Im Still In Love - Disco Inferno - Technicolour (CD, Album)

Oh and the new Rashad Becker is phenomenal too. Who can keep up? December 4, at pm 8 comments. A year of surprises and a year of puzzles.

Where did that Dr. Yen Lo album come from? How to explain the appeal of that Datblygu album? The Autechre show in Vancouver was so next-level that it seems reckless to list anything else beside it. Still listening, still learning. December 19, at pm 4 comments. This is, inevitably, an incomplete list. Still listening, still catching up. Tape — Casino Hapna Pure melodic loveliness? No: specifically impure melodic loveliness. Loscil — Sea Island Kranky Finally, Loscil manages to integrate discontinuous elements into his oceanic swells.

Black to Comm — Black to Comm Type A massive, mind-fraying psychedelic journey into the heart of the drone.

December 24, at am 2 comments. May 21, at pm Leave a comment. Distribution in North America is courtesy of Revolver. December 12, at am Leave a comment. Or maybe some of us are just getting old. As always, this was written in a hurry, at the last minute.

Apologies for the inevitable, grammatical and factual errors. In a year of long-awaited albums Boards of Canada, Daft Punk… this was the longest awaited. And in many ways, the rapt critical reception it received was puzzling.

Even a below-par Valentines album achieves peaks of complete otherness that nobody else working in any genre of music can come close to matching. Oh yeah! Shaking the Habitual is a rambling, inconsistent mess of haranguing political doggerel, primitive electro blats and grotesque transmogrifications. But on his first vinyl release, he truly comes into his own with a series of genuinely haunting nocturnal ruminations, each based around a simple, achingly beautiful chord progression circling amid a gathering swarm of spectral drones.

This is a pitch-perfect album experience that absolutely deserves your attention. Chiming guitars, bumping beats, eerie samples and a mood of vague foreboding are all deployed to emotionally evocative effect.

Engravings is the sound of a major talent slowly and subtly emerging. Dalglish — Niaiw Ot Vile Pan LP It has been observed elsewhere that Dalglish manages to evoke deep melancholy while deploying hardly any of the signifiers one would normally expect from emotionally-downcast music.

R Plus 7 uses complex structures, self-consciously cheesy presets and sliced-up digital madness to explore the loneliest stretches of the information superhighway.

But the more diverse Un Coeur Simple was his finest release in a typically prolific year. Still, the fact that the page appears to be blank right now might suggest he has plans for some Album) of real-world release. The Raster-Noton-associated duo of Alva Noto and Byetone went from strength to strength to strength in Lee Gamble — Dutch Tvashar Plumes Pan Im Still In Love - Disco Inferno - Technicolour (CD This fellow has a lot in common with Actress, not just in his habit of pulverizing techno tropes into unstable sound dust but also in his ability to convey a sense that the whole thing is part of some impenetrable prank.

Everything on Dutch Tvashar Plumes sounds somehow utterly wrong and yet the album has a consistent atmosphere and sense of development that belies its outwardly half-baked conception. Puzzling and wonderful. Dutch Tvashar Plumes very nearly made it into the top 10 for but it turns out to have been released in November This is an incomplete list of other worthy releases.

More may be added, if and when they spring to mind:. December 4, at pm Leave a comment. June 10, at am Leave a comment. February 3, at am Leave a comment. Blue Moon. Rage Against the Machine. Farewell: Live from the Universal Amphitheatre, Halloween Louder Than Words. Make Your Mama Proud. Richard Thompson. Wildest Dreams. Through Silver in Blood. Guitar Slinger. The Brian Setzer Orchestra.

Less Talk, More Rock. New Beginning. To the Faithful Departed. Tin Cans with Strings to You. Backstreet Boys International. Trouble at the Henhouse. Twister: Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack. All This Useless Beauty. Looking in the Shadows. You've Got to Believe in Something. Ear Candy.

Everything Must Go. Manic Street Preachers. Bringing Down the Horse. Chim Chim's Badass Revenge. Destruction by Definition. Gettin' It Album Number Ten. Let It Rock. Great White. Rubbing Doesn't Help. Everything but the Girl. The Great Southern Trendkill.

Live at the Budokan. Take It From The Man! The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Oh Lord! Supershitty to the Max! Delinquent Habits. Me and You. My Heart. The Light User Syndrome. Peace at Last. One Chord to Another. Book of Shadows. Just Like You. The Patti Smith Masters. The Road to Ensenada. Their Satanic Majesties' Second Request. America Is Dying Slowly.

Peace Beyond Passion. Reasonable Doubt. Neil Young and Crazy Horse. The Reverend Horton Heat. Today Is Another Day. Songs for a Blue Guitar. Three Snakes and One Charm. The Return of the Aquabats. Drum 'n' Bass for Papa. A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular.

Beats, Rhymes and Life. Potent and fearful jazz poem that has depressingly come to fruition thirty years on. Some people found the group a bit 'Hoxton' and yes, they were a bit earnest it's odd to think the poet here, Rob Galliano, went on to become the humourous Earl Zinger but they made two solid albums, IMO. Apologies to that Cabber who hates Galliano for inflicting this on you this morning.

