Be With You - Ananta - Night And Daydream (Vinyl, LP, Album)

David Bowie - Fame David Bowie - "Heroes" You Haven't Called You Haven't Called [Radio Edit] You Haven't Called [Dub] You Don't Call Anymore feat. Kioko Me Nah Leave Yet feat. Gilly G. All My Dreams 2. Birds Fly 3. Surprised by the Joy 4. That's How Strong 5. Born to Be Strangers 6. That's When I Feel It 7.

We All Bleed 8. A Man in Motion 9. Streets of Amsterdam Money Money Rare Vibration Guilded Halls A Secret Love A Guy Is A Guy Again Confess Everywhere You Go Thoughtless [ Dolly Parton - Jolene Glen Campbell - Rhinestone Cowboy Blake Shelton - Ol' Red Elvis Presley - Tomorrow Never Comes John Denver - Annie's Song Remastered Shania Twain - You're Still the One Hughes Taylor - Melody Airborne Blues Virus - Checkin' The Henningsens - American Beautiful Anni Piper - Paper Bag Vargas Blues Band - Bottleneck Blues The Bluesbenders - Slick as a Cat Angel Forrest - Tumb [ The Boxtops - The Letter Zombies - She's Not There Creedence Clearwater Revival - Green River Uriah Heep - Easy Livin' Allman Brothers Band - Midnight Rider The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour Grand Funk Railroad - Bad Time Disc: 1 1.

Mas Que Nada - Sergio Mendes ft. The Black Eyed Peas 2. Mucho Mambo Sway - Shaft 3. Despacito - Luis Fonsi 4. No Lie - Sean Paul ft. Dua Lipa Sam Feldt Remix 5. In The Summertime - Shaggy ft. Rayvon 6. Shine - Aswad 7. Dreadlock Holiday - 10cc 8. Tease Me - Chaka Demus, Pliers 9. The second album is pure analog synth. Akwara, Andreas Germany. If you like the more active side of the genre, you owe it to yourself to check out Andreas Akwara.

Great atmospheric pads, effects, rhythms buried deep in the mix and some sequences to complete the picture. Music to travel to the far reaches of space. The album was mastered by Ron Boots.

Recommended for all EM fans, especially for those who are attracted to the idea of a substantial and unique Space Music. Al Gromer Khan Germany. Warm ambient music with some sitar from this famous new age composer real name - Alois Gromer.

I will try to list his EM-related releases here. Al Qadiri, Fatima Senegal. Atlantics soundtrack Medieval Femme Senegal-born, Kuwait-raised artist currently based in Berlin. Atlantics is a moody synth soundtrack. Mostly ambient and mysterious, with high levels of melodic drama. Medieval Femme is another interesting work, mixing prog electronics with oriental touches and a darker, deeper mood.

Alarcen, Jean-Pierre France. French guitarist and multi-instrumentalist whose second album listed will be enjoyed by fans of zeuhl, Mike Oldfieldsymphonic Vangelis and The Enid. Only very marginally related to EM, but a nice and lush sound anyway.

A duo featuring improvisations on brass instruments over a bed of atmospheric electronics. Somewhat indebted to the post-rock genre, but also to Classic Ambient of artists like Harold Budd and Brian EnoBeyond the Streets is an EP-length about 28 minutes record, combining gentle, echoed guitar strumming, sparse rhythms, some ethereal vocals, lots of synth pads and ubiquitous piano. After that he moved to France for a while and upon returning to Turkey he made a Album) shows in several nightclubs with a band that had a drum-machine instead of a real drummer, which was quite unusual for the time.

The music represents some sort of a crazy fusion of traditional Turkish music and funky electronic creations made on ARPHammond organ etc. Slightly psychedelic, melodic ambient soundscapes with some wordless singing from ex-wife of Genesis P-Orridge and former collaborator of Psychic TV.

A mellotron-drenched work from the man behind Matter. For those who like Pinhas ' solo albums. Albergo Intergalattico Spaziale Italy. Doomy progressive electronics with haunting female vocals. See also: Cosentino, Saro. Albert et Guido Belgium. A private release. Albert, Johannes Germany. Dreamy synth compositions, bringing to mind the more atmospheric moments of Tangerine Dream 's Le Parc. Pretty nice EM here.

