Not Forgotten (Hard Hands Mix) - Leftfield - A Final Hit (Greatest Hits) (CD)

He had always mixed singing and speaking so seamlessly and tunefully that at times it is almost impossible to say which of those two things he is doing. You would be very hard pressed to find anyone who has ever mixed those two things together better. He was the first real ambassador of Jamaican music worldwide, he was a voice of the third world — luckily for us, speaking in English, and that made him accessible to anyone in the rest of the world who spoke English and was willing to listen.

At first he was picked up in this country largely by working-class kids who could probably relate to the subject matter. Initially ska and reggae was mainly ignored or ridiculed by the mainstream and rock critics — maybe that was partly because Prince Buster was at the forefront of Jamaican lyricists, blatantly and unashamedly covering subject matter that was more or less unheard of in either Europe or America.

From ghetto violence and crime, to sex in detailfrom black power and black pride, to commenting on social injustice and poverty, from advocating freedom from colonialism and solidarity with Africa, to other important matters like ridiculing his musical rivals or consigning them to the boneyard, or describing the music on his own record itself and how good that was — nothing was off limits.

In that way lyrically he influenced hip-hop and a lot that was to follow the world over. Buster and some of his Jamaican peers were liberating the sort of real language and subject matter years before it would eventually become commonplace not just in music, but in Not Forgotten (Hard Hands Mix) - Leftfield - A Final Hit (Greatest Hits) (CD) TV drama and comedy. Stylisticallythe very idea of reciting over an instrumental backing track, which Buster was a pioneer of, became the basis of hip-hop years later when the Jamaican DJ Cool Herc introduced it to the Bronx.

Buster was really the first king of Jamaican music and started an international process which, with the help of its second king, made reggae probably the most popular music in the world, only to be eventually surpassed in popularity by hip-hop, a form which it had itself helped create. Myself and all the Two Tone bands owe him an enormous debt of gratitude. New York. Drawn from tapes recorded with King Tubby's Soul Syndicate band, the music included on 'Reckless Roots Rockers' is deeply ingrained with fissures of rhythm and dub melodies - bringing a vast array of talent to bear on some fabulously low-end material.

With much of the album recorded in Jamaica, there were plentiful tributaries on which to draw, as the likes of Jah Carlos, Bullwackies Allstars and Joe Morgan all make fierce appearances.

Opening through the Reckless Breed's 'Dub Full Of Girls', we're immediately transported to a humid smoke-draped environ - as the familiar melody snakes its way through jaunty rhythms and an overarching sense of light that is a welcoming salve for a dark November night. For those who know about such things, the inclusion of Don Carlos' deadly 'Jah Man' will be of particular note - with this particular slice of dub fortitude crafted over a rhythm double-take of Wayne Jarrett's 'Bubble Up' unavailable anywhere else and now rightly resurrected for appreciative audiences to rediscover, whilst dubs of Wackies' vast Black Harmony rhythm crops up throughout like a welcome friend throughout.

Elsewhere, 'Exposure' from the Sylvesters is a lithe and uncluttered beast, Bullwackies Allstars 'Creation' contains some demon rhythms, whilst 'Chin Chow' from Reckless Breed will have you nodding till Sunday. Posted by Not Forgotten (Hard Hands Mix) - Leftfield - A Final Hit (Greatest Hits) (CD) on Wednesday, September 29, Killer heavy roots business. Jah Lloyd, a. He looked the part of the artist down on his luck, his frame wizened by poor health, his gait slow; but his clothing was flamboyant and his eyes keen.

Sitting on a shady porch, he allowed me to turn his attention from his daily struggle for a living to his great works done twenty years before. He spoke about his songs with great care, almost tenderness.

We made plans to meet again, but by the time I returned to Jamaica he had died. A: Under the name Pat Francis. And then I form a group called Meditators. A: I was about say 16, We used to sing and practice with the guitar lots of nights before we could go to studio.

They used to have audition on Saturday where lot of artists come, then they pick the best from a lot of them. Out of a hundred they might pick 20, or 10 from that. At the same session I do two for Upsetter label. Q: Back up for a minute. A: Yes. And I find that my voice could able to deejay. A: Jah Scuff.

