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We'll send you the first draft for approval by September 11, at AM. Total price:. What advantages do you get from our Achiever Papers' services? Also, the characters who are played by Muppets but look human are hard to determine the species of. Ambiguously Jewish : Mr. On rare occasions the show would make it more explicit, as when Bob wished him a happy Hanukkah in the Christmas Eve special, or when Big Bird inquired about the different languages the characters could speak and Hooper mentioned that he learned Yiddish as a boy.

Actor Will Lee was himself Jewish. The Count may be a Space Jew. His leitmotif is actually a Roma tune, but it happens to sound identical to Klezmer. American Eagle : One skit is about monsters trying to decide the national bird of America. Bejamin Franklin played by Telly suggests the turkey as turkeys were there to welcome the pilgrims and because they're "nice".

Thomas Jefferson played by Bert suggests the pigeon because they enjoy the simple things that improve America like curbs. Oscar suggests cockatoos since they can be taught rude sayings. John Adams played by Ernie suggests the eagle and wins, offending Big Bird. Amusing Alien : Some joke scenes involve the Yip-yip aliens trying to figure out Earth things. And Starring : Beginning in Season 2 and continuing until Season 50Caroll Spinney received this billing for Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, since they are or once were considered to be the most important Muppet characters on the show, having been conceived specifically for interaction with the live actors on the street.

Kevin Clash as Elmo began to receive such billing on a regular basis as well as ofuntil his departure from the show for, ah, very un-child-friendly reasons. Angrish : When Big Bird is mad, he shouts out made-up words and occasionally random actual words i.

Animal Lover : Elmo likes to play with and talk to animals and he owns a fish named Dorothy. Zoe seems to like animals too, despite being afraid of dogs in one episode. Notably, she wants to go to the zoo in the Grouchland movie and volunteers at an animal shelter in one of the games.

Telly owns a hamster named Chuckie Sue and likes to play with other people's pets. The reason Gina became a vet was because she likes animals. Oscar, despite being a traditional Grouch, seems to have a soft spot for animals, as evidenced by his owning heaps of them, even clean animals, such as a cat.

Animal Sweet on Object : A turtle falls in love with an empty shell, thinking it's a female turtle. When he sees that "she" isn't moving or breathing, he thinks "she" is dead, but then realises it's just an empty shell. Sam the robot has gotten crushes on a toaster and blender. There was one episode where Artoo and Threepio guest starred and Artoo fell in love with a fire hydrant. It also doubles as an Art Shift since it's animated as opposed to being filmed with puppets.

It's also a musical, 'natch. Anthropomorphic Food : Talking food features a lot. Anthropomorphic Typography : There are a number of skits that featured Substitute - Various - Boogie Fever (Cassette) letters and numbers. Anti-Christmas Song : Sung by Oscar. He sings a song called "I Hate Christmas", about how he and Grouches in general hate Christmas and want to have a more grouch-like holiday. Appetite Equals Health : In one episode, Barkley has the dog equivalent of a cold and isn't eating. Maria and Big Bird think this is serious.

Played for Drama when a little girl's fish looks sick and doesn't eat his food, then dies. In a live-action skit with the song "You Have to be Patient to be a Patient", a little girl is seen refusing her porridge, so her father takes her temperature and shakes his head.

In Sesame Street Home Video Visits the Hospitalwhen the hospital is working to diagnose Big Bird's lung infection, Maria is asked about his appetite and replies that lately it's been so-so. Toward the end of the special, he's shown ordering every item on the hospital menu for lunch: an obvious sign that he's getting better. Hooper asks Bert and Ernie for confirmation before allowing each of them to trade their most prized possessions for gifts for each other.

Later on, he catches up with them at home and gives them their treasures back. The Artifact : Telly was originally "The Television Monster", an example of a child who watched too much television - the prototype even came complete with wildly spiralling eyes from sitting too close. This characterization has largely died away, leaving only his trademark nervous personality. Cookie Monster's extreme omnivorous trait is due to him originally starting out as a generic monster who simply devoured nearly everything he came in contact with.

Despite the focus on cookies, his omnivorous tendencies have never been dropped. When that format was changed, the dialogue remained through Artifact Name : Baby Bear is still named that even though he's no longer a baby. There was actually an episode where he tried to rename himself Not-a-Baby Bear, but it didn't stick. Ascended Extra : Cookie Monster, Grover and Elmo all began as anonymous Muppet monsters who gradually developed into distinct characters.