Albert the Spider USA. Louisiana-based "comfy synth" project. Nice melodies. Best track: "A Comfy Web". Albertine, Charles USA. One of the later-day productions by this unsung hero of the Space Age born indied in and his only LP from that era. Charles Albertine's career peaked in the 50's and 60's as a producer and arranger. However, by the beginning of the 's he'd been keeping a relatively low profile.

The cover looks very much like Windham Hill productions of the day. The music is relaxing new age-like? Music inspired by a video game and based on the sounds of FM synthesis. A project of Hirotaka Umetani. Three dancey and one ambient track on the above EP. My name is Bird, Al Bird Albrecht La'Brooy Australia. They mix rich synth pads and atmospheres with field recordings and occasional house beats.

Lets see what they come up with next. I'd like to see them going further in the ambient direction. Varied electronic soundtrack from this project led by Jimmy LaValle, active since Mostly shorter tracks. A project of Angelos Liaros-Copola, who is currently based in Berlin. He is also known as Blakk Harbour and composes under that alias experimental industrial techno music. ALC 's Frontiers is a different affair whatsoever. Adopting a pretty basic instrumental approach, with a couple of analog synths, a Greek lyra and an electric piano, he suddenly goes the EM route, infusing his music with multiple hypnotic sequences, shifting chords and subtle melodies.

Synthesist from Andalucia with an album released on Big Bang the label that also released Pedro Hurtado 's works. The style is not known. Minimal, lulling, melodic, rhythmic, soft electronics with some acoustic instruments mixed in. Rather nice stuff from Krijn Moons who is based in Utrecht. Very obscure German synth band that existed from to Aldebaran started as a rock combo but by had transformed into a full-blown electronic band.

Not much is known about them but they did give several live performances. One of the members was Mathias Eigelshoven. The other one calls himself H. Fortune and makes virtual plug-in instruments these days. There were other members but their names are unknown. The music was very spacey and floating, done on analog instruments.

Aldebaran's Nebulah Poland. Profound Dark Space sounds from Poland. Italian artist with an ethereal Ambient style, using synths, some found sounds and acoustic instruments. Inner Cosmos Heart of the Universe A project of Andrey Klimkovsky with Sergey Sedykh on guitar. This one sees Andrey making a more loose, improvised and flowing type of Electronic Music than what he is usually known for, closer to Berlin School perhaps.

Multiple sequences, spacey pads and mutated solos. Pretty nice stuff and highly recommended. See also: Klimkovsky, Andrey. The whole sounds a bit like a 's sci-fi soundtrack. You know, pretty creepy, minimal stuff. I am not sure if it is much more than a mere curiosity in the end but it might be a grower.

Volt is a varied electronic soundtrack to a movie about a dystopian police state. This artist creates diverse music, from rhythmic, house-influenced, to ambient and progressive. House artist Alex Lawrence, currently residing in Istanbul. His compositions are pretty complex for house music, although I would not call most of what is heard on Skin as progressive.

Hopefully he explores more Be With You - Ananta - Night And Daydream (Vinyl that territory in the future. Diverse dark ambience, with even a hint of early Tangerine Dream. Alerick Project Italy. Techno producer from Berlin. Half of the tracks on Beyond the Black Rainbow are not techno, though. There's the opener that sounds like a percussive mix of early Popol Vuh and Klaus Schulze and the droning ambient closer. San-Francisco based artist.

The solo "elements" albums contain minimal Ambient with a bit of an oriental atmosphere in places. Emergence moves towards full-fledged World Musicretaining the ambient flair. Space Music sometimes with an Ambient or new age flair from this artist who was born in Chicago but now resides in Arizona. He plays keyboards as Album) as guitar. There's another album by him, called Something Like Jazz that's too removed from the EM aesthetics to be included here, I guess.

