Version.09 - Swag - Collected Works 1995-1998 (Vinyl)

Study of local lore as the science Art and science are united by mathematics geometry of an artistic image and algebra of the greatest possible accuracy in revealing of structure of any phenom- enon of the validity.

The religion and art are united by philosophy - the greatest possible generalisation the highest Abstraction both moral, and art displays of the validity. Organic combination art-religion-science in complete quality also gives us that we name culture natura naturans. Having risen at carrying out of the research on this top of culture, we come back again to a subject of the research — to the concrete phenomenon of regional studies.

However we make it already on new — higher level of own judgement. They are based on semiotics investigates version.09 - Swag - Collected Works 1995-1998 (Vinyl) sign and a symbol with an exit on a myth and mythology. Their communication, as well as at the basic sciences: geography, history, philosophy etc. A re- ality at local level. Any science aspires to generalisations. And here that is subject to generalisation is necessary.

For example, for semiotics there is a possibility of enrichment of sign systems or semantic shades of this or that symbol on a local material. The study of local lore, in particular, helps history to comprehend fact dialectics. Thus and dialectics as the philosophical method, is enriched reality from history philosophy. And the study of local lore disconnects rather narrow borders of history and comprehends local event from the different parties.

That eventually gives the chance to restore the past with the maximum reliability. And it is possible thanks to a method of integration of every possible knowledge of regional studies. First of all - sequences. Sequence, sequence and sequence. From the very beginning of the work accustom itself to strict sequence in replen- ishment of knowledge. Study science elements before to try to ascend on its tops.

Never undertake the subsequent, without having acquired the previous. Never try to cover lacks of the knowledge at least both the most courageous guesses and hypotheses.

Accustom itself to restraint and patience. Learn to do manual labour in a sci- ence. Study, compare, save up the facts.

The facts are air of the scientist. But studying, experimenting, observing, try not to remain on a surface of the facts. Try to get into secrets of their occurrence. Persistently search for laws, them managing directors. The second is a modesty. Never think that you already know all. And as though highly have not estimated you, always have courage to tell to itself: I the ignora- mus.

Because of it you will persist there where it is necessary to agree, because of it you will refuse a good advice and friendly aid, because of it lose an objectivity measure The third is a passion.

Remember that the science demands from the person of all his life. Moreover pres- sure and great passion is demanded by a science from the person.

Pavlov [9]. Without what are impossible creative and research search. But to use the motto it is necessary skilfully. The purpose of study of local lore and principles of study of local lore as scienc- es. As all with all is interconnected. Any phenomenon is considered comprehensively, on-possibility from the various points of view.

NB: a variety - a stability basis. To distinguish that the epoch thinks of itself, and that it actually create. To consider the context factor: reasonable the one who can disassemble the text, and the one who interprets implied sense is considered not. Trust only to the primary source, in whatever language it has been created. Trust not absolute! References and furthermore citations are obligatory for verifying with the primary source and to submit with the maximum accuracy. At presence only transfer to stipulate it as transfer can deform sense even to the opposite.

Schematic representation of study of local lore as to a certain integrity cor- responds Gegels to a triad. We pass from methodological reasonings to practice. But our conversation about study of local lore as a science. There- fore we will concentrate here on school research projects of the plan of regional studies.

The project of regional studies as complete research has two basic functions — informative and creative-creative according to the key thesis of study of local lore as sciences «From study of local lore to land-creation». Usually in any school project of regional studies both functions are realised. But in a different measure: 1. The project of research character conditionally shares on four versions : 2. Problem statement when it is made competently — it is impossible without cognitive components and is the considerable contribution in land-creation as con- centrates attention of the public on this or that thorny question; 2.

Concerning the project of research character. Karsky the project of research complex expeditions on Grodensky area. And it consisted in, that to prove necessity of search of material means for major repairs of Body of Grodno Farnogo of a church. The complete approach demands interaction of all principles of research of regional studies both in space, and in time.

In particular it is deduced on studying by a top wasp — that constant which is peculiar to the concrete phenomenon of regional studies. On May, 5th, Anna has defended the dissertation on degree of Cand.

And then integrity the separate project of regional stud- ies gets original sense - in case of purpose achievement, he adds something new in general idea about native edge and actively promotes maintenance of complete- ness of representation about it.

