We Wish You A Merry Christmas - Sesame Street - A Sesame Street Christmas (Cassette, Album)

We are not alone! A Wolf in VR : Wait, really? That's where the evil music was coming from? I thought it was just ambiance! Meryl: Wait. There was supposed to be a guard here Snake: What happened to the music? Visual Novels. Happens during the glitchy second loop in Doki Doki Literature Club! On a couple of occasions, the player will walk out into the hallway outside the clubroom, and the background music becomes muffled and distant as if it's coming from the clubroom itself.

The Hatoful Boyfriend Holiday Star's question-and-answer session, set up as a radio booth, is already very meta, but in one episode the Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain hijacks the booth and, to cover up the usual hosts yelling at him outside, he puts on his theme tune. Also, Klavier Gavin's theme song "Guilty Love" just so happens the best-selling single of his band, and he apparently plays a recording of the song by way of an introduction to, uh, himself, much to the annoyance of the judge.

The guy is such an egomaniac he composed a tune for himself and yes, he tells you so. Time Hollow. When the background music "Monochrome Clock" starts playing, Ange complains about it, prompting Amakusa to turn off the radio. Web Animation. It keeps playing softly even at the end of the video. Inanimate Insanity II : While a conversation between Marshmallow and Paintbrush is in progress, a piano is heard in the background. Paintbrush suddenly wonders where it comes from, and going through a hedge they find out that Lightbulb was playing the background piano.

In Keegan's Truck Chroniclesa car chase sequence begins with the song "Mickey" by Toni Basil, and then the character in the chicken suit turns the radio off, bringing the music to an abrupt end. Scotty the Great: I liked that song. Theodore Nigent: Your radio privileges have been revoked. Web Comics. In a Concerned stripFrohman finds a group of soldiers preparing themselves for an aerial attack due to them hearing the techno music that usually accompanies action sequences in Half-Life 2.

After standing there with their weapons drawn for a few moments, Gordon realizes it's his cell phone, much to the soldiers' annoyance. The second time it happens, directly after he finishes shooting him, Caliborn complains about the music and the person he's talking to says they were doing it on purpose and that, in punishment for shooting an innocent person, they will play it every time Caliborn shoots him.

He can apparently even do this when the dramatic event in question is happening too far away for him to be aware of it. His brother rather does not approve.

Nale: I'm not saying "dun dun dun" for you. Tarquin: That's not how I raised you, young man! May: God I hate this song. Fuckin' horse-blowjob pissclown-ass boss won't let me change the fuckin' radio station. Roko: Aw, I kinda like it! Winslow: [still staring at Roko with awe]. Web Videos. In one episode of The Fuplersas Kevin is considering deleting his mom from Facebook, dramatic music plays.

Dean then looks to his side to find Lindsay is humming this music, which then turns into weird babbling. Chick as Sarah : I gotta find that drum machine! Western Animation. One episode of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius opens with a spider crawling across the screen with ominous music playing. Jimmy then yells at Sheen to turn the music off. In the Adventure Time episode "Dungeon", an upbeat xylophone tune plays while Finn and Jake escape from a cage Throughout The Amazing World of Gumball episode "The Fan", Sarah uses a portable cassette tape player to provide different music relative to the scenes she's imagining while interacting with Gumball and Darwin.

Taken to an extreme at the end of the episode where Gumball is forced to abide by Sarah's music due to the player getting stuck, until he simply destroys it and cuts off all the music entirely. American Dad! Stan tells the other agents that he'll check the room where the spooky theremin music is coming from.

After the fight ends, Stelio turns off a radio that had been playing his theme music the whole time. But when he gets home, he laments that he couldn't get any work done because "They were blasting Oingo Boingo at full volume. Klaus gets a new body, then proceeds to knock Stan out so he can seduce Francine.

In "Dope and Faith", when Stan sees the man he's sure will be his best friend in the church doorway, a soprano-style high-pitched voice is heard. Cut to Stan, and it turns out he's the one with the high-pitched singing voice.

In an episode of American Dragon: Jake Long where Jake is summoned before the Dragon Council because of his tendency to go outside rules, his grandfather explains that despite his rough edges, Jake does have what it takes to be a true dragon.

As he speaks, emotional violin music is playing in the background until Jake's grandpa yells "Fu! I thought you were trying to create a mood". Animaniacs did this when spoofing the Three Billy Goats Gruff, as whenever someone said "troll" there was ominous organ music — shown to be played by Wakko.

