Untitled - DJ Arseniy - Night/Day (CD)

This CD delves into the Asian mysteries of the ancient stories of the stars, into the wonders of its origins and meanings Interior Disposition -- " There is no movement, just a weightless flow of time and a rustle of the rain. And then winter comes. The sun approaches to the lowest point where the ascent will begin. The awakening from a deep swoon is impossible it will happen in springthe space is frozen, the movement stops, the music sounds like a dream where the plot is unpredictable.

All six tracks as well as the seventh one - a bonus as in the previous album are different, since the album has been being written for almost four years. In general, " To Winter" sounds gloomier but less melancholic than the first part of the dilogy. The album appeals to those who are not afraid of a night winter forest and of the distant lights leading to the industrial areas Untitled - DJ Arseniy - Night/Day (CD) exclusion.

His body symbolizes the immensity of space as the nature of mind. Samantabhadra in union with his wife Samantabhadri Yab-Yum union symbolizes the original purity of the emptiness as the nature of mind. Their union is the unity of all in the non-duality, it is also a symbol of the indissoluble unity of bliss and emptiness This music absolutely free of any duality concepts.

From intense loud textures to the most microscopic sound. Each of their new albums represents new instruments, new sound, new ways of expression. Significant conceptual project exploring industrial sound. Original design using layered acrylic monotypes. Each copy is unique.

First side contains field incarnation of the project. Unusual and very common street and home noises, the result of meticulous registration lasted for several years using digital recorder and later re-recorded to cassette master tape.

Second side - registration of the technical malfunction: "Cometa" reel-to-reel tape Untitled - DJ Arseniy - Night/Day (CD) temporarily broke down during transportation and manipulations probably valves partly went out of jointsso the playback came with discrete tremolo-like racket distorting the recording to the state of rock drill - this effect was also fixated with a dictaphone, and later the breakdown disappeared probably valves somehow fit back in joints because of jolting.

The reel tape used for the fixation of this effect was marked as "Dom Mod" "fashoin house"probably previously was used for defile. Ultra limited edition with DIY artwork in cardboard box with fragments of postcards and patterns. Pustota vs. Hollow-noise reregistration of sonic processes, multiple cyclic rerecording using defective and outdated tapes, no artistic reinterpretation, all aesthetic processes happening in listeners' minds. This release contains two dictaphone registrations of Lunar Abyss gigs from various years, three rerecording cycles on various kinds of tapes, something resembling Lunar Abyss still sounds there in the depths of interference and tape hiss.

Ultra-limited edition with DIY artwork in cardboard foil-coated box. Feels like a dark cabaret or a soundtrack written for an experimental stage play. Totally early-David Lynch-like and sometimes as dark as old Brume-tapes.

From to he worked at L. He plays bass guitar and melodic line is hardly kept by Gunnar on guitar and Rana "Miss Tone" handling Casio synthesizer. TBC is a project of Thomas Beck, a counter-cultural activist and the most marginal musician in Hamburg, head of the Wachsender Prozess label which has released this strange album - the style of which could be determined as electronic punk. At least one gets the impression that the musicians have completely forgotten how to play theit instruments, and Thomas uses this to bring them into even greater confusion - just as music starts to slowly return to quite mode, he activates his hell-machines which drown any tonal construction and turn it upside-down.

Barbarian but very straightforward and emotional album, a great gift to all fans of lo-fi abstractions. Limited edition in DVD-case, copies. In original that was a group session which had Seeman transformed into a disappearing field of emotional struggle.

After a story by Stanislaw Lem. As an explorer in sound he's been active in different constellations, under different styles, labels and alias. His latest projects is the dark ambient label Cromlech Records and solo act Solemn Embrace. Reverse Alignment now proudly present Weinberg's latest opus with his experimental act Valanx, "Ouroboros".

This album really smolder with adventurous creativism making a narrow categorisation in genre impossible. The base elements are deep dark but also carry sonical marks of downtempo, dub and spacious ambient.

All in all making the listening experience more interesting than ever. Welcome to the world of Valanx. Time will tell whether this is idea good or bad. But I sincerely hope that you will accept this venture with dignity and appreciation.

