Various - Just Go Wild Over RocknRoll! (Vinyl, LP)

So when we get to the theater they was blasting it. You could hear it from the theater, from the loudspeaker. They were just playing 'Hound Dog' all over the theater.

So I goes up in the operating room, I say, 'Do you mind playing that again? So I stood there while he was playing it, listening to it. So that evening I sang it on the show, and everybody went for it.

On March 7,"Hound Dog" was advertised in Billboardand reviewed positively on March 14,as a new record to watch, described as "a wild and exciting rhumba blues" with "infectious backing that rocks all the way".

Rufus Thomas quickly records an answer song called "Bear Cat" on Sun Thornton's record is such a big seller that Peacock Records has three new pressing plants running full-time to try and keep up with demand. Louis, and Los Angeles. Don Robey estimated that Thornton's version of "Hound Dog" sold betweenandcopies, and would have sold more had its sales not been diluted by an abundance of cover versions and " answer songs ".

According to Stoller, "Big Mama's 'Hound Dog' went to number one, sold a million copies, and did nothing for our bank statements. We were getting screwed. Everybody livin' in a house but me.

LP) just livin. By July"the rock 'n roll age was upon the world, and as the new sensation Elvis Presley recorded "Hound Dog" to international acclaim, Peacock re-released Willa Mae Thornton's original" [47] by August 18,backing it with "Rock-a-Bye Baby" Peacock 5—[58] [59] [60] but it failed to chart.

Thornton continues to make personal appearances and is always remembered for her original version of "Hound Dog" which gets a spate of airplay during the summer of which leads to another re-release of the original. Thornton's "Hound Dog" was so popular that it spawned at least ten cover versions of the original before Elvis Presley recorded it in July While Federal's trade ads touted this release as the greatest record ever made by Little Esther, [73] in its review on April 11,Billboard opined: "It fails to build the same excitement of the original.

Within a month of the release of Thornton's "Hound Dog", the following six country cover versions of the song—all credited erroneously to Leiber-Stoller or Stroller [ sic ] -Otis—were released on several different labels by white artists: [13]. Bass player Al Rex, who joined Bill Haley and His Comets in the fall of[96] told of performing the song when given the spotlight at live performances.

This was even before Presley did it. Haley didn't like those guys from Philadelphia that wrote the song. By the end ofat least six "answer songs" that responded to 'Big Mama' Thornton's original version of "Hound Dog" were released. In true answer form, the gender of the participants was reversed.

This time the protagonist is male, directly challenging the worthless female of the original song—correcting her previous insults and re-directing Various - Just Go Wild Over RocknRoll! (Vinyl at her. While "the result was peppier than Big Mama's version, with a more straight-ahead beat She could have done that song a cappella and convinced me that, by God, you ain't nothing but a damned hound dog! InRobert Palmer wrote: "Even today, Rufus takes perverse delight in pointing out the wrong notes in Louis's solo.

Within two weeks, "Bear Cat" Sun was in stores, prompting Billboard to describe it on March 28 as "the fastest answer song to hit the market". In the months after the release of "Hound Dog" and "Bear Cat", a spate of answer records followed:. When the dust settled, the publishing for "Hound Dog" in all variations remained with Lion, and writing credit with Leiber and Stoller. In April,Billboard' s Rolontz summed up the events thusly: "The year saw an important precedent set in regard to answer tunes … since the 'Hound Dog' decision, few record firms have attempted to 'answer' smash hits by other companies by using same tune with different lyrics.

Two records were released that were neither cover versions of nor answers to Thornton's release, yet used a similar melody without any attribution to Leiber and Stoller. Bartholomew [] and released by the Imperial Records label Imperial 45— by the end of March But it's not Rosco. It simply is not him. Even Rosco confirmed that. It might not even be a Memphis Recording Service demo. Just substitute the words "Hound Dog" for "Juice Head" and what have you got? But the song's other parent is Eddie Vinson 's slowed down "Juicehead Blues" which harks to the previous decade…If indeed this originated from Sam Phillips' studio, it was nothing that Phillips needed to touch because it was another lawsuit waiting to happen.

Philip H. By Philadelphia-based Teen Records co-founder Bernie Lowe suspected that "Hound Dog" could potentially have greater appeal, but knew it had to be sanitized for mainstream acceptance, and so asked popular Las Vegas lounge act Freddie Bell of Freddie Bell and the Bellboyswho had been performing songs with "tongue-in-cheek" humour as the band in residence at The Silver Queen Bar and Cocktail Lounge at The Sands Hotel and Casino soon after its opening in December[] [] [] to rewrite the lyrics for their first release on his label.