Cookie Monster, still nameless and voicelessappeared in the first episode inruining a Kermit lecture about the letter W by eating the letter piece-by-piece. Some later sketches established his love of cookies, before he finally became a regular. Grover made a smattering of appearances in season 1, eventually getting his name late in the season, but it was actually a sketch on The Ed Sullivan Show in May ofwhere he constantly interrupts Kermit's performance of "What Kind of Fool Am I?

Elmo first showed up as a background character in the first part of The '70sand was sometimes referred to as "Baby Monster". It wasn't until that Kevin Clash gave him his famous voice and identity. A video showing Elmo's evolution can be found here.

Aside Glance : Looking at the screen is very common in a show that commonly Breaks The Fourth Wall including the people and Muppets alike. However, the most noted would probably be scenes when a human character is dealing with an annoying or eccentric character usually a Muppet. Big Bird also looks at the screen when frustrated or sad. Aspect Ratio Switch : When the show made the jump to HD inonly so much new footage could be made, thus the show would flip back and forth between new material and pillarboxed material.

Bythe show went completely HD. The home video releases are produced in widescreen and pillarbox any older material. Asymmetric Dilemma : The newspaper comic had a variation on the "bacon and eggs" archetype "If I had more light, I could read a book Tropes Brought to you by the Letter B.

He believes she is trying to count, but she mainly copies the nouns, such as "kiddy-dats! Natasha's first words were, "Oh dear" after Snuffy said the phrase when she didn't talk. Inverted once when Humphrey copies Natasha's babbling. Curly begins to chant, "Wee wee woo woo! In one episode, Baby Bear says that his parents are going out to dinner and Curly Bear says, "Dinner! Once, a girl sings a song, repeating the word "tortellini" to her baby sister in hopes of her learning the word.

Eventually, the baby manages to say, "tortellini", although at first, she can only say the "ini" part. When Ernie tried to find similarities between himself and his niece Ernestine, she copied his laugh. Natasha's first words were "Oh, dear". This was because it was what Snuffy said whenever she failed to say a word he wanted her to say. Curly's first word is "Bebo", her nickname for Baby Bear.

Baby Talk : Several characters coo at Natasha and call her "little Natasha-pie" and stuff like that. Bad "Bad Acting" : In a News Flash segment where Kermit asks baby monsters in a daycare center what they want to be when they grow up and rewards each one with a cookie after they explain their future career, just as Kermit starts to sign off Cookie Monster comes in posing as a baby monster by flatly saying "Cry cry cry, sniffle sniffle sniffle.

Cry cry, waaaah. Alice has two walls she stares at. One for when she's very sad and one for when she's only a little bit sad. When his mother and sister leave, however, he bursts into a song about why he cries. This cements him as a baby who's Prone to Tearswhich is typical of a baby, but at the same time, secretly a Brainy Baby. Bald of Awesome : Gordon, as currently played by Roscoe Orman the early s Matt Robinson version having had an Afro of Awesome that was later revealed to be a wig in a skit that talks about rain.

Balloonacy : Several examples of balloons making things fly, such as the very end of Kermit's What-Happens-Next machine demonstration, and the Light and Heavy Lecture. Balloon-Bursting Bird : One animated segment had a Jerkass asking for a big, bigger, and biggest balloon popping the first two he's offered ; the biggest balloon causes him to fly up into the sky, but it gets popped by an equally big bird soon after.

In another insert, balloons shaped like the letters from A to Z were popped by a speeding bird. In yet another animated insert, produced by Cliff Roberts, a bird demonstrated subtraction by popping balloons with its beak. Banana Peel : In one of the "Global Grover" segments from Grover pours out an entire basket of banana peels from Jordan and calls out the viewer's expectation that he will slip on them but points out that it won't happen Comedybut in the end he still manages to.

In EpisodeJoey and Davey toss their banana peels on the ground, and Zoe, who attempts a ballet leap, slips on them, breaking her arm as a result. Baths Are Fun : Any number of skits and songs are on the series to promote this, the most well-known being Ernie's ode to his "Rubber Duckie. Many of them were released on the album Splish, Splash, Bath-time Fun. Meeting a fairy he gets three wishes. His first is for the rain to stop.

Eventually everything dries up and he wishes to know what's going on. After finding out he uses his third wish to wish for rain to happen again. Knowing from his experience that the rain is important, this is the lesson he's learned. The climax of Elmo Saves Christmas has Elmo learn this when he sees that Sesame Street is in ruin after one straight year of Christmases. However, he then catches her illness and finds he can't enjoy the attention due to his symptoms.

