Vetrophonia - Promzona (CD, Album)

The Rotten Sweets. Rotten Sweets. Special Radio jubileeTabula Rasa, Moscow. Andrzej Izdebski. Spies Boyz. Unsound Festival, Krakow. JazzgaLodz. Mushroom Killers. No Conception. Noise vs.

Glamour festivalCultural Center DomMoscow. Vladimir Ratzkevich. Boo Boo. Klub na BrestskoiMoscow. Klub IkraMoscow. Nikita Golyshev CDR. Andrei Smirnov. Kantis, Helsinki. Janne Laurila. Zhivoi ugolokMoscow. Sound Exchange Tour:. Joe Colley. Kevin Drumm. Jessica Rylan. Yaroslavl Art MuseumYaroslavl, Russia. VainohulluusBar Factory, Helsinki. Noises of Russia. Project Amorph 06 FestivalDubrovnikHelsinki. DJ Lansivayla.

Balaklava Odyssey festival, Balaklava, Ukraine. German Vinogradov. Svini iz Tashkenta. Brompton's Cocktail. Giuseppe Ielasi. Kontracom FestivalSalzburg, Austria. Veshtshiye Kody. Just Once. Electro ClubZhivoi UgolokMoscow. Memorial concert in honour of Ivan Sokolovsky. Andrei Sutchilin.

Alexander Yakovlev. Alexander Barabashev. Maxim Trefan. Yuri Orlov. Vynuzhdennye Kolebaniya. Bumbeshka Club, Kaliningrad, Russia. Zvezda Cinema, Kaliningrad, Russia. Lieutenant Caramel. Prokurorski Nadzor. Semero Smelykh. Electro ClubAragostaMoscow. Gosplan Trio. RotondaMoscow. Brown Wing Overdrive.

ArtworksRichmond, USA. See more information in the "Live dates" section below. New releases in our webshop:. Alexei Borisov - Adam Ebringer. Miguel Ruiz. Veresk Club, Moscow. Yuri Balashev. Vadim Ugryumov Motor. Etno bez granic, Klub na BrestskoiMoscow. Ole Lukkoye. Muslimgauze memory partyTuning Hall, Moscow. Idioritmik aka Roman Lebedev. Bunker Club, Moscow. Thalamus FestivalRed Club, St. GEZ, St. Gallerie Scherer8Berlin. Volga in Germany. Al Globe, Potsdam. Club Sputnik, Dresden.

Sohac, Dortmund. Feinkost Lampe, Hannover. Die Villa, Leipzig. Ikubo, Greifswald. Ausland, Berlin. Kulturhof, Lubbenau. The 3-d Way ClubMoscow. AragostaMoscow. Xenoglossia A. Garage FestivalStralsundGermany. The same line-up, now joined by Francisco Lopez, is at the moment touring Russia for the second time, see "Live dates" below. Volga 's "Concert" is a reprint of the group's live cd from released by the Moscow label Sketis Music. Michael Gendreau.

Francisco Lopez. TarakanMoscow. Aleksandr Barabashev. Andrei Suchilin and friends. Nokialab FestivalSt. Lampo60DUM, Chicago. He was a pioneer of new electronic music in Russia. Sokolovsky founded Notchnoi Prospekt together with Alexei Borisov inand after leaving the group in he released three solo albums and started his own group Soft Animals.

The Moscow label Moroz is preparing for release a CD which collects together in mp3 format all the albums recorded by Notchnoi Prospekt. Radius FestivalVienna. Detali Zvuka festival, Kiev. Urban Soundscape 3 festivalMoscow. Staalplaat Soundsystem.

Yevropeiskaya vesna festival, Arkhangelsk. Volgathe Moscow group featuring Roman Lebedev aka Idioritmik and Alexei Borisov, has appeared on three compilations during the past three months.

Petersburg 's Fulldozer. Radio kultura, Moscow. Red Club, St. Theodor Bastard. Nordic Marginal festivalSt. Argos FestivalBrussels. CSW, Warsaw. LokofonKirkenes, Norway. You can order it from our just opened webshop. The official international release date is September 1st. Read more here. Yaroslavl Art Museum. Andrey Kiritchenko. Cedric Pigot. Films by Mark Boswell. Trollofon festival, BergenNorway. Flegmatichnaya sobaka, Moscow. Null at No Music - No Future! Suprematizm Project.

