The Damaged People (Club Version) - Leæther Strip - Yes Im Limited VI (File, MP3)

To Win, Somebody's Got to Lose 3. Syncage 4. Allegiance 5. Question : If the original creator of the copyrighted work has died, the work is no longer protected by copyright. Question : If you are found to be a repeat infringer, you could lose your YouTube account. Question : The following things are copyrightable: names, places, faces and spaces.

Question : Deleting a video that was removed for copyright will get rid of the associated copyright strike. Question: If a video gets removed because of a copyright infringement notification, filing a counter-notification is the only possible way to restore the video. Question: The following item is protected by copyright:.

Question: You should ask YouTube for permission to use other users' content from the site. Question: In order to determine whether the specific copyrighted content is authorized to be used on YouTube, you should upload it to your account and wait for the Content ID system to block any unauthorized content. Anonymous 23 February at Unknown 22 March at Unknown 14 May at Unknown 9 July at Unknown 29 April at I'm pretty confident that that is something that the labels are going to handle on their own, and not ask us to intervene.

There's a huge difference in having a fan doing a brief audio clip of some kind that, through their enthusiasm for the artist, they want to share with the rest of the world," Petroskey said. The three defendants have not been named as yet, because so far the RIAA has been unable to determine the owners of the sites. Latest Videos. More Videos. Popular Gadgets. Electric vehicles use the same stats as the vehicles in the Hell on Earth rulebook, but have a vehicle battery that holds 50 charges.

Fossil Fuels Internal combustion engines were the rule rather than the exception out West. Other than on the interstates and the major cities like Dallas and Shan Fan, very little of the western road network was electrified.

The often-harsh terrain and increased chances of running into some nasty creepy-crawly made most Westerners prefer the power of a big block V—8 under their hoods. Very little gasoline or diesel fuel is available in the Wasted West. Any stores laid up before the war have evaporated or become denatured, and new fuel is only being produced in MP3) handful of places in oil-producing states like Texas and Oklahoma. These places are natural attractions to the many road gangs roaming the Wasted West, and they hover around these areas like flies around a honey pot.

Distilled Fuel Many people have taken to making their own fuel. The most common form of this is ethanol, otherwise known as grain alcohol. Making a still requires a Fair 5 science: chemistry roll, some tubing, and a barrel of some sort. The average still produces eight gallons of alcohol per day from about pounds of raw material.

This takes about an hour and a Fair 5 trade: mechanic roll. Performance is still not up to gasoline standards, so halve the listed mileages. Mileage may be even less if your passengers are heavy drinkers. Spook Juice Spook juice was developed as a fuel source after the Last War. Some enterprising junkers developed a way to dissolve ghost rock and then distill out the good parts as a fuel. Spook juice gives as much bang for your buck as gasoline at half the price. After the first few hours, you hardly notice the tortured moaning coming from your tailpipe.

On the bright side, burning spook juice produces barely any emissions harmful to the environment. Yeah, like that matters. A few others have set up shop in the Great Maze. Ghost-Rock Reactors Some of the most-advanced military vehicles used in the Last War were actually powered by small reactors fueled with irradiated ghost rock. These vehicles produce enough energy to power a small city and have enough fuel to last them a decade.

The mystical nature of the power produced by these reactors is explored more fully in The Junkman Cometh. Just reference the notes below with the statistics in the main rulebook. Economy Car This is the vehicle for the brainer on a budget. Parts for these cars are a little easier to come by than The Damaged People (Club Version) - Leæther Strip - Yes Im Limited VI (File.

There are two reasons for this. The first is that econo-boxes were one of the most common vehicle types on the road prior to Judgment Day. The second is that, after the big bang, there were plenty of cars lying around for the taking. Most people grabbed themselves a sexy muscle car or a rugged four-wheel drive.

This was because the early bikes were incredible fuel guzzlers. Some of this exhaust is also vented out small maneuvering thrusters which steer the bike and keep it on course in high winds. In emergencies, the turbine exhaust can be temporarily vented down into the skirt.

This gives the bike enough lift to jump roughly 10 feet in the air. This can be used to clear small obstacles. A failed roll means the bike slews out of control. If the driver goes bust, the bike begins to tumble and crashes. Gasoline or spook juice are the only fuels that they will run on.

