Calling All The Heroes - Various - New Romantic Legends (CD)

It is another highlight. This is a very good album. Even if it lasts for more than an hour, one doesn't feel like it since most of the songs are quite enjoyable.

Four stars is my rating. Well done guys! Well, the least that I can say is that it started with an excellent song: "The Birth"; even if the combination of "Genesis" for the first part and Floyd for the second one is not very personal or original.

The PG feel during vocals is not new for this band and might irritate some persons; but during "When Kenny Was Sad" it is the similarity with "IQ" that is most noticeable: melancholic and sad indeed. So far, so good. Halas, "Springtime" is a syrupy ballad that shouldn't have been included here: the album is long enough to avoid such a weak and useless track. Again the influence is fully "Genesis" and "IQ" oriented. The whole mood though of all these tracks which have started with "When Kenny Was Sad" is really mellow and too sad.

Too much of the same as well. For symphonic maniac, I'm afraid that this band doesn't fulfill the expectations.

At times symphonic, OK. But only occasionally. Even the title and closing number which is by far the longest compositions is not meeting the expectations: no passionate instrumental passages, average vocal ones. No big deal to tell the truth. As a global perspective, I rate this album with three stars but you shouldn't expect too much out of this album. A couple of good songs and that's it.

Well, honestly it should probably bettert sit under neo prog category but I don't decide this Just listen to the opener "Looking For Somewhere" to have some sort of an approach.

OK, it is not too bad. But still? It has been heard tens of times to say the least as far as I am concerned. Things are not getting any better with "Home Again": some poor vocals are destroying this syrupy ballad. It is best avoided. You might know what I suggest in these cases: press next of course. What follows is average music: borrowed themes all the way through even if some emotional moments are available "Full Moon Rising Tonight" and the best track from this work: the long and very much guitar-oriented "Glimmer".

THE one and only highlight. This album might please any neo-prog fan who is not too much concerned about creativity. You might know that this is not quite my profile? It is also quite incredible how bands decide about the title of a track or an album. In this case, calling this one as "Nobody Cares" is really an indication? Several dozen minutes later, after the fire brigade arrived, John had the opportunity to quietly talk to Renee.

He explained to her that Chas would be back and it would be long enough, depending on how violent his death was. He also tried to make excuses to himself that he didn't want to stand between their relationship and if he could change the time he would fix it.

However, this cannot be done, and only thanks to him Chandler is still alive, like many other people. The next morning, Constantine waited in the hospital for Zed to wake up. When this happened, a weakened woman said that John's mother did not want him to blame himself for her death. Surprised by these words, he lay down next to his friend and began to think about his life. John was resting in the mill, talking to Gary Lester 's reflection in the magic mirror. Suddenly Manny appeared, trying to get the exorcist to work.

He only succeeded when he mentioned an old friend, Ritchie Simpsonwho lectured on a voice recorder at university. After the class was over, he heard a question from Constantine from the crowd of students, realizing that his day would be spoiled by an ex-friend. He took him to his office, where he learned of the death of Gary Lester and that something dark was going on around him, and that John intends to face it.

The conversation was interrupted by a phone call to the professor from one of the students, Adamwho informed about his absence due to the unexpected death of his friend. They both immediately went to the scene, where the exorcist stealthily stole the policeman's notes, learning about the cause of death. On the night before school, on the wake of the student's death, Ritchie and John met Lily from whom they learned about what the four had been doing a few days ago. Later that night John decided to investigate the case alone and went to the cemetery described by Lily.

There, he was surprised by the presence of Manny, who tried to show the man the mistake he still made about his friends. During the conversation, John found a clue above one of the graves, so he decided to use a spell that depicts the runes. Thus, he learned that a magical ritual was being performed here, related to the Egyptian culture.

Constantine then returned to Ritchie's office, to whom he presented his discovery. It was then that the professor remembered the journal of Jacob Shaw he had. The man described there journeys to other worlds that ended tragically for him.