At one point, Wakko said it and Dot took over the organ duties "Well, someone had to do it! They were later retired, and their sketches are hard to come across online. Bruno the Garbageman, who often carried Oscar around when the plot called for it, disappeared due to his suit deteriorating.

Biff and Sully, a pair of construction workers, were removed from the show for unknown reasons. They came back in Season 50, and are now puppeteered by Matt Vogel.

Benny was a grumpy rabbit who worked at the Furry Arms Hotel. After the "Around The Corner" concept and its locations were shuttered for good, Benny was taken along with it. Classical Movie Vampire : Although Word of God frequently tries to downplay the implications, the Count does sport the high-collared cape, slicked-back hair, fangs, vaguely aristocratic Eastern European accent, affinity for bats and sinister theme music.

In one of his earliest appearances, he even shows no reflection in a mirror! Cloudcuckoolander : Most Sesame Muppet characters are wacky to at least some degree, and a few of the humans such as Wally who's dramatic and stoic at the same time.

Clown Car : One of these is used for a counting lesson. A mini hatchback drives up and stops to let out 10 clowns, each counting from 1 to When Ernie took over a game of Journey to Ernie and made it a game of Journey to Big Bird he finds Big Bird hiding in a clown car, even doubting that he could possibly be in there. Clown Car Base : Oscar's trash can, which among many other things contains a pet elephant named Fluffy.

And an indoor pool. Clueless Detective : Sherlock Hemlock. Even more so in the early s Mysterious Theater segments, where it was usually his puppy Watson who figured out the case. Clutching Hand Trap : In an episode from the mids, Oscar has his hand stuck in a jar. Throughout the episode, the human adults try many methods of prying his hand out, even by greasing it with lard. Turns out he wanted to look at his rock collection that he kept in the jar.

The adults convince him to let go and his hand comes out easily; the adults then pour the rocks into his hand. Immediately after, Luis comes by with an old alarm clock in pieces as a gift to Oscar. Luis puts the pieces in the jar, which Oscar immediately grabs. He finds his hand stuck once again as the closing credits begin.

For example, Old School Vol. The entire Old School Vol. None of the episodes on the set have their main titles and two episodes that originally featured a special instrumental rendition of the theme song for travel montages have music replacements. Some of the classic clips Album) to replace the audio tracks because of the music copyright lawsuit For example: A film insert had a little girl playing catch with her dog originally had Bobby McFerrin 's "Simple Pleasures" song on it.

The audio track was later removed and replaced with a jazz piece. That human and Muppet casts' covers of existing copyrighted songs see Early Installment Weirdness below only occasionally make it to official DVD, digital download and streaming releases.

Coincidental Broadcast : Happens during the hurricane 5-parter. Telly and triangles. Ernie tried to collect ice cubes once, but they melted on him. Community-Threatening Construction : It had a special in The '90s that starred Joe Pesci as a Donald Trump expy who wants to tear down Sesame Street and build his new Grump Tower in its spot; the residents of the Street get together in protest.

This was recycled in one of MADtv 's many Sesame Street parodies, in which Donald Trump himself actually Frank Caliendo becomes new best friends with Gordon, and evicts the residents of the Street so he can build "the most lavish, luxurious, opulent, extravagant Starbucks ever known to man.

Also happens to the Muppets from time to time, as per Chuck Cunningham Syndrome above usually due to concerns over the character's particular impact on young audiences, as well as the death or retirement of the original performers and in the case of Kermit the Frog, ownership changes.

Baby Bear has been relegated to a minor character of this status ever since his performer David Rudman took over Cookie Monster from Frank Oz. When Alania Reed hall joined the cast ofOlivia made sporatic appearances on Sesame Street for a few more years before she completley left the show, as was shot in Los Angeles while Sesame Street is shot in New York. During the years when Buffy and her family were regulars, they would usually just stay on the street for multiple-week visits before departing for their home in Hawaii.

They've also done one for another Sesame Workshop series. Right before Big Bird's Fairy Godperson left in a episode, he gets a call on his wand phone, telling us that there are a couple of kids who want to fly with dragons He even repeats their Invocation word for word.

This includes Oscar, who's normally proud of his bad hygiene and hates happy songs. Content Warnings : On the "Old School" DVDs, prior to the first few episodes: "These early episodes of Sesame Street are intended for grown-ups, and may not meet the needs of today's preschoolers.

The significant changes in educational theory since then probably don't help either. Prior to the episode where Big Bird learns about Mr. Hooper's death, parents were thoroughly warned about the content, and encouraged to watch the episode with their children, if at all. Certain online videos, especially those pertaining to military service, start with a suggestion that parents screen them in advance before watching them with their children.