Toronto, Ontario-based horror synth artist who channels both Carpenter and Italian giallo sound. Berlin School music influenced by classic period Tangerine Dream. Instrumental progrock with an electronic flair from this Gary, Indiana-based musician. He plays keyboards and is helped by a drummer and an acoustic guitarist. The Mind Cavern Sessions Vol. One half of The Omega Syndicate. Sequencer EM. Alexandros Hahalis released several albums, with Antithesis featuring rich, classically-inspired and rhythmic electronic compositions.

It was preceded by Dataapparently a vocal synth-pop album. Then there's Dynameis that marries Alexandros' electronic arrangements with Rakesh Chaurasia's flute playing. Light, Tangerine Dream -styled EM without sequences from this keyboardist. A project of Luana Fazzuoli. These are library albums with a supposedly nice synth sound. Formless, echoing, dark Alguire, Lyndsie Canada. Shoegaze-related multi-instrumentalist and singer from Montreal.

Sometimes she makes fine, emotional ambient music with a feminine touch. Floating music with sequences and soloing. Very good. Noosphere Immersion Nebulae Nebulae is an album of drifting Space Music and melodic ambient atmospheres, plus several upbeat melodic tracks.

The first four tracks are very good. Two of them "Glider" and "The Kingdom of Poseidon" are drifting, while the other two "Voyage" and "Inhabited Worlds" are more upbeat, the former featuring lots of sequences and the latter being the best cut on the album if you ask me. I heard some lovely analog-like leads on "Glider", so I was hoping to hear more of this stuff during the course of this album, but - alas, got none.

Unfortunately, after the first four tracks, the album delves into sweet, Kitaro -like keyboard new age music. Not that they are bad tracks, it's just that my own preferences tend to drift to darker and more experimental realms. Thankfully, the album gains momentum once again with the very upbeat "Shaman" and the atmospheric "Dolphins", both of which are ok. Overall, it's a diverse collection of music that will appeal to a wide audience and is well worth checking out.

I think if Alidan continues in the vein of "Voyage" and "Inhabited Worlds" he may soon surprise us with a great bunch of upbeat melodic EM tracks. O Puss is a rare cassette release. Gordon Alien is a pseudonym of Gordon A. S Saturn?? I think it's deep cosmic soundscapes. This project released a lot of splits with other artists. Alien Nature is Wolfgang Barkowski. A bit dark but with prominent Berlin School edge.

See also: HypnosphereAnam Cara. Alien Planetscapes USA. Synth" Walker, although different releases by them may appeal to different categories of listeners. Originally Alien Planescapes appeared as the reaction to Doug's previous band, called Yeti.

This band played some sort of electronic jazz and, as a black musician, Doug had always been interested in combining free jazz improvisations with Electronic Music of the Berlin School Doug had been listening to Tangerine Dream since However, he wasn't satisfied with Yeti's line-up and decided to replace the guitar and drums with electronic rhythms and sequencers and to create music of a more floating, spacey character.

Later on Alien Planetscapes acquired a new line-up and started making music within the group format. The music from this period is more space rock oriented, although still with an awful lot of cool electronics to boost.

Sadly, Doug Walker passed away in April,but his work remains a classic and unique example of synthesized cosmic music. The above discography contains most of Alien Planetscapes releases, including cassettes.

Playful, rhythmic, Cluster -like electronics. See also: Alien TechElectric Path. Alien Tech is Richard Wixner who doesn't seem to have a clear direction, trying his hand on everything, from sequencer-based pieces to experimental bleeps, spacey atmospheres and Tomita cheesiness.

Richard has also released some albums in techno and electroacoustic styles not listed here. See also: Alien TapeElectric Path. Aliens Project Germany. Bernd-Michael Land b. Parallel to that, he also started his solo career that saw him building his studio piece by piece, adding some sophisticated modular synthesizers to his setup. Since then he has released several cassettes and CD's, worked for sample libraries among them "Bad Samples", "Australian Collection", "Bionics" and Toy of the Month" series and collaborated with several artists, including Coco of Programmierte Welten.

