Autumn Leaves - Placido Domingo - My Life For A Song (CD, Album)

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Many of our volunteers have never recorded anything before LibriVox. The roles involved in making a LibriVox recording. If we pronounce a word with appropriate stress, people will understand us; if we use the wrong stress placement, we run the risk of being misunderstood.

As we focus a camera on some item of interest, phonetic stress helps us focus our listener's attention on what is most important in our message.

But the sound pattern of English does not make it an overriding necessity to adjust the lengths of syllables so as to enforce complete regularity. The interval between stresses is affected by the number of syllables within the stress group, by the number and type of vowels and The written piece presents the main topic and key information provided in both sources.

Transition and reporting verbs are masterly used. No personal view is included. The written piece includes all the parts: introduction, two summaries, and conclusion. Make them true, grammatically correct sentences using punctuation, appropriate conjunctions, or subordinating words. In March, Harry was transferred to a new plant in Detroit, and then he was laid off in June. While it may take a little longer to finish a paper.

Professional writers recommend putting it aside for a few hours before doing final proofreading. My mother was born in Madrid; I had very little trouble learning Spanish. Many people believe in the curative powers of this water they have felt relief after bathing in it. The sun is 93 million miles away it can still burn a person's skin badly. My sister has over two thousand old record albums; she has very little storage space left. Students who write down their assignments in a calendar tend to manage time better.

Unless they forget to check their calendars everyday. The CEO received a subscription to his favorite magazine; it arrived in the mail within two weeks. The jury members deliberated for over two months, the judge has asked to meet with them today. The new oil painting is very colorful it will look good with our bright furnishings. The weather forecaster asked everyone to I have learned so much in the short amount of time that I have spent here at Kennesaw State University.

I feel as if I have grown, not only as a student, but as a person as well. I have met many new people, made many new friends, and learned many new things especially in my English class. I thought I knew everything there was to know about writing when I came in on my first day, but I was very wrong.

My professor assured me that there is much more to writing than just putting words down on paper. Knowing all of this, I have now learned how to improve on my writing skills, how to write better grammatically correct sentences, incorporate quotes and research and give as well as get criticism. When I came into this semester as a freshman I was very confident in the quality of my writing. However, my self-esteem was soon crushed shortly thereafter.

Even though my writing skills had been very good compared to my classmates in high school, at the university level they were just average. I had to do something quick to learn how improve on my writing skills. With the help of my teacher, she made us a read a variety of articles that were very interesting, yet also very Home Page English and Literature.

Philippe got on w ith A bdel im m ediately, an d he offered him the job. A bdel loved p o p m usic, but Philippe preferred classical music. Philippe loved m o d ern a rt, but A bdel h ated it. T hey believed th a t Philippe needed som eone m uch m ore sensible. A Autumn Leaves - Placido Domingo - My Life For A Song (CD gave of his arms and legs.

M o re im portantly, to imagine the future. A bdel helped P hilippe m ake trip s to o th e r Album). Royce - often m uch to o fast! We both still live in Rome and we love it here. Prepare to te ll th e 5 help or encouragement paragraph 5 story of how th e frie n d s h ip s ta rte d.

Which is more important? I m et my best friend at high school. We had been at the same primary school, b u t w e w ere in d iffe re n t classes. M ake at least tw o guesses fo r each p ic tu re. They co u ld be sisters. They're twins. Use th e bold w ords and phrases in l b to ta lk ab o u t your fa m ily. I spent my c h ild h o o d in the country. If so, how well do you know them?

Who says Is your relationship 2 We wanted to hang out with each other. We usually stress the particle in multi-word verbs, not'the main verb. If the multi-word verb has two particles, we stress the first one. If the multi-word verb is separated by an object e.

The w h o le family 1 Where did you grow up? H ow bis once a year. Are your tra d itio n s sim ila r? Did they like it? Do you buy different things online and in 'real' shops? No way! W hat story do you th in k Mark is te llin g Tom? W hat m ista ke d id M ark make? U n d e rlin e tw o o th e r ways to show su rprise in th e exchange below. She loves running, so I got her a sports watch. I ordered one for myself yesterday A Really? What make did you get? Use th e phrases in 2a and 2 c.

I d o n 't like c hocolate cake. I th o u g h t everyone liked chocolate cake. W hat d id M ark do next? Did he get a desk fo r his dad in th e end? Are th e sentences tru e T or fa lse F? W hat happened? Then liste n and ch e ck. N otice how th e speaker pauses between word groups. Notice how, in each word group, one syllable is stressed more than all the others in the group.

This is the main stress. U n d e rlin e th e s y lla b le in each You'll never guess what happened to me last g roup w h ic h is stressed m ore stro n g ly th a n th e others. I told you that Grandad worked as a chef on your family? She of the family? How do you th in k Bryan and new life in Canada.

Meanwhile, Gran stayed in Canada, because in te re sts you. They were separated for five years and missed each other very much. InGrandad returned to Canada and they got married. And then two years after that, your mother was born.