He just do that one song. He was never interested to do more. So I produce songs for a lot of artists like Heptones, Mighty Diamonds. A: Yeah it was my song.

Produced by me. North Parade Street. A: No. Douglas Boothe. He always say he was his brother, but then I find out it was not his real brother.

Know ye that the Lord is God, cause He made us and not we ourself. We are His people and the sheep of His pasture. So we take that song from there. And whosever believeth in Him shall never perish but ever live in light. With spiritual rhymes. Of Rastafari. Which we intend might be God or Jesus.

But his version was very good. I still admire the way he do it. Thankfully the group was rewarded with a Hottest entry for this song, before dissolution awaited them in As a modern guy, I'm probably supposed to say how refreshing it was to have an empowered, talented woman brought to the fore. But, at the time, this song snaked out of my speakers scarier and sexier than anything else of that decade. So dangerous. The kind of girl you never marry but you never forget. She'd snap you like a twig and set fire to your life, then, come 2am on a Saturday night, you'd still find you thumb hovering over her number in your phone tempting you to call.

Oh, the hours that I've spent pouring over this album. The crisp white and neon green gatefold of the vinyl particularly. As those drums swirl in at the start, my heart races. It's precise, sharp, punk electro that took the ethos of bands like Shellac and fused them with Kraftwerk. Reading like a Hitchcock movie and sounding like a 70s cop movie, it could only have been created by an uber cool London based pair of beatmakers and released on the uber cool Ninja Tune label.

Creating that downright funky groove and bouncy jazz feel was near genius. They did it by sampling old records and blending them with new parts recorded by their own extended band of musicians. This is from the duo's third album, 's Very Mercenary. But check out 's Session One for the full, live band version and prepare to really lose it.

It's very hard to discern what Not Forgotten (Hard Hands Mix) - Leftfield - A Final Hit (Greatest Hits) (CD) song is about, but for a band who were inspired by visual imagery, that's probably understandable. It leaves you scratching your head, while you're humming along and tapping your toes, and its presence lingers long after its gone. The album's title track was among their best work. A great example of how they made intelligent pop songwriting sound so effortless. After a gentle beginning, it quickly turns Not Forgotten (Hard Hands Mix) - Leftfield - A Final Hit (Greatest Hits) (CD) a rollicking, kinda rowdy tune, but never strays too far from its generally laidback feel.

Flawless songwriting, tasteless execution and just one example of the power of this hugely underrated band. From the opening religious sermon about the temptations of Eve, swiftly followed by a raspberry, you know you're in for a fun few minutes on this hip-house track from UK dance duo Definition of Sound.

It's a sample-rich, psychedelic and ecstatic reinvigoration of Donovan's classic '67 song of the same name, with 'Let It All Hang Out' by The Hombres sampled all over it. With lyrics like, ' I'm the 1 to your 2, A to your B ', it still stands up as a joyous dance floor ode to love and being just a bit silly. It's around 6. It's cold and dark outside. I switch on rage. The song is terrifying, the video even more so.

I wish I'd stayed in bed. Two weeks, I'm in the car. The announcer suggests we might want to vote for it in the Hottest I pray no one does. It takes a powerful song to evoke memories that vivid. Twenty years on, the song holds up. It's as terrifying today as ever. Only difference now is that I embrace it. It's an incredible piece of understated ambient electronic music and deserves all the plaudits it gets.

This slamming track drove the energy levels skyward at many an indie club in the mids. Whale came together more by chance than a grand masterplan. Two Swedish guys met while making a TV commercial, discovered a love of music and decided to collaborate.

One of their girlfriends joined them to sing this bizarre, and potentially annoying, debut single. Dating site for Expats in Germany Finding love is a challenging quest even in your home country.

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What's in a Name 2. If the Shoe Fits 3. All She Wrote 4. Find Out 5. He's Always There 6. I Need a Chick 7. I'm Gonna Pay U Back. Hip-Hop legend Chief Keef and super producer Zaytoven teamed up for one of the biggest collaboration projects of with GloToven. After their fan favorite mixtape, Camp GloTiggy went viral inKeef and Zaytoven knew their sequel had to be even stronger.