Club Transmediale festival, Berlin. SecessionVienna. All tracks are built traditionally: one musician gives the basic material, another finalizes it.

The connoseurs of works of both projects will easily recognize the origin of most tracks, and this process is a fascinating thing indeed. It is a split of three already well-known projects: Bardoseneticcube St. Being active and variously cooperating in studios and at concerts, the authors have got a vision of joint release: this split is inspired by a condition of direct experience, transformation, sensation of a new life arrival, display and realization of nature, creativity comprehension as a natural form of being.

Some tracks from each project are presented on the disk as a seven acts of creation. Songs "Za verhom" and "Golymba", opening this disk, brightly show a female, mother nature. Further the space reveals as an active man nature. VRESNIT: As a initiator of the release concept, Ilchuk Sergey has presented multilayered psychedelic Drone Ambient with a plentiful use of the field and found records, guitar and cassete drones, analog electronics.

A unification of the interweaving beginnings in the solemn act of the world creation. A new act of the initiating resonance and contemplation of the universal art and boundless self-similarity with open hearts. Mastering - Kshatriy. All the latest albums appeared after that are in fact re-issues of older works or the collaborations with other artists using his sound sources. Like other solo albums of Maurizio Bianchi, "Apokalypsis XXIII" has religious roots and consists of four long tracks, each of those divided into further sections titled after verses taken from "Book of Revelation", the most mysterious and most scary part of New Testament.

Many artists found the inspiration around these themes, apocalyptical images were used by painters and sculptors during the crisis periods of mankind history: Middle Ages, Renascence, end of XIX century etc.

Hopefully, this album will drive attention to the world around us, and especially if keeping in mind the most recent accidents and disasters, these days it becomes more actual than ever.

Comes in golden foil embossed cover. Claudia Shitter is another reincarnation of Monopolka, stupid useless shit noise with toys. Pichismo presented a live recording: dirty post-Gerogerigegege-noise on a sitar!

Recorded live during short Russian tour made in Septemberit is unique since the lineup was made of Russian artists and only Roger himself was a part of the common European live incarnation of BDN.

The persons behind Anthesteria and LamiaVox have joined him in Moscow while the guys from Bardoseneticube and were together with him on stage in St. The basic parts of the tracks have been sent to them all in advance, so they have prepared their own vision of this material, thus it was nothing like a spontaneous improvisation or jam-session, but pure conceived and well-organized collaboration.

Both shows have been recorded on a multi-channel devices, then carefully mixed and mastered, so the final quality is close to the studio one without losing any bit of the raw energy of live performance. The real gem in our roster, not to be missed! The release is limited to copies and comes in a special embossed foldout envelope with cardboard inner sleeves.

The state of despair and hopelessness is the main leitmotif of this music. Death floating in the uncertainty, death as the basic obsession standing behind all your thoughts and feelings-the monotonous and cold language and fixed scenes. Apocalyptic despair is the leitmotif of the whole album which was released as limited edition 10'' inand which is still available on CD as release WKN5 in the format of Digi CD by the exclusive distribution of Eternal Pride Productions.

An incredibly deep multilayered Drone Ambient with plenty of colorful patterns. A dense self-observing stream, that takes away all the dependences and rushing through an endless self-similar spheres.

Mastered by Kshatriy. Here one can find the eternal Marchetti's interest in "musique concrete", electroacoustics of French school, academic vanguard of Capparos His piano parts, like slowly dispersing circles on water, interact perfectly with rustling radionoises, crystal vibrant ambient and voice of a small girl, creating fragile and elusive music filled with always changing images, pieces of phrases and charm of Christmas chorals.

The music which can be called "intimate", as it's so close and pleasant. The title track "A Blue Book" is a symphony which can be created by almost anyone by twisting knobs of a radio receiver and travelling through fragments of transmissions catching pieces of phrases, melodies with long pauses on "empty" waves, listening to only hypnotic mysterious crackles and trying to understand who or what is sending these signals.