Bell removed innuendoes like "You can wag your tail but I ain't gonna feed you no more" and replaced them with sanitized lyrics, changing a racy song about a disappointing lover into a song that was literally about a dog. In early this version of "Hound Dog" became the first record released on Teen Records TEEN[] "a subsidiary of the equally obscure Sound Records", [] that was owned by Lowe; jazz impresario Nat Segal, who owned Downbeat, the first integrated nightclub in Philadelphia; [] and partially by American Bandstand 's creator and first host Bob Horn.

Their recording of "Hound Dog" was a local hit in the Philadelphia area, and received "lots of radio play on the east coast, and Bell found himself with a regional hit, [] that included Philadelphia, Cleveland, and New York. Despite "Hound Dog" spending 16 weeks at number one on the pre- Dick Clark Bandstand[] it attracted no national attention.

In May two months before Presley recorded his versionBell and the Bell Boys recorded a more up tempo version of the song for Mercury that was over 20 seconds shorter, and that also omitted the comedic "arf arf" dog sounds of their Teen Records version. However, Mercury did not release this new version until after the success of Presley's version.

As the legal dispute about its composition had not been resolved, authorship of the Mercury Records version is attributed to Leiber-Stoller-Otis. It was his first appearance in Las Vegas. Papa: "From the first time Elvis heard this song he was hooked.

He went back over and over again until he learned the chords and lyrics. Fontana agreed that Elvis had borrowed the Bellboys version after seeing them perform the song live. Just weeks after they had seen Bell and the Bellboys perform, "Hound Dog" became Elvis and Scotty and Bill's closing number for the first time on May 15,at Ellis Auditorium in Memphis[] during the Memphis Cotton Festival before an audience of 7, Whatever Presley got from hearing Freddy Bell's version, which was sometime in April oflasted a couple of months only.

In fact he sang it 21 times, live, at concerts and on television, using Bell's vocal arrangement but which also included his own blues version, at half speed, and only at the end, until he recorded it with what was undeniably, his own arrangement based not just on Scotty Moore' tremendously modern guitar work but his own rage and disgust at what had taken place the night before, at Steve Allen' s Tonight show, when he was forced to sing the song to a bassett hound, and dressed in tails while simultaneously facing an audience of 40 million.

And once he recorded it, it Various - Just Go Wild Over RocknRoll! (Vinyl his version which he chose to deliver, although by the end ofhe'd added inflections from the Thornton version as well. Larry Birnbaum described Elvis Presley's rendition of "Hound Dog" as "an emblem of the rock 'n' roll revolution". Agreeing with Robert Fink, who claims that "Hound Dog" as performed by Presley was intended as a burlesque, "troping off white overreactions to a black sexual innuendo", [] Freya Jarman-Ivens asserts that "Presley's version of 'Hound Dog' started its life as a blackface comedy", in the manner of Al Jolsonbut more especially "African-American performers with a penchant for 'clowning' — Louis ArmstrongDizzy Gillespieand Louis Jordan.

When asked if Bell had any objections to Presley recording his own version, Bell gave Colonel Tom ParkerPresley's manager, a copy of his Teen Records' recording, hoping that if Presley recorded it, "he might reap some benefit when his own version was released on an album.

It was his second appearance on Berle's program. Fontana had added a drum roll between verses. The performance started in an upbeat tempo in the style of the Bellboys, but dropped to a half tempo for the dramatic finish. Unfortunately for Presley, the mainstream public did not find the sexually-charged performance amusing, and controversy erupted. Letters of protest poured into the station, critics called the performance vulgar, moral watchdogs raised concerns about juvenile delinquency, and even the Catholic Church published an opinion piece entitled "Beware Elvis Presley".

Allen refused, insisting he would control the performance so it would not offend the public's sensibilities. Steve Allen, who was notoriously contemptuous of rock 'n' roll music and especially songs such as "Hound Dog", ensured that the performance had a comedic bent, cracking jokes and presenting Presley with a signed prop toilet paper roll as a play on the name of the genre.

