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Now does Wolfe give any citation for his claim that Brix was an abortionist? Are you kidding? Of course not. And in going through the end notes, I found another absolute howler. Leslie C. In fact, Dr. Leslie Carl Audrain, born Nov.

Check it for yourself at Net Detective. Why is this so darn funny? Because Wolfe cites this: Page Dr. Audrain had died suddenly, obit, Pasadena Star News, September 12, Remind me again how well this book is researched. I keep forgetting. Morris W. Room And Dr. First of all, W. If we look at W.

And yes, he was a doctor. But not a medical doctor. Upon the discovery, a crowd of passersby and reporters began to gather; Los Angeles Herald-Express reporter Aggie Underwood was among the first to arrive at the scene, and took several photos of the corpse and crime scene. The body had been cut completely in half by a technique taught in the s called a hemicorporectomy. The lower half of her body had been removed by transecting the lumbar spine between the second and third lumbar vertebraethus severing the intestine at the duodenum.

Newbarr's report noted "very little" ecchymosis bruising along the incision line, suggesting it had been performed after death. Short was identified after her fingerprints were sent to the FBI via Soundphotoa device which transmitted images by telephone and was normally used for news photographs; Short's fingerprints were on file from her arrest.

That was yet another ploy since the newspaper kept her away from police and other reporters to protect its scoop. Additional newspaper reports, such as one published in the Los Angeles Times on January 17, deemed the murder a "sex fiend slaying".

On January 21,[55] a person claiming to be Short's killer placed a phone call to the office of James Richardson, the editor of the Examinercongratulating Richardson on the newspaper's coverage of the case, and stated he planned on eventually turning himself in, but not before allowing police to pursue him further. On January 24, a suspicious manila envelope was discovered by a U. Postal Service worker: The envelope had been addressed to "The Los Angeles Examiner and other Los Angeles papers" with individual words that had been cut-and-pasted from newspaper clippings; additionally, a large message on the face of the envelope read: "Here is Dahlia's belongings [,] letter to follow".

The items were recovered by police, but they had also been wiped clean with gasoline, destroying any fingerprints. On March 14, an apparent suicide note scrawled in pencil on a bit of paper was found tucked in a shoe in a pile of men's clothing by the ocean's edge at the foot of Breeze Ave. The note read: "To whom it may concern: I have waited for the police to capture me for the Black Dahlia killing, but have not. I am too much of a coward to turn myself in, so this is the best way out for me.

I couldn't help myself for that, or this. Sorry, Mary. Dillon immediately notified Capt. The clothes included a coat and trousers of blue herringbone tweed, a brown and white Y shirt, white jockey shorts, tan socks and tan moccasin leisure shoes, size about eight.

The clothes gave no clue about the identity of their owner. Police quickly deemed Mark Hansen, the owner of the address book found in the packet, a suspect. A total of investigators from the LAPD and other departments worked on the The Black Dahlia - Lysergide - The Black Dahlia EP (File during its initial stages, including sheriff's deputies and California State Patrol officers. Several of the false confessors were charged with obstruction of justice. On January 26, another letter was received by the Examinerthis time handwritten, which read: "Here it is.

Turning in Wed. Had my fun at police. Black Dahlia Avenger". Police waited at the location on the morning of January 29, but the alleged killer did not appear. You would not give me a square deal. Dahlia killing was justified. The graphic nature of the crime and the subsequent letters received by the Examiner had resulted in a media frenzy surrounding Short's murder.

Don't try to find me. On February 1, the Los Angeles Daily News reported that the case had "run into a Stone Wall", with no new leads for investigators to pursue.

When interviewed, lead investigator Captain Jack Donahue told the press that he believed Short's murder had taken place in a remote building or shack on the outskirts of Los Angeles, and her body transported into the city where it was disposed of. In mid-Februarythe LAPD served a warrant to the University of Southern California Medical Schoolwhich was located near the site where Short's body had been discovered, requesting a complete list of the program's students. Background checks were conducted, but yielded no results.

No lead had any conclusions. Once we'd find something, it seemed to disappear in front of our eyes. Finis Brown, on the various dead ends in the case [76]. By the spring ofShort's murder had become a cold case with few new leads. However, the interviews yielded no useful information in the murder. The notoriety of Short's murder has spurred a large number of confessions over the years, many of which have been deemed false.

During the initial investigation into her murder, police received a total of 60 confessions, most made by men. Johna detective who worked the case until his retirement, stated, "It is amazing how many people offer up a relative as the killer.

InRalph Asdel, one of the original detectives on the case, told the Times that he believed he had interviewed Short's killer, a man who had been seen with his sedan parked The Black Dahlia - Lysergide - The Black Dahlia EP (File the vacant lot where her body was discovered in the early morning hours of January 15, A neighbor driving by that day stopped to dispose of a bag of lawn clippings in the vacant lot when he saw a parked sedan, allegedly with its right rear door open; the driver of the sedan was standing in the lot.