Behind the Blue Room is his latest effort containing 16 tracks. It starts with "Battlefield of Thronos". Deep pads set the stage for this moody piece of music. A strange, echoing rhythmic sound appears, while the piece remains cosmic, atmospheric and calm. The rhythmic elements become more prominent. More concrete textures are added to this piece which is essentially a relaxing ambient soundscape. Nice one, if somewhat short. A few cymbals and drums are added to this otherwise very floating piece.

Surprisingly, the Be With You - Ananta - Night And Daydream (Vinyl ends with random effects and mysterious voices. I suppose, this piece could be called Dark Ambient. It is also one of the most interesting pieces, if somewhat trite.

The rest consists of mellotron flutes, darkish cellos and string arrangements. I also like the echoing atmospheric pads on this one. Deeply ambient and a bit disturbing. Thankfully, it's not very "techno", having more of that 's electropop atmosphere to it. There's also a slightly heard bass pulse running throughout. Interesting piece and a stark contrast to the rest of the music on this album.

On the other hand, the next piece called "Black Planet" is where the drama really shines through. This piece is so intense and cosmic, it's amazing. What we get here are basically dark synth drones, resonant effects and melancholic pads, all merged into a cosmic miasma of sound.

A blistering analogue lead line is a welcome extra to a track already crowded with all sorts of sounds. A relaxed rhythm runs through the piece during its second half. There's also a bit of sampled?

After a while, a sharp synthetic rhythm starts, along with a Kraftwerk ian bass line. A nice minimal melody supported by a jazzy electric piano brings this track to a close.

Overall, Behind the Blue Room is a diverse album made by a talented musician who is certainly one to Album) out for. It will be enjoyed by a wide audience. Best track: "Thai Connection". See also: Land, Bernd-MichaelThau. A bright, droning sound. I probably need to hear a complete album to say something more useful, though.

Aliprat, Gioser Italy. Vince Clarke contributes on synths. The same could also be said about Regarding the Auguries. All India Radio Australia. Space uses original artwork of David A.

Hardy that was supposed to be used for Pink Floyd 's Dark Side of the Moonbut was eventually discarded in favor of the famous prism image. Some of the tracks feature female vocals. Some feature their trademark trip-hop rhythms. Subspace continues where Space left off. Space Sources is another interesting EM-related work. Eternal mixes hip-hop rhythms with prog rock, space rock, electronics and more.

Realm is a nice, often Brian Eno -like ambient work. All of Them Witches UK. Varied atmospheric and rhythmic synth compositions. Moody, but not dark. EM-related release from this unclassifiable rock band from Wellington. Lots of synths on this one, with some material being predominantly or completely electronic. Allen, Daevid Australia. Former leader of Gong - whose vast output includes some electronic or electronic-related stuff.

The albums with Microcosmic are comparable to Hillage 's Rainbow Dome Musick mixed with some ethnic instruments. You know, sort of new agey. Self-Inititation is in similar style. See also: GongEX. This project out of Bretagne started in the mid's, with three guys playing synthesizers and drums. After a while, two members of the band left, and Alliance now also known as Alliance-Sound Project essentially became a solo project of a guy who calls himself "Brothermoog". Rare electronic soundtrack to the "Terra-X" TV show.

Produced by Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen. Allier, Jean-Christophe France. Dreamy modern electronics comparable to Klaus Schulze. Jean-Christophe Allier, a synthesizer enthusiast, started with Electronic Music circa and has since participated in several EM festivals and released several works. Darkish synth project with traces of dungeon synth, horror synth and more. A project of Mor Elian who constructs her rather abstract and explorative pieces using lost samples and various synth sounds.

Pretty interesting material and not comparable to other artists, although I do get a slight " Cluster " feel while hearing some of it. Dark Ambient from Nina Kernicke. Alluste is Piero Monachello, an Italian synthesist and keyboard player. His style is melodic, with a good sense of rhythm. Most gifted See more. Yellowstone: The First Three Seasons. Wizard of Oz: 75th Anniversary Edition. Friends: The Complete Series [Blu-ray]. The Secret Life of Pets. Back to top. Get to Know Us.

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