There is also a clip from the mid 90's where a girl and her dog play on the beach set to the Bobby McFerrin song "Simple Pleasures". In this sketch, Elmo visits Happy Crab Beach. On Happy Crab Beach, everyone is happy, except for a little shrimp who is unhappy with her diminutive size. When a wave washes King Crab's crown into a narrow cove, the shrimp is the only one small enough to recover it, and when she does, she realizes there are advantages to her diminutive size.

Beanstalk Parody : In one episode, Jack grows a beanstalk but refuses to climb it for fear of damaging it. In one of the news skits, Kermit climbs a beanstalk and meets a giant. It's also played with this "Camp Wannagohome" segment about treesnear the end they spot a wild bear on the tree they were observing and flee in terror, unaware that the bear wants to be a camper too!

It gets a good scare out of everyone until they figure out it's him. In the end Bert is not the one who's scared.

Benevolent Monsters : Sesame Street has long made a point of featuring the cuddliest of monsters, from Elmo to the easily-amused Count, to the ever-hungry Cookie Monster. The worst of the lot is usually Oscar, who's just the Grouch. Indeed, some of the nicest monsters are the toughest, scariest-looking, like Herry and Frazzle. In many of Herry's early appearances, he appears to be mean or frightening, but ends up showing his friendly side often after he unintentionally scared others off.

Bert tells him it's a blackout in progress but Ernie suggests doing things like watching TV, listening to the radio, or playing a record, all of which cannot be done during a blackout since they all need electricity. He decides to call someone to tell them about the blackout and winds up contacting Oscar, angry at being woken in the middle of the night. This segment aired as a part of three episodes featuring a Power Outage Plot : episodeepisodeand episode Big Budget Beefup : 's Follow That Birdwhich required a bigger, more elaborate street set in Toronto and in the same studio where Fraggle Rock was shot to make it look good on the silver screen.

Big Eater : Cookie Monster. In addition to eating just about anything, he is incredibly hard to satiate. The monsters of Monster Clubhouse during snack time, where they are known to have very big snacks. Big "NO! Big Ol' Unibrow : Bert and Oscar both have a unibrow. The episode was aired on Noggin in and is among the most frequently uploaded to YouTube. The highlight for S32 was a week-long arc involving Sesame Street being hit by a hurricane.

While damage was minimal, Big Bird's nest was completely destroyed, and his friends and neighbors worked together to help him clean up and build a new and stronger nest to call home.

Since then, PBS has aired repeats of this episode in response to particularly destructive hurricanes such as Katrina and Sandy to help children cope with fear and trauma. More recently, parts two through five have been cobbled together into an hour-long special for such occasions.

Bilingual Animal : Chip and Dip can both speak and meow. One "Elmo's World" skit features a tiger who can talk and once demonstrates his roar. His housecat friend, however, can only meow. One cartoon skit is about a talking dog trying to meow but he can only bark. In another, a talking cat tries to bark, but he can only meow.

The Bear family mainly talks, but they can also growl. One episode is about Baby Bear accepting that his baby sister Curly has a louder growl than him. Hooper died. Big Bird's birthday was the focus of a PBS pledge drive special in Also Gabi had one that was also a Sick Episode because she had the flu. Rocco once had a "birthday", although as Elmo pointed out, rocks don't actually have birthdays.

In one Season 29 episode Slimey had to celebrate his birthday on the Starship Wiggleprise with the other worm astronauts. Bittersweet Ending : Episodein which the death of Mr. Hooper was explained to Big Bird. In the final scene, just as Big Bird is hanging up Mr. Hooper's picture as a sign that he's beginning to come to terms with his loss, he meets some new neighbors and their baby.

The song "Don't Walk," where a Muppet groom can't meet his bride-to-be across the street because the stoplight won't change from "Don't Walk" to "Walk. It takes four people to operate it, and it's played on a giant foot-operated keyboard, a series of buttons, a set of foot pedals, and a panel of electronic drum pads. Blanket Fort : In this YouTube video, Louie gives parents advice on taking a bit of time for themselves while cooped up with their kids during the Coronavirus Disease Pandemicwhile his son Elmo shouts in the background for him to come help build a pillow fort.

Blessed with Suck : Everything King Minus touches ceases to exist. This includes the princess he wanted to save; he annihilated himself in horror possibly by accident after that. Blind Date : The premise of the song "Wet Paint Sign," where two Muppets are arranged for a blind date to meet on a bench on the park, but a "Wet Paint" sign hanging from it prevents them sitting. They each think they'll never meet their date and wind up going off together on their own.