Although Ed Sullivan had publicly stated he would never invite Presley onto his show, the ratings success of Presley's appearance on The Steve Allen Show convinced him to reconsider. On September 9,with the song topping several U. During his second appearance on October 28, Presley jokingly introduced the song as "one of the saddest songs we've ever heard," before playing it in full.

This proved to be Presley's last live performance on American television. For 7 hours from 2. Fontana on drums, and backing vocals from the Jordanaires. Despite its popularity in his live shows, Presley had not planned nor prepared to record "Hound Dog", but agreed to do so at the insistence of RCA's assigned producer Stephen H. Sholeswho argued that "'Hound Dog' was so identified with Elvis that fans would demand a record of the concert standard.

Though he usually slowed it down and treated it like a blues number in concert, in the studio Elvis wanted the song to come off as fast and dynamic. We'd listen to the demo, most of the time, and we'd take it from the demo. After listening to it we actually thought it was awful and couldn't figure out why Elvis wanted to do that.

As session pianist Emidio "Shorty Long" Vagnoni left to work on a rehearsal for a stage show, Stoker plays piano on this recording of "Hound Dog". Gordon also related that Elvis very much knew in his mind what he wanted the final results to be so they didn't spend a lot of time working out tempos. He said he's never been able to figure out how you did that.

I don't know either," Like three takes before was really the one you should use. Thus, we're successful as fuck. Linus is a pop punk band from Minnesota. We have songs about all sorts of things The Right Here: energetic country-tinged punk rock.

In their own words, they're "a jang-a-lang-a-lang band from Minneapolis, MN. Go Hawks! Every third Sunday of the month. J Train Jazz is a tour de force combo guaranteed to bring a "club car" sophistication to your evening of elegance!

Our set list features slow music to sway to, bebop to hop to, crooner tunes to moon to, and bossa-nova to bliss out to. Catch the J Train! John Louis crafts smart, poetic, heartworn country folk songs. The two bands represent distinct approaches to roots and Americana music and feature women in a variety of prominent, public-facing roles as bandleaders, lead singers, instrumental soloists, and managers.

Both groups are working on new albums to be released in and will be presenting material from those projects. The band is known for its seasoned, powerful original songs, vocal harmonies, and multiple lead singers.

Their fourth album, Won't You Believe Me, was released in Novemberand they are currently working on a fifth album, to be released sometime in Red Eye Ruby is a roots-rock collective led by singer and guitar player Liz Collin. Blending rock, blues, and jazz, they have been a local Minneapolis mainstay since They're all instrumental duh. And they're the band to see if you want to experience surf rock at its most offensive. Daikaiju is a mysterious chimera of sound and imagery that was first sighted in the winter of Entities of sonic mayhem, Daikaiju takes the sound of waves crashing and shrieking atomic lizards and makes it rock in a way that instills shock and awe in all who experience their shows-a highly interactive and confrontational performance that literally draws the audience into the massive vortex of sound generated by the band.

Together, they create a mutant style of epic, high energy instrumental rock that seamlessly incorporates a wide variety of musical styles including surf, punk, metal, psychedelic and progressive rock.

Like its namesake, the music of Daikaiju is a great, mysterious beast. Compelling melodies, hard-hitting riffs and shifting dynamics fuse together to create songs that dare the listener to experience the secret history of the universe-a fantastic reality of giant monsters, super humans, and extraterrestrial invasions that unfolds like the soundtrack of the greatest monster movie never made. Prepare for explosive stage antics like confetti canons or a possible fake blood bath!

Their love for Robocop and Wes Craven movies comes to life in about minutes of musical cathartic mayhem. Always a thrill! Playing 3 sets of everything plus fun guests! Remember when R. Butter Boys sure do. Fun, familiar, Butter Boys' vibe is one of honesty as much as love. Remember feeling invincible with your friends? Listen to Butter Boys and you will. Brass and Bodyworks is a ten-piece brass band from Minneapolis that takes self-care seriously.

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What a treat this show will be! Martin Dosh has been making independent music since His original label was anticon, but he has released much music on his own label, Dosh Family, since Summertime Time was released in by Broker's Tip, and new release, Tomorrow came out in late spring The saxophonist, Michael Lewis, the bassist, Adam Linz, and the drummer, JT Bates, have that preternatural mutual responsiveness that comes from an instinctive sympathy, but is developed over time through work, and their exhilarating performance last night revealed both the depth of their individual artistry and the symbiotic wonder of their interplay.