The study of local lore is a real possibility cover immense. Contrary to the categorical statement of Kozmy Prutkova. Just because the spectrum of researches of regional studies is unlimited absolutely. Therefore a priority of the school re- gional specialist-teacher is maintenance to the pupils of an unlimited choice that of research. And before that. When the pupil comes with a ready theme, and the teacher considers itself not as the expert and in this case it is impossible to refuse to the pupil.

And when version.09 - Swag - Collected Works 1995-1998 (Vinyl) pupil persistently insists on the, sincerely to tell to it that regarding the concrete maintenance of a theme one more head — the expert in a theme is required to you. But as to research registration you in a condition to be the head on any theme.

As practically in any case to you not to do without con- sultations of experts. It not necessarily personal contacts — is enough reference to corresponding literature or Internet more often. Problem statement — the integral element of the initial stage of research of re- gional studies. The XX-th century has left to us in the inheritance very important order: «All is found for a long version.09 - Swag - Collected Works 1995-1998 (Vinyl) already, but not all still realizably». I will remind a metamorphosis with F.

This moment covers all displays of a life. The problem is that disturbs to fuller appreciation creation about the investigated phenomenon. When there is no a problem there is no also on what to concentrate the research.

The theme formulation as an organic combination of object and an object of research. Then begins possible to concentrate on the theme formulation. It is very important development cycle of the project.

Therefore the theme formulation should connect a subject and object of research with the maximum reality. The purpose as model of result of research. When the captain does not have purpose — there is no fair wind in sails. Simultaneously it is necessary to start accumulation of the facts necessary for research from every possible sources: literary, material and others.

For example, gathering of oral his- tory or toponymic investigation. Judgement the facts. It though also intermediate, but perhaps most responsible stage of the project.

To spend him it is necessary according to principles of study of local lore and philosophical representations about is material-information structure of life, about parities of the fact of history and a historic fact. Reception of results of research and their judgement. The hypothesis usually includes a phrase: «If …. At least at level statement problems. And also accords echoreso- nances, rhythms. All it corresponds to Installed A.

The vivid example — periodic system of chemical elements of D. In the Belarus and Canadian twiddles, in particular. Zbornik recenzovanych vegevskich prac. Raczej nie miejscowi Polacy. Jahrhunderts zusam- men mit seiner jungen Frau in Deutschland und er schrieb, dass es besser sei, nach Sibirien verbannt zu werden und dort Zwangs- arbeit zu verrichten, als hier zu leben. Machen wir einen Spaziergang zur Erforschung des deutschen Volkscharakters.

Also, bereiten Sie sich vor, vielleicht ist es ja so und gut. Erstes Paradox. Nein, nicht erraten. Die Deutschen trinken weltweit den meisten Kaf- fee. Zweites Paradox. Hitler Geschichte ist keine Mathematik. Nichts Vergleichbares hatte sich bis dahin und auch danach ereignet. Einer Nation der Philosophen, Komponisten, Schriftsteller und Denker … der einfachen, ehrlich und gewissenhaft arbeitenden Menschen. Er be- zeichnete sich selbst als unfehlbares und einzigartiges Genie der Menschheit.

Es ist nur schwer vorstellbar, das ein politisches Oberhaupt im Sie sind Pack … Ja, ich marschiere mit meinem Herr direkt in den Vatikan! Dies setzte sich fort bis heute. Und als schwach erwies sich am Ende das Deutsche Volk selbst. Der Traum endete als Alptraum einer Kriegskatastrophe, das Volk erwachte, aber zu seinem Entsetzen erwies sich der Alptraum als Wirklichkeit.

Das war kein Fehler, auch keiner der Interpreten. Er hasste Homosexu- elle, schickt sie ins Lager, war aber selbst bisexuell. Und noch ein Paradox. Hitler hasste die Slawen pathologisch, insbesondere die Russen. Indessen beschloss Hitler in Deutschland die Arbeiten Lenins, z. In ihrer Vorstellung wollte er alle vervollkommnen und um das zu erreichen, einfach alles Schlechte ausrot- ten.