Delivering twelve songs and a feature from Lil Pump, the duo outdid expectations, as GloToven received praise from the entire community. This glow-in-the-dark RSD Drops release will be the first time it is available on vinyl.

Dedication, his studio album, remains iconic in an extremely acclaimed discography. With features from A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Lil Yachty and more, this album has forever remained in the conversations of fan favorites of the last decade. This RSD Drops release will be the first time it is available on vinyl. Tadoe Text Glory Bridge feat. Tadoe Be Back. InCold War Kids announced a trilogy of albums entitled New Age Norms, the first two volumes of which featured hits including "Complainer" and "Who's Gonna Love Me Now" plus numerous fan favorites and saw the band fashion something ambitious and altogether their own.

This RSD Drops release of the New Age Norms box set includes the first two volumes of the trilogy: 's New Age Norms 1 and 's New Age Norms 2 in its first-ever vinyl pressing with the addition of four bonus tracks and a limited-edition poster. New Age Norms 1 1. Complainer 2. Fine Fine Fine 3. Waiting For Your Love 4.

Beyond The Pale 5. Dirt in my Eyes 6. Calm Your Nerves 8. Tricky Devil 9. Wesley Schultz Who's Gonna Love Me Now 2. Obsession 3. You Already Know 4. Ceiling Fan 5.

Regret Regret 6. Somewhere 7. Across The Divide 8. Catch Me Falling 9. Series Of Dreams Almost A Crime. At the time he was not as well known in Europe as he would later become.

It became his first appearance on national TV outside of the United States. He returned to the Netherlands later that year for a short tour and the recording of this live album. On stage he was a star, off stage he was one of the band, wanted to travel in the Barrelhouse 9 seater. It was released by Vanguard Records. Making Time [instrumental] 2. Painter Man 3.

Biff Bang Pow 4. Sylvette [full length] 5. Nightmares 2. Cool Jerk 3. Like A Rolling Stone 4. Can I Join Your Band 5. Life Is Just Beginning 2. Through My Eyes 3. Midway Down 3. For All That I Am 4. Instrumental 1 5. The release also includes replicated original front cover art from both singles, one on each side.

Side A: 1. Mi Caso, 2. Cucurucucu Paloma, 3. Yo Lo Puedes Decir, 4. Latinos en Estados Unidos, 5. Side B: 1. Don Jueyes, 2. Kirimbambara, 3.

Come Down to Miami, 4. Apago la Luz, 5. Hay Que Recordar. On this once-in-a-lifetime mission he joins forces with the legendary MF Doom for this track. This special 5th anniversary release of "Sept 5th" is pressed on solid purple vinyl.

Originally part of the acclaimed Early Years box set, Live in Oxford makes its debut on vinyl. Deftones White Pony 20th Anniversary re-issue included a full disc of remixes of the original album, aka Black Stallion.

Two remixes that did not make the acclaimed Black Stallion are now released Not Forgotten (Hard Hands Mix) - Leftfield - A Final Hit (Greatest Hits) (CD) an RSD Drops limited edition picture disc. DISC 1 A. Happy Birthday Jamaica B. Sinners, Prepare! DISC 3 A. Parents B. Dracula B. Jeserine B. King Of Ska B. Get Up Adina B. Mount Zion B. Soldering B. The Devo re-mix set by DJ Kinky fromalso included here, was never released previously.

Cielito Lindo 2. Carnaval 3. Rumba Makossa 4. Son de la Loma 5. Cerisiers Roses Et Pommiers Blancs 6. Yerberito 7. Quizas, Quizas, Quizas 8. Promesa 9. El Manicero El Paralitico Cosita Linda.

In the band were joined onstage by Nick Cave on piano to perform the album in its entirety at ATP festival in New York, a show that since has developed into near mythic status.

For RSD Drops, both of these recordings will be made available in a deluxe limited-edition boxset. Remastered for an enhanced listening experience, the boxset features four LPs, pressed on coloured vinyl, new sleeve artwork from the guitarist Mick Turner, a pull-out poster and new band photos. The album also features David Grubbs on piano and harmonium on a number of tracks, while the cover art was designed by guitarist Mick Turner.

