Meloncholoy Tunes - Extrovert Introvert - Meloncholoy Tunes (Vinyl)

The first, Alpha Mike Foxtrotis a box set of rare studio and live recordings collected from the band's extensive audio archives. The second, What's Your 20is a of essential tracks culled from the band's previously released studio recordings.

Alpha Mike Foxtrot features 64 pages of liner notes that include track-by-track recollections from Tweedy, notes by band members Nels Cline and John Stirratt, and reflections from members of Wilco's extended professional family. The booklet also showcases dozens of archival and never-before-seen photos from a wide array of photographers chronicling all phases of the band's career.

What's Your 20? This expanded version of the album contains the band's entire recorded output for the Pink label as well as the 7'' version of ''Me'' that was released on Idea Records.

Despite the record's gritty, intense approach, it nevertheless landed the Wolfhounds a spot on the NME's legendary C compilation cassette, the track compilation ended up being so influential that it resulted in the unintentional creation of a new subgenre. The Wolfhounds were more post punk than jangle pop, and their incendiary live shows saw them build up a loyal following throughout Europe, where they toured regularly supporting The House Of Love and My Bloody Valentine.

The double album features Disc One Ex Machinathe ideal introduction for the Wyatt novice, compiling tracks from his entire career and acting as a companion to O'Dair's new biography on Wyatt, also titled Different Every Time. He destroyed boredom with a blast of electric guitar. He understood that life was simple, true, loud, and a little out of control.

Leaving behind many unused recordings, the Zero Boys opted to listen to his songs and re-record them, in tribute. Forum for a five-night stint from July 9th to 13th and this concert film features the show from July 12th. The third full-length recording from the much loved Anglo-Australian four-piece is made up of smart, beautiful pop music, with lyrics that resonate with experience and melodies that chime, echo and soar.

The band's take on occult black metal stylings draw from the Scandinavian masters, the French introverts, and their own depraved visions, singlehandedly creating a new standard for USBM to strive towards.

Call it a second wave of "garage bands" but this time the music was more fitted for dark, hazy wood paneled basements with the requisite hi-fis, joints and cheap beers stolen from dad.

This collection spans everything from the proto punk garage of early hit "Flylife" to the Motown monster that is "Good Luck," taking in worldwide smashes like "Red Alert," "Where's Your Head At" and more. Minneapolis three-piece The Blind Shake crafts dense, massive locomotive music—powerful sounds with the ability to careen through one cinematic, post-apocalyptic chase scene after another.

Though founded on an electric sound they also dig the old jug band style of playing. Picking up cheap acoustic guitars, turning ordinary household items into instruments and constructing a traditional washtub-broomstick bass, they often busk in the streets of downtown Los Angeles to the delight of large crowds. Crayon took the burgeoning sound of twee pop and added punk elements, sounding something like a cross between UK indiepop bands like the Pastels and more abrasive American bands like Unwound.

Two more cauterizing cuts of whiplash thug rock your thin plane of existence just might not survive without. Raw and primitive staccato electronics with Kai Parviainen's Meloncholoy Tunes - Extrovert Introvert - Meloncholoy Tunes (Vinyl) touch of utter insanity.

Released inthe year of Kohoutek, when the immanent arrival of the big comet spawned a new round of cosmic consciousness in the media and with people all over the planet. The two sides of Kohoutek are a special jam that passes through tranquility to exultation, a tapping of the passing flame in the skies and a greeting from Father to the messenger and bearer of such awesome gifts.

Very pure. Previous albums on Autumn and Burger. Gatecreeper is a riff-heavy ode to times past, and a glimpse of our bleak future, captured on wax. For fans of: Entombed, Bolt Thrower, and Dismember.

Geddes Gengras - Collected Works Vol. Opaque cyan vinyl. Think Rev and Vega, but with a more positive, hopeful vibe tinged with a whisper of melancholy. HQgm including new liner notes from Patterson. Recorded and mixed by Chris Freeland Wye Oak, Lower Denson Hidden Cities Horse Lords square the circle, making music that is alternately tight and loose, real-time risky and process oriented, reconciling the sweaty force of a killer basement show with the icy precision of conservatory training.

Each track, wrapped in a glistening synth pop package, surrounds themes of caring for one another and connectedness. All proceeds from this recording will be donated to Coalition For The Homeless. The band's Jim O'Rourke, Toshiaki Sudo, Hatano Atsuko and Yamamoto Tatsuhisa expertly precise playing is contrasted by their intuitive choices within the songs, which are seized upon by Eiko for mood and color.

On the follow-up to its critically acclaimed album Safe TravelsJukebox The Ghost is at it again with a new collection of the band's signature brand of infectious pop songs. Sourced soon after the re-release of L'AmourRomantic Times is the follow-up - a familiar blond posing on the sleeve, a familiar, tortured voice pouring his heart out over languid synths and synthetic waltz beats.

The band has collaborated with Locrian, Circle, and Merzbow. Statu Nascendi features ethereal washes of guitar, organ, tape loops of field recordings, and Coloccia's hypnotic vocals.