Confetti Drop : Happens on occasion, mainly in direct-to-video material or specials. Cool Old Guy : Mr. Hooper until his deaththen Bob's Uncle Wally, and more recently Bob himself, have all fit this trope over the course of the show's history due to being elderly and fun to be around.

Cousin Oliver : Unintentionally Lampshaded in the late 90s and early s, when Baby Bear would occasionally be seen babysitting his baby as in infant cousin, who always garnered attention from other residents for how cute he was.

Oh, and his name? Cousin Oliver. This was before Curly Bear. Counting to Potato : In this skit, a little girl trolls Kermit as he attempts to recite the alphabet with her.

What makes it more adorable is that according to this Jim Henson biography, the girl thought up the joke without prompting, and Henson improvised Kermit's responses on the spot. Tropes Brought to you by the Letter D. Dagwood Sandwich : In episodeTelly comes into Hooper's Store for his usual cheese sandwich lunch, but after seeing a different patron eating something different Mr. Hanford tells him you can put anything on a sandwich.

Afterwards Telly gets a passion to make the world's first "everything" sandwich. Dance Party Ending : The nineteenth season finale is Luis and Maria's wedding; the episode ends with everyone dancing to a salsa remix of the theme song at the reception in the arbor. Darkest Africa : Subverted in a s segment. Smart Tina claims that Africa is just one big jungle because she saw it in a Tarzan movie.

But Roosevelt Franklin shows on a map that only a small portion of Africa is jungle. The continent is really a mix of different environments dotted with big cities and valuable resources. Deadpan Snarker : Bert or Oscar, normally. Though the writers have infused many of the characters with this trait when the sketch calls for it. Even though Star Wars is a family franchise, the violent fight scenes make it appropriate only for children older then 7.

The celebrity expanded version of Monster in the Mirror ends with a cameo from The Simpsonsa show for an audience far more adult that that of Sesame Street. Three skits one about the letter W, one about body parts, and one about brushing teeth featured characters from Happy Days Fonzie was in all three and Richie also featured in the tooth-brushing skit.

While Happy Days isn't an adult show, it contains risque jokes that make it more suitable for around middle school age and up. Demoted to Extra : Has happened with numerous cast members and Muppets over the years, but the most notable would have to be Big Bird during the s, being overshadowed by Elmo's skyrocketing popularity since The '90s.

Destroyed For Real : Big Bird's nest area in the 5-part hurricane story arc from the Album) blew down all of the construction doors surrounding the area, the nest itself was blown apart into a mess of scattered twigs and sticks, the whole area was reduced to a shambles and even though Oscar and his can were in Bob's apartment as the hurricane blew through, the rest of Oscar's domain was also blown to pieces. It took the adults two days to help clean up the debris as well as put the doors back up, and another two days for them all to help Big Bird build a new nest.

Department of Redundancy Department : Intentionally done with Vincent Twice, a Muppet parody of Vincent Price that hosted the Mysterious Theater segments and would often repeat his name twice when introducing himself, hence his name. Even Sherlock Helmock does it when in Album) installment, Vincent Twice turns out to be the culprit of the mystery.

Tropes Brought to you by the Letter E. Eagleland Osmosis : It was rumored that in a British primary school, a teacher showed this clip to her class and later asked where milk comes from. Their response?

This was no fault of the Children's Television Workshop. The CTW, when asked, will help other nations to create their own versions of Sesame Street tailored to the host nation's cultures, concerns, and budget. They also felt CTW's involvement would be insulting, considering the BBC already had 20 years of experience producing children's educational programs.

Early Installment Weirdness : Early seasons were much slower-paced, and frequently relied on lengthy lectures, making it more in line with competitors such as Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and Captain Kangaroo.

They abandoned this around the mid s. Some of the Muppet characters looked and sounded very different, too. Oscar, for example, was orange, and only his head was visible. Big Bird missed most of the feathers on his head, and had the mindset of a dim-witted adult bird rather than a child.

Cookie Monster was slightly more menacing at first, acting as a disruptive nuisance with a very limited vocabulary. Rowlfwho was the best-known Muppet character instarred in the Children's Television Workshop pitch reel for the show alongside Kermit, but only made one appearance in the series proper in the Henson-made "Song of 9" film from season 1.

