You Make Me Cry - Various - Hits All Right (Cassette)

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Polar bear in German. Thank you so very much, now that you've said it I totally remember that it stood for polar bear. Please help ive looked for it for years. Taipanic AM - You Make Me Cry - Various - Hits All Right (Cassette) February, Quote:.

I am pretty sure it is from the late s and early s. It's a dance tune and it starts off with a woman singer going like: Da da da da duh da and the beat is pretty chill. I can't remember the name of it, but I remember all that xD Thanks.

Beeks PM - 10 March, really hoping someone can help with this It was similar to the one now if memory serves me right but was very low budget and I distinctly remember there being a green room or lots of green I can not get it out of my head : please can somebody help me to figure out this song.

Ohh Na ne Na nay. Round the year of ? Thank you. Samanthajo PM - 7 April, No that's not it : thank you anyway :. Oxcar AM - 29 April, I need help finding a techno song, not too sure on the lyrics but I think it said"Magic o dust Magic o dust magic magic magic early s please help. Eggenz AM - 5 May, Quote:. Eggenz AM - 5 May, Repeated from other thread by me Hey all, Like the rest of you I'm pulling my hair out trying to think of a song I heard back in the day. This is the best recollection I have of it.

OK it starts off with a male voice speaking and describing what you need to make a dance track. It goes something like this Any ideas? Bay Wells PM - 5 May, soundcloud. Eggenz PM - 5 May, Quote:. Thanks in advance for any input. Eggenz AM - 7 May, Quote:. It's pretty mainstream- not my normal kind of stuff - but good.

It was on a compilation again, can't for the life of me remember who by Cream, Renaissance??? To make things easier, it's a fairly repetitive vocal track with words that sound to me like 'I lied to you, I lied through and through, I lied to you, I lied through and through' or alive with you, alive through and through.

I know I've probably got the words really wrong. It was back in the day and because it's not something I would have played myself, I didn't buy it so don't recall the title.

Think it was by David someone? Again, I may be wrong. Taipanic PM - 9 May, Quote:. Dianemc PM - 9 May, That's it! So obvious now but I just would never have got it. Listening to it right now :. Dianemc PM - 9 May, Haha, yes it is pretty mainstream house. As I said, it wasn't really what I would buy back then, no idea how I ever ended up with a CD compilation. Most of my records were techno, prog house, hard trance - mainly techno. And yes. I did google and find you, and I'm a copywriter so I get the rankings thing.

Good luck. The song wasn't in english. Female vocals. The only bits I remember is that You Make Me Cry - Various - Hits All Right (Cassette) a minute You Make Me Cry - Various - Hits All Right (Cassette) the song she goes into a long note for 30ish seconds and then the song continues.

Something along the lines of "aya yaaaaaaa cue long note Starts off slow and then picks up after the note. Any help would be You Make Me Cry - Various - Hits All Right (Cassette).

Cvet PM - 10 May, Hello guys, I've been trying to find an early 's dance track and I hope you will be able to help. Clues: - English lyrics, towards the end of the chorus it goes like "I'm happy just to be WISDJ PM - 17 May, thats the song i was looking for and the one i asked about in a previous post help me to get the title please guys.

Eggenz PM - 17 May, Quote:. The remix was done by Thunderpuss Watch www. Eggenz PM - 19 May, Quote:. AimeeM PM - 24 May, I know this will sound odd but when I was a junior in high school in my niece gave me a black cd it was a bunch of various artists like there's a stranger in my house sandstorm and some other songs well one of the songs was about respecting women it doesn't matter if they wear skirts and stuff like that but the cd got destroyed by my kids and I can't remember the name of the cd or the song but I really want to find it again if you have any thought please let me know I have spent hours searching they where all club remix songs.

I have been searching for this song for about 10 years. I heard it back in It was considered dance music, I think. All I remember is a female singing, "It's not enough. Oh no, it's not enough". Djelad00 PM - 4 June, Quote:. Laz PM - 8 June, Quote:. Jforce76 AM - 30 July, Hey guys, im looking for a song that i heard around Anyone has an idea what it could be? Male vocal. Don't have the sample. I have tried everywhere, but no luck.