To his surprise, the journal disappeared from Simpson's collection, indicating that it was causing campus problems. They also understood that Adam might try to go back there and they went to the cemetery as soon as possible. It was too late to rescue, however, because the boy's body had cut defensive wounds, which eventually led to him bleeding out. Everything was different in Shaw's world as Adam was trying to protect Miranda from Jacob. Soon after, Ritchie and John returned to campus, where they learned of the death of Miranda, who they found dead in a dance studio.

At last Simpson began to understand how Constantine was feeling and what he was hiding. He decided that they were both like cancer that spreads disease on and on. Nevertheless, they remembered that they could save another person and visited Lily, to whom they gave the news of Adam's death. The terrified girl was taken to the mill, where their goal was to deal with her problem.

A moment of inattention made Lily look at the phone and unknowingly, through the reflection, she found herself in the other world.

After a little argument, the men decided to visit this mystical world on their own and performed a ritual that allowed them to enter there. Moments later, they found each other and together they traveled on, where Simpson had the opportunity to demonstrate what he had learned over the years - modification of worlds.

They didn't realize Shaw was watching them, until he finally decided to show up. Ritchie then realized that there was a grain of truth in the legend of Jacob's second life.

The enraged men tried to fight the enemy, but this was his world and he held power here, wounding them. Constantine explained to Ritchie that the wounds he was inflicting on them were not real and he could fight it. Thus, the professor took courage, stood up and began to modify the world against Shaw's principles, destroying it once and for all. Because of this act, the apartment began to collapse, which forced Ritchie and John to flee.

After a while, Lily was brought to the exit by friends who could not leave this place themselves. Thus, Simspon showed the girl how to get out of this world. Constantine understood that Ritchie might want to stay here because he saw the potential of this place that Shaw did not see.

Sam went back to reality and watched, and after a while Ritchie returned as well. After shaking off and returning to teaching, the professor stopped using the dictaphone during his lectures and spoke himself - he taught based on what he had experienced.

Constantine returned to the mill, where Chas studied the bloody map and the radio for information on supernatural events. After a while, the man noticed the thread he was following into the vast corridors.

In one of the rooms, he met a meditating Zed who pretended that she just wanted to rest. In reality, however, she was trying to run away from her abilities, which John didn't particularly like. Immediately after that, the exorcist returned to Chas, where Manny's body took over his friend's body, who was furious with his ally for sitting idle.

He thought the map was out of order and burned it, then told about a patient who was rushed to the hospitalwho was suspected of having an overdose. On the angel's advice, the team drove to the local hospital, and to make appearances, John stuck a screwdriver in Chas's leg. Thanks to this, they came closer to the described patient with black veins. When Zed tried to inspect her with her visions, she saw a bright light, but the narrative interrupted the cardiac arrest of the test patient whom the doctors were trying to save.

As if that were not enough, Martin had an unknown seizure and she had to go to a hospital bed. As soon as it was stabilized, a brain tomography was ordered. Constantine at that time returned to Chas, whom he told about everything, while looking at the intrusive patient - Morris.

The occultists went to the hospital morgue, where they wanted to examine Linda's body. It turned out that even after death, it was filled with powerful black magic, which worried John, who ordered his friend to look for clues in Jasper's archives.

Soon after, the man went to Zed's room, where he found out about the friend's results as presented by Dr. Everything indicated that she had a tumor at the temporal lobe that could trigger her visions. As soon as the doctor left the room, Constantine tried to explain that people were always looking for a cause-and-effect relationship without seeing the other side of the medallion.

Soon after, the man, stressed by the whole situation, went to the roof, where he was going to smoke a cigarette. Carroll wanted to help himself, which Manny entered a moment later. John told the angel to help Zed, but he tried to avoid, explaining that he could not interfere in her fate. Therefore, the exorcist stunned the angel with air from Hades, and then cast a spell on him to "lock" him in the human body.

As a result, Manny lost access to his angelicness and was forced to help John, who, following the flashing light, found another victim in the hospital - Duncan Hall. The man's body was torn open and his heart glowed purple. It was then that John and Manny began to put the facts together, concluding that there was a powerful artifact called a Black diamond involved in it all.