Oddly, in the pitch reel, Rowlf was the Only Sane Man and Kermit was a Deadpan Snarker though he did get the honors of coming up with the title for Sesame Streetafter a Running Gag of other Muppets straining to think of a good title for the show. Before Elmo gained his own distinct identity, he was an occasional background character. Sometimes he would have a deep or raspy voice. Animated segments originally outnumbered Muppet segments. Also, the characters broke the fourth wall more frequently, addressing their audience as well as introducing and commenting on segments, as if they tied into each other more.

In a first season segment where Ernie cleans up the apartmentErnie points out his paperclip collection. Later on, Bert would be the one who collects paperclips, while Ernie would typically think they are boring. The street set used to look much more authentically New York inner-city back in the old days, with litter and dead leaves covering the sidewalk, grit on the buildings, and the sounds of traffic, car horns, sirens, and whistles heard in the background.

The very first version of Snuffy teeters into Accidental Nightmare Fuel. Ernie, Bert, Grover, Cookie Monster and even Kermit the Frog were far more frequently seen on the street with the other characters in the first ten seasons, since Jim Henson and Frank Oz were more readily available, though after The Muppet Show and other subsequent projects took up much of their time, Ernie, Bert, Grover, Cookie and Kermit were then relegated to mostly inserts, as Jim and Frank were then only able to dedicate one week out of each year for such.

Those characters started to make regular appearances in street scenes again in the s and s, following Jim's death and Frank's semi-retirement. Although always possessing a golden voice, Bob wasn't always a music teacher; in fact, during the show's earliest episodes, he was a shop teacher instead. The first season featured performances of popular and copyrighted songs; it was not uncommon to find things like Bob singing " Good Morning Starshine ", or the Muppets belting out some tunes of The Beatles.

This continued to a lesser extent into the second season. A rare instance of a popular song being sung on the show after the first season was when special guest star Gloria Estefan sang her famous song "Conga" on the show in Count von Count was more sinister when he debuted in Although he wouldn't drink blood or turn into a bat and would still often be out in sunlighthe was much more vampiric, such as possessing hypnotic powers so he could get others to let him count something, and his Signature Laugh was more villainous-sounding, and he wouldn't let anything get in his way of counting.

He was significantly toned down and got much friendlier by the end of the 70s, and they gradually phased out rerunning older segments featuring his earlier self most notably any where he uses his hypnotic powers.

There were two letters of the day initially. It was changed to one somewhere around season 3. Ear Worm : In a episode, Big Bird just wants to go about his day, but he can't stop thinking about the song "C is for Cookie". Played with in an episode where Oscar gets the theme in his head. The reason why he dislikes it is because the song is too happy for grouches. Earth Song : "Don't Throw Your Trash on the Ground" talks about how you should never litter but use trash bins instead.

The similarly-titled "Don't Waste the Water" is about how you should never leave your faucet running. There are three songs featuring a character named Willie Wimple, about environmentalism— one is about deforestation, one is about littering, and the final one is about water pollution.

They show Willie doing the bad thing and sing about the terrible thing that would happen if all children did it. In "Just Throw it My Way", Oscar sings about how you should throw your trash into his bin instead of on the ground.

River" talks about how rivers are disappearing due to pollution. Eat the Camera : A not-uncommon means of ending skits, particularly considering his shtick featuring Cookie Monster. Edible Theme Naming : One little girl in a cartoon skit is named Cookie. Downplayed for Cookie Monster, which is a nickname. The "Noodles and Ned" skits feature Noodles the cat. Educational Song : A major foundation of the show, covering a wide array of educational concepts and music genres.

Edutainment Show : Not the Ur-Examplebut very much the Trope Maker for shows that try to present educational content in an entertaining fashion.

With its colorful Muppets, witty comedy sketches, catchy songs, and memorable film and animation inserts, it became a big hit right out of the gate. David and Olivia explain to Big Bird that people vote for who they want to run in certain offices in the government, so Big Bird and Snuffy decide they want to vote too, but they can't because they're not old enough to register to vote and because Snuffy was still "imaginary" at the time.

Embarrassment Plot : One episode focuses on Baby Bear being embarrassed about his baby doll because he thinks dolls are for girls. In one "Abby's Flying Fairy School" skit, Blogg is embarrassed when he visits the city of trolls because he is half-troll and half-fairy so he looks like a troll with wings and feels like the odd one out.