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What a show! The Belle and Sebastian reference was in describing the vocal harmonies shared between Jim Blaha formerly of the Blind Shake and herself. On a more serious note, she described Green Blue as post punk or melodic college rock. Though they just played their first gig in April at the Moon Palace in Minneapolis each member a veteran of the Minneapolis music scene. Scrunchies is a Minneapolis-based rock band. Their debut album, Stunner, is "filled with catchy hooks and relentless riffs, anthems that worm their way deep into your head, to be shouted loud and often.

This is the release of emotions that has no time for sympathy They ride tension and release through alleyways, superstore aisles, and art-gallery storage units. Come see the sensational Miss Myra and Moonshiners with special guest MOO for their monthly installment of old time jazz, rag and blues! Watch your step! Past ragtime crags and tin pan alley clamors, a faint dance music carried over a river one hundred years long, echoes through the gorge.

Somewhere down there, they dug for nuggets and ear worms, only to share their prized cache at the ready. Old punk rock-and-rollers playing country. They used be outlaws, but now they got in-laws. Max Markin is a midwestern songwriter who sings about himself and other people. In his youth, he had the world by the short hairs. Graffin states, "there was a little bit of disappointment on my part when he left the band, but we never had any serious acrimony between the two of us.

I can't say the same for the rest of the band. But he and I, being the songwriters from way back, we really wanted to try again. Like The Process of Beliefit is widely regarded by fans [ who? In Aprilthe band also re-released digitally-remastered versions of all of their first six studio albums on Epitaph Records except Into the Unknown. Though Recipe for Hate was released on Epitaph, the album could not be re-issued; due to the fact that it was re-issued on Atlantic, problems with the rights ownership made a re-issue unlikely.

This DVD featured a live show performed in late at the Hollywood Palladium, as well as extensive interviews, several music videos, and a photo gallery. During one of the interview segments, guitarist Brett Gurewitz said the band's next album would be a double-length release, but this turned out not to be the case. Greg Graffin released his second solo album, Cold as the Clayon July 11, The album was a commercial success and spawned three hit singles " Honest Goodbye ", "Heroes and Martyrs", and " New Dark Ages ", and as a result, New Maps of Hell reached number 35 on the Billboardmarking Bad Religion's highest-ever chart position.

Bad Religion also joined the Warped Tour to support the album. Three of the acoustic songs are new, written specifically for this release; the other four tracks are new acoustic versions of BR songs.

The release also includes a DVD with an hour-long live performance, music videos, and behind-the-scenes footage. Bentley stated that the band was planning to return to the studio after Graffin teaches UCLA to start work on the follow-up to New Maps of Hell planned for a June release.

In Augustguitarist Brett Gurewitz sent an email to a fan site mentioning he was writing new material for the next Bad Religion album. In DecemberBentley revealed to the fan site the Bad Religion Page that the band was expected to go into the studio on April 26,to start recording their new album. He stated that a few songs for the album had been written and "it feels like the songwriting is picking up momentum. Baker said he was going to drive up to Graffin's, Brooks and I are going to do some demos with Brett, so we have a pretty good jump.

At the House of Blues concert in Anaheim, California on March 17,the band debuted a new song called "Resist-Stance" from their upcoming album. To coincide with the tour, Bad Religion announced a live album, entitled 30 Years Livewhich was released as a free download for those who had signed up on the mailing list at Bad Religion's website.

It consists of songs recorded during their House of Blues tour. It also included some new songs from their 15th studio album, before the new album was released. On May 1,Brett posted an update on his Twitter saying, "threw me a going away [to the studio] party and all my friends hung with me tonight — thx everybody, I love you guys.

On May 12, which happened to be Brett's 48th birthdaybassist Jay Bentley posted an update on their Facebook page regarding the recording process of the album: "first week of recording at joe's house of compression and brooks gets the medal for superasskicking. In Junethe Bad Religion Page reported that the new album would be released on September 28, Jay who goes by jabberwock on the Bad Religion Page mentioned on the site's message board that Bad Religion had finished recording their new album and was mixing it.

In an interview at the Azkena Rock Festival on June 26,the band members announced that the new album would be called The Dissent of Man. The Dissent of Man was released on September 28, The album debuted at No. A week before the album's release, it was made available for streaming on Bad Religion's MySpace page.

