Open Your Heart - Madonna - True Blue (CD, Album)

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Ryan, Gavin Australia's Music Charts — doc. Moonlight Publishing. Salaverri, Fernando Scott, Kevin; Sarracino, Carmine Beacon Press. Randy Madonna: An Intimate Biography. The Complete Studio Albums — Filth and Wisdom W. Sex The English Roses Mr. Receiving highly positive reviews from criticsthe song became Madonna's first mainstream hit single in the United States, peaking at number 16 on the Billboard Hot and number one on the Dance Club Songs chart.

It also became her first top-ten single in several countries, including Australia, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Madonna has performed "Holiday" on most of her tours and it is generally included as a part of the encore.

Different performances of the song are included in the recorded releases of her tours. Inyear-old Madonna was recording her eponymous debut album with Warner Bros. Records producer Reggie Lucasafter Sire Records green-lit it when her first single " Everybody " became a club hit.

In the meantime due to a conflict of interest, Madonna's collaborator on "Everybody", Stephen Bray had sold a song "Ain't No Big Deal" to an act called Barracuda on another label, rendering it unavailable for Madonna's album.

Pure Energy recalled in an interview with Blogcritics :. We knew that the song had that magic to it. Since we weren't going to be able to record ["Holiday"] ourselves, we were really hoping it would fall into the hands of someone who was going to do it justice.

Jellybean was shopping it, and I think he pitched it to Phyllis Hyman and a couple of other artists. We didn't pitch the songs that much. I was still hoping we could come around to Pure Energy recording it. Stevens remembered that she had started playing the beginning chords of "Holiday" on a keyboard but could not progress further. Hudson, who felt that the music could lead to something constructive, urged Stevens to experiment with it for a week and ultimately came up with the hook "Holiday, Celebrate!

Inspired by the opening chords and hearing depressing news on the radio, Hudson started penning down the song and within 30 minutes was able to complete it, with the whole composition and arrangement in his mind. Most of the song was written by him with Stevens suggesting few alterations like the line "It would be so nice". Benitez and Madonna sent the demo to their friend, Fred Zarr so he could change the arrangement and program it differently.

After the vocals were added by Madonna, Benitez spent four days and tried to enhance the commercial appeal of the track before the April deadline set by Madonna's record label.

He composed the sound, assembled the musicians and hummed the tune to them for recording. He also asked Madonna to sing in a "soulful" manner on the track. The singer suggested Zarr to add a piano solo towards the end of the track, as well as asked Hudson to change a part of the funk in the guitar rhythm.

Pure Energy, who were also present at the recording studio during February[9] recalled that the rhythm track was finished in a single day because they did not want to venture further from the demo track.

Other changes were in the vocal delivery from the soul, gospel like singing on the demo to Madonna's "poppier" belting; she still remained true to the original melody of the track. The group was not given a production credit on "Holiday" since Benitez had presented the track to Sire Records, and he had an existing relationship with Madonna.

Although Hudson pressed for a credit, they ultimately let it go since they felt that the song would be their chance to get recognized as efficient songwriters. Musically, "Holiday" is a dance-pop and post-disco song devoid of any particular structure. The four bar sequence of the progression continues throughout the song and features instrumentation from guitars flicking in the background, electronic handclaps, cowbell played by Madonna, and a synthesized string arrangement.

Towards the end of the song, a change in the arrangement happens, where a piano break is heard. Lyrically the song expresses the universal sentiment that everybody needs a holiday from their daily lives. Initially it was decided that " Lucky Star " would be released as a single; instead "Holiday" was released in the United States when the latter was picked up by radios for airplay and became a dance hit.

Records were not prepared for the song to take off like that and hence no music video was released for it. Instead it carried the picture of a train station and an engine. In the United Kingdom, "Holiday" has been released three times as a single: in Januaryreaching number six; reissued in Augustreaching number 2 only being kept from number one by her own " Into the Groove " single ; and re-released with new artwork in to promote The Immaculate Collection with a limited edition EP titled The Holiday Collectionwhich contained tracks omitted from the compilation; this version reached number five.

Although the song was released to promote the greatest hits collection, it did not include the shorter remix from the album, instead it included the original album version from Madonna The song received critical acclaim.

One listen and you could not get the damn hook out of your mind. He also complimented the song's expert production. Mary Cross in her biography of Madonna, described "Holiday" as "a simple song with a fresh appeal and a good mood. She believed that the song cemented her style of music with its "bubbling Latin undertow, crunchy bass and strings and Fred Zarr's elegant closing piano riff". O'Brien declared "Holiday" as Madonna's "most" persuasive dance song with its "tension, release, resolution and celebratory" nature enhanced by Madonna's "playful commands and exhortations".