Motorcycle The stats listed in Hell on Earth are for a typical dirt bike, the kind used for recreational MP3) driving before the Apocalypse. These are the most common motorcycles in use these days because you never know when you might suddenly need to head off-road. These cost about the same but have a top speed of miles per hour.

Pickup Truck The pickup truck stats listed in the Hell on Earth rulebook are for a large-bed, six-cylinder work truck like the Ford F series. Most models produced just before Judgment Day came with shift-on-the-fly four-wheel drive and a hard-plastic bedliner.

These trucks have a rugged suspension which can handle the rigors of off-road travel, and four-wheel drive. Halve any penalties imposed for driving off-road. These muscle cars have speed and handling, but not much ground clearance. If the driver ever draws a Black Joker while driving off-road, his ride bottoms out and takes 2d6 damage.

Armor does not apply against this damage. Powered Armor Hellstromme Industries, the member nations of the Northern and Southern Alliance all produced different types of powered infantry armor. They are very rare, incredibly expensive, and a bitch to keep powered, but they also kick serious ass. Each manufacturer produced different types of suits, but only the most common are listed in this book. Add-ons are just as rare, but with a little tinkering, they can be used on any suit.

Each suit has a price listed, but these are just estimates. Full suits are so rare a scavenger might sell it for twice the listed price or even more. Posse: 30 The Companion Basic Functions The following functions are common to all powered armor infantry suits.

The armor works wherever parts of the suit are worn, but the Strength enhancement works only when the suit is on and complete. Suits need all arm, leg, and torso sections to confer a Strength bonus. Imagine a torso capable of lifting a truck resting on the pelvis and legs of a normal man.

Sound painful? It is. This allows the user to see up to yards in all but complete darkness. Diagnostics All suits have simple diagnostic and monitoring systems to tell the user if the suit is functioning properly and how much power remains.

Environmental Protection Assuming a character has a complete outfit including the helmetthe suit also protects against the environment hot and cold weatherpoison gas, toxic rain, and so on. Pace The user moves at his normal Pace if walking. For instance, a character with a Nimbleness die type of d8 can normally run 16 yards in a round. Wearing a Suit Powered armor takes 2d6 minutes to don. A suit takes 1d6 minutes to take off. Both rolls can be reduced by one minute per success from a Fair 5 Deftness total.

Power The biggest problem with any sort of powered armor is replenishing its power supply. These suits were originally designed to recharge by hooking up to a truck carrying a portable nuclear reactor. Every minute spent in the suit consumes power from a spirit battery. Check out the junker rules in the Hell on Earth rulebook. The Drain is listed in the Basic Suits descriptions below. Be careful. These things drain power like mad.

Most of the men of the 1st were wiped out, so fully intact Wolverine suits are extremely rare. It drains one charge from its spirit battery per minute of operation. The suit drains power at a rate of one charge per two minutes of operation.

It drains battery power at a rate of one charge per five minutes of operation. The suit was never produced in sufficient quantity to be a factor in the Last War, but there might still be a few suits lying around in places like Phoenix. It also has a built in targeting system and heartbeat sensor see Accessories below. Power drain is one charge per five minutes of operation. Its power cost is negligible.

Most can be turned on and off with a subvocal command. The light drains one charge from the battery for every five minutes of use. The other part of the system is a gyroscopic sensor that attaches to the weapon. Installing and calibrating the system takes one hour and a minimum of 10 rounds of ammunition. This system drains no additional power. They do work on suits from any manufacturer however. Each recovered air charge drains one charge from the suits battery.

There are some pharmaceutical treasures to be found in the Wasted West as well. The drugs listed below a sampling of the types that lie buried in the ruined cities of North America. Most are rare and expensive. Addiction Codes Many drugs have addictive properties, some greater than others. All the drugs listed below have an Addiction code consisting of a Target Number and a severity.

Whenever a hero takes a dose of the Posse: 32 The Companion drug in question she must make a Spirit check against the drugs Addiction TN. The severity indicates how badly she craves the substance. Brainburst This drug was originally designed as a commercial stimulant similar to No-Doz, but creative users quickly found that high doses actually stimulated creative and cognitive thought. Of course, these high doses could actually harm a careless user, and the drug was carefully regulated before the Apocalypse.

Brainburst is the ultimate synaptic superjuice. The drug can be inhaled or, if a much greater effect is desired, injected. The user almost immediately undergoes a jolting brainstorm of logical and intuitive thought.