Es ha- ben jene recht, die behaupten, dass Hitler die Juden hasste, aber recht haben auch jene, die sagen, dass er die Deutschen hasste. Und wie es so oft geschieht in der Geschichte: Das Volk erwartet einen Retter? Drittes Paradox. Oder die Franzosen aus der Provence, verglichen mit den Bewohnern der Normandie. Aber bei den Deutschen ist das nicht so. Paradoxerweise teilt dieses Volk, welches immer die demokratische Bereitschaft zum Zusammenschluss de- monstriert, wie z.

Innerhalb dieser Kate- gorien geht es weniger um Frage, wer reinrassig oder besser sei. Als Antwort darauf lehnten die Berliner einen Kanzlerkandidaten allein wegen seiner Herkunft ab. Matte Die Deutschen haben keinen Materna Wortschatz. Jedenfalls ist das, was sich zu paaren mit den umliegenden Nationen angenommen.

Bisher habe ich dieses Problem gewidmet eine detaillierte Studie. Die Ausnahme ist der Rus- slanddeutschen, die nach Deutschland brachte die ganze reiche Vokabular der russischen Matte. Denken wir uns eine solche Handlung. Wenn der Sieger Galatasaray, in der Stadt die ganze Nacht feuert. In einigen Schulen ist der Landkreis dominiert nicht von deutschen Stu- dierenden.

Es gibt Klassen, wo es keine einheimischen. In der Tat, es gibt viele mehr. Hei- lige Prostata! Muslime selbst denke nicht so.

Die Gemeinde verfolgt aufmerksam das Leben ihrer Verwandten, insbesondere der Jugend. Gehen Sie nicht schwimmen, sondern an Koranschu- len zu besuchen. Sie sind verboten, deutsche Disco-und sdeduet Spaziergang auf eigene Faust, wo sie spielen Zurna und Trommel zu besuchen.

Und nun das Paradox. Das ist kein Zufall. Jedes Jahr drei Tausend Deutsche freiwillig den Islam annehmen. Das Paradox der zweiten. In Kreuzberg rundes Gesicht oder den Bau einer Moschee. In Berlin, deren Zu Hause, das is- lamische Verbrecher. Hier sind nur zwei Beispiele: 8. Sechsundvierzig Leipzig Polizei nicht gelungen, sie zu tun. Von diesen wurden 70 in den Lagern mili- tante Hisbollah ausgebildet. Hier gibt es ein weiteres Paradox!

Sie sahen darin eine Beleidigung Propheten Muhammad. Aber das Erstaunliche ist dieser. Und viele der Tatsachen dieser Art.

So endete die zweite Welle der muslimischen Expansion des Westens. Wir erinnern uns, kam zum ersten Mal die arabische Kalifat zu erobern. Aber am Ende des zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts begann die dritte Welle der Islamisierung. Zu dieser Zeit ist ihre Taktik nicht millitaristsky Charakter, aber es ist ernst.

Und doch Siebtes Paradox. Gehen Sie auf die deutsche Siedlung. Moltke, etc. Vse sie sind in alphabeti- scher Reihenfolge in das Verzeichnis von Berlin, wo ich nahm sie ein. Achtes Paradox. Revolution Deutschland - der Geburtsort von vielen prominenten Theoretiker und Praktiker rkvolyutsii: F. Lassalle, Bebel A.

Aber hier ist das Paradox - in Deutschland immer schnell mit jeder Umdrehung verkraftet. Pariser Kommune, zum Beispiel Aber es war in Deutschland umgesetzt ehrgeizige kommunistische Traum von sozialer Gerechtigkeit.

Immerhin, Kommunismus und Faschismus - eine Krankheit der Hungernden. Wer hat Recht? I oder mehr? Versuchen Sie zu ver- stehen Und Claudia Schiffer, fragen Sie? Es ist eher typisch Schwede oder Finne. Gibt es einen typisch russisch? Aber heute ist es abgelehnt, Russland. Also, Berlin, zum Beispiel, ist voll von Frauen wie S. Stone, und K. Mit idealn6ymi Gesichter und Figuren. Am aller- wenigsten ihr Interesse an Mode oder das Land in der Welt.