Consequently, Constantine decided to return to the mill, and Manny would use the human body to search the patient files to discover what the two victims had in common. The exorcist found a piece of artifact in Jasper's hideout, which he checked on Chas, while Manny was seduced by a nurse, helping him achieve his goal. Soon after, the two men met outside the hospital, where an angel began to describe the experienced feelings. Thus, they again found out that the killer can only get rid of those who did not take advantage of the second chance.

So they suspected Morris, who had a colorful past. John decided to check it out alone and sent Manny over to Zed. Constantine searched for Morris, finding him suffocated by an unknown force of darkness that deafened the exorcist. As soon as he woke up, he called Manny, with whom they discovered Dr. Galenwho would be the alleged killer. They ran to Zed, fearing for her life, where they made many accusations against the doctor.

He denied it, but then started to run away. The team followed him, where it was Zed who understood Calling All The Heroes - Various - New Romantic Legends (CD) visions. To make these Calling All The Heroes - Various - New Romantic Legends (CD) true, John decided to free Manny from the doctor's body, and then tried to fight the monster. Unfortunately to no avail, so for the first time he put all his hopes on Manny, awaiting his arrival.

According to Zed's visions, a heavenly light appeared, to which Galen began to follow, taking him with him, and the very shard that was in his body merged with the shard of Jasper's diamond.

After these events, Martin went to the church, where John found her. Soon after that, Manny also appeared, whom the woman saw with her own eyes. She was happy to be able to talk to the angel, so Constantine decided to leave them alone. After Jim Corrigan took over the deceased detective's case and looked at the documentation, he contacted John and Zed, whom he met at the bar.

There he showed them pictures of his dead partner - Clement Dupree, who had been mummified. There was also a strange symbol on his body, so the team decided to check the grave of the deceased. On the spot, it turned out that he was investigating the case of the disappearance of three girls of the same age and linked it all to the theory of the Blood Moon Tetrad.

The symbol itself was used to stigmatize witches in the 12th century, implying that the girls were abducted by a Satanist.

He needed each of them until one of the full moons, thus making sacrifices to renew the new cycle. Corrigan got a call from the police station where he found out about another kidnapping. Meanwhile, the conversation between Zed and John was interrupted by the sudden awakening of a pulled-out corpse, into which Gary Lester had entered, alerting his friend to a designated reward for his head.

Occultists and a detective visited the mother of the missing person, who told about their last quarrel. The three decided to investigate the matter in Vesta's room, where Zed could not see anything in the vision due to her confusion.

Soon after John decided to use a special ritual to find out where Vesta was. However, it mainly consisted of an electric shock, which Jim and Martin did not like, but they achieved their goal, knowing about the last whereabouts of the girl. They made their way quickly to the scene where Constantine noticed they were being watched. As expected, they were attacked by Papa Midnite 's voodoo zombiewhom Corrigan had shot at the last moment.

John knew time was running out, so he asked Zed to focus her thoughts and help them with her abilities. Thus, the woman obtained the address to which they immediately went. At the scene, they found the crucified body of a security guard, which was sealed with the same symbol as the previous victims. The exorcist knew that something was up, so he ordered his friends to flee, promising to call back soon.

As expected, Papa Midnite himself attacked him shortly after, successfully hitting him with the As Winchester's bullet. After a while it turned out that Constantine had faked his own death using the body of a bodyguard and a camouflage spell.

Thus, he managed to stun his opponent and take his weapon from him. He immediately went to the house where the girl was probably being held. There he discovered the bodies of the other three victims whose ghosts Vesta had seen. After a while, he met Corrigan and Martin, with whom he began searching for the child and the torturer. After finding her, Zed took the girl to a safe place, and John and Jim took care of the criminal.