Shot on ten reels of Kodak film, Tell Me More About Evil is a visual, alternate version of the album consisting of stripped down performances and acoustic field recordings. An answer to no other band, movement or genre don't be lazy, you. An ambitious work that could be no one else but said three lifer music weirdies in full inspiration mode.

Coming off the critically acclaimed The InfamousHavoc and Prodigy hit the lab and came back with a soundtrack that is fitting to its title. Growing up between Canada, Spain, and the French Alps, he took in the natural sounds of the countryside -- crashing waves, clinking cowbells and creaking trees -- and armed with an MPC drum machine and a guitar, distilled it into a sound that feels natural and otherworldly at the same time.

Triple-color splatter vinyl. The Luminous Heart Of Nowhere might evoke a sense of an ethereal void, but its music is firmly rooted in Midwestern underground rock. The band's driving, bold melodic sound hearkens to that of myriad Midwestern noisemakers like Rodan, Arcwelder and Naked Raygun.

Joshua Rainhorn's imagery evoked a world of old wine bars and coffee-stained book covers. Honkytonk music and worn out shoes. Elusive, mysterious lovers. Includes download for the nine original album songs plus five tracks recorded live in Kortrijk, Belgium on October 16, Collaborating on this album with Bill Ryder-Jones The Coralit is a marked departure from her debut Uncut - stripping back and laying bare the beautiful song-craft of an artist clearly in her prime.

The result is a selection of twelve delicate and heart-felt, folk-infused tracks woven into In The Seams - full of lush strings, softly plucked guitars and tender vocals. Debut album by esteemed writer and Leonard Cohen biographer. Like Devendra Banhart says, this is "a gem of an album, fragile and fearless, direct and poetic, timeless and absolutely beautiful.

Like Rosalie Sorrels meets the Only Ones. Atmospheric heavy drones of surreally epic horror-country. Fronted by Ford Pier D. Smith gone orchestral. Weird, yelping dissonance, precise soaring melody, and pop-culture-curmudgeon lyrics. His music spans a spectrum of deranged styles, from the intimidating and visceral to the rivetingly morose. Sasu Ripatti is one of electronic music's most prolific and eclectic producers.

Throughout the last two decades Ripatti has explored every imaginable genre with over 20 albums under aliases such as Luomo and Sistol. A classically trained percussionist, the Finnish native has also performed as a part of the Moritz Von Oswald Trio and his own Vladislav Delay Quartet. He returns now under his Vladislav Delay moniker with a uniquely inspired album.

Visa is Ripatti's first foray into ambient music in over ten years, yet it is not simply passive background music. Rather it is an active entity, a soundscape built from textured layers of evocative industrial noises and dream-like melodic loops. An oppositional spectrum spanning from "pop"-simplicity tropisms and cannabinoidal rock theatrics to the kind of mystical harmonic complexity and radical engineering that would never fly in HB.

Hartley is the progenitor of a style of music he calls Whopazootic, which he has described as "a non-classical music utilizing a broken rhythm. In stripping back to their roots—drums and voice—they have discovered an unblinking directness, a taut muscularity honed from years of intensive live performance. The guttural nature of Electron's vocal sound may recall the name of Beefheart to some, and Electron is occupying the same unconsciousness, free in the communal slipstream, with less blues and more country gospel in his soul.

The title is now being reissued as a limited edition picture disc on Younge's own Linear Labs imprint. Limited edition box set of six vinyl 45RPM singles with a 32pg book filled with photos and lyrics. Like the comedy legend, The Rance Allen Meloncholoy Tunes - Extrovert Introvert - Meloncholoy Tunes (Vinyl) knows a thing or two about getting better with time and their new release, Celebrate, proves it. The group's trailblazing legacy in Gospel music shines even brighter as their signature vocals, coupled with hot new music production, created the infectious radio hit "A Lil' Louder Clap Your Hands.

As far back as their first album they've been touring the various hotspots of psychedelia, punk, classical and world music, all with a maniacal, effervescent touch. Accuse them of failing at some of these stylistic endeavors, fine - but to their immense credit, they've never been mere genre dilettantes.

Nor is IX a reactionary 'back-to-basics' attempt at shedding their excesses; it's confirmation that TOD haven't forgotten how to write exemplary, robust rock songs. Natura Morta fits somewhere between the electronics of Keith Fullerton Whitman, the percussive repetitions of Jon Mueller, and the atmospheric sensibility of Pan American. The follow-up of 's Through The Archdemon's Head is stripped down from its predecessor, clocking in at 48 minutes eight tracks but injects more variation.

After a highly productive incubation period, the young producer returns with his debut LP, The Snake. Its 12 compositions are filled with dark and hazy electronic beats. Every cymbal crash, guitar brush, and whisper, across four CDs.

Each album is also available on HQgm vinyl. Though the album was recorded in the mid to late '70s, it remained unreleased until This expanded edition includes alternate versions and additional tracks, and three songs by Bell's pre-Big Star groups, Icewater and Rock City.