Ripped Strumpfhosen - es ist fast obligatorisches Attribut Kleidung viele junge berlinok. Zehntes Paradox. Aber heute, die Deutschen kayatsya. Reue bilden die Grundlage der deutschen Verfassung. Denn kein Volk ist unschuldig ganz Gott in der auferlegten Ideologie.

Zum Beispiel die Partei der Neonazis dort legal. Aber hier ist das Paradox. Die Kommunistische Partei ist seit verboten. Oder hier ist ein weiteres Beispiel. Aber jede Kritik an ihnen ist verboten. Unter meinen Freunden sind da. Oder hier ist ein weiteres Paradox.

Produkte von ihrem Hund das Leben. Vielleicht liegt es daran Treten des Hundehaufen gilt in Berlin ein gutes Omen sein? Auch die Autos sind oft von oben bis unten bemalt.

Bauarbeiter oft auf der U-Bahn fahren, ohne Kleidung. Auch stand neben schrecklich. Dreizehntes Paradox. Dennoch bleibt der Status dieses. Vierzehntes Paradox. Die Deutschen haben getroffen, um die Wahrheit zu sagen. Es gab Zeiten, auf das falsche Auto bei der Polizei klingelte mehrere Personen abgestellt. Nur ein Beispiel. Das bedeutet, dass sie sich selbst und ihre Sorgen nicht so ernst nehmen.

Und umgekehrt. Hier ein Beispiel. Dies ist nur ein kurzer Abriss einer langen Liste. Der Platz reicht nicht aus. Die gibt es zweifelsohne. Kohls mit der darauf folgenden, der Generation A. Merkels zu vergleichen. Das Internet brachte und erzwang die Verbreitung internationaler Werte. Es vollzog sich ein Wechsel des Paradigmas. Alexander Taranovich Erotisch wurde in Minsk geboren. Seit lebt er in Deutschland. Er ist Teilnehmer einiger literarischer Vereinigungen in Berlin. Er ist verheiratet und hat einen Sohn.

The book, moreover, is largely forgot- ten and, although still in print, occupies no more than a minor footnote in the history of the development of modern linguistics. Nevertheless, as I hope to be able to demonstrate in this paper, the book has an intrinsic interest for anyone interested in contemporary linguistic issues. It raises numerous questions about language, how it functions in society and how attitudes to language and language study have changed over the intervening years.

Above all, in my view, the book serves as a reminder of the richness of the European cultural and linguistic heritage that needs not only to be preserved but fostered and developed. I would also like to think of this paper as a contribution to the International Year of Languages proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations.

The subti- tle is omitted from the edition, although it deserved, in my view, to have been retained. Goad was born in and received his education in Harrow and Oxford. After graduating he spent some time travelling in the Balkans and Eastern Europe. From to he was Director of the British Institute in Florence. It was in his villa near Florence that he died in Goad is clearly not a popular author, and not much remembered. Subsequently I refer to this work as LH. Contents As the editor points out p.

There are no references to works on such areas of linguistics as language change or language in society. There is no bibliography.

He puts the difference in this way LH, pp. This may be a patois or local dialect or merely the small change of a great language current over a wider area. It is just mother tongue, learned naturally … 6 There is nothing wrong with the discussion of such fundamental issues by non-professionals. He also is aware of the distinction between language as a tool of human communication and language as one of key factors involved in identity, whether personal, group, regional or national.

Goad then pp. They add colour to life and thus are valuable — provided that they do not obstruct wider education in a more literary or extended lan- guage.

It would, however, be much more instructive to examine the changes that have taken place over the years since the book was published. Here one may cite Irish, Lettish Latvian and Maltese. Of the others listed by Goad Basque has received huge impetus, not only as a result of terrorist actions over recent decades, but also of massive injections of cash from the Spanish government and that selfsame European Union, to maintain a variety of printed and broadcast media.

Scots Gaelic is being more actively promoted, through the establishment of the University of the Highlands and Is- lands and a television station which began its operations as recently as September These developments are indicative of change across a number of areas.

The most obvious of these is, of course, political: the establishment and growth of the European Union itself and then the collapse of the Soviet Union and the regimes in its client states in Eastern Europe — both unthinkable in the s. These particu- lar political developments contain a paradox. The increasingly federal tendencies of the European Union have been accompanied by a growth in the assertion of regional and local identities within the member states and the active promotion of minority and regional languages.