Galliano was a London-based acid jazz group that was active between and Quote from: famethrowa on April 27,AM. This is from their second single, the "Science" EP.

They'd release three albums, splitting acrimoniously inprior to the release of their final album, Technicolour, which was released in Album) And remember kids, "A sky without a god is a clear, clear sky".

Norton Canes Pick up the pace with your cracked-out face. Jesus Built My Hotrod - Ministry. Released on Sire in We can't do alternative pop without including this mini-masterpiece of mayhem.

Instrumental duties are handled by a huge ensemble known as the Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Symphony Orchestra. Actual instruments range from guitars, strings, bass, and horns to gongs, electric harpsichord, bells, timpani, and "assorted insanity". While far from Zappa's most accessible release, this is truly the one to own for Zappa the composer. Absolutely recommended. Labels: avant-gardefree jazzjam sessionsmodern compositionmusique concreteprog rock. EMI, ; available 6 tracks, Polydor, ; available 6 tracks, Mention Talk Talk and the average person either thinks you repeated yourself or recalls bouncy-yet-brainy 80s synthpop hit "It's My Life".

The albums I'm reviewing here are light years away from that hit. The lyrics are still extraordinarily intelligent, and the music still impeccable, but there's not a lick of synthesizer to be found. Everything from organ and guitar to shozygs and harmonium shows up, none of which sounds extraneous or overly experimental. After two minutes of gentle drift and ambiance, a twangy guitar comes in, followed by a steady beat and plenty of atmosphere. Hollis' still-expressive but extremely hushed compared to earlier works voice soon weaves into the mix, functioning more as another instrument than any sort of lead.

This glorious ten-minute slice of perfection is part of a three song suite, leading into the equally gorgeous "Eden" and the slightly more raucous "Desire". As many have pointed out, the next three tracks side two on the vinyl are not quite up to the same level, but they are tracks that any lesser band would kill to call their own. An anti-heroin song, it lacks any sort of gloom, instead featuring Hollis' heavenly vocals offering an escape from Album) hell of addiction. When the children's choir comes in, the tears follow shortly after.

This may be one of the most powerful songs ever written, regardless of the topic. Opener "Myrrhman" is almost inaudible at first, then a gently strummed guitar and Hollis' voice break the silence.

The track ends on a lovely but melancholy duet of cello and piano. One of the closest tracks to actual "rock" on the album, it ends abruptly, followed by the near-ten minute joyride of "After The Flood". This masterpiece features a soul-searing organ, Hollis' pained-yet-optimistic vocals, and some of the most gorgeous instrumental interplay ever put to tape. Side two is hard pressed to follow up, and surprisingly is every bit of the same quality.

By the time the album is over, you feel as though you've been taken on a very personal and spiritual journey, regardless of your religious views. On that note, some of the lyrics on both albums lean towards the religious side, but Hollis has gone on record to say it's more of a humanitarian statement than a religious one per se. Many post-rock bands that have emerged since take these albums as the standard by which to live up to, which is smart, since many of said bands will never better this double dose of musical perfection.

Buy both on sight! Labels: ambientpost-rock. Mesa, ; available 7 tracks, Reinventing surf rock probably sounds like a dead prospect. The trio of bassist Allen Whitman, drummer Martyn Jones, and guitar wizard Jim Thomas crafted seven perfect tracks combining classic instrumental surf guitar, psychedelic experimentation, and an impeccable rhythm section.

Opening track "Curve" lets you know right away that this isn't your standard genre revival. Waves of reverb collide with the swinging rhythms and loping basslines, all with just the right touch of experimentation.

As an opening salvo, it's remarkable. Major highlight number two is the closing suite of "Brain Wash". In between these two masterpieces are four equally stunning should-be classics Album) one forty second intro.

Even the intro has its merits! Labels: ambientpsychedelicspace rocksurf rock. Bark Psychosis, HEX. The cover sticker says "Shh After all, this is the band that the term "post-rock" was coined to describe. HEX would be almost impossible to perform live with a four-person lineup, but that's a major selling point. It is definitely best when listened to the whole way through in one sitting, but there are highlights.

For example, "A Street Scene", the album's logical single, features a suitably swinging drum pattern and a dreamy ambient mix of chiming synth and lush guitar; the noisier chorus only makes the song more appealing. The lyrics on "Fingerspit", while undeniably Album) bleakest on the album, are absolutely compelling and beautifully sung by Sutton. The absolute highlight, however, is reserved for last, and comes in the form of the stunning almost-ten minute "Pendulum Man".

Beginning with an appropriately metronomic guitar pattern, the song evolves into a dreamy ambient swell, conjuring that feeling when you find yourself sitting on the beach watching the sun rise after being up all night. It doesn't get tedious, due to its constantly shifting structure and the sheer beauty that radiates from every element.

Despite the calming effect of HEX, recording it took a toll on the band, who effectively split up during its recording. Still, HEX is the masterpiece which Bark Psychosis will be remembered for, and it stands the test of time as a fresh and engaging listen.

Labels: ambientpost-rockspace rock. Sunday, December 16, Disco Inferno, D.

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