The album is a song Afro-futurist concept-suite taking place on the fictional planet named in the title. To take us there, K. Anechoic Horizon is a purely instrumental work that evokes the genre's blank and beautiful heydays. It's the reflection of its makers -- Sam Owens, Greg Albert, and Max Almario -- and the follow-up to 10xtheir debut.

It's a rock record, and one with the power to time travel with its instruments intact: the electric guitar, the electric bass, and the drum kit.

Vinyl pressed on milky-clear wax. Mitchel Reed. The self-titled album hits you with 11 anthemic rock songs that will satisfy both the hardcore Lixx fans as well as fans of melodic hard rock and hair metal in general. Adored by his growing legion of fans, Eric tours constantly with such superstars as Maxwell, Joe, Mary J. Blige, Prince, and many others. As long as you delve into this album expecting something different from Cradle Of Filth, then there's plenty to dig your claws into.

Devilment's core sound is based around earth-shattering riffs from Daniel Finch and Colin Parks, whose thick, defiant guitars anchor the record, allowing them to embrace a smorgasbord of styles while still remaining true to their original form. The title reflects several years of reflection on associated ideas like Diaspora, borders and hybridism. It is as aggressive and relentless as time itself. The project began in as a reservoir for ideas that overflowed from The Men's drain pipe.

In that same year, a two-song cassette single was self-released, with a follow-up live document in Most recently, the duo has conceived an LP with longtime sonic partner, Kyle Keays-Hagerman from late through early Although the production began using the most conservative rock and roll devices, it slowly plumed into a cloud of future primitive psychedelia. For the album and series, Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Nate Mendel, Chris Shiflett and Pat Smear wrote and recorded one song in each of these eight cities, delving into the local musical currents: how each region shaped these musicians in their formative years, and in turn the impact those people had on the cultural fabric of their hometowns.

Available on CD and vinyl. The HQgm vinyl album comes in an assortment of nine different limited edition covers including eight variants each themed for one of the cities in which the album was recorded: Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Seattle, and Washington, D. When ordering this vinyl LP, customers will randomly receive one of the available nine limited edition versions.

Each version will not be sold separately. The LP includes a card to secure a downloadable version. An explosive burst of raw crossover, Helsinki Savagery fuses the s iterations of US thrash Vio-lence, Exodus and urban hardcore Cro-Mags, Leeway to create a merciless album.

Flinging themselves into the public's consciousness with 's Pearl Mystictheir debut LP's perfect storm of billowing textures and napalm-filled Modern Lovers licks was one of the most-acclaimed albums of -- receiving plaudits from The Guardian, NME and Drowned In Sound -- where it was their Album Of The Year. Hilarious at times, genius always and as scuzzy as anything you could ever hear. The album was produced by Evan Weiss Into It.

Deluxe adds three bonus tracks. On Primary Information's CD—reissued with the cooperation of the Estate of Allan Kaprow and the Getty Research Institute—he speaks plainly into a microphone, delivering private cut-to-the-chase style instruction on Happenings that is both informative and contradictory, both a practical and theoretical how-to with frequent dead-pan humor. Chosen as one of Time Magazine's most anticipated releases, critics are hailing the album as Meloncholoy Tunes - Extrovert Introvert - Meloncholoy Tunes (Vinyl) instant classic.

Black Beauty is that rarest of rock artifacts: an un-released, full-length studio album, from an undisputed musical genius. It represents the missing link in a catalog that also includes Forever Changesthe seminal Love album the New York Times called "one of the most affecting and beguiling albums of all time.

Deluxe Edition includes a limited edition page hardcover book created by Rafal Wechterowicz, Marco Vasco and long-time Machine Head art collaborator Strephon Taylor. Sounding equal parts Ariel Pink and Prefab Sprout, Mega Bog rip through nine hazy burners with a sneaky tightness hidden behind layers of drizzle and reverb.

The multi-talented actress and singer was thrust into the mainstream pop culture dialogue earlier this year with her performance of ''Let it Go,'' the enormously popular song off 's Frozen soundtrack. The track not only won an Academy Award for Best Original Song inbut has also remained at the top of the Billboard charts for months, selling millions of units worldwide.

Produced by project creator T Bone Burnett, the album was recorded in March, at Capitol Studios in Hollywood, where the artists and Burnett convened for two weeks to write and create music for a treasure trove of long-lost lyrics handwritten by Bob Dylan in during the period that generated the recording of the legendary Basement Tapes.

Deluxe includes five additional tracks. Joe Goddard is two albums deep with The 2 Bears, and now fellow chips off the old block Al Doyle and Felix Martin have teamed up once again with studio engineer Tom Hopkins for New Build's second album outing.

Pour It On drives much further into the territory of electronic dance than their indie-leaning debut, with classic house-tinged characteristics propping up new wave vocals and synths.