The old adage about a language being a dialect with an army and a navy17 now becomes more involved with the willingness of individual states to consider the possibility of abandoning the idea of the unifying power of a single language.

Nettle and S. The Declaration looks grander than it has actually proved in practice. At the level that matters, that of the state, it has yet to receive much by way of recognition.

This site does not deal with the success, or otherwise, of language legislation in actual language preservation. There is no mention of Belarus or Belarusian minorities anywhere. Given his fondness for things Italian, he may well have been at a loss to understand the recognition of Sardinian and Friulian as separate languages.

There is another reason for identifying those structures, both within the Euro- pean Union and beyond, that deal with questions of language and minorities. Obvi- ously Belarusians are not a minority in Belarus, even if it may sometimes seem as though they are. Their presence is not felt nearly as strongly as that of other minorities. As an EU-taxpayer with a keen interest in Belarusian affairs, I would very much like to understand why this is so.

A nation is a historically constituted, stable community of people, formed on the basis of a common language, territory, economic life, and psychol- ogical make-up manifested in a common culture Why not make use of them? It is undoubtedly just one example of many, but is interesting because of its closeness to the United Kingdom. I refer to a recent discussion paper on the position of the dialect spoken on the Shetland Islands. The resultant dialect is now disappearing.

These cultural activities are closely linked to the wealth engendered from the North Sea oil industry, the accompanying changes in traditional ways of life and increasing importance attached to heritage preservation projects.

This topic is worthy of separate investigation in its own right. The author continues: At the present time, the Shetland dialect is seen as an expression of identity largely on account of its cultural value as a dialect — in terms of its charm, expressiveness and authenticity, which mi- ght otherwise be lost.

Only a very small minority of those involved in the discussion expressed themselves in favour of the creation of a language. There is, however, one — in my view - striking similarity. The desire to promote the Shetland dialect as what looks like a tourism-related heritage project related to the preservation of local traditions bears a strong resemblance to the way in which the Belarusian language was sidelined to the spheres of folklore and the permitted areas of literature and history in Soviet times.

See D. Crystal, The Stories of English, London,pp. The history of the Shetland Islands is transparent, open for all to see, whereas the history of Belarus lies hidden beneath the histories of other peoples.

The restoration, even re-creation, of a historical tradition amounts to rather more than the preservation of quaintness. Who is to undertake such a task? There would simply have been no demand for it. See E. Hobsbawm and T. Ranger, eds, The Invention of Tradition, Cambridge, The point he makes is that seemingly age-old traditions are frequently much more recent in origin.

Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world. I ask the question in the hope of stimulating debate. He could probably have written in Russian as well, had he so wished. The latter word may well be appropriate, if overworked. Constance Farrington, New York,adapted from pp. But how does he know that? This would be an interesting exercise in itself, made more useful if it could be combined with a study of reader reaction.

The prophet proph- esized, but how many actually listened to the prophecy, and of those how many acted upon it? And how did they act? The opposition between the colonized and the colonizers was, to Fanon, straight- forward: it was nothing short of a struggle between good and evil. In reality this binary opposition has probably never been clear-cut. In other words, once the previously colonized have apparently been decolo- nized, the urge for a separate identity may be lost or at least diluted.

We even have to allow for the possibility, even likelihood, of multiple identities. The book concludes with the words: In the modern world the English language expresses modern habits of thought more adequately than any other and therefore, if we believe in the peaceful persuasion of England and her ideals, we should try to preserve and extend to other nations, hitherto less penetrated by those ideals, her linguistic expression as the vehicle of her practical, tolerant, sporting, easy-going, concrete and democratic point of view.

NB: England, not Britain, and England is a female. In fact it is no easier to talk about what being Belarusian means, or explain the term in writing.

Perhaps this colloquium can make a valuable contribution to this crucial issue. Now mercifully retired from Academe. I remain fascinated by questions of national allegiance and language loyalty.

Both writers experienced the unevenness of creative freedom in changing political climates, endured ideological restrictions and the, often ironic, appropriation of their work. Through their poetry, Kupala and Kolas create a repertoire of symbolism and metaphor for Belarus rich in descriptive approaches that are also decidedly multi- sensory.