Please help. Goodkat PM - 11 September, Quote:. Taipanic PM - 12 September, Quote:. Mandymoo86 PM - 31 October, Hi! My friend and I have been on the hunt for a song with very few lyrics.

It's an upbeat dance song. We think early 's with a trumpet throughout i think the entire song. Sorry to brother you but there's a song house music i can't find anywhere. I used to hear it in the club around and all I can remember is part of the lyrics: here we go, eh ow eh ow eh ow eh and it goes on. I know it's not much but it's all I have :. Zaccamann AM - 28 November, I've been looking for a late 90's or early club song, that has a wicked beat and repeats the words "to the max" several times throughout the song?

The lyrics that I remember are something like: "Can you feel it in the air, I can feel it everywhere, can you feel it? A Mix youtu. I've tried iTunes, Traxsource in their classic house sectionAmazon, etc. Hope you guys can help me out, thanks and happy new year! Sorry for the double post. Was using mobile phone. Erdil PM - 18 January, Hi friends, i'm looking for old 90's and 00's slow jam megamix starting with something telling a story, as like that: "tonight we want to tell you a story the story the story based on true things and real happenings" and continues to telling stories about, Diana's death, Danmarks Euro Wins in Football and etc.

Kelly - I Believe i can fly and continues with other songs. Also this megamix have had second version or part 2, starting with talkings in Danish language. Also in some of parts in the both of parts has some danish words. So please if someone have this megamix in both parts. Sj85 PM - 20 January, Quote:.

Wavespeech PM - 21 January, Quote:. I'm hoping someone can help. I'm looking for a track from the early s. Can't remember the name of the artist or the song title but the music vid was all computer generated it had the dance floor lighting with a robot that morphed from a chrome cube dancing like Michael Jackson. The name Playskool comes to mind bur I can't find the track. Help please. Marius PM - 11 February, Hi everyone! I hope ya'll are doing well.

I'm writing from Madrid, and I need some information that I have been trying to collect for a while, but it's a real titanic task I am looking for Electronic, Dance, Trance, Techno and Eurodance music from the middle 80's up to ish. All the cool music from those glorious years. If any of you has a directory or list of these music I'd appreciate so much! I have been seeking for this for weeks, and although I already have some of them aprox I need many more.

I have taken some of this from Julls thanks man! Thanks so much for your help fellas. All the best, Marius Im searching for a song which suddenly got stuck in my head.

Erdil PM - 29 March, Hi friends, i'm looking for old 90's and 00's slow jam megamix starting with something telling a story, as like that: "tonight we want to tell you a story the story the story based on true things and real happenings" and continues to telling stories about, Diana's death, Danmarks Euro Wins in Football and etc.

Davis AM - 6 April, Please please someone help me. It has a steady beat and a slow echo-y piano section in the middle. I thought it might be Robert Miles because of the piano section but I can't seem to find anything. It sounds a bit dance like or something you would possibly hear in a 90s club. Please someone help me it's driving me insane!

Davis AM - 6 April, Quote:. Mandymoo86 AM - 14 April, Quote:. Pesho AM - 15 May, Please someone help me to find a song. I remember only the video of the song. There is only one girl that wake up naked and start to make up and dress. The all video is with the girl. I think the song is around the 00's. Thank you in advanced! Pesho1 AM - 16 May, Sorry but it's other song. In the video is only the girl. Itunes and Amazon have the album edition. My dj pools don't have them either.

Hey everyone, I desperately need help. I am looking for a dance song sung by a woman from the year Maybe from betweenbut I strongly feel like it was the year I barely remember anything, but if it helps, I live in Toronto, Canada and the song would have been on the charts around that time.

It's a woman singing only. The problem is I've Googled so many lists, billboard charts, youtube lists, etc.