Emo : Abby's classmate Gonnigan. He's shy and pessimistic, wears a striped hoodie, has a floppy hairstyle, and becomes transparent when he's nervous However, he takes it back after he's shown what would happen if he made that wish. Episode Tagline : In one episode, Baby Bear keeps saying the title of his story, "The Three Bears in Outer Space" with an inexplicable echo on that last word which disappears at the end. In the episode where Gabi gets the flu on her birthdayeveryone tells her, "It's OK to be sad if you're sick on your birthday" to the point where she gets, well, sick of it.

One episode involves trying to find out why Natasha keeps saying, "Hoongie". It turns out that's what she calls her doll. Every episode in seasons 38 through 45 has a "word of the day". Escaped Animal Rampage : Ernie tells Bert about his day at the zoo in an early skit.

Ernie describes the trip as largely uneventful, even as he also reveals that several animals escaped their cages Every Episode Ending : Up to three letters of the day and two numbers of the day are reviewed and given sponsor credits. Starting with Season 27new episodes generally only had one letter and number of the day. An exception was Episodewhich had two letters of the day.

Up until the end of Season 26this was followed by " Sesame Street is a production of the Children's Television Workshop".

The funding credits then were shown, which were initially silent, then had a tune known by fans as "Funky Chimes" playing fromand finally used an instrumental of the then-current "calypso" version of the theme from Everyone Has Standards : In the sketch where he plays Robin Hood auditioning new Merry Men, even giggling jokester extraordinaire Ernie finds Harvey Kneeslapper's wacky antics obnoxious and annoying.

Evil Slinks : Intentionally subverted, in an effort to make things unfairly stereotyped as icky and scary more approachable.

Sammy the Snake and his song about the letter S illustrate this nicely. Exact Words : Often a source of misunderstanding. In one Ernie and Bert sketch, Bert's reading is disrupted by the music of a marching band Ernie is leading outside, and Bert asks him to practice anywhere but outside the apartment - so Ernie leads the band inside the appartment.

Expository Theme Tune : Expy : The many co-productions around the world contain their own versions of certain characters. Each country has a full-bodied Muppet similar to Big Bird, but not an exact replica.

They even met once. Zigzagged on Zhima Jie. Co-productions also have their own versions of Oscar, usually another grouch. Sometimes, though, inserts with the original Oscar will be dubbed and used.

Elmo is international now, too. His South African equivalent is named Neno. Extreme Omni-Goat : In an interstitial cartoon demonstrating "zero". A complaint was received from the Dairy Goats Association, leading to a follow-up clarifying that dairy goats only eat healthy, sensible foods. See them both, one after the other, Album).

Extreme Omnivore : Cookie Monster eats anything, as do his family occasionally. Oscar eats some extremely strange food combinations — like sardine ice cream with chocolate sauce — but they are generally at least edible. Narf also eats a helmet at one point. Tropes Brought to you by the Letter F. Faceless Masses : The anything muppets. The reason that they are called this is because they can be anything as needed, however the most memorable are The CountThe Amazing MumfordGuy SmileyPrairie Dawn and of course Forgetful Jones.

Fainting : Happens quite a bit with Muppets i. Also a very common way to end a Muppet sketch. Carl Mericana was asked what kind of shape he was being presented with, and when he responded with "a circle", Betty Lou facepalmed. Fairy Companion : Abby Cadabby, who is a serious point of contention for some fans, as it looks disturbingly like the character was designed by a marketing committee.

However, the book "Street Gang" - while quite frankly admitting that that is how Zoe was designed, and how much she was hated by the writers because of it - takes pains to point out that Abby was created in the traditional manner by the show's longest established writer. Fairy Tale Free-for-All : Whenever the show dipped its feet into Fairy Talesit featured an assortment of fairy tale characters as Muppets.

Baby Bear attends Storybook Community School, which seems to be geared toward fairytale characters. Hey, kid - you wanna buy an 'O'? All rights reserved.

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Far Nearer - Jensen Sportag - Top Tracks Mix №4 (File, MP3), You Know It Makes Sense - The Beatles - First Crazy Stretch (Vinyl, LP), Self Programmed - Starvin B - Be Like Water (CD, Album), Блудница - Петлюра - Скорый Поезд (CD, Album), Coyote - Joni Mitchell - Jazz Singer (Vinyl, LP), Come Through - Endle St. Cloud - Thank You All Very Much (Vinyl, LP, Album), Watch Us Fall, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - Robin Richmond - The Wonderful Sound Of The Cinema Organ (CD, Album), Confusion - Strange Indications - Independence (CDr, Album), Alcun Potria Ascoltarti In Queste Mura - Donizetti* - Maria Callas, Giulietta Simionato, Nicola Ross