The limited edition package — which was mixed and assembled by The Doors original engineer Bruce Botnick — is pressed on g double vinyl and also features new liner notes from Botnick. Strictly limited and numbered to 16, copies worldwide. Roadhouse Blues Take Third Session: 3. Lotus Blossom 2. My Ideal 3. Blue Friday 4. Alone Together Side B: 1. Blue Spring Shuffle 2. I Had the Craziest Dream 3.

Old Folks. The album was released to critical acclaim and Steve Earle's proceeds from the record are continually being directed to a trust for his granddaughter, Etta Justin's daughter. In honor of Justin Townes Earle and the record his father recorded, New West is proud to present a split 7" featuring two versions of an indelible Justin' Townes Earle song. Rescue 2.

Lips Like Sugar 3. King Of Kings 4. Never Stop 5. Seven Seas 6. Buried Alive 7. SuperMellow Man 8. My Kingdom 9. All My Colours Zimbo All That Jazz An Eternity Turns The Back Of Love The Killing Moon The Cutter Over The Wall Nothing Lasts Forever Ocean Rain. By the gods! This vinyl release features the full score soundtrack, composed by Paul Edward-Francis, of the hit Netflix original anime Blood of Zeus. Limited to copies. The album with new cover art and a new color pressing.

Their astounding eighth long player fizzes and crackles with the malevolent energy of a giant black sun blotting out the sky; this is their heaviest album since magnum opus Dope Thronetheir most evil and the most acidic and psychedelic of their career to date. Pressed on Dark Green vinyl. Incensed For The Damned 2. Time To Die 3. I Am Nothing 4.

Funeral Of Your Mind 2. We Love The Dead 3. SadioWitch 4. Lucifer's Slaves 5. Saturn Dethroned. Die-cut sleeve with replicas of the original album artwork, mastered from the HD remaster by Andy Pearce and Matt Wortham.

Tarkus 2. Eruption 3. Stones Of Years 4. Iconoclast 5. Mass 6. Manticore 7. Battlefield 8. Jeremy Bender 2. Bitches Crystal 3. The Only Way Hymn 4.

Infinite Space Conclusion 5. A Time And A Place 6. Are You Ready Eddy? Printed at Stoughton printing with gatefold jackets and foil stamped embossed box, with extensive page booklet.

Novocaine 2. Little Drummer Boy 5. Astronaut 6. Treasure Chest 7. Bear Catching Fish 2. Rockford Files 3. Treasure Chest 4. Cabin Fever 5. Quarter Mile Thunder 6. Bullfight 7. Mountain High 8. Winter Time. Holes To Fight In 2. Windshield 3.

Nailgun 4. Fanbelt 5. Anchor 6. Herbie Hancock 7. Expressionists 8. Jumper Cables 9 Stitches A Quinn Martin Production Angel Dust Lies Like Knives Trailhead At Lake 2.

The Shining Path 4. Insulate 6. Thigh with a Desolate Thorn 7. Breakdown 8. The Heater Sweats Nails 9. Sounds unmusical but it isn't that either--the singing is clever and impassioned, the punkish, futuristic reggae-synthesizer fusion often catchy and always apt.

Product Perfect 2. Die In The West 3. Red, Green And Gold 4. Burning Down 5. Citinite 7. Bike Boys 9. Fashion The second of this series comes from Ella Fitzgerald.

First time g audiophile vinyl edition of The Fixx's biggest album, from Now for the first time, all their recordings for United Artists will be released on vinyl, having previously only been available on CD as A Bucket of Brains back in Limited to copies worldwide. Side One — 1. Those of you paying attention will have noted that The Fall had enjoyed a couple of years of stability in respect of all six members staying together.

On 1 November, the band returned to their hotel after a gig in Cardiff. The following morning, they return to the van and discover it has been broken into with almost everything stolen. By the time of the next gig, two nights later in Brighton, the record label has managed to get everyone temporary replacement instruments.