Blowing a Raspberry : The movie in which Elmo goes to Grouchland features the Queen of Trash demanding one hundred of these "raspberries" in a set time. Natasha blows raspberries a lot. Bowdlerize : Linda Ronstadt appeared with a mariachi band on one episode to perform "Y Andale," a Mexican song whose original Spanish lyrics are about a woman who mocks her lover for criticizing her drinking binges. The Sesame Street version of the song was sung mostly in English and became a song about the meaning of the song's title "get on with it" or "let's go".

Bratty Food Demand : Mr. Johnson is demanding, especially when it comes to food, and often shouts at his servers usually Grover. Buffy Speak : In one episode, Telly talks about how "boingy" his pogo stick is. In keeping with this, Chris Knowings provided the voice for this appearance, to Dillon's puppetry. Bus Crash Invoked in order to explain death to children; Mr. Hooper died after actor Will Lee's death. Butt-Monkey : Bert is quite unlucky, normally because Ernie unwittingly does something Bert doesn't like.

Oscar sometimes has his moments, especially with his pranks backfiring on him. Johnson is also a Butt Monkey because, due to both his fussiness and, probably a better example, Grover's incompetence, he never gets what he wants. Grover himself is often a victim of slapstick and general bad luck.

After Cookie Monster sings about his lost cookie and starts looking for it, he desperately cries out for help to find it, but everyone in the room just ignores him and keeps dancing. By the Lights of Their Eyes When Maria has to go into Oscar's trash canin order to hide what the actual interior looked like.

Oscar's glowing eyes were identical to his normal ones, though Maria's were clearly Muppet approximations. Done in another episode when Abby Caddaby magics herself into the trash can. In one classic sketch, Ernie and Bert run so many appliances in their apartment that it blows a fuse, and the blackout is presented with their eyes floating around in complete darkness. In one sketch, Forgetful Jones and Clementine arrive home to find their cabin dark because Forgetful needs to be reminded to turn something on.

After Forgetful turns on the faucet, fan, and radio to no avail he remembers that the right thing to turn on Substitute - Various - Boogie Fever (Cassette) the light. Until he turns on the lights his eyes, Clementine's eyes, and Buster's eyes and teeth are all floating around in the darkness.

In the Elmo's World segment on farms Elmo goes inside Oscar's trash can to film him feeding his farm animals. Oscar's glowing yellow eyes and Elmo's glowing eyes are the only things that are visible on screen. In an animated sketch we see two characters talking about how it's dark and that even though one of them knows there is a light switch, it is too high to reach. Naturally, we only see their cartoon eyes.

After the two cooperate and turn on the light we see that the two characters are a man and a monster. Surprised that the man has been lifted by a monster he turns off the light again, this time ending the sketch on a black screen.

In another sketch, Kermit tries to demonstrate "light" and "dark" by showing that the single source of light in his room is a lamp. Right as he turns it off Grover opens the door and comes in causing light to come in through the door.

When Grover closes the door at Kermit's direction the entire room becomes pitch black and we only see their eyes floating around as they scramble to fill the room with light.

Grover eventually finds the door and opens it only to find that, in their scramble, they've trashed the whole room. Kermit ends the sketch by having the lamp shade stuck on his head when he tells Grover to leave since he's "helped enough today".

The "Alphabet Jungle" song ends with the screen going dark and every character's eyes being seen at the same time the song fades out and crickets are heard chirping. Tropes Brought to you by the Letter C. When he asks Ernie to do something about it Ernie turns on the radio at full blast. When Bert points out that he can no longer hear the faucet but that the radio is a problem Ernie drowns out the radio by tuning on the vacuum cleaner.

That leaves Bert to deal with the sounds himself only to be annoyed by Ernie's snoring. An older sketch has Bert get annoyed by the sound of Ernie's TV show, so he decides to drown it out with a record. When Ernie complains that the record is too loud, he drowns it out with the radio. Bert one-ups even that by turning on a blender to drown out the radio, promptly blowing a fuse. Cactus Person : "Here We Are" is sung by two anthropomorphic cacti who want to be "there" someplace different instead of "here" the desert.

Calling the Old Man Out : Big Bird actually did this to freaking Osiris after encountering him in Don't Eat the Picturesin which BB demands he give a little Egyptian ghost prince he helped get this far another chance on the weighing of the heart. Calling Your Bathroom Breaks : Curly Bear does it saying she has to 'woo-woo' in "Elmo's Potty Time"; it's enforced as the episode's about toilets and justified as she's a young cub.