For Capparos this becomes an analogue of human memory which randomly extracts from its bank fragments of recollections, echoes of sounds, flashes of vivid experiences and lingering tension. The three-part piece "Tenebrae" for string quartet, composed by Olivier inshows the other side of his creativity - this is academic music for conservatory halls, resembling not only because of similarity of sound, but mostly because of the feeling of almost religious ecstasy able to capture the listener entirely the works of such aknowledged masters as Arvo Part Marchetti and Higashi join Vetrophonia - Promzona (CD to work over only one piece "A Short Story" based on recording of human voice made in Abstract sounds which Lionel derives from the synthesizer neighbour with Yoko's voice, mild as if stroking your hair drone, noise and crackle of interference and that fragment of a year old recording where woman sings a lullaby Delicate, multi-faceted and very personal work.

Ten songs, each representing one hour of her last ten in life, from the moments of the trial, - when her body is completely exhausted from pain - Album) her mind resigned to her fate of death. The lyrics of the first and the last song is a curse! By infernal torments and torture her mind and tongue slowly converts to the Devil… and her voice becomes finally the voice of the Devil.

Sampledelics, swinging Moog organs, buzz of valve electrobees mixed with blurry factory noise, abrasive rustle and shocking redneck beats. Retrogad "Monument Straha" - contains same material as the cassette released by Ultra label. The press-release says: "A hard case of late Soviet proto-pseudo-quasi-gothic from rainy Leningrad of late ies. The released was announced by ULTRA as far back as but because of mysterious disappearance of the master tape in the archive depths of bass player Yuri Kovalsky and it's lucky discovery just in the end ofthe release is made only now in mass edition of 30 copies for especially steady maniacs.

Sound a la Joy Division or Bauhaus, sepulchral lyrics, the atmosphere of invigorative dread and black humour" Retrogad "Spring" - a reissue of rare cassette from Retrogad "Shadow" - mini-CDR with previously unreleased audio and video materials The set also contains 3 posters and is packed in black PVC sleeve.

Her drawling Southern vocals and "twisted little girl voice" are the dominant characteristics of the group's sound. Self-styling their music as "Satanic Folk" and basing it on themes such as Charles Manson, sado-masochism and a morbid fascination for serial killers, they provoke even music reviewers into speculating about just how insane they actually are.

Album) in nice digipak with booklet. Quiet field recordings, soft acoustic sounds and organic electronic arrangements builds panoramic view on two levels. The acoustic gestures like bells, manipulated objects and drone fragments are coming from silence and disappearing after some time.

On Album) other hand, there is a kind of reflection of these sonic events in the background, muted and abstracted, hiding from your ears. But these microscopic sounds, short and forgetful, seems to be the main part of the whole thing - when you are trying to trace them down, to catch your attention, and to understand the aesthetical value of this music. Shy and confused, these sounds represents the soul of this music, but in fact they are just grow and fade away like the autumn rain.

This album will teach you how to turn your mind into ears, hunting for every little susurration in total silence.

The music unobtrusively unfolds in long contemplative compositions containing of mild spacey drones, measured rhythms and sometimes plangent guitar riffs Eleven meditative Drone Ambient tracks were recorded in This is a symbol of deliverance of all negative, collected in the leaving year, and development of positive qualities in a new year.

That is why some tracks were recorded in the sunrise of the moon year. The work goes back to an ancient Bon tradition with a Buddhism influence. For the record are used singing bowls, metal, wooden percussion and electronic divices, a jew's-harp, sand and voice.

Beautiful handmade A5 cover made of vintage cardboard, CD is wrapped in a dried carbon paper, insert - technologic glass plate 12 x 12 cm. Melodies made with the help of loads of caffe and amaretto, sounds full of black and strong Sardinian wine.

Music from the deep blue. Original compositions written and performed by Futurism leaders Francesco Balilla Pratella and Filippo Tommaso Marinetti are incorporated in the album adding the spirit of time Album) the whole work.

Most tracks are exclusive. Colour cardboard box. Minimalism in musical content, compensated by spooky and ice-cold vocals that will haunt you. All relevant material is there. Artists is over 60 years of age now, so I was quite satisfied to be able to put out stuff before it is too late! Now he was still very favorable for reissues. Not as fierce, but I'd say equally good is Vetrophonia included Alexander Lebedev-Frontov as well, notch cleaner production. This is album, not so utterly primi-tech industrial noise.

However, atmosphere is very much related. Industrial-noise collage meets hints of early days avantgarde art. Rugged noises, physicality, fierce electronics, sampled sounds of soundpoetry and orchestral bits can be heard below the racket.

His works with Linija Mass and.

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