Die Young

Amazon Prime Video. June 14, Damian's gang captures Amanda, claiming she tried to sell Martin out to the Mexicans. They offer him a gun and the opportunity to deal with her as he wants.

We are not shown what he does, aside from accepting the gun. Outside, he messages Janey. When Don Ricardo dies, Miguel beats up Jesus out of jealousy. He later severely abuses a prostitute before making Yaritza drive her off to be sold. At the exchange, Yaritza instead kills everyone and frees the girl, revealing herself as the vigilante. Jesus and Miguel later make peace, with Jesus helping him to execute several policemen. When he is about to kill the local chief, the scene cuts out, similarly to with Martin and Amanda.

Diana DeYoung is a victim's advocate who moonlights as a healer and appears to have magical powers. She has Viggo Larsen, a one-eyed former FBI agent who is terminally ill, murder pedophiles she learns about through her work. One of the murders goes wrong, and the body is found in a car in a parking lot. Martin, who has just started working homicide, is put on the case. He seems at unease with his middle-aged colleagues, who pull practical jokes on each other and openly celebrate fascism.

When Martin finally tracks down Larsen, he does not arrest him. Instead he invites him to a diner, where they find they have a lot in common.

Influenced by his mentor, Martin begins to question the killings he is doing for Damian's gang. He is asked to kill a Korean man, and unsuccessfully tries to learn why from his employers.

After he manages to get Martin the money, Damian agrees to let him live. Martin requests that he only be given the worst possible people to kill. Damian suggests two infamous porn directors. The director takes Martin to the desert, where they dig up a chest containing a chained girl.

The director frees her, warning her about Martin in Spanish. He draws a knife and lunges at Martin, who shoots him dead. As Martin helps the girl out of the chest, she grabs the knife and stabs him in the side before running off.

Yaritza and Jesus marry and decide to return to Los Angeles. In preparation, they arrange to have Damian killed, but the wrong man is hit.

Jesus humiliates his subordinate for the failure. Later, Yaritza goes to a party arranged by one of Jesus's friends from before Mexico. She ends up playing a guessing game with Janey, which Janey loses when she incorrectly guesses that Yaritza is lying about killing 23 people.

For winning, Yaritza is allowed to slap Janey, which she does more than once, even pushing her to the floor and putting her foot on her. Back home, Yaritza tells Jesus that she is his Die Young reincarnated. Jesus seems to accept this, and calls her his mother as he moves Die Young perform oral sex on her. Larsen and Martin visit Damian's gang to cut ties with them, only to find everyone dead and Damian's severed hands.

Somewhere else, Jesus describes to a captive Damian all the ways he is going to torture him. Damian suggests that Jesus instead kill him quickly in exchange for telling him who actually killed his mother. Surprised, Jesus agrees, and Damian tells him about Martin. Yaritza kills Damian as he laughs hysterically. Janey and Martin go to the beach, when Jesus' men arrive, killing Janey and capturing Martin.

Yaritza continues to secretly kill cartel members. She asks the women she frees to spread Die Young of "the High Priestess of Death. After torturing Martin for three days, Jesus decapitates him. Later he finds her dead with his eye by her side. He puts it back into his socket. Larsen later tells Diana that he needs to take his anger out somewhere. She tells him about a camp of pedophiles, but worries he won't come back if she sends him.

While she is waiting for him at a diner, Diana tells her waiter about an older version of the story of Little Red Riding Hood. In this version, the wolf rapes Red Riding Hood instead of eating her, and the next day Red Riding Hood comes back armed and kills the wolf. Larsen returns safely, and the two eat apple pie together. She asks the girls to play the song about the High Priestess of Death that's been going around. Although much of the album concept is only explained in the cartoons printed in the sleeves, there are changes in the plot or in details between the cartoons and the music.

A clip of the title track was released in the Slipstream video, which returned to much Die Young the original album's concept. Rolling Stone complained about the "muddled story" of the album, saying that "Ian Anderson should stick to music, because he most definitely is not a storyteller.

Chris Welchwriting for Melody Makergave a mixed review, saying that he "long ed for the beat of Barriemore Barlow to break free, or the guitar of Martin Barre to swoop", at the same time he praised Anderson's poetics. AllMusic's review called the album "one of the minor efforts in the [Jethro Tull] catalogue". It was Jethro Tull's only album of the s not to achieve Gold certification. The box set contains previously unreleased tracks and outtakes of songs from the album remixed by Steven Wilsonbesides an page booklet telling the story of the recording and the video of the special TV show recorded in and available officially for the first time.

Orchestrations by Dee Palmer. Orchestra conducted by Dee Palmer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. In a subsequent video on the actress' page, Destiny Etiko cleared the notion that she allowed bouncers to move Die Young when she tried to gain her attention.

According to Etiko, she doesn't have bouncers and the security personnel were employed by the event planners to control the crowd. However, Chinenye Die Young determined to meet her. Read some of their comments below:.

Toyin Lawani unveils face of her newborn lookalike daughter, says she named her after late mum. An excited Etiko flooded her Instagram page with lovely pictures specially taken to mark the celebration.

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