The gig turns into the worst of the tour, with all sorts of mistakes, missed cues and cock-ups, after which Mark E Smith loses his temper with everyone. It proves to be too much for Steve Hanley who was already struggling to keep things going after his first child, a boy, had been born prematurely and was seriously ill for the first few months of his life. The next day, he gets a call from his brother who tells him that he had just informed MES that he was leaving, deciding that he would take up an offer from some old friends to start up a new band, one free of the control-freakery of MES.

The tour continues onto Europe, with The Fall now being like most other bands and having just one drummer. A call is put into Simon Rogersa classically-trained musician who had become a friend of MES and Brix, and he replaced Steve as the bass player for the rest of the tour. In due course, things did calm down a bit but not enough for Paul Hanley to change his mind.

So, it was a five-piece band who met up again with John Leckie early in the year, the fruits of which lead to a new double-A single that was duly released in Junejust around the time Steve Hanley was about to officially re-join. Having said that, given it was the first ever official release by The Fall of a cover version, it is of historical significance.

It is a quiet-loud-quiet sort of number, but at no point does it come across as anything but the band somewhat going through the motions. Maybe everyone was missing the Hanley brothers…. It reached 90, which at the time was the highest chart position achieved by any 45 released by The Fall.

As found on his most recent studio album, Seven Dialsreleased back in I offer you some tracks from two bands with something, or rather someone, in common.

Strachan bowed out after these recordings, but would turn up a few years later in Fence Collective band Northern Alliancein which she took the occasional lead vocal but mostly provided backup to chief wordsmith Doug Johnstone. Although they split more than a decade ago, their website www. Now I think about it, Andy Cameron never turned up in the Scottish songs series either, did he?

I feel an ICA coming on…. His period when backed by The Commotions, between andsaw three hit albums, all of which were fawned over, for the most part, by the music critics. He moved to New York City to write the new material and to find the musicians he most wanted to make the record with.

There was also a two-year gap between the last Commotions album and the first of the new material to factor in, so all-in-all, it was something of a gamble, but one he and his record label were very confident of pulling off. The first solo single, No Blue Skieswas released at the end of January It stalled at 42 in the UK. The self-titled debut album followed a month later, entering the charts at This was quite encouraging as that was a similar outcome as Mainstreamthe final Commotions album which had come in at 9 on its first week of release.

The problem was that over the next four weeks before a second single was taken from the album, Lloyd Cole had dropped all the way to 66, and so badly needed a sales boost via a well-received It got no higher than The album continued to plummet, dropping out of the charts after just a six-week stay, never to be seen again.

The planned third single, Downtownwas released but with next to fanfare or promotion. Years later, Lloyd acknowledged that he got it badly wrong. He wrote this song for an album released in Maybe I was just too much of a fanboy back in the day to make a true judgement on things, but I really did like the singles and almost all of the debut album. The article was date 13 th August, Nanci and I parted company sometime after the release of the album Stormsalthough I occasionally popped back into see her, most notably with the release of Other Voices Other Rooms I could never describe myself as a huge fan, I only own 6 of her albums, but reading of her death made an impact.

I Wish It Would Rain0. Most of the albums my parents had were country artists or artists heavily influenced by its charms — I was hooked early on. Not even my love of indie would make me forsake country. Speed of the Sound of Loneliness. I soon became quite the fan and with only a year to wait between albums there was always something to look forward to. Love at the Five and Dime.

I recall a scramble for tickets, given the small capacity, and thankfully I got mine. I lived in Govan at the time, so would be able to take a short stroll home.

As the gig grew closer it was announced that Nanci would appear on the Wogan Show, in London on the same night as the Glasgow gig? Eyebrows began to be raised. Wogan started at 7. At the gig an announcement was made that Nanci was running late but that she would appear. Within minutes, the discontent had been shrugged off as Nanci wrapped us around her little fingers.

It was a fantastic night and all the better, somehow, for her lateness — apparently, she arrived by helicopter…. The only other time I would have seen her live was at The Big DayGlasgow subject of recent discussions in basement rooms but I have no recollection of it?

Nanci left a considerable legacy beyond the innumerable cover versions of her songs, not least of which is the mighty From A Distance which charted at number one in the US inBette Midler.

Let It Shine On Me.

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