The lyrics can spill into the realm of over-earnestness at points, but overall this is slick and dancefloor-ready. Limited quantities available on mixed color vinyl. In David Gilmour and Nick Mason re-entered the studio and, starting with unreleased keyboard performances by Richard Wright, who sadly died inadded further instrumentation to the tracks, as well as creating new material.

The title is a further link, ' Features three previously unreleased Queen tracks featuring late singer Freddie Mercury. Rated X is an exciting and fresh band built around the talents of four heavy-hitters of American hard rock. It is a selection of songs, which Rice says are "sung straight into the metaphorical mirror. The recording process began in Los Angeles and finished up with a cast of friends and local musicians against the stunning backdrop of Reykjavik, Iceland.

A largely self-taught musician from Temagog, NSW, Joe is best known for his virtuoso guitar abilities and for winning the season of Australia's Got Talent. Ishraqiyun has been characterized as the "neo-Pythagorean electro-folk" side of Secret Chiefs 3. Perichoresis is the first proper set of studio recordings of their material, paired with a healthy dose of new, previously unheard tunes.

It furthers Serengeti's hilarious, absurdist, and subtly humane saga of a Chicago-born man with a Mike Ditka mustache, whose lovable delusions and diehard loyalty fall somewhere between Homer Simpson and a Bill Swerski Superfan. Vinyl version pressed on neon splatter wax. Includes production from Infamous, No I. Deluxe two-CD edition includes a bonus CD containing non-album single edits, mixes and more.

The six-disc Super Deluxe version adds a multitude of remixes and B-sides, plus a disc of nine previously unreleased tracks and a 5. Sixth studio album by German rock band — Available in Regular and Deluxe editions. Deluxe two-CD edition includes four bonus tracks plus an interview with the band. Featuring over 30 of the most unique MCs from the region including members of mega-crews Oldominion and the Sandpeople, the album also introduces a host of hidden talent from Olympia, WA - K's sonic stomping ground.

As a result hip-hop from the squats of Naples, dubstep and bass from Bristol and Lisbon, experimental techno from Berlin and jazz-tinged deep-house from Kiev are thrust upon the pumping kuduro of Luanda, the free- thinking crackled electronica of Cairo, the Afro-jazz of Lagos and Johannesburg, and the Sheng street slang of Kenyan hip-hop and rap. A selection of the results of these cross-continental experiments can be heard on this record. A delightfully fun record. Vinyl version due next week, November Equal parts punk, soul, klezmer and jazz, replete with horns, piano, guitar and a lot of boys and girls with very sharp teeth, the Brooklyn-based group's must-see stage charisma rivals Slim Cessna's Auto Club.

The ensemble has over 40 members, including a guy from Dexys Midnight Runners who's in Black 47 now. Only about seven to thirteen show up at any given time due to parole restrictions, so one never can tell how crowded the dressing room is going to be. While never truly completed, the film provides a stylistic approach in true sixties cinema verite style. Concert performances are intercut with fly-on-the-wall footage of the group in their natural habitat, sometimes playful, sensitive, chaotic and touching.

Joined by brother Nat on cornet, and the versatile Yusef Lateef on tenor, flute, and oboe, Cannonball and his crew turn in what All About Jazz calls Meloncholoy Tunes - Extrovert Introvert - Meloncholoy Tunes (Vinyl) the single most indispensable recording by the Adderley Brothers. Originally deployed inits bombed-out luster has become a firm favorite of everyone from Blackest Ever Black's Kiran Sande to Endangered Species' Vereker.

Between the bludgeoned doom techno of "Skysweeper," the shell-strewn darkwave scenes of "Man Is Ready" and the Carpenter-esque adrenalizer, "Immortality Is No Consolation for Death," Alberich finds a very specific line through heavy electronics, synth zones, and dread techno, and holds it to the last with a shell-shocked, eviscerated aesthetic most unlike any other. Debut album by the Australian rapper. Azalea would be the first to admit that she's something of an outsider in the world of rap.

The living room was a communal area, so one individual dominating it with their music was pretty disrespectful, but the rest of us let it slide. Naturally, I assumed this song must be an old classic that had somehow passed me by, so asked Nish its name, ready to receive the standard amount of judgement for not knowing one of the all-time greats, but was surprised to learn that the song had been released for the first time ever that morning.

It had been four years since the release of his celebrated debut album, Channel Orangeand a lot of anticipation from the music press and fans alike had mounted up in that time, but Frank Ocean had finally released his sophomore record, Blonde. The Edinburgh festival can be a daunting experience and the music you listen to on the way to your show is more important than you might think — it needs to make you feel confident and fearless.

But because I need to feel confident and fearless, I have regularly ended up listening to uncool music on the way to my Edinburgh shows. I need a song that makes me feel invincible but also comforts me, like the songs they use in adverts. The expectation hanging over Blonde was enormous. When Blonde was released I stopped seeing Lemonade as a one-off.