Gran and Grandad lived in the same house for 30 years. I used to go and visit them in Vancouver over the summer when I was at school. Would you like me to take you to see the house one day? Over the eummer holidays, I worked a t a swimming pool. I sta rted work four years ago. Meanwhile, I was studying fo ra diploma. Do th e y use tim e w ords correctly? Review and extension a Yes, we did, but we had an accident in the car we rented, b Yes, I did.

Well, I had a go. What Spanish restaurant? I Album) birthday! Did you have fun? I feel very silly. Where's that new Spanish restaurant? Did you dance? They wear the same clothes to work and at the weekend, too. How long have you been able to do these things? Album) a child, his parents pushed him very hard, but he d idn't spend enough talented confident brilliant tim e making friends. He thinks th a t the ability intelligent a positive attitude successful achievement give up bright other children at school did n 't like him because he was always so clever.

He w ent to university to study computing, but he C om plete th e sente n ce s w ith th e co rre ct thought the course was too easy, so he prep o sitio n s. She had a very fo r you. But she was v e ry 4intelligent I and not give up because A t the age of 19, need to One of my biggest achievements is This was the beginning o f her 7successful I success story.

Now she is one o f the richest women in America. C heck your ideas fro m 2a. EH patience In the past, we usually u se to talk about EH working long hours general alility a n d to talk about a single time. There is no present perfect or infinitive form of can, I I knowing the right people so we use forms o f instead.

I I good health The v e rb means to succeed in doing something difficult. I I self-confidence W h ich is stressed m ore: could or play? EH intelligence Tsung Tsung could play the piano when he was three. W hich do you th in k are m ost im portan t?

More th a n one answ er may be possible. It even affects your need fo r 6 not interesting or exciting sleep and the w ay you learn. In this beautifully w ritten fin a l -ed sound pronounced? R epeat th e a d je ctive s. Home Shop Reviews Login M atch th e sentence halves. Cain describes her personal experience of being an a to describe feelings, introvert as well as w riting about famous introverts b to describe the things or who have changed the world.

I found the ideas very - I thought Clare would like the picture, but she w a sn 't amuse interesting, but I was disappointed that Susan 5 When I saw the spider on my leg I w a s! Write sh o rt answ ers fo r these to p ic s. Then go to p. Do you agree w ith how the results describe you? Then answer th e questions. In class, I prefer listening to talking in groups. I prefer working on my own or in a small group of peop 2 How do people organise classrooms and offices to make them Yes No better for extroverts?

Yes No 1 Do people in your culture think that being quiet is a good People often describe me as quiet.

Yes No 2 Are schools and offices in your country designed for extroverts? Susan C ain Jolie and M ark Z uckerberg. She de scribes herself as an value on th e E xtrovert Ideal th a t m any m o dern Mahatma Gandhi introvert, saying she loves to spend tim e sch o o ls and w o rk p la c e s are b u ilt around it.

B ecause offer? D esigners need by in troverts. The Indian leader sales people. In oth e r M a h a tm a G andhi w a s an introvert, w ords, e xtroverts as w ere th e a rtist V in ce n t and introverts need Van G ogh and th e p h ysicist each other.

A lb e rt Einstein. I pretend to be lively. I have always preferred to spend : people are full of energy and enthusiasm. For example, I went to I r ead a bout these people. But I tried to look 1 Bella loves romantic poetry. It often makes her cry. My know. He loves 3 Stefan always has something to say. And he appreciates the effort - Jon loves parties and meeting new people.

I make to fit in when we socialise. Try to use a rtic le s correctly. Are there any Album) ista ke s w ith a rticles? Choose one of th e ideas in th e box, or your own idea. Make notes a b o u t how you fe lt at d iffe re n t stages o f th e experience.

W rite down key w ords and phrases. Has anyone else had a s im ila r experience? I had to give a speech to p e o p le. I'm q u ite shy, so I was terrified! Have they helped you? It is a real b after a negative sentence, question tag q ue stio n.

W hat do you th in k is happening? Were you happy to do it? Listen and check. Student A 1 You need some help to buy a new computer. O l Have co n ve rsa tio n s using th e language in 5b.

There may be m ore th a n one answer. A check it and see if it makes sense? W hich of 1 Have you ever used the internet to W hat is th e purpose of Advert b each w ebsite? W hat do th e speakers in 3 What kind of person are they looking for? Climbing experience preferred and experience o f India would be V o lu n te e r needed good too.

Ideally you should be sociable and not too Duties include teaching English, art, maths, etc. Support will be given by If this sounds like the trip fo r you, send a reply plus a local teachers or project staff. Volunteers should be available to start work next month. No qualifications required, but candidates should have a positive and outgoing personality and be good with young children. Please send a CV and a short personal profile. Find expressions in th e adverts w h ic h mean W rite a, b or c.

W hich fe a tu re s in 3a m ake th e adverts seem? W hat is th e purpose of a W rite an advert. Choose one o f these s itu a tio n s. Wanted - help w ith garden and house 2 Have you used any reduced expressions? We're a big family three small children and w e need help with work on our garden and house for two weeks. No experience needed but you should be good at fixing things 3 Ask any further questions.