The detective initially planned to hand him over to the police, when an exorcist explained to him about the atrocities he had committed. He did not want him to spend only a few years in prison for everything he had done and to be released again, so Jim released him, ordered him to flee and shot him, ending his miserable life. After that, Vesta returned to her mother, and Corrigan spent time with Martin at the bar, where he found out about his future, but decided to make up with her anyway by kissing the woman.

John himself met Manny outside, to whom he told him that day after day he faced evil, but today was a real hell for him. He did not fight a demon, a monster from the abyss, but a man - extremely dangerous. At the same time, he assured the angel that he would not run away from the battlefield after all, because he only played when he was sure that he would win. In lateJohn received a call from his old friend Oliver Queen asking him to come to Star City to help him restore the soul of his friend Sara Lance which he accepted.

He met with Team Arrow and explained that Sara needed restoration of her soul, not an exorcism, as her sister Laurel mistook it for. John also commented on the number of pretty girls Oliver had surrounded himself with, which made them feel somewhat uncomfortable. Much to Felicity 's confusion, he requested a peacock feather, which he used only to scratch his back. John explained that the ritual would transport them to the "other side" where Sara's soul was trapped, and transported himself, Oliver and Laurel.

All of them returned safely, with Sara restored to life. As John left, Oliver thanked him for his help, but John also told him he'd had a dark feeling since being in town, Oliver confirming it as their newest problem Damien Darhk. John, however, warned Oliver to be careful around Darhk and advised him leave town while he still could, before departing. By late FebruaryJohn somehow found his way to Hell[20] presumably to fulfill his promise of saving Astra Logue. By May, John had escaped Hell, allowing Oliver to finally get in contact with him again, asking for a means to defeat Darhk's magic.

In response, Constantine sent Oliver to meet with Esrin Fortunawho had a better understanding of Darhk's magic, and could possibly teach him to defend against it. In lateJohn had encountered a demon that was possessing a little girl who knew about Sara Lance, so he infiltrated the Waverider as Sara dropped off Jax. Stating she had a debt to repay to him after he saved Calling All The Heroes - Various - New Romantic Legends (CD) soul two years ago, he requested her help to face it.

With their help he learned that the girl was Nora Darhk who was slowly being taken over by a demon called Mallus. However, the second exorcism again failed, with Constantine, Sara, and Leo Snart being sent back in time by Mallus. Sara found herself being plagued with visions courtesy of Mallus.

Although Constantine was able to banish them away and the two talked about their past and sins. The two flirt with one another leading to the two having sex. After their encounter, they saved Leo from being lobotomized, and Sara decided to travel to Mallus' spirit world again to use the connection to power up the same transportation spell that was used to send them to the past.

They eventually returned to however Constantine couldn't save Nora once they were back due to the emotional manipulation of her father who told her that the order would help her.

Before he left the Waverider he confided in Ray Palmer that despite Sara's strong will she would eventually succumb to Mallus as Nora did. He also said if that was ever to happen, then Ray should kill her. Sometime later, he gave the Legends information on the Death Totemwhich was in the possession of Elvis Presley. Using the Egyptian dream temple techniqueJohn managed to locate Sara's soul in Mallus's realm. Following the Legends' victory over Mallus, Constantine, accompanied by Gary who was dressed as the former, found the Legends vacationing in Aruba and presented them a severed dragon head.

After confirming that it was Sara's idea to release Mallus, John informed them that Mallus wasn't the only evil they released. Meanwhile, Constantine went on his own, although he interacted with Gary, with the two men having an intimate relationship of some sort; although, according to John, by the rules of magic Gary was still considered a virgin.

At some point during the five months, Constantine spent some time in New Orleans. At a local bar, he was served by Desmondand the two shared an instant connection. They spend the night together and, despite John's aversion to any emotional attachment to others and in spite of himself, he fell in love. The two started a relationship and soon moved in together in a loft they rented in New Orleans.

Not long after, John was being targeted by the demon Neronwho owned the deed to Constantine's soul, that wanted his help in usurping the triumvirate ruling Hell.