The series opens with two small works of Chris Whitehead and Andrea Borghi Chris recorder material exclusively for our label.

The source of inspiration as well as workplace for this record became the abandoned Roman. This abandoned architectural monument is filled with diversity of nature's ambient sounds and Chris' reflections about the symbiosis of life and death. This is gorgeous and nuanced sound work worthy of multiple immersion to reveal the hidden at first glance facets In recent years, Andrea Borghi focused on study of substitutability of material and sound.

He makes sound directly from the concrete material through "discomateria". He is experimenting with different materials such as glass, plastic, metal, and more recently, marble. In discomateria one play, treated and processed and generate sound in real time. And at the same time discomateria is independent works of art.

So, all tracks on this album are mainly documented pieces of process of improvisation. While inventing 'forgotten languages', one should think of languages of sounds, as they were deeply resonant of beings and things. Their shine reflects inside us, creating images of dreams. Constellations of tones turned into circles as music unfolded its layers upon the ground.

Emanation of invisible light pierced the darkness and created living patterns, their voices and melodies seemed to be so real, they had names and stories to tell Everything was so vivid, but it was a dream.

Who stays unchanged here and there, between those worlds of starshine and the sun? Does music serves as bridge between them or capable of building it own reality? We are endless flows of awareness in the infinite chain of realities — as the sound itself. So maybe we are just a tones of never-ending Universal symphony?

Transparent shell tapes housed inside o-card with additional insert. Avrorin, G. This time they used long plastic pipes and made several recording sessions under various bridges in St. Petersburg during several nights in May. Obscure street Untitled - DJ Arseniy - Night/Day (CD) Time slept in the singularity and awakened only when the first drop of Light appeared in this ocean of nothingness. Time rushed the Light and it became unstoppable, it filled everything so Space had to grow in all dimensions.

And then Light formed waves, the ripple on the surfaces of Time streams It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Top reviews from Canada. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Please try again later. Verified Purchase. Great thank you. The review here--more to the point the 2 star rating--is for this particular "deluxe" reissue. For the "deluxe" series of reissues, started by Universal a few years ago, a formerly single CD album is expanded to two CDs, with the second CD typically filled out some combination of outtakes, b-sides, live tracks or other material that was recorded in the same time-frame as the album.

So far, so good. Some of these deluxe reissues has been great, some less so. This one falls distinctly into the latter catagory. The second CD of bonus material is simply a mugging. The Mike's Murder tracks are OK, and it's nice that they are finally available somewhere on CD, but Untitled - DJ Arseniy - Night/Day (CD) really don't belong here Any serious fan--and anyone buying this expensive set is presumably a serious fan--already has this material.

OK, that brings us to what, for many people, is the real hook: The six demo tracks. I wish I could say that they're great, or that they at least shed some light on the finished album, or that they really bare repeated listening in any way. But they don't. They are too close to the final album versions to be particularly interesting, and all are inferior to the Untitled - DJ Arseniy - Night/Day (CD) album versions.

Listen once, then file away. So in the end, the second CD consists of inessential froth, material available elsewhere, and material that should have been made available elsewhere.

It's sucker bait for the hardcore fan. Many of whom will probably bite, but few of whom will be happy they did. Unless you're a completist, save your money and buy the single CD version instead. However, the first time I heard "Steppin' Out" on the radio, I turned into the nearest parking lot to hear the rest of the song. I was amazed when the DJ said it was by the very same Joe Jackson.

I bought the album "Night And Day" shortly after it came out and was immediately impressed by its musical sophistication. I stepped into "Another World" when the first song blasted out of the speakers.

The Latin drum beat and bossa nova piano displayed a musical maturity that was both surprising Untitled - DJ Arseniy - Night/Day (CD) irresistible. Very Album. Musique pour travailler - Augmenter la concen - Relaxanna MP3. Natty Christmas feat. No Parables - Vandal MP3. Nostalji 8 - Muazzez Ersoy MP3. Obnoxious Rave Anthems, Vol. Outlaw - Mark Chesnutt MP3. Outside - The Midnights MP3. Paroles de terroir - Jacques Pasquet MP3.

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