The band has been touring to support the album through On October 18,Bad Religion released a vinyl box set of all their albums that is limited to copies, including their album Into the Unknownwhich had been out of print for over 25 years. His response was, "It's all very punk [attitude] just like it's always been. We will record when we have enough songs.

For us, it just kind of happens. We're going to try one more album and then all join the navy, do honest work", hinting at a possible split or hiatus. The episode included an interview with program host, Nic Harcourt. He also said that Pennywise's new album All or Nothing inspired Brett to write a sequel to the band's album No Control.

On June 4,Jay Bentley confirmed on the Bad Religion fan site the Bad Religion page that they were expected to begin recording their new album in July and August. He also stated that Brett and Joe Barresi are going to produce it. On July 23, the band uploaded a picture to Bad Religion's Facebook page of all the members except Greg Hetsonwho was taking the picture in the studio with the caption, "here we go again", indicating that work on their sixteenth studio album had begun.

On August 22, Brett Gurewitz tweeted that they were mixing the album, and a month later, he tweeted that the band was finishing it. True North has received mostly positive reviews, and managed to reach number 18 on the Billboard albums chart, marking Bad Religion's first ever top album and highest ever peak on that chart in their entire 34 year career. Bad Religion played a few shows as a four-piece without Greg Hetson and Brett Gurewitz in mid April—Maystarting with their appearance at "That Damn Show" in Mesa, AZ on April 20 and including some high profile shows such as Groezrock in Belgium, leading fans to speculate over Greg Hetson's continued involvement in the band.

Mike Dimkich is indeed helping us out right now, and we are genuinely appreciative. Right now we are just looking forward and getting ready to play our shows. On September 10,it was announced that Bad Religion would be releasing their first Christmas album, titled Christmas Songson October 29, It is their first album not to feature Greg Hetson since 's Into the Unknown. In a November interview, guitarist Brett Gurewitz stated that Bad Religion would start writing their seventeenth studio album in That's hard to do.

It normally takes Bad Religion two years to put out an album. Why has it taken us four years to release an album after True North? Well, True North was such a great album — and we owe it to our fans to take it seriously as a great album — that to do another one is going to take a lot more work.

On October 27,drummer Brooks Wackerman officially left the band in order to pursue other projects, [74] and a week later, he joined Avenged Sevenfold. On February 14,vocalist Greg Graffin posted a picture of himself with guitarist Brett Gurewitz in the studio on Twitter, and tweeted, "New songs in the pipeline"; this post indicated that Bad Religion had been working on their seventeenth studio album.

Despite earlier reports that Bad Religion had been in the studio by mid, and the fact that they had already released a new song, Gurewitz told Los Angeles Times in July that, "We're writing for a new album, recording this fall or late summer. No release date announced yet, but we should have an album's worth of 'Fuck Trump ' songs pretty soon. It's exactly what we need. About four months after the release of Age of Unreasonguitarist Brian Baker was asked if Bad Religion was already working on a follow-up album.

His response was: "No, I'm not really thinking about a new album right now because this one is still developing and there is a lot of world yet to play. We have a book coming out at the end of the year — it'll be our first authorized, somewhat participatory, biography of Bad Religion. So there is a lot more to do with this record. The good thing about Bad Religion is that you don't really have to have a new product out to go work.

The catalogue we have is so extensive and we are so fortunate to have the fan base that we have. So we don't really worry about a new album cycle, those thing just sort of come when they come. The next one might take four or five years, it might take two, I don't know. It's just about whether songs have come together in a way that is respectful of the Bad Religion standard. But in the meantime, we have Brazil to rock.

We're just these guys who don't want to stop asking why. We are what we are as Bad Religion. We're the thinking man's punk band, and that's kept us out of the mainstream. We're writing smart songs, and that makes us dumb. I always write music acoustically. On April 29,Bad Religion announced on their social media accounts that they had to cancel all of their tour dates for that year, including a co-headlining US tour with Alkaline Triodue to the COVID pandemic ; [87] therefore, marked the first time since its inception in that the band did not perform at least one show.

On January 20,Bad Religion released a previously-unreleased song called "Emancipation of the Mind", which was recorded during the Age of Unreason sessions. The release of the song coincided with the inauguration of Joe Bidenand it had hopeful themes relative to other songs they have made, and was also a rejection of Trumpism. Bad Religion has been described as punk rock[94] [95] skate punk [95] [94] melodic hardcore[96] [97] [98] and hardcore punk.

