Dont Go Breaking My Heart - Aretha Franklin - With Everything I Feel In Me (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Who voted? Radio one listeners who always vote Eric Clapton as the greatest guitarist ever? Also, Gene Krupa and Billy Cobham should have been much higher on the list. I like Krupa and Cobham too. Steve Upton should be on this list by all means, but I think the others You mentioned should take place either. Joe Morello. Listen to Catsalian Drums and just lean back. Without a doubt, Buddy Rich should be 1. He used a fairly basic drum kit, and did things that the others who are surrounded by drums could never dream of.

And Ringo should be ranked higher, not because of his technical prowess, or his fame. He created unique parts on his instrument that fit the songs to perfection. Really, what more can be asked of a drummer? Seriously, how could Joe Morello be omitted? Ringo at 11? Many comments here already, so very good, others from people 1 neuron short of a synapse.

First, Ginger is most deserving of his rank, if not higher. No depth to his play. They all filled the songs with complimentary sounds, Without being over bearing. Truly talented men. Forgot to mention EdCassidy. Ed passed away a few years ago. Where is Ron Bushy?? These lists are always subjective but this one is one of the worst I have ever seen. Bill Bruford should be higher due to his wide range and incredibly different feel.

He is the best ever in my opinion. Phill Collins should be higher due to his incredible work with Brand X. Not enough space here to point out all the other errors.

No Clem Burke from Blondie? After a while you just scroll down past all the ludicrous comments about who should or should not be on the list, the loudmouth know-nothing who keeps telling everybody else to shut up, the same stupid debunked quote by Lennon and the insistence that McCartney was really a better drummer than Ringo, Album) cares? No list is going to be complete, and no list will please everyone. Be careful not to confuse flashy and fast with real musicality, and most drummers would definitely vote Ringo somewhere on their list.

Keith Moon and Ginger Baker were insane drummers who probably expended more energy than anyone else, but were they really that good? Most of the metal and hard rock drummers want to come up with their own style rather than debate technical skill, so why try to compare them?

And the only reason everyone makes such a big deal about Buddy Rich was because he did a lot of television. One of the best ever! No french guys like Christian Vander, Philippe Gleizes. Such a shame. With no Gene Krupa there would have been no Buddy Rich. This list, although it does have some drummers that deserve to be on it, is poorly compiled.

Ralph Salmins, arguably the best session drummer in UK should be there, as well as Charlie Adams who plays with Yanni, would kill Rich in any drum battle if Rich was still aroundArno van Nuienhuize also, great Dutch session drummerex Metropole Orchestra, and even current Metropole Orchestra drummer Martin Vjink, plays jazz better than Rich ever did.

This list is obviously just a matter of opinion. IMO Danny Carey is underrated on this list. He is at least top 3 all time if not 1. Well dudes it seems to me those that are being so smart with their answers are good with the beat…. I love it!! All said, we all appreciate our favored. Some of the correspondents in this forum are totally disgusting in comment, blithering idiots they are destined to remain for the rest of their pathetic lives. You have to add Tony Brock. Checkout his drum solo with Rod in Rio.

The likes of Ringo, Phil Collins etc were just starting out and likely learning from the very popular…. Check it out…do an internet enquiry…. Now complain about that.

Vinnie Colaiuta 32….????? I gots to stop reading these idiot bullshit lists. Phhh… Fuckin idiots. Where in the hell is Richie Haywood? Little Feats drummer. So maybe he should be listed as 1 here. I believe Buddy Rich also praised him as Album) best in rock at that time. Your list belongs in the garbage!!

Must be friends with the guy making up this list LOL!! I mean, seriously, Sheila E ranked ahead of Billy Cobham??? We can all argue subjective things about who is best, who should be on the list, etc etc. But objective factual errors are a different story. Sloppy writing, never happened. Treat yourselves to an education and check out some of his stuff on You Tube. Someone really does need to go looking for alternative employment. Seriously — Lars Ulrich?

Meg White? Any such ranking that puts Dave Grohl in the top ten, with Charlie Watts, Roger Hawkins, and Levon Helm behind him is immediately suspect and frankly, a joke. This list is an ultra-flawed starting point.

You forget Andy Arrow, one of the greatest. I just listened to Andy Arrow on your link and I think I would have given him a higher grade if he took a solo!

