No Seas Cruel - Dont Be Cruel - Mike Berry - No Seas Cruel (Vinyl)

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Condition: Used. Ended: 08 Aug, BST. Now that voice is stilled forever. He was loved by millions. Many hearts are saddened. Because he is not here. And for the oppressed. Bobby always did his best. Moving to No Seas Cruel - Dont Be Cruel - Mike Berry - No Seas Cruel (Vinyl) York in pursuit of his dream of working as a full-time songwriter, his first break came when he wrote the children's song Herkimer the Homely Doll.

Ted also claimed to have written a hit song for Rosemary Clooneybut nothing obvious appears in the Clooney discography. It made life simple for his stable of performers: all they had to do was walk into the studio, have a quick squint at the lyric sheet and fit them as best they could around a track they had heard time and time again. Unusually, Rosen was hauled over the coals by the Songwriter's Review magazine, a publication which existed almost exclusively to advertise the services of other song-poem outfits, in He [said] his services appeal to the egos of the would-be Hammersteins and the No Seas Cruel - Dont Be Cruel - Mike Berry - No Seas Cruel (Vinyl) of any amateur receiving royalties or making money are very remote He also doesn't promote nor sell songs; all you're sure of receiving is one record.

As for his own experience, Rosen said only one of his songs, entitled "Herkimer the Homely Doll", resulted in royalties. You all remember what a smash hit that was! Never mind. A codependent perhaps? Why is this relationship attractive and interesting? The Greek myth of Narcissus is that a beautiful young man falls in love with his reflection in a pool and gazes so long that the gods turn him into a flower narcissus.

The companion myth is about Echo, the co-dependent who cannot do anything by herself. The suggestion of how a narcissist is created is that the mother assures the child of its perfection, its entitlement, its endlessly rewarded demands on her; but the father -- who normally sets limits and reserves some of the mother for himself -- is absent or uncaring. Such people often are capable of amazing accomplishments, often with the help of others who feel they then participate in the accomplishment.

The culture rewards this and reemphasizes it again and again. Of course, every narcissist believes that they are the only person like themselves.

If they only go around bragging at cocktail parties or in bars, if they only lie about themselves and get mad if the lies are detected -- all that is one thing. If they set violently upon defenseless beings -- whether little girls, animals, milder men, or wives -- something more has got to be going on.

Rage attacks are not about structure but about some kind of near-physical response that is beyond emotional. That makes us hope for a surgery, a medicine or a therapy that could solve the problem. Strokes, infections, or maybe even something congenital can also impair the reflexes in the brain that would otherwise tamp down violence or make a person see the consequences. Of course, when the brain-damaged strike out, they often strike at the heads of others.

My brother, my father and my uncle all had brain damage that caused their behavior to change, mostly in the direction of being more impatient, more exaggerated, and more physical.

He was just tired or worried or already angry about something else. My mother seemed to accept this -- in fact, she was hot-tempered herself. But I often wonder about HER father. He was a Protestant Irishman from Illinois who never quite seemed to cope with life -- made bad choices and was enraged about it, even paranoid. So maybe some of this is inherited. Red-head behavior. Still, I think that violence, even a bad temper, is something different than sociopathic narcissism.

She publishes it every five years or so. I always cut it out and file it. I always recognize myself a little bit. Labels: EthicsFamily. The book is really written by every female in the family, to the extent that each of them could remember through concussions and repressions -- they had tried to block this stuff out of their minds for a long time.

The mother, No Seas Cruel - Dont Be Cruel - Mike Berry - No Seas Cruel (Vinyl) to keep plowing along through life no matter what, had kept journals which she finally put into safety deposit boxes along with instructions to her lawyer and daughters in case her husband killed her.

There was some hint that he had killed his own mother -- possibly by accident -- when he was living with her as a young man. If this book were written about an Indian family, I wonder what the reaction to it would be. Barbara Richard, growing up white in hardscrabble High Line circumstances, had no tribe. Some of the neighbors half-knew what was going on, but were too afraid of this raging man to interfere. One family who offended him -- with no intention of doing it -- had their house entirely trashed.

The family fully expected to be killed and accepted that, except that each little girl felt the obligation to protect the others and especially their mother.

Sometimes they succeeded in diverting and soothing the monster. The oldest girl was sexually abused for years until she graduated from high school.

The father even took her on hunting trips with other men who never intervened, though they must have realized something was fishy. She escaped into a not altogether satisfactory marriage to another older man on an isolated ranch.

What did she know about happy marriages? The women never even considered going to the police. When I was teaching, turning in a case of suspected abuse would guarantee that your contract would not be renewed. When I was ward clerk in a nursing home, turning in a case of actual abuse got about the same reward.

When I was an animal control officer, people were terrified to turn in an animal torturer for fear of violence being turned on them. When someone did turn in cruelty complaints, the complainant was likely to be female and old.

Often the cruelty complaints were unfounded. Our culture is full of jokes like the one the library client told me and the librarian while she filled out the borrow order.

The FBI is looking for agents with nerves of steel who will do exactly what they are told. They have three possible recruits and are giving them the final test, which consists of sending them into a bullet-proof back room where their spouse has secretly been brought.

Two recruits are male and the other is female. The first possible agent is sent into the back room with a gun. There is a long silence. He comes back out with his face covered with sweat. He goes back there and again after a wait he reappears. There are shots. The woman comes back out. I had to beat the SOB to death with a chair. Clue: jokes often are a way to tell a truth.