Worried by his boyfriend safety, John squeezed a promise from Dez that the man would leave town and stay away from him until it was over. Instead, unknown to Constantine, Dez decided to make a deal with Neron and bond his soul with the demon in exchange for sparing John's life. The deal was later made public to John when in an attempt to send Neron to Hell, he had to sent Dez there as well. John does, for the sake of the world, and he later crumbles with grief in heartbreak as Desmond is thrown into hell.

Sometimes later, five months after his last meeting with the Legends, he approached Sara, informing her that the danger was still there and the release of Mallus has accelerated the Rising Darkness. He left her with the enchanted bones of a saint so that she'd be able to divine disturbances across the timeline. The disturbance ended up in the appearance of a Hellish Unicorn in 's Woodstockleading to the aberration of "Woodstock Massacre", where many attending hippies were slain by the beast.

Sara asked John to help, as the two Calling All The Heroes - Various - New Romantic Legends (CD) on a search for the unicorn and the other Legends affected by the unicorn glitter. The two got in a fight, John saying that Sara should not pursue love and long-lasting relationships, as the people of their craft are cursed to hurt their loved ones, while Sara stated that it was John's own character that made him hurt and leave behind the people he loved, and in fact the loved ones made the heroes stronger for their connection.

John ended up instrumental in figuring out the potion and the ritual needed to unmask the beautiful unicorn as a hellish nightmare horse, and then drag it to hell. Using Gary Green as bait, John managed to exorcise the hellish unicorn, at the expense of Gary's nipple.

John tried to comfort Gary, joking that if his soul is going to hell, it's gonna meet Gary's nipple right there, before the two discussed personal relationship problems. John was later asked to join the Legends team, but declined, returning to his hotel in and drinking himself to sleep. He was suddenly attacked by an invisible force, before the bloody letters spelling "I'm coming for you, Johny" appeared on his mirror.

The mysterious attack prompted John to accept Sara's offer and sneak upon the Waveriderbringing a large case of his stuff on board and making a "contract" with the Legends : full benefits, a paid holiday, no cheesy costumes, in exchange for his help with the mystical fugitives. Secretly, John was hoping to find a way to save Dez by using the Waverider. He would be instrumental in figuring out the mystery of the Salem witch trials aberrationnoting that the spells used on villagers needed to have a vocal component in them, and if the mother could not cast them, then it must have been the work of her daughter, Prudence.

As it turned out, the accused "witch's" daughter has made a contract with a time-displaced the Fairy Godmotherangry at humans for banishing her into Mallus's realm. Instead of granting the wishes of shoes of glass and various trinkets, the Godmother was eager to help the girl's revenge against the villagers, trying to seduce her into using the fairy's power to bring fire and brimstone upon the angry Puritans.

John wasn't able to banish the Fairy Godmother, as her spellcasting was much quicker, allowing her to overpower the Legends.

When John tried to stop Fairy Godmother and Prudence from leaving the ship, he was silenced by the fairy's spell, sealing his mouth shut. After Zari Tomaz and Sara Lance managed to convince Prudence to call off the Fairy Godmother, the girl released her from their contract, allowing John to incapacitate the mystical witch. He then brought her to the forest and discussed the Godmother's fate, offering her a deal: others she enters a contract with him, or he sends her to Hell.

Although she was scared of Hell, the Fairy Godmother chose to refuse John's offer, saying that she'd rather take on the forces of Hell than on the being that is currently pursuing Constantine.

She taunted him on being "far more damned than she is" before John opened a portal that siphoned her into Hell.

Later, when the team realizes the British Monarchy collapses due to a scandal involving Elizabeth IISara, Zari, Mick, and himself try to investigate a band called The Smellwhere he accused one of the members of being a Leprechaun, a fight breaks out and causes Ray to get caught up with the band.

After a fight with Mick, he goes to the bar his mother worked at to get a drink, being the first time he ever met her. Zari shows up to console him which backfires when John tries to neuter his dad.