Payment to be arranged. I I Julie works so hard! Yes, paper, glue, paint, scissors and so on. Ten so far, but I haven't finished yet. I know. And she's such a nice person, too. When Aelita was One o f th e w ords m u st be so or such. It was too d iffic u lt I asked for help. Then ask and answ er th e q u e stio n s. Can you rem em ber first time you went to school? We need simple food for the picnic, like bread, chee: Have you ever ca lle d police?

If so, where? Can you p la y piano or any other musical instrument? Would you like to b e artist? W hich sentences are I CAN I hate this kind of music. It w as! How do you feel? W hat can you see, hear, s m e ll, feel?

If yes, how can 1 Who do they give money to? The Whitley Fund fo r 4 Do most people support these projects? They 8 Are you environmentally friendly? For example, do you give money to people who are recycle glass and paper?

Listen and ch e ck. W hat do you th in k th e ir animals p ro je cts are? D iscuss your answ ers to th e q u e stio n s. Q i Work in your group. These amazing chim ps use tools to fish and open fruit. In addition, the spectacular Goliath frog, the largest frog in the world, lives here.

Exwoge Enang Abwe grew up in a village in Cameroon, so his love for chimpanzees began at an early age. He has played an im portant role in the area for almost a decade and, since t e has been managing the Ebo Forest Research Project. The project has regular ;ontact with com m unities through environmental and conservation education.

Her attention was captured by a species of beautiful birds called hornbills. These birds are endangered because of hunting and the destruction of their forest home. Aparajita now leads a programme to conserve them. The region also has small tribal com m unities and these com m unities often depend on using the resources from the forest to survive. Aparajita and her team are working with local people and the governm ent. They hope to find a balance between the conservation of w ildlife and the needs of the local comm unities.

Aparajita is spreading knowledge of the im portance of hornbills to the forest - plants need them to spread their seeds. There is also a nest adoption programme, with money going to villagers who help to protect the birds. But many of these areas are threatened by the construction of new dams and roads. He is the first conservationist to win tw o W hitley Gold Awards, nhe won his first award fo r his w ork to protect the natural environment around Lake Kuyucuk, home to over 40, birds of species.

This w ork included research into the local wildlife, environmental education programmes for schools, and prom oting nature tourism to support the local economy. Approxim ately 4. This will allow large animals, such as the wolf, brown bear and Caucasian lynx, to move freely and safely.

How m uch does she know ab o u t th e project? Are these sentences tru e T or false F? W hat changes th e ir meaning?

Do you agree w ith them? If not, change th e m so you do. Perhaps way recycle more, use public transport more, etc. Do you g enerally agree w ith each other? Are you o p tim is tic or pessim ist at the beginning of March. But In general, o u r g roup is quite h opeful because w e think that definitely as soon as I can. Nature knows best Channel 4, In this series, Professor Leslie Cook takes a closer look at common objects which w ere invented by humans, but inspired by nature.

Do you agree a safety helm et a b o u t th e m ost useful invention? Read Anim als have adapte happen. W hich can you se in th e photos? Do not say w hat you are natural design. It has little leaves. A pine tree? T h is bee orchid looks e xactly like it has a real bee resting on its. T his 'bee' is a ctu a lly part o f the "lower, and it's nature's w ay o f a ttra ctin g real bees to the orchid.

Many fish can change the c o lo u r o f th e ir 7 in s ta n tly to m atch th e ir background. At firs t, you m ig h t th in k th a t th is is a But it's really an Indian leaf b utte rfly, sittin g on the 9 o f a tree. This A m azon ju n g le sp id e r also has an nventive w ay o f p ro te ctin g itself.

Would you like to do those jobs? She spent the morning cleaning up! D iscuss 2 Oh, lots of thingsall I seem to do is deal with other th e q u e stio n s. Do Rachel and B ecky m e n tio n your ideas? C om p le te each sentence w ith one or tw o because for instance like as a result due to w ords.

A So, do you still want to be a vet? A zoo! Wow, that would be good. I see. And is it easy to become a vet? Not really. W hich photo does con ve rsa tio n w h ic h begin w ith th e sounds - achel suggest using first?

Does Becky agree? Repeat th e w ords in 5a. Touch your th ro a t w hen you try to say th e m. W hich : C om plete the exchanges w ith the words in sounds are voiced in th e thro a t? W hich sounds the box. I was about 15, I think. I 1 You don't like your job and you want to quit. Give yo u rse lf tim e to th in k using phrases fro m 4 b. Think about the answers to these questions. Check your answer on p. Listen to her a u d io d ia ry and answ er the qu estio n s. W rite one word in each gap.

First of all, water pollution looks terrible. K e e p in g o u r w a te r c le a n 3 What other signposting phrases in the essay are similar to this one? B e a u tifu l introduce his opinion? Choose S econdly, ru bbish can hurt anim als and birds th a t live one o f th e to p ic s below or your own idea. Make in o r by the water. However, w hen th e y try and eat the th re e m ain p o in ts w ith exam ples. P lastic b o ttle s air pollution cutting down forests electric cars can also s to p d o lp hin s from breathing.

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