raised by some clever manipulation of the music press, especially journals such as Sounds, in which Fish often interviewed his proposition that the band were "prog with attitude", a new force for the post-punk era.

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