In the United Kingdom, "Holiday" was released in whence it charted and reached a peak of six on the chart. However, a rerelease in with "Think of Me" on the B-side, saw the song enter the charts at number 32 and reached a new peak of two on the chart, being held off the number one spot by Madonna's own " Into the Groove ", while being present for ten weeks.

Another re-release in saw the song reach a peak of five on the chart. It peaked at number seven. During a interview with Harry Smith of CBS NewsMadonna singled out "Holiday" as a favorite amongst her top-ten charting singles, though Smith corrected that it had peaked at a much lower position.

While her musical career was thriving, her film career took a savage hit with the November release of Shanghai Surprise. Starring Madonna and Penn, the comedy received terrible reviews, which translated into disastrous box office returns. At the beginning ofshe had her fifth number one single with "Open Your Heart," the third number one from True Blue alone.

The title cut from the soundtrack of her third feature film, Who's That Girl? The year was relatively quiet for Madonna as she spent the first half of the year acting in David Mamet's Speed the Plow on Broadway. In the meantime, she released the remix album You Can Dance. After withdrawing the divorce papers she filed at the beginning ofshe divorced Penn at the beginning of Like a Prayer, released in the spring ofwas her most ambitious and far-reaching album, incorporating elements of pop, rock, and dance.

It was another number one hit and launched the number one title track as well as "Express Yourself," "Cherish," and "Keep It Together," three more Top Ten hits. In Aprilshe began her massive Blonde Ambition tour, which ran throughout the entire year. Madonna released a greatest-hits album, The Immaculate Collection, at the end of the year. It featured two new songs, including the number one single "Justify My Love," which sparked another controversy with its sexy video; the second new song, "Rescue Me," became the highest-debuting single by a female artist in U.

Truth or Dare, a documentary of the Blonde Ambition tour, was released to positive reviews and strong ticket sales in the spring of Madonna returned to the charts in the summer of with the number one "This Used to Be My Playground," a single featured in the film A League of Their Own, which featured the singer in a small part. Later that year, Madonna released Sex, an expensive, steel-bound soft-core pornographic book that featured hundreds of erotic photographs of herself, several models, and other celebrities -- including Isabella Rossellini, Big Daddy KaneNaomi Campbelland Vanilla Ice -- as well as selected prose.

Sex received scathing reviews and enormous negative publicity, yet that didn't stop the accompanying album, Erotica, from selling over two million copies. That sonic shift, perfect for young fans desperate for a slow song to come on so they could get closer to their partner, foretold the versatility to come from the pop star.

A year before Debbie Gibson and Tiffany essentially set the gold standard for America-conquering mall-pop, Madonna buried the blueprint in the middle of her True Blue album with "Where's the Party? The key to the song is the little snarl that she packs into each " Where's the party?? You can almost hear Madonna try to mask tears as her cracked voice tells the tale of a woman who attempts to find love through tendless one-night stands and drunken late nights on the town. The tightest of Madonna's collaborations with superproducers The Neptunes on her underrated Hard Candy album, "She's Not Me" is a disco throwback with a deadly groove and a wicked sense of humor, which even provides its own inch remix with an outro that dissolves into Auto-Tuned 21st-century clubbiness.

The song's strut partly courtesy of The Revolution's Wendy Melvoin on acoustic guitar and winkingly paranoid lyric provide all the juice the song really needed, but it got an extra spark anyway when Madge played it as part of her mash-up of "Express Yourself" and Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" on 's MDNA tour -- inspiring some educated speculation about who'd most recently been freaking Madonna out by dressing like her and talking like her.

Madonna's first-ever single set the tone for much of her catalog to come, persuading club-goers to lose themselves to dance and kick-starting the theme of inclusivity that is still central to her message today: There is no separation of class, gender, race, sexuality or any other label when everybody is sweating it out together on the dance floor. On the growling electro-pop jam, the duo brew Album) a dizzying cauldron of bubbling techno and syncopated rhythms that resist traditional production tropes and leave you feeling dizzy, invigorated and entranced all at once.

What other superstar could flex their icon status and name-check themselves in a chorus and still have it feel completely earned? It's a song about intimacy disguised as a song about betrayal, and it showed that Madonna could rebound from the bad press of the Erotica era without reverting to playing it safe.