Unlike many other hardcore bands of the era, they also acknowledged proto-punk bands like the New York DollsMC5 and the Stooges. Even more unusual for a band of the scene that spawned them, they were also informed by such new wavers as Elvis Costellothe Jamand Nick Loweas well as authors like Jack Kerouac.

The band said the Beatles were about the only band everyone in Bad Religion really liked. Reviewers have repeatedly cited an upbeat and positive tone to both the melody and lyrics, even when dealing with dark topics. Greg Graffin called his influences "pop-sounding rock tunes that were not necessarily commercial. They took their cues from the Adolescentsin the way that they used three-part harmonies. Bassist Jay Bentley says, "Seeing the Adolescents live, it was so brilliant.

So, in a way, the Adolescents influenced us into saying we can do it, too, because look, they're doing it. Many of Bad Religion's songs are about different social ills, although they try not to ascribe the causes of these ills to any single person or group. Greg Graffin believes that the current political situation in the United States can make it difficult to voice these concerns, as he doesn't want to feed the polarization of viewpoints.

The band contributed a song to the Rock Against Bush series organized by Fat Mike 's Punkvoter, a political activist group and website whose supporters are primarily left-liberal members of the punk subculture. Brett Gurewitz attributed his anger towards former U. Bush as the major inspiration for The Empire Strikes First. I enjoyed what you, specifically, had to say about Creembut what was up with the Blair Witch camera? And all the credit Marsh deserves for his charity work notwithstanding, watching you play Ed McMahon to his Jerry Lewis was disconcerting to say the least.

Does Zoom just make your brains fall out your ears? If you tell me the Who Sell Out mono version was a bargain basement deal the Who being sold out as it wereI believe you. Stereo became a thing—in Playboy product reports and standards and hype, which was the test in the early-mid sixties. It was developed to replicate the real symphony experience. At first it was simple—put this here and that there. To the point where the vocal was on one track and the instrumentation on the other.

And that could be wonderful. The interplay, the simpatico, the deep affinities made it a thing in itself. We wondered—why not put it out that way? Vincent Price. Or they just paid royalties? Do you know if some artists can refuse others to cover their songs? Merci, as we said in France. Normally one licenses on a standard automatic manner from the relevant music company and either accepts terms stated or negotiates.

Has it ever been an ambition of yours to do so? The stereo mix just seems to surround you, with the dynamics of each performer bouncing off each other, while the mono just sits there like a lump in the middle of the room.

The other time I had that feeling was with the reissue of the first Buffalo Springfield album, where they had enough room to put both versions on one disc. Whoever it was that did the stereo mix on that was like a matchmaker in one of those societies that has arranged marriages who has a better idea of which young people will be suited to each other than the young people have.

Who would buy an album defined by its expansive sound in mono, I thought. Are there any Dylan authors or new books on the man that you particularly admire? From He has a great sense of humor.

He could have called his book Making the Songs New. I wa s curious why he considered Lipstick Traces a sort of apostasy or betrayal. Did he think the subject matter was too removed from the immediate concerns of Americans living under Reagan?

But an obsession had developed and I had to pursue it. And it might have been a flight from the burdens and disappointments of democracy—a fascination with a self-selected elect, the avant-garde under whatever name it might take at whatever time. But as an obsession I had to pursue it and I was lucky to have the chance. Apart from music, what is his legend made of? Which are the elements that interpret his legacy all these years as in a never ending narrative?

It seems that term gets degraded every time a congressman uses it to describe their opposite number. There, his two second-floor apartment windows faced different views — one of the small town, and the other of the adjoining countryside. It was an absorbing piece of folk art, rendered by words in place of paint. On first read, I could picture the scene perfectly.

I saw a young man sitting squarely in the wide arc between the corner windows in his bedroom in a cheap antique chair. Ed had quickly drawn the reader into his own space and asked if they had ever been in a place like that. So that he could equate The Band to that scene. He wrote that the group had their legs on both sides of the line between the two vistas and could move between the two casually. Or words to that effect; I can only recall the gist of it.

Condolences on his loss, and I wonder, naturally, if you have a passage shelved in your mind that is owed to Ed Ward. Because if it had I might not have bothered. I gave everyone a chance to write a length about something they cared about and he did, no less than Lester Bangs did, which is why his piece closed the book.