I got back from the Edinburgh Fringe, keen to discover more. I wanted to listen to everything and introduce myself to new geniuses one after the other. Three albums in one year that already felt like they were going to stand the test of time and be remembered. Three potential classics. I was always listening to old stuff but not engaging with my own era and suddenly that made no sense to me. I needed to reconnect with music as it is now, in its current form — new music being made and released today.

It was still at this point, I was still with my girlfriend, my relationship with my agent was good and I felt totally fine — I was just a regular guy who wanted to listen to some new music. And these two songs will form the next phase of my argument. Ultralight Beam. So I bought The Life of Pablo. I may be the only person in the world whose entry Kanye album was The Life of Pablo — a difficult record that divided fans and features an awful line about a bleached asshole.

Kanye is often referred to as a magpie, handpicking the greatest musicians in the world, putting them up in his mansion to write and record for him, then selecting the very best of what they come up with and keeping that for the record. It might sound ruthless but the results speak for themselves — every element of every Kanye song is there for a reason, and unless something is indispensable it has to go.

Just Like I. Her second album, Black Terry Catwas released in June and struck a chord with many due to a new-found clarity in both her music and her lyrics. Then, one morning, Xenia was sitting at her kitchen table and received a phone call. Her father, who lived in Florida, had just had Meloncholoy Tunes - Extrovert Introvert - Meloncholoy Tunes (Vinyl) stroke, so Xenia flew to him immediately on the earliest flight she could.

She would usually talk to him multiple times a day on the phone, but this news still felt very sudden and what followed was a month-long process. She was able to get him out of hospital and back home with care, but eventually had to make the almost impossible decision that they should end his life. For the next couple of weeks she had to watch her father die, then afterwards she took his remains to Cuba, scattered his ashes at his favourite beach, and came home to New York.

She felt like an alien. After two weeks of this, Xenia decided to resume working on the album, but the experience of being with her father in Florida had already changed her life for ever.

She now sees her life divided into two parts; before Florida and after. And that makes this record feel weird for her, because she wrote all of it in her old life but had to record it in her new life, when she was in a totally different headspace. Even her singing voice had changed completely. She had spent that entire month, every single day, singing to her father, something she had never done before.

But the only thing she could think of doing to try to bring him back during those times was playing music and singing to him. She would spend hours singing to him every day, so when she came back to New York her voice was totally different, it was exhausted, as exhausted as her body even. Xenia stills feels very lucky to have worked on Black Terry Cat with her friends and partners in music, Marco Buccelli and Jeremy Loucas — both of whom she trusts and has known for many years.

The three of them are family and they love each other. They played live together in the same room, capturing the rawness and soul but also the overimposed elements that go with a live record.

The instrumentation, especially the drums, sounds like it belongs on a Led Zeppelin track, with Rubinos throwing herself into a fierce and expressive vocal performance. If I want to convince someone as quickly as possible that was the greatest year for music of all time I put this song on.

He had once told Xenia a story from his childhood about a Ouija board he and his friends had found. They were asking different questions of the Ouija board — he had asked how long he would live for and the board had said he would live to be I think you will. That playlist was so good — no duds, perfect progression from one track to the next — and I wanted to make my own.

My dad used to make people compilation tapes at home and name each one after a letter of the alphabet for ease. I got my dad to show me how to make compilation tapes on his stereo and would spend entire afternoons recording from his cassette albums to my blank tapes, trying to achieve the perfect mix. It took me just over ten years but eventually I achieved my goal with The Two Tapes of Lushness — a double-cassette compilation album that I stayed up all night making when I was Three hours of incredible songs that flowed into each other like hot butter.

I brought it into work with me the following day; I worked in a pub kitchen and we would always listen to music during a shift to keep up morale. I put the tapes up on the high shelf alongside the stereo, announcing that we would be listening to them later, informing my colleagues of the lushness that lay in store. Then, two minutes later, someone pulled a metal mixing bowl down from the same shelf and accidentally knocked the Two Tapes of Lushness into a scorching hot fryer, which let out a deafening angry hiss.

They crackled loudly in the frantically bubbling oil, spitting everywhere, the entire fryer dancing — it was utter chaos. I rushed over in a panic and feverishly fished them out using a dirty metal chip basket but it was too late, they were coated in fatty cooking oil and would never play again. It was a tragedy and my workmates could not stop laughing. Two of my favourite albums from were released exclusively on cassette by the artists themselves and both were so well received that they were re-released the following year on all formats.

While writing and recording her debut album, Hands in Our NamesKarima Walker had no fixed place of residence. She was paying the bills by working in a record store and playing background music outside cafes as people ate their lunch. Hands in Our Names feels like one gently shifting soundscape, consisting of tape loops, electronic drone music and delicate folk songs, each element coming and going without any sense of urgency, her voice often lifting you out of a trance before a quietly picked guitar carries you away again.

Hands in Our Names was originally released on cassette at the end of June The cassette release of Good Will Come to You by Canadian musician Jean-Sebastien Audet, aka Un Blonde, sold out almost immediately, it was nominated for the Polaris Prize and many people declared it their album of He was 21 years old when he wrote this album, and the level of understanding and skill he demonstrates while manipulating so many genres simultaneously is masterful.