You call yourself a professor? It surely is not of LP Obviously you missed Cesar Zuiderwijk from Golden Earring. The Who even wanted him after Keith died. He decided to stay with his friends in Earring. How about Toss Panos!!!!! This is just a mass of pathetic greatest drum lists, none are accurate, if they were,Buddy Rich would be at the top John Bonham and Pace would agree, simply untouchable.

I have been a drummer for over 40 years been in jazz bands, rock bands country and blues bands, strictly small time I have a full time job. Jazz is the hardest music to drum next to heavy metal. Hal Roach would. Be a close second. No way on this earth have I ever seen or heard a better drummer.

Best session drummer of all time 2 Hal Roach 1 Buddy Rich. Leaving out Tony Williams is certainly odd. Can you tell that Keith Moon is my favorite rock drummer? Roger Taylor should be higher. Purdie and Gadd are better players than Dave Lombardo. Maybe Chad Smith is?

Maybe Mike Portnoy is? Who cares! Another thing i gotta spew- Charlie Watts Album) tight!!! One of my all-time favorites. Like him better than Joey Kramer. Peligro too. Rick Allen makes my list of greatest drummers of all time!

He maybe no. I am not a drummer. Just a fan…. Chester Thompson, Chad Wackerman should definitely have been on this list. Vinnie Colaiuta and Steve Gadd should have been top Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Search uDiscover Music. Ringo should be 1 hands down. His style. Cliff August 31, at pm.

Ringo was a crap drummer. Ringo has a signature style, and plays the drum instrumentally, not to overpower melody. Billy Mieder August 31, at pm. Tom Borowski September 1, at am. Wade Rave April 9, at pm. BIlly Mieder April 19, at am. BIlly Mieder April 19, at pm. BIlly Mieder April 21, at am. Billy Mieder April 26, at am.

Drumming is a form of artistic expression. Just enjoy it!! BIlly Mieder June 20, at am. Music should not be a competition. Just enjoy it. Matt August 31, at pm. Ralph January 5, at am. Barbara Innes December 7, at pm. Johan August 9, at am. Dale February 15, at am. That is a quote by John Lennon when asked if Ringo was the best drummer in the world.

Rob February 24, at pm. Nick February 23, at pm. Phil February 25, at am. Dave F August 31, at pm. Bryan E August 31, at pm. Tim August 31, at pm. Carlos Martinez August 31, at pm. Mac November 30, at pm. DrummerGuy September 1, at pm. Giorgio September 1, at am. Michael M October 23, at am.

Daveyboy April 4, at am. Pete February 22, at pm. Denny Weaver March 15, at pm. GMR May 15, at pm. Carl August 31, at pm. Don Garduno August 31, at pm. Billy Cobham should be much higher, And Danny Seraphine way up there.

TPZeeee April 9, at am. Mare August 31, at pm. Tom August 31, at pm. Sergey September 9, at pm. Billy Meider October 23, at am. Steve August 31, at pm. FramusJack August 31, at pm. Guy L'Hoste September 3, at am. Robert L. October 24, at pm. Carol September 1, at am. You nailed that one. Krupa and Rich should be at the very top of that list! Gary Todd January 8, at am. TONY September 20, at am. Frank May 24, at pm.

Mark August 31, at pm. Style, longevity, fame do not a good drummer make! Bob August 31, at pm. Obomski August 31, at pm. Python August 31, at pm. Joe January 9, at pm. Terry March 25, at pm. Travis September 1, at am. Stephen Warne October 22, at pm. I always thought that Pete was the Best drummer in the Beatles. Peter X November 26, at am. Gary Allen September 1, at am. I totally agree with the top three drummers, In my opinion the list can stop there.

Eolo Nizzi II September 1, at am. Buddy Rich has all of those guys beat, Buddy was the best, hands down!! Brian Walton September 1, at am. Brian September 1, at am. Ken September 1, at am. Who is this Neil Learnt? TNovak September 1, at am. Chris September 1, at pm. Steve September 2, at am. One of the best I ever watched was Ed Cassidy from Spirit!

Ummiami44 October 21, at pm. John October 23, at pm. Tim Roberts October 23, at pm. Stu October 24, at am. Clint October 24, at pm. Rickey October 25, at am. Carbonc60 August 17, at am. Amo Green October 1, at am. Erik January 25, at pm. Ronaldr February 22, at pm. Billy Mieder says … I disagree …. Billy Mieder says … No way!! William A Mieder April 21, at am. Ron May 15, at pm. Played with Lee Michaels….