I wish more people had had the nerve. Nick can I have some more? Thanks for all you do. I find everything you write about them to be stirring, the pieces may be brief, often in Ask Greil, or longer, as in Ten Songs. Not like any other writing on them. Deep, deep! Stay safe in Portland. I thought Harris was the same show. Did you ever have a live Dead experience to thrill you to the marrow? Great site, hope you are well. I did have a live Dead experience. Not at one of their shows, though I saw them a lot in and I told the Dylanology fan group it was crap.

So someone posted a link to you. I heard one number on the radio and that was enough. If so, what is your opinion of it? I like when Proctor makes a Fred Willard joke and they cut to Willard in the audience.

Were you a fan of SCTV? Especially Michael Richards as Reagan and what they did with Katherine Harris after the election. They often exposed SNL as cowardly and backward—especially during that time, which was generally embarrassing for SNL anyway.

What movie could possibly stand up to it? Unfortunately, Love was shot in 3-D, so you will be missing a dimension if you stream it. Do you think the scene stands up to the music or just feeds off its power? Maggot Brain is also the title of a twenty-minute short about a record collector whose vinyl of the titular album goes missing, setting him off on an obsessive quest to recover it. Here is a link in case you are interested. It reminded me of that skin-crawling record-filing scene in Diner.

I could see too much of myself and a lot of other people I know in both. Pepper as distinctive—after the band really found themselves as songwriters and collaborators, but before they began their obvious disintegration.

In this period, John and Paul were both brilliant. I can only point to superficial supporting evidence. But what do you think? With Paul, especially during this middle period, did we miss more than we thought?

But John had a lot of trouble finding how many holes they needed to fill the Albert Hall. He may have thought of it. Paul may have. What I meant about changing my mind about Paul was that I thought he was, compared to John, shallow. So I missed paying attention to him when I could have.

I missed not taking what he said about his first solo album, in the press kit that came with it, where he disparaged the Beatles, more seriously. You heard them, they came across, did you care about authorship? They were a group. My problem with it has always been the Lennon songs. I view Sgt. Pepper in a similar vein to Citizen Kane. Ambersons moves me in a way Kane never does. Rubber Soul moves me in a way Sgt.

Pepper never does. This is a long-winded way of asking: leaving aside the Yellow Submarine Various - Just Go Wild Over RocknRoll!

(Vinyl, is Sgt. Pepper your least favorite Beatles album? The group was so wonderful that the cheesiness of the album titles and covers really took away from absolutely tremendous songs, one after the other, just making everything else on the radio except Smokey Robinson sound stupid. Start with the endless puns in the title, and the basic claim, that it was soul music, which they made good on, and then the cover, which managed to be threatening and welcoming at the same time.

And the songs—come on! Pepper —it has that same we-can-try-anything-and-get-away-with-it drive. One of my favorites. Just like the late Godfrey Cambridge should have played every dramatic role ever written. But Zuma has more consistent songwriting, and is the purest Neil.

And go out with Way Down in the Rust Bucket. The first five tracks of Americana? Who says you have to choose and rank? All concept, no cattle. It convinces me that the stories about shady music business hustlers and con men told by Nik Cohn in Rock From the Beginning were, if anything, too polite.

You can see and hear Exile on Main Street coming round the corner. While it contains some of her greatest songs, I do think it is leaning into becoming more of a brilliant Lizzie Grant record rather than a Lana del Rey record.

The sense of vertigo and falling from previous albums is gradually being replaced by a more traditional singer-songwriter approach. I think the commitment to abstraction and drift continues as the foundation of her view of the world. Accents and points of inflection will change. Some rhythms will not work. Or any particular Scorsese moment?

I am always impressed and stirred! Thank you for always sparking new insights into my reading, listening, and viewing habits. Not exactly a song, but the best music video without music: Various - Just Go Wild Over RocknRoll! (Vinyl first Hitler-in-his-bunker Kiss Army routine in Downfall. What could that have been compensation for? Was it the year they closed the last segregated water fountain or something? The natural replacement stares us so hard in the face that we might overlook it: Elvis.

The American Studies question I have for you is, besides civil rights figures, what sort of historical figures could represent the South in its entirety? Who would represent California? Not that would stop me or anyone. But whoever it is would have to embody not just the-contradictions-of-the-south—black white rich poor democracy dictatorship law lynch law and on and on.

Fictional characters are tempting but I think a cheat.

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