Audet makes a succession of correct choices on this album, never overdoing anything to the point where it sounds gimmicky and the transitions between genres never feel clunky. This is a self-assured composer who knows who he is and what he wants to achieve, and you can hear it in every second of his music. The Visitor. Naturally this led to my first DJ set. My first DJ set was an hour long, it was at the Prince of Wales in Kettering, the crowd was small and it was an unpaid guest slot.

Every Thursday the resident DJ would get someone from the local music scene to take over for an hour, allowing them to play whatever they liked. I consoled myself with the fact they were at least chanting in timeas that meant they were definitely listening to the song and engaging with it on some level. I would try to explain to every person that I was just an unpaid guest DJ and that the regular DJ would be back in an hour and could play their requests, but they very quickly lost their minds and wrote a catchy and original chant to let me know how they felt.

But in the end, instead of converting everyone with these life-enhancing songs, I isolated myself and came across like an illogical but well-meaning madman trying to convert the masses to my way of life, completely oblivious to the fact they had zero interest in the wacky music I had to offer.

Obviously there are some hurdles to get over when I tell anyone that. Countless dodgy things happened in that were less than ideal and the negative effects of some signature events are still being felt today.

Bar maybe one album. InSeb el Zin, a producer and multi-instrumentalist, assembled a collective of musicians from all manner of musical backgrounds to form Anarchist Republic of Bzzz. With its equal parts experimental rap, punk and free jazz with unorthodox production, every listener interpreted it differently and struggled to categorise their self-titled debut album.

As the name suggests, this album appeared to target and criticise the European Union, the front cover depicting members of the public sitting in a cinema, framed by the stars of the EU and gazing up at torture footage being projected onto the big screen. The group sounded even more distinctive this time round thanks to the addition of two Turkish percussionists, Onur Secki and Ismael Altunbas, as well as Mehmet Boyaci playing the kanun a stringed Turkish instrument and Murat Ertel on the electric saz another Turkish instrument, looks like a lute.

Especially in when accession talks between Turkey and the EU had recently ground to a halt. Adulthood in the Context of Total Noise. I was very resistant to MP3s for a long time. Music fans go on about owning something physical a lot. Which, if I stop and think about it, actually sounds pretty creepy.

This album could only exist on MP3, I once listened to it four times in a row during a car journey and felt dizzy by the end of it. The point is — I love MP3s now. My iPod Guy is a man named Michael Burdett.

Michael is 59 years old, he wrote the theme tune for Homes under the Hammer and wrote a book called Strange Faceabout a lost Nick Drake recording he found in a skip. He ended up with 15 brand-new iPod Classics and never took them out of their packaging in order to sell them to nerds like me. Dull from start to finish, yes, and yet I love it more than anything. My very sanity depends on this sort of information because if I lose my iPod my entire life will fall apart.

No matter how miserable I am, it always feels amazing to go for a walk and listen to my iPod. When the drum shop Taylor Ross worked at closed down, he suddenly found himself unemployed, lonely and depressed. The shop had become his sanctuary: he was the only employee and the owner was basically an absentee leaving the place for Taylor to manage. Losing the drum shop was more than just losing a job for Taylor — it had become something of a fantasy world for him and was now part of his identity.

He knew he was entering a rough time so decided to channel it into something productive. Writing new music seemed like it might be therapeutic — so Taylor decided to make a recorder rock album. As in a rock album that heavily features the recorder. Yes, please. Taylor was given his first recorder in 4th Grade. The recorder he was given was a soprano and in he started using it on his albums as a fun novelty, but he soon stumbled across a cheap alto recorder in a thrift store that changed his attitude towards the instrument dramatically.

This alto, with its beautifully pure tone, felt like a shortcut to achieving a similar sound to the flute, something Taylor had always wanted to play but lacked the time or patience to learn.

Taylor established a song per week schedule and would wake up at 7 a. While drawing he would listen to a lot of British psych-folk; Fairport Convention, Incredible String Band, Jethro Tull, because he wanted to create something in a similar vein only with the recorder. I spent the rest of the year making that playlist. I was on my way to achieving perfection and I could feel it.

Chapters of My Life. I started learning the drums: my parents were given an old drum kit by their church and I would practise in the cellar of our terraced house. Howard was very cool. When I was 13 I discovered alternative music and started listening to metal and punk. What I used to disregard as noise now sounded melodic to me.

This confused a lot of people as it was not at all in keeping with the rest of our set, but we did it every time because, in truth, I just really enjoyed playing that song with my brother. I stopped restricting myself to one thing. I got serious about being a musician and would practise drums every day instead of once a week. I added the Sir because of arrogance. I still maintain that this, even for The Capri Sun Quartet, was confusing. We all wore plain white T-shirts and wrote all over them with marker pens like it was the last day of school.