Earlier in the episode, Grover says that he "has to get to the bathroom pronto". Maria also does a more polite version of this she simply states "I'm going to the bathroom" in the episode where Big Bird wants to be a grouch. In the two licensed games about bathrooms, "Elmo's Potty Time" and "Potty Plan", the characters who need to go to the bathroom directly say so. Canon Discontinuity : Because of the passage of time and as their child audiences grow up, some concepts need to be retaught.

One episode saw Bob introducing his deaf niece to Telly and Elmo and teaching them the concept of deafness, never mind the fact that they had previously known and in Bob's case, even courted Linda. A season 35 episode showed a flashback from the s in which teenage Gordon, Bob, and Luis formed a garage band, despite them actually all being grown up when the show began Luis wasn't even there at the beginning. In the flashback Luis already has the hots for Maria, while in canon they wouldn't fall in love until season Captain Crash : Super Grover.

Whenever he comes down from flying, he almost always ends up crash-landing. Captain Ersatz : Sherlock Hemlock, obviously based on a certain other Sherlockwas a green Muppet that sported a detective cape, a magnifying glass, and a much smarter puppy sidekick named Watson. He's only made minor appearances since The '80sthough. Cartoon Juggling : This clip uses shower juggling. Catchphrase : Dozens; learning is all about repetition, after all. Welcome to Sesame Street!

Hits head on piano " - Don Music "Are we having a nice day, or what? You're wrong! Abby calls things "magic" or "magical". Cookie Monster says, "Cookie! Johnson says, "Oh no, not you again. Changing Chorus : The song "Be-Doodle-De-Dum" usually has "It's such a good thing to say" in the chorus, but the last one changes it to "An excellent thing to say.

In the version sung to Big Bird, for instance, one chorus mentions "taking medicine and eating off a tray", while in the one with the little girl, this isn't mentioned. The only thing common amongst all choruses in all versions is the song title, plus all the rhymes are "-ay" words say, play, day, way, etc. Chaos Architecture : For the first season, the street was completely straight as are actual New York City streets with only a plank fence separating Hooper's Store and - the backdrop usually seen behind the fence in the arbor was behind the construction doors of Big Substitute - Various - Boogie Fever (Cassette) nest and there were more doorsand the end of the street is blocked off by an incredibly tall fence as Big Bird's nest area was actually a construction site.

By the second season, the street was curved and gained its familiar arbor area with the garage and tire swing; while no in-universe explanation is given, in Real Lifethis was done to give the show a greater range of camera angles, since the straight street along with being shot on videotape made the show feel as if it were Substitute - Various - Boogie Fever (Cassette) televised stage play. Later, the Around the Corner era involved an entire elaborately-designed new section of street past Big Bird's nest.

It was also later dismantled as research showed the large amount of new characters and locations confused kid viewersand turned into a dead-end alley. From Season 30 and into The New '10sHooper's Store had gradually been updated to a more modern and contemporary convenience store, but for Season 46, the entire exterior has been retroactively redesigned to look as if it has sat and aged for 46 years. A must-read for English-speaking expatriates and internationals across Europe, Expatica provides a tailored local news service and essential information on living, working, and moving to your country of choice.

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S2 (Live) - The Forced Oscillations - Garlics (File, MP3), 2. Allegro Con Grazia - Various - The Classic Collection (Vinyl, LP), 22 Syllables - Into It. Over It. - 52 Weeks (Vinyl, LP, Album), How Can You Say That Aint Love - Gladys Knight And The Pips - If I Were Your Woman (CD), The Chi-Lites - You Dont Have To Go (Vinyl), Take Your Time (Do It Right) Part I - The S.O.S. Band - Take Your Time (Do It Right) (Vinyl), The Dark Canuck, Am I Evil? - Metallica - Garage Inc. (CD, Album), Flying - Various Compiled By Vassili Tsilichristos - Venue Five (CD), Whos The Man - ABN* - It Is What It Is (CD, Album), Franz Liszt, Edouard Grieg*, Philharmonia Orchestra, Eugene Ormandy - Rhapsodies Hongroises Nos 1 Et, Midnight Express - Mothership (8) - High Strangeness (Vinyl, LP, Album), Neon Lights & Glitter - Maywood - Colour My Rainbow (Cassette, Album), Concerto En Do Majeur RV 558 (P.84) Per La Solennita De San Lorenzo - Vivaldi*, Claudio Scimone, I S