Now for the bad news. When the drug wears off, the survivors Cognition, Knowledge and Smarts die types are reduced by —2 levels.

If this reduces any of the traits below a d4, she passes out for the duration of the trait reduction. Needless to say, it was only used in extreme situations. Iron Man allows a survivor to ignore 3 levels of penalty modifiers per wounded area. A hero may not feel the actual pain from higher wound levels, but damage to the physical body will still prevent proper function. The effects of Iron Man last MP3) minutes.

When it wears off, the user must make a Hard 9 Vigor check or take a wound to the guts. When Rage wears off, the waster should make a Fair 5 Spirit check.

If she fails, the Cognition and Smarts reduction last for 1d6 hours. If she botches the check, the loss is permanent. Designed to simulate the consumption of food, your character will feel fully fed after the ingestion of just one pill. Your character may ignore all Wind loss due to lack of food. Wind loss due to lack of water is reduced by half, but only for the first day of actual dehydration.

This Hindrance lasts until she has had at least two well-fed weeks to put the weight back on. Along with Rage see belowit turned the meekest soldier Any character on Slo-Mo actually feels like the world around her is moving in slow motion. However, the drug can work too well. If the wounds were Posse: 33 The Companion Wasted West Timeline The Great Quake shatters the California coast, creating the Great Maze.

President gutted by sykers in Oval Office. Hellstromme opens the Tunnel to the Faraway system. The planet Banshee is discovered and contact is made with the natives. First atomic ghost rock bomb unveiled by Dr. Darius Hellstromme. Hellstromme unveils the citybuster. The Red River Campaign. Christmas cease-fire. Cult of Doom founded. Templars form in Boise. Virginia City Massacre. The Schism. The survivor must take the entire course, or the drugs have no effect. These courses are highly prized in survivor settlements and can fetch quite a sum there.

No one knows exactly who the first person to drink spook juice was, but he or she must have been half in the tank already. Aficionados of the stuff claim its an acquired taste. If you can force the stuff down, it has quite a kick.

Those who stay conscious after more than a shot or two claim the stuff has hallucinogenic effects. Objects and people begin to glow, and strange shadows begin to flit and swirl through the room. Juiced wasters are a funny lot, but they can also be dangerous.

If a brawl breaks out in a juicer bar, run. Personality Ya gotta take me with ya. Get up, Mister! I know how to shoot it. I done shot a rat, see? I can go? Thanks, Mister! I used to have a horse of my own, but we had to eat him a few winters back. Greedy —2: For books and information. Stubborn —2 Gear: Pump-action shotgun with 20 shells, and a palmcorder.

Personality Hand over that book, amigo. You can have it after I scan it in my palmcorder. Not like you can read anyhow. You probably just want it for toilet paper. Now listen, we lost 20 to 30 good books in there to your grenade. Maybe a map too. Got that? Hand me those scraps. Maybe we can piece some of these old textbooks back together. Personality The Pit is my home. Now you ask me to leave it? Monsters, you say? I have heard such tales, but they are stories told to scare little children.

Or lies told to make the caravan traders rich by keeping everyone else in their cities. I have a good living here. Everyone knows me, and my foes tremble when I step into the Pit. I live for the challenge of the fight and the blood of my enemies.

You say these monsters are big as houses? That does sound like a challenge. I will go with you—for a while. But if there are no monsters, you will taste my steel for your lies. Black Hats in particular have been told to ruin communication between settlements. Gear: Pump-action shotgun, 25 shells, map of Western US, and two milrats. Should take about a week. Did I just hear a dog growl?

Personality Yeah. I was a Black Hat. What are you gonna do about it? They recruited me when I was younger—dumber—when I thought their way was the only way. Then I helped burn one village too many. So I quit. Just up and walked away. Musta malfunctioned. Pop my cranium like a zit.

The Damaged People (Club Version) - Leæther Strip - Yes Im Limited VI (File me right. I figure I owe for too many years spent ignoring my conscience. So shut up, and check your ammo. We got us a monster to kill. Oh, and turn off that sensor. Might set my Headbanger off. Hindrances: Greedy —2: it takes a lot to keep that suit running. Heroic —5 Oath —3: test the suit. Someday, your friends in the Denver resistance will call on you to fight the Combine.

You sure it was a robot? It better be an automaton, pal. This is gonna drain my suit hard. Oh yeah, one more thing. You gotta keep quiet about this. The robot?

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