He remains one of my dearest friends. I would regularly dance longer than anyone else and would really let myself go. The first time we tried this we walked straight to the centre of the dancefloor, got our heads down and started helicoptering our limbs around, unaware that everyone else in the club had withdrawn from us and had begun to point and laugh.

Scenario, an experimental jazz-pop duo creating music the like of which the world had never heard. So when I was 22 we gave up.

Or, to be more precise, we gave up, re-formed to make an album in a recording studio that used to be a load of dog kennels, then gave up for good. Katie and her friends had discovered the spot and renovated it themselves, turning it into their own custom-made studio: cleaning, scrubbing, painting, installing vintage tape machines and an old wooden analogue mixing desk, and when they were finished the space felt peaceful.

Salt binds together elements of drone, folk and indie, giving each track its own voice. An industrial song might be followed by an ambient piano ballad that gives way to a guitar-led pop track, but the emotional core of the entire project remains consistent, making sense of the amalgamation of styles on the tracklist.

Kim wrote Salt during an emotionally taxing relationship, so set out to make a record surrounded by a general feeling of displacement and loss, of not knowing your place in the world but still seeing the beauty in all of it.

Void Fantasy. So Graeme and I decided to professionally record all of our songs before calling it a day. The studio was in Horley in Surrey, and Graeme and I lived there for a month from early November to early December We recorded 17 songs, the album was 71 minutes long, and when it was finished we kept it to ourselves.

Regardless, making that album remains one of the greatest experiences of my life. We added theremin, didgeri-doo, whistles and a proper piano to our songs, walked around the Gatwick arrivals gate recording people coming home for Christmas, got my sister over to play clarinet and saxophone for us and tried to use an advent calendar as a big maraca by shaking the chocolates around in it but it sounded shit so we scrapped it.

Out of Sight is a pay-what-you-want album by a group from Minneapolis called Falling. Most people have never heard of them; this was the only record they ever made and they split up shortly after its release.

Something about only ever making one thing and then quitting just seems really badass, especially if the album is flawless, which, in my opinion, Out of Sight is. They often stay on one slow dirty riff for ages, meticulously building a song around it then erupt in a burst of noisy angst, or perhaps a melodic hook emerges from the swell, before fading into field recordings and spacey ambience.

This was the first band any of them had ever been in. Out of Sight was self-released; the band were in talks with record labels but split up before anything could come of it, so they put the album out themselves with no fanfare, for free. Maybe one of the reasons why their story hits home so much for me is because it reminds me of when Graeme and I had started to get some interest from labels but decided to call it a day while also recording all of our songs, making sure they sounded as good as they possibly could.

Fully investing in something just for yourself is an oddly liberating experience after years of trying to convince everyone to like what you do. After recording the Wow! Scenario album I stopped discovering new music. I started doing stand-up immediately and focused on that from then on, pushing music into the background. While I still bought albums, I rarely discovered anything or broadened my tastes.

But now, as came to a close, I was making the greatest playlist of all time and, at 31, I felt 13 again.

Last Evenings on Earth. I had finally got it just how I wanted it: 50 of the catchiest songs I could find, each leading into the next nicely, with a banging opening track and a closing track that would leave people trembling in its wake.

This playlist was perfect. One Playlist of Lushness. The brisket was a little overdone due to a broken oven, but we nailed both the sauce and the pickles and ate our homemade sandwiches while watching The Apartment for the first time.

It was the greatest playlist I had ever made and I felt good listening to it. I sat in my living room listening to that playlist and the world felt still. I listened to those songs and I sat with BWTGH and for the first time in a long time I actually began a year by looking forward to the next 12 months and what they had to offer. Then two weeks later we broke up and I had a year-long breakdown. When James Campbell was 12 he tried to write a prog rock album about wizards.

From the very start, escapism was always important to him when writing music, as he liked to create worlds and tell stories. Influenced by groups like Odd Future, he just wanted to entertain his audience with obnoxious braggadocio and inspired aggression. In reality he was a friendly music nerd from Seattle, but he felt like he had all these alternative characters inside him and wanted to let one of them out in a cartoonish, hyperbolic fashion.

The story of the album starts in March Campbell had been busying himself with theatre and improv while studying music composition, and even though the acting was extracurricular, he still managed to perform eight plays in just two semesters while writing and directing them also. He was just getting out of a relationship while getting into a new one, and, to further complicate matters, his ex-girlfriend was the assistant director for the play.

This resulted in him quitting the play, quitting college and staying in bed for five months straight. When he was younger, his mother would occasionally take him to church, and even though they never went frequently, he felt like he had just enough exposure to be confused by certain teachings and develop a complicated relationship with religion, his mind often turning to it during periods of depression.

He wanted to make the hardest music possible, creating new beats every day and getting other Soundcloud rappers to guest on certain tracks. From his bedroom, Campbell would scream his bars into a microphone and record dark monologues from the Book of Revelation, comically pitching his voice down every time he would later pepper these passages throughout the record, holding the album together and giving it a threatening persona while simultaneously building a new world for the album to inhabit.