After fritizing out of existence twice and getting his nose broken, John and Zari have a heart-to-heart. When the fugitive, a shapeshifter named Charlietakes the form of Ray and attacks the Legends, John tries to send her to hell, but Charlie takes different forms while saying how they were the monsters for trying to send an innocent to Hell. John stops the spell when she is in the form of Amaya, so when he uses a spell to take away Calling All The Heroes - Various - New Romantic Legends (CD) abilities she gets trapped in that form and gets thrown in the holding cell in the lab on the Waverider.

John went with the Legends to to Camp Ogawa to catch a Shtriga. John tried to question the children to find out what happened to the missing campers. Constantine and Ray found the children and upon reviving them all, John passed out and was taken to the Waverider to recover.

John made a distraction to confuse the Minotaur without success, but Hank Heywood managed to calm the beast. Later, John and the others celebrated with Nate. The Heyworld visitors, Legends and magical fugitives attempt to bring Nate back to life. Later, John attempts to use time travel to change history to save the life of Desmondbut when it creates worse timelines, he accepts the need to restore the original timeline and comes clean to the Legends about his issue with Neron[31] but John eventually manages to save Desmond by luring Neron out of his body.

John chose Astra, but she grew up in Hell and doesn't want to be saved. Neron had promised not to hurt Nate Heywood. So, Nate while in disguise fought against Neron in Heyworldforcing the demon out of Ray's body and John finally killed him. After finding a universe that could fit their needs, Sara had Constantine promise that once Oliver came back, John could retrieve Oliver's soul, but due to the dying multiversehis magic failed when he tried using a spell to get to Oliver's purgatory in order to get the latter's soul back.

As a result, Constantine, Diggle and Mia visited Earth to ask Lucifer Morningstar 's help in a last-ditch attempt to retrieve Oliver's soul from purgatory. Jim then teleported John, Mia and Diggle back to Earth Later, John as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragonswas killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10,[15] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.

At some point in the history of Earth-PrimeJohn met the owner of a scrapyard nicknamed "Old Man Joe"; in the yard, located between John Constantine's house and Londonthere was a Fiat that was possessed by a demon which ultimately John exorcized.

After the events of HeyworldConstantine became famous, to the point of being the cover of a magazine.

He made the most of it by forcing Gary to carry his magical gear and take care of talking to people annoying him on-job. John did his best to teach Gary magic, but the poor sap couldn't even handle simple teleportation spell; Gary ended up walking backwards for miles.

During the recording of the documentary Meet the LegendsJohn and Gary were called by a mother who had her son possessed by a demon. John and Gary went to their home and found out that the demon was Masher. After talking to him, John sent him back to hell, freeing the boy. Later, John and Gary made a video call to Waverider and said that Astra released the worst souls from Hell.

Later, John returned to Waverider and drank some of Rasputin 's blood to perform a spell to get into hell, Sara told him to be careful. In Hell, Constantine meets with Astra, facing her about the spirits she discharged. She declines in light of the fact that those spirits are giving her with new spirits.

She is likewise tormenting Masher and then makes it disappear. Constantine comes back to the Waveriderfrustrated. Constantine briefs the Legends about Astra's arrangement. They feels that perhaps Astra can in any case be spared, however Constantine says no. There, they discover the ashes of a person who was killed by one of the encores. They are before long defied by a lady with a firearm and gloss over themselves as the dead person's accomplice.

The lady is Jeanie Hill who recruited them to shield her from her beau Benjamin Siegel who is resurrected. Constantine and stand up to her. Constantine finds a message in the matchbook he found at the PI's office. He meets with Jeanie and uncovers he knows where the shakedown reserve is. On the off chance that she gets the weapon, he'll give her the extortion. And afterward Constantine and Jeanie hookup. Later, Jeanie betrays Constantine, holding the mystical firearm on him with the goal that she can take the shakedown to utilize herself.

He winds up giving her the coercion material. So, Jeanie begins her vehicle and it detonates. On the WaveriderConstantine hauls Bugsy to hell with him to stand up to Astra with one projectile left in the mysterious weapon yet he discloses to her that he's never abandoning her.