Certainly the most innocent-sounding song to nonetheless earn inclusion on Tipper Gore and the PMRC's infamous "Filthy Fifteen" list of the current pop songs they found to be most objectionable, "Dress You Up" arguably borders on adult content with its repeated "all over your body" exhortations but stays PG at worst with its generally over-caffeinated exuberance. With a knockout chorus, infectious synth line and some exceptionally placed " Owww " backing vocals, the fact that "Dress You Up" was only the fourth-best single to be pulled from Like a Virgin suggested what a force to be reckoned with Madonna would remain for the rest of the millennium.

Who else besides Madonna has the power to transform a scathing diss targeted for an ex-lover into one of the best and most empowering dance hits of the '00s? The lyrics again concerned intimacy, but this time they were a plea to her partner to open up, with the chorus no longer content with all the secrets her baby was keeping. It one-upped the Bedtime Stories lead single in most areas, including on the Hot -- where "Secret" peaked at No.

No song better married the experimental impulses of American Life with her more accessible pop sensibilities like this topsy-turvy electro-romp, which simultaneously romanticized dreams of Tinseltown stardom while also calling out their emptiness. Of course a song about the phoniness of the entertainment industry would soundtrack her infamous stunt at the '03 VMAs.

As Madonna slips from lovestruck coo to sultry contralto, producer Nile Rodgers peppers in sprightly guitar and wry giggles from the star herself. The lyrics to this True Blue Hot topper, of course, started a Open Your Heart - Madonna - True Blue (CD for the lightning-rod pop star when it came out inwith critics unfairly accusing her of glamorizing teen pregnancy and typically anti-Madonna conservatives praising what they saw as the song's pro-life message.

But the real melodrama was in the music, with dramatic, staccato strings accompanying a driving dance beat that perfectly matched the urgency of the song's pleading message. Despite its most famous quote being about crying, you wouldn't necessarily think of baseball dramedy and all-time what's-on-TBS-today classic A League of Their Own as a tearjerker -- Open Your Heart - Madonna - True Blue (CD you remember "This Used to Be My Playground.

A half-decade before "Blurred Lines," The Neptunes granted Madonna a very similar bass-and-cowbell shuffle Open Your Heart - Madonna - True Blue (CD her finest Hard Candy single. The song stiffed on the charts at the time, peaking at No. I lived so selfishly. An icy declaration via alter ego Dita Album) that it was time to kick open the doors on kinks and own them without shame made plenty of prudes bristle in But years of dirrty followers have proven that not only was Madonna fingering a chord that was already deep within our collective unconscious, but few can do it better than M when it comes to getting raw without pandering or risking exploitation.

One of Madonna's biggest early hits -- and the one most despised by the singer herself. Madonna has worn plenty of hats in her career, and for the Music era she literally decided to grab her best Stetson and become a full-blown cowgirl. But for Madonna, it landed her yet another top five Hot hit. The devastating truth at the core of "Live to Tell" is never revealed, but also "never far behind," the knowledge leaving Madonna both empowered and paralyzed.

But as captivating as the lyrics are, the song's most affecting moment is its pre-bridge dissolve, where only the dramatic waves of synth remain, a moment of seeming crisis or revelation before a fragile Madonna gently reintroduces herself to the melody: "If I ran away I'd never have the strength to go very far.

This irresistible dance hit is a nightclub nursery rhyme, taking the children's poem "Star Light, Star Bright" and flipping it into a sexy Studio 54 come-on about heavenly bodies. Madonna is credited as the sole songwriter on the track, so she gets full credit for taking advantage of the rote simplicity of a nursery rhyme and turning it into a radio-ready earworm, with a music video that created the first of many iconic looks for the burgeoning superstar.

Madonna's career has been too mutli-faceted to reduce to a simple two-word message, but "Express Yourself" would probably be a pretty good start: From her "Material Girl" days to her Rebel Heart era, self-expression, and the need to identify what you want and then go out and get it, has always been paramount. Speaking of that clip, when you're grabbing "Express Yourself" for party playlists, make sure you pass over the overcooked Like a Prayer version for the much tighter video edit, found on the Celebration compilation.

Makes the people! Come together…. In reality, the dirtiest part of the song is the drum loop, a smoked-out, bass-bombed James Brown-via-Public Enemy shuffle that suggests all kind of nocturnal activities -- expanded upon only lightly by Madonna's lyrics taken from a poem by former Prince protege Ingrid Chavezwhose calls for emotional intimacy are more provocative than any carnal fantasy described.

But just because it's not explicitly NC doesn't mean the song's eroticism isn't still palpable and formidable -- few moments in pop history are as sexually charged as the chorus, where everything drops out but Madonna " Wanting.

To justify my love. For the very first time?

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