He wanted the album to feel like it was descending into Hell in an attempt to mirror his mental state when confined to his bedroom, and recorded the entire thing three times before he was happy with it, starting from scratch each time. He felt like he was taking up space more than he was contributing, so decided to create space instead and quit. He still makes music and is currently singing and playing keyboard under the name bb tombo, aiming to create something that sounds like the electronic Beach Boys.

An Odd Entrances. January was the pits. I felt like I had messed up my relationship, that I had kept my guard up too much from the beginning, and in doing so had ruined the best thing about my life.

On 15 January, the day after the breakup, I travelled to New York with my agent for work. Immediately I started to notice certain albums popping up on most lists: I personally adore Freetown Sound by Blood Orange and 22, A Million by Bon Iver, so would push you in their direction first as well as the following grand tamales.

Solange worked on this project for three years, and the intricacy of every song, most of which started life as hour-long tracks, then got scaled down to their essential elements, is awe inspiring. The album is punctuated by short speeches from people Solange knows and admires, including her mother and father.

You either identify with these interludes or they alter the way you think and encourage your empathy. Two of the album's most beautiful moments can be heard in "Selkie" and "Oysters.

The album's final track "Invisible Boy" is a brilliant ending to this album. An incredibly emotional song about one of Tori's friends who passed away, she is almost on the brink of tears at certain points in this song. A beautiful ending to a pretty amazing album. In conclusion, this album is really a landmark achievement for Tori, showing that her creativity has not dwindled one bit.

Going back into the past and re finding herself, she has proved that like wine,you only get better with age. Tori opens with 'Crucify. Even mediocre material is enhanced when a finely-tuned Steinway or Baldwin is involved.

On this song she plays it aggressively and the strong drum track beneath allows her emotive voice to soar. It serves as a great introduction to her distinctive mannerisms. Amos envelops the tune in a very intimate atmosphere that brings the vocal close to your ear as if she's letting you in on a secret. I find her mien to be reminiscent of Joni Mitchell's and that's a hefty compliment coming from me.

I also cotton to her flair for the dramatic as demonstrated in 'Precious Things. She's also not afraid to employ her sexiness if it will heighten the tension a notch and it does so here. On 'Winter' her piano, her singing and an orchestral score are all that's needed for this elaborate ballad to achieve its potential. She takes such a strikingly different tack on this track that it kinda comes at you from left field. Its sarcastically upbeat motif is quite daring.

A very light Latin rhythm drifts just below the surface created by the beautiful, lush piano and string section during 'China. In ways the number is comparable in overall feel to several of Paul McCartney's nostalgic ditties and the jazzy ending is uber-cool. Piano and vocal are the only ingredients in 'Mother. It's a bit long but it avoids growing tiresome.

She brings in a full band for 'Tear in Your Hand' and they drive the song's momentum well. This cut has more of a pop vibe to it than the others but she manages to steer clear of becoming predictable or formulaic. She was very courageous to be so transparent about the incident but it is, nonetheless, disturbing in its frankness.

This fallen world can be such an ugly orb. Tori ends with the title song and it's the most challenging and proggy track on the CD. The melody streams atop rumbling drums and takes the listener through a series of mysterious movements while the tune subtly builds in intensity all the while.

She brings it back down for the finale and relaxes the mood as it trails off. Released on February 25, Tori Amos' debut came out when the 90s decade was still attempting to find its groove so its timing really couldn't have been better. Despite its decidedly uncommon attitude it came close to breaking into the top 50 of the Billboard chart and she was able to find an audience who understood where she was coming from. It did even better in the more amenable UK where it rose to While she'd had to battle the conservative-minded suits at Atlantic tooth and nail in order to retain her unique slant, 'Little Earthquakes' proved to be just what a noticeable segment of the music audience had been waiting for.

If you have yet to sample her wares I recommend that you give this record a spin. You'll find that the Prog universe profits immensely from a lady's touch. Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. Please consider supporting us by giving monthly PayPal donations and help keep PA fast-loading and ad-free forever. She has actively been making music from to the present day.

Often unfairly compared to Kate Bush or as a Kate Bush clone, Tori Amos has her own unique style of pop infected, piano led music with a very distinct vocal style. Her career commenced with the much lauded highly personal Little Earthquakes release in Many followers of her works often refer to this work as a great starting point for determining strong progressive song structures.

That felt good! I set the same goal forbut came up short with Still, not bad. I just didn't push myself like I did the year before. No regrets there; I'd rather savour a story rather than speed through it and potentially miss or forget the best parts.

On deck Labels: books. Welcome to the second edition of my rundown of James Bond movie theme songs. Previously, I wrapped up with Diamonds Are Forever, Sean Connery's last official film, and a theme song superior to the movie to which it is attached. So with the Connery films behind us, we'll move on to the more elegant Bond, Roger Moore. It was during Moore's tenure as the super-spy that the movies and their theme songs became more erratic - with impressive highs and depressing lows.

Part of the problem musically was that era in general, the 's through the mid's.

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