I need help! Thank yoU! Taipanic PM - 18 July, Quote:. Leon52 PM - 18 July, Quote:. Leon52 PM - 19 July, Quote:. My daughter loves James hypes - more than friends from last year. I'm absolutely adamant that there was a much earlier not dissimilar song. Anyone aware of a dance mix of en Vogue's - don't let go circa my clubbing and dj years Tried whosampled, discogs, Google and I'm now absolutely stumped.

I swear it existed but the internet seems to think otherwise. It was iconic in more ways than one. When it first came out in the United Kingdom init snagged the No. However, it did not chart across the pond at all.

Despite this, it has become one of his best-known and most influential songs. Various artists have covered it. His relationship with this song seems to be complicated. The track had been a setlist staple frombut he dropped it in Pete Townshend of the Who had been influenced by an Indian spiritual master by the name of Meher Baba.

Composer Terry Riley has received credit for pioneering a minimalist composition style with this. The song was initially written for Lifehouse. The rock opera made as a follow-up to Tommy from two years before. However, the sequel was abandoned in the end. InRoger Daltrey called the song a warning to children who used social media too often. Phil Spector produced it. The song had a full orchestra and backing vocals by Cher.

The Atlantic said that it was a cult hit. It was so in-demand in Philly that the top morning station aired it a few times per day. Allegedly, Pete Townshend was tempted by one of the groupies the year before that! He did not succumb to temptation and instead returned to the hotel room to write a prayer.

That must be the best-known version of this song! However, the adaptation by Valens also appears in the Rolling Stone list of the Top and the Ranker chart. On this list, this is the only song sung in any other language aside from English. However, the King of Rock and Roll version was the one that reached No. Presley also famously serenaded a dog in a top hat on Steve Allen Show later in the year. It is now one of the best-selling singles in history. Inthe band released it to great success.

It earned the top spot in both the U. You can even say that it paved the way for pop music as we know it. This was the first track on the eponymous debut album by The Doors. It did not fare very well when it was first released as it only reached No. Despite this, it is one of their most popular tracks. Jim Morrison told Hit Parader that he penned the song as he was crossing the canals of Venice.

It was also clear that lead guitarist was gaining more influence from Indian classical music at the time. This is one of the most popular songs among fans of the band.

By Januaryit was even the most-streamed Beatles song in the U. David Bowie was considered a pioneer in the glam rock movement. The song came out in In the United States, it reached No. It climbed to No. This is one of his most-covered tracks. The Smashing Pumpkins and Bryan Adams, among others, have covered it. Ray Davies wrote this song for the third single of the Kinks. Across the pond, it reached No. This is one of his best-known songs and introduced his unique psychedelic rock sound to many people.

It is a common sight in lists of the greatest guitar songs: No. Infans of Rolling Stone voted it as the fifth-best song by Jimi Hendrix. While undergoing several personal difficulties and experiencing concern about global events, The Clash made one of its most iconic songs. At the time, they had no You Make Me Cry - Various - Hits All Right (Cassette) but a lot of debt.

And there was no one there to help us. Init climbed to No. After Louis Armstrong recorded it, the song earned the top spot on the U.

However, it only earned No. Despite this, the song was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in Many artists have covered the song through the years.

You Make Me Cry - Various - Hits All Right (Cassette), Sam Cooke died after a woman shot him at a motel in Los Angeles. Even though it did not fare all that well on the charts, it was used as an anthem of the civil rights movement.

Inthe National Recording Registry even chose it for preservation. We bet that you are familiar with this song. SincePaul McCartney has also performed it at live performances. Three years after that, Rolling Stone called it the greatest song by the Beatles. Acclaimed Music says that it is the third most liked song in the history of popular music. It is not hard to see why this is the case. It is one of the most recognizable songs by the band.

Init was released by the band on its eponymous album. The edited single had three weeks at the top spot of the Billboard Hot chart. It deserves credit for making the band even bigger than it already was. This might be the reason this became both their first and last appearance on the show. He composed it one night in as the band was performing in Pittsburgh.

They had time to kill, so he wrote one of the greatest songs ever written. The song became his first top ten pop single. He always closed his gigs with this song. Singles Chart.

The third No.

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