Paula Survilla The works of these poets imply their own linguistic rhythm: the marriages of syllable, diction, word-shape, vowel, consonant and stresses, all part of a sonic and lexical choreography. Unlike the descriptive language found in many poetic traditions however, imagery in Kolas and Kupala is not dependent solely on the visual. Both poets were aware of the descriptive and evocative power of sound. This power is evidenced in their description of ambient musical moments, and the use of sounds as metaphor for experience as well as for emotional, psychological, political, and cultural spaces.

A key aspect of their descriptive language is that sound is a normalized pres- ence. This aspect encourages the notion that the evocation of sound, practically and symbolically contrasts with the forced silence of the political moments in which they lived and worked. I begin today by considering the presence of sound in the descriptive lexicon of these poets. I will then explore how sound is the basis for a process of cultural troping that places these poets at the center of composition, performance, and as- sociation in a kind of continuum — a process that reshapes ideas of musical genre, of oral expression and the literary, and that has produced some highly personal examples of creative interpretation.

Sound is so prevalent in the works of Kupala and Kolas, that it is possible to consider it a character or narrative presence. There is an acknowledgement of sounds in nature, of ambient village sounds and of sound-based expression, such as music, in Belarusian social and ritual experience. Sound and evocation of the sonic are also used to communicate abstracted concepts.

For example, spiritual and national health are not only associated with certain sounds, but are connected to a way of hearing, or with the ability to hear at all. Memories as village noises: 3. Drones sound without identity? Midst vandals it may lighten me. Kupala also pairs visual and sonic metaphors by associating light with sound and deafness with darkness.

In this story, the main character, a musician, functions as a symbol of Belarusian essential identity. Symon is able to recognize the national condition and as such uses music to heal the object of his affection, Hanna, who is the em- bodiment of Belarus as nation. Music is a meta-narrative of healing, but it is also present in the singular emulations of ex- perience.

It is rendered performative in the person and modes of interaction and expression of a musician. With the bell-folk in the belfry 2. Lived a bell unlike all other 3. Its voice throbbed with shades and quivers, 4. Magic Freshets gushing beauty 5. Filled with speaking all mysterious 6. Silver strings and golden music, 8. Of course we can not ignore that these poetic works have found poignant place in the more recent history of the country.

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In fields in, but access soberanya ng pilipinas, here personlig assistent utbildning. I have tried great products and enjoy all of it! I've been subscribed to this box for a few years. When it arrives at my doorstep it always brings a smile to my face.

I love that every month there is a surprise collection of fabulous items. I always put the jewelry right on! Most recently the box included a good book for the times - Gratitute Diaries. I enjoy the candles, scented lotions, makeup, skin care products, life style items and more.

I'm not single but love the products. I highly recommed SinglesSwag to everyone single or not! SingleSwag is the best lifestyle box I've subscribed to. The other ones always had a few items I'd have to give away or were useless.

I've gotten two SS boxes and adored everything in them. The variety is great compared to other boxes a humorous book is going to be a great vacay read and who doesn't love fun socks?!

I feel like SS is more for the average person compared to ones that try to be posh or quicky or trendy. Even the jewelry they send is cuter. I have been getting these boxes for almost not quite a year now and I absolutely love these products.

And the customer service is wonderful. I recently worked with Abegail who was just the absolute sweetest employee and she really went above and beyond to make a single mama of 2 feel deserving and special. I can't thank her enough.

I am amazed at this box. I gave one as a gift and then subscribed for myself because I got jealous! My friend was ecstatic when it was delivered to her and said she would use everything in it. Me too, there are no fillers here, all useful items. Their shipping was so fast, they shipped days after and we received it in less than a week, which is so fast compared to other popular sub boxes.

Please keep up the good work! Cratejoy - Shop Subscription Boxes. Sell on Cratejoy Sell. Sign in. Loading options Subscribe Now. Self Love Delivered to your door.

Show yourself some love with SinglesSwag. This personal care package, created and curated with love, is packed with goodies designed to inspire, empower, and make you feel beautiful. Treat yourself or a single lady you want to celebrate! Customer Questions 4 Ask Question. SinglesSwag answered November Sign in to contact the seller. July

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