His arrival apparently startled the owner of the sedan, who approached his car and peered in the window before returning to the sedan and driving away. Suspects remaining under discussion by various authors and experts include a doctor named Walter Bayley, proposed by the former Times copyeditor Larry Harnisch; [71] Times publisher Norman Chandlerwhom biographer Donald Wolfe claims impregnated Short; [83] Leslie Dillon, [84] Joseph A.

Dumais, [85] Artie Lane a. Jeff Connors[62] Mark Hansen, [61] Dr. Francis E. O'Reilly, [91] and Jack Anderson Wilson. Police came to consider George Hill Hodel Jr.

He was never formally charged with the crime, and came to wider attention as a suspect after his death when he was accused by his son, Los Angeles homicide detective Steve Hodel, of killing Short and committing several additional murders. Prior to the Dahlia case, he was also a suspect in the death of his secretary, Ruth Spaulding, but was not charged; and was accused of raping his own daughter, Tamar, but acquitted.

He fled the country several times, and spent to in the Philippines. Several crime authors, as well as Cleveland detective Peter Merylo, have suspected a link between the Short murder and the Cleveland Torso Murderswhich took place in ClevelandOhio, between and Arnold Smithwas investigated by Detective St. John in relation to Short's murder. He claimed he was close to arresting Wilson for Short's murder, but that Wilson died in a fire on February 4, The February 10,murder of Jeanne French in Los Angeles was also considered by the media and detectives as possibly being connected to Short's killing.

Crime authors such as Steve Hodel son of George Hill Hodel and William Rasmussen have suggested a link between the Short murder and the murder and dismemberment of six-year-old Suzanne Degnan in Chicago, Illinois. There were also striking similarities between the handwriting on the Degnan ransom note and that of the "Black Dahlia Avenger".

Initially arrested at 17 for breaking into a residence close to that of Degnan, Heirens claimed he was tortured by police, forced to confess, and made a scapegoat for the murder. Additionally, Steve MP3) has implicated his father, George Hodelas Short's killer, citing his father's training as a surgeon as circumstantial evidence. They couldn't prove it now.

They can't MP3) to my secretary because she's dead. InJanice Knowlton, a woman who was ten years old at the time of Short's murder, claimed that she witnessed her father, George Knowlton, beat Short to death with a clawhammer in the detached garage of her family's home in Westminster.

I know, because I lived with her father for sixteen years. John told the Times that Knowlton's claims were "not consistent with the facts of the case". John Gilmore 's book Severed: The True Story of the Black Dahlia Murdersuggests a possible connection between Short's murder and that of Georgette Bauerdorfa socialite who was strangled to death in her West Hollywood home in She further suggests that Short was killed at the Aster Motel in Los Angeles, where the owners reported finding one of their rooms "covered in blood and fecal matter" on the morning Short's body was found.

Worton denied that the Flower Street [Aster] Motel had anything to do with the case, although its rival newspaper, the Los Angeles Heraldclaimed that the murder took place there.

He was known to have mental instability, which also made him suspicious. He was considered a suspect until his alibi was established for January 14 and What we do know about Elizabeth is that before her murder she was short on cash and constantly moving. She may have contacted Dr Bayley, a surgeon who specialized in liposuction, hysterectomies and amputations.

We also know that Elizabeth wasn't shy about asking for money and she often tried to gain some through a sympathetic sob story that her husband had died in World War II and she miscarried. While she did have a lover who died at war, she was never pregnant. Walter had a son, named Walter Jr. It is hypothesized that since he is a doctor, he saw through Elizabeth's lie and acted in a fit of rage. Police and psychologists agree that the murderer must have had to sustain his anger for quite some of time, meaning she must have touched on something that really upset him.

Coincidentally, Walter Jr. It was rumoured Walter Jr. The Butcher killed at least a dozen people between tohacking the bodies into small pieces and disposing of their heads, many of which were never found.

The victims were mostly prostitutes and drifters. The victims appeared to be dismembered in a similar fashion to Elizabeth. In Decemberthe Torso Slayer allegedly sent a letter, claiming that he had moved to California and killed a woman there. He claimed that he had buried the head in Southwest Los Angeles. However, Kirshner's performance as Elizabeth was praised by many critics.

Stephanie Zacharek of Salon. Jones described her performance as "haunting" and that the film's fictional screen tests "deliver the emotional darkness so MP3) in the rest of the movie. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with The Blue Dahlia. Pictures Germany [1]. Release date. Running time. United States France Germany [3]. Box Office Mojo. British Board of Film Classification.

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