Rob December 17, at pm. Joey Dee June 20, at pm. Johan February 20, at pm. Jim Tucci February 22, at pm. JOSE October 22, at pm. Mike Holliday March 9, at am. They on put Ringo on the list because he was a Beetle. Aw August 31, at am. Brammer August 31, at am. John August 31, at am. Cameron Hood September 1, at pm. Kevin Wayne Hudson December 30, at pm.

Adrian August 31, at am. Roy August 31, at pm. Travis fucking barker…. OP August 31, at pm. Bobby August 31, at am. Carlos Alberto Guglielmelli Viglioni August 31, at am. Steve livingston August 31, at pm.

Fr Louis August 31, at am. No Fred Below Chess? JohnR August 31, at pm. What about louis bellson. Marloes August 31, at pm. And where is Carter Beauford?

Skin Reaper August 31, at pm. Leozam August 31, at pm. Totally concur re: Jordison. Stevie Wonder is an amazing drummer. He should be there. Gary August 31, at pm. Bluesjunkie August 31, at pm. Kevin August 31, at pm.

What about Tony Royster jr and Kenny Aronoff? X August 31, at pm. Buddy Rich is only at 5 What are you smoking? Fred Derf August 31, at pm. CHRis August 31, at pm. Frank Z August 31, at pm.

Allison Thrash August 31, at pm. Rayang August 31, at pm. Theater of Dreams May 15, at am. Andres August 31, at pm. Joe Agostino August 31, at pm. Greg August 31, at pm. Jeremy August 31, at pm. Looks more like a popularity contest than a ranking of actual skill. Phil September 1, at pm. Kolvorok August 31, at pm. Paul August 31, at pm. Stomu Yamashta, wow a great drummer and percussionist, I have so many of his albums. Craig August 31, at pm. Dale Navarre August 31, at pm. Pablo August 31, at pm.

Jackie August 31, at pm. Wayne August 31, at pm. Yes Mick Fleetwood should be on that list as should Clem Burke.

Malcolm August 31, at pm. Stuart Brenner August 31, at pm. Bernice August 31, at pm. Tom Lamb August 31, at pm.

Holy hell!! Joe Morello…. Brubecks drummer? Paul Maxwell May 21, at am. Michael Mastro August 31, at pm. Brian Lewis. August 31, at Dont Go Breaking My Heart - Aretha Franklin - With Everything I Feel In Me (Vinyl. Magrat May 12, at pm.

Sandy Nelson was the best at 74 I still enjoy playing his l. Derek Trucks August 31, at pm. MrHairy September 12, at am. Mel August 31, at pm. No Paul Wertico or Dave Mattacks? Kurt August 31, at pm.

Ingo Grinowski August 31, at pm. Jack Bond August 31, at pm. Dwayne Ernst August 31, at pm. Per August 31, at pm. Michael DesAulniers August 31, at pm. Keith June 4, at pm. Richard Balsam August 31, at pm. Peter September 11, at pm. And where is Pierre Moerlen of Gong? Todd August 31, at pm. Dave August 31, at pm. Raphael LLontop August 31, at pm.

D August 31, at pm. C-Pop August 31, at pm. Peter Semus August 31, at pm. Chris August 31, at pm. Buddy Rich at 5?!!! Neil Peart at 3?!!! No Jo Jones or Levon Helm?!!!!

Lyman flenner August 31, at pm. RINGO at 11!!!!! Ian August 31, at pm. Jimmy Chamberlain. Smashing Pumpkins owe him everything. Debiruman August 31, at pm. Dave Grolh, seriously? Bill Gumhold August 31, at pm. Mick Fleetwood one of the all time great drummers not in the top 50 really. Keith August 31, at pm.

Pilotdrum August 31, at pm. Whirly August 31, at pm. Oh, look, another excuse to argue about our opinions!! Breen Deegan August 31, at pm. TONY August 31, at pm.

Art Blakey 43 Phil Collins 12 what a joke!!!!!! Bill Boyer August 31, at pm. Doug A August 31, at pm. JC August 31, at pm. This list is completely bogus. Benny Rees August 31, at pm. Anyone ahead of Neil Peart means the list is a joke. Cj August 31, at pm. Rishabh Thakur August 31, at pm. True that, he is on 24, should be way higher than that. Denis Version August 31, at pm. Colin twine August 31, at pm.

No Ronnie tutt? One of the best rock drummers ever. Gerard August 31, at pm. Steve September 1, at am. Morelo played incredible time signatures!

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