Labels: EthicsPlaceReviews. They can be accessed on any computer by streaming audio. Often the panels are far more striking when concentrated like this but, even better, if you were there but had a schedule conflict, this is a second chance to hear a presentation.

Barbara was there on the panel and Margaret deceased was represented by Mary Clearman Blew who edited the manuscript when it was found among the papers of Grace Stone Coates by Lee Rostad, an outstanding Montana historian.

At the same time, as Barbara Richard pointed out, four out of every hundred people is an abuser and out of that percentage a minority are women. They are with us. Both Barbara Richard and Margaret Bell were victims of men who were psychopaths -- not psychotic since they knew very well what they were doing -- but men who habitually used near-fatal violence on every animal and small child -- esp.

These men saw their family as livestock, not individual human beings. How they came to this perversion is not known, but they were lacking any empathy for other living beings, which can be an organic defect of the brain -- either lacking from birth, never developed, or destroyed by lesions or substance abuse.

The American Humane Society is an eloquent voice linking animal abuse and violent people. The almost equally damaging side effect of this abuse is the need for secrecy and separation, so that the abuser who must then know at some level that he or she is doing wrong will not be found out and restrained or punished. Thus the victims are denied chances to be healed or comforted by other people and the perpetrators are neither punished nor treated. When I was serving a Canadian congregation in a tough part of the prairie, not unlike the High Line, the clergy were asked to attend a workshop presented by provincial mental health authorities.

This had led to some deaths, of both women and children. The presentation that impressed me most was about how an abuser draws a circle around his target -- maybe puts limits on their household money, which seems reasonable. Then draws another, tighter, circle around them -- maybe forbids them to shop alone.

The restrictions get tighter and tighter until certain friends and family are forbidden, certain clothing must not be worn, the telephone is locked, and so on until in the most extreme cases people are locked or chained in closets.

In other words, the theory is that abusers have control issues -- cannot control themselves and become intent on controlling those closest to them, maybe to prevent them from leaving.

One woman had left an abusing husband but had been forced by the courts to give him custody of their small son.

After she had left, their house in the country burned and for several days the man let her believe that her son had died in the fire. She was stunned and paralyzed, as is often the case. Her suffering was not physical but it was intense. Mary Clearman Blew asked why this kind of abuse seems to be more common in the tough Montana back country.

Is it seen as being macho? Does the conservative culture feel that it is somehow justified? Is it from constantly handling livestock in a rough way? How much of it is sexual? Why do people balk at knowing about it? Or do rural people in fact find out about it more often?

Barbara Richard ended up self-publishing her book. The two men described here were maniacs, stringing up small naked daughters to the rafters and whipping them unconscious. Shooting horses to death while the daughter stood among them, expecting to receive the next bullet. Beating a horse in the head with a fencepost until its eyes popped out or leaving a horse with a broken shoulder to die after days of suffering. But I know of lesser abusers, some of them admired Montana writers or artists or spiritual leaders.

A few have repented and changed their ways. Some have found a strong co-dependent who got a grip on them as they aged and weakened. A few are wandering urban streets drunk, living in flophouses, an accident or illness away from death.

If a man writes a convincing book about being confined, tortured and controlled by an abusing woman, will it sell? Or idly burning his dog with cigarettes? Once I knocked on a door where a couple was fighting and asked if I could call someone to help them. They quieted, then moved. Once I heard a man in the apartment below me threaten to kill the woman who lived there. I was indignant enough that time to go down and knock hard, then tell the guy he had twenty minutes to clear out before I called the police.

The sleazebag was a two-bit drug dealer. The small boy in the room was gleeful and the guy did leave, thank God. The third time I walking home on the street at night, already angry about something else, and came upon a man jerking an Asian girl around by the wrist. I demanded that he let her go. They jumped on a bus and escaped.

An undercover cop pulled up -- a woman -- and I told her about it. Eventually I found out what had happened. The girl had sold the man a stolen car and had said she would send the title later, but naturally did not.

He saw her on the street and was hanging onto her to make her explain. I suppose that from his point of view I was an abusing, violent woman. If so, I did a lousy job of controlling him. In fact, our whole society seems a little out of control. Labels: EthicsPlace. Primordial Forces created the Ground of Blackfoot Being Human beings and their culture are created by the land on which they live, which present the conditions under which they must shelter, eat and tell their stories.

Forces that shaped this planet and the continents floating on its surface are still having impact on lives today. As one drives through the reservation, the traces that record millenia long gone can still be seen. The east side of the Rockies are a long gradual incline from east to west and the reservation also goes from the foothills of the Rockies 5, feet and more to the flats 3, feet or less.

The high side next to the mountains is good for grazing in summer and supports evergeen timber as well as aspen groves. The low side is flat, though dotted with prairie potholes in some places, and suitable for grasses such as small grains. The high side has access to cold swift snowmelt and the low side is mostly dry.

Ranchers and farmers here, sometimes unable to drill a well, must sometimes depend upon underground cisterns for domestic use to which they haul water from town systems.

Crops are dependent on rainfall or irrigation canals. The consequence of this difference is that when the old-time Blackfeet were forced to stay on a reservation, they preferred to be close to the mountains where there was still game and summers were more pleasant. Winters were even survivable so long as Chinook winds, warmed by their compression to get over the mountains, blew fairly often. The young Blackfeet were willing and able to go down to the flats and learn to deal with a bank or other lender in order