He utilizes the last shot to obliterate Bugsy. John later tells Sara and Ray the firearm is currently gone. Later in Northumberland in the United KingdomConstantine and Gary show up at what is basically Constantine's old home where he experiences himself aside from it's not him. It's Charliehowever Constantine is troubled to see her.

He discloses the Newcastle Crew to Charlie and the incredible witch he came to counsel: Astra's expired mother, Natalie. After a motivational speech from Charlie, he enters a door where Natalie's spirit is.

Gary and Charlie remain outside the room that contains Astra's dead mother with Gary choosing he needs to go in there to spare Constantine, however his endeavor to use enchantment to open the entryway falls flat, just to take out the door handle, discharging the witch.

Constantine gets nervous and asks Gary what he has done. Later, they see the apparition of Natalie and her clarifies the genuine tale about Astra, how Constantine bungled Natalie's revival prompting the entirety of this.

Constantine goes on an excruciating outing through a world of fond memories, conceding Natalie's restoration was his thought. It's likewise uncovered that Constantine was enamored with Natalie yet he picked enchantment over her.

Natalie then owns Charlie. He concedes that he adored her and he took her back to demonstrate that he was on the right track to pick enchantment. Natalie uncovers to Constantine that the Loom of Fate is a genuine article and not only a story.

Turns out Charlie broke the Loom of Fate and dissipated the pieces over the Multiverse. Constantine had his soul token meddled with by Astra and it accelerated the dormant cancer in his lungs to the state they would be in So, Constantine faints.

He is taken to Waverider by his friends but then he leaves. He tried to make a deal with the angel Gabrielbut he didn't accept. John ultimately poisoned himself to go out on his own terms; however, he met Astra and promised to find the Loom of Fate to bring back her mother.

Astra gave John back his decade of life so he could fulfill his side of the bargain. John tried to question Charlie to find out about the Loom, but Charlie wouldn't let him. He would talk to "Nate", who was actually Charlie, he advised him to go to the North Pole to find them and John got ready to look for them. John came back with nothing and met the real Nate and got upset that Charlie cheated on him.

John was having dinner together with Sara, Ava, Damien and Nora, and they planned to murder Darhk while John and Damien talked about magical things. He watched the arguments between everyone and John stopped the charade and Nora revealed the truth to Damien and Damien wanted to kill everyone and John confronted Damien, and they were sent by Pippa to Mr. Parker's Cul De Sac. John would talk to Charlie to convince her to find the Loom and Charlie and John apologized as good friends and decided to search for the Loom together and after learning the lesson they all went back to the real world and John would attend Ray and Nora's wedding at his house.

Constantine and Astra board the Waverider and proceed to where Clotho is mediating as she prepares to manipulate the Loom; Constantine almost steps into the urine puddle of Gary Jr. Ava, Zari, and Nate are there also, but the women want to each use the Loom for a different reason. Ava wants the Loom to awaken Sara from her coma while Zari wants Behrad resurrected.

Astra adds her desire for her mother to the debate. Zari asks John for his opinion and he sheepishly sides with Astra because he has made a promise; Nate notices Constantine's reaction and sides with Zari to further endear himself with her.

Clotho decides that Behrad will be first, making Ava angry, but Clotho's decision is final. The Legends wear sunshades as Clotho places the rings together and they transform into a shimmering golden cloth. Watch now. Acacia Kersey is leaving her role as an influencer indefinitely and reveals she is "exhausted on all fronts while living in autopilot. Jordan and Lin-Manuel Miranda over its six seasons.

See all the celeb cameos here. Bella Cruise attends an art exhibition where one of her pieces is featured in honor of Courtney Love's bands' anniversary album. We're here if you need a friend, because the long awaited Cruel Intentions TV show has found a new home. Warning: this NSFW image will be burned into your brain. See the model in all her neon-green glory. The "SNL" comedian and "Black Widow" actress welcomed their first son Cosmo in August, but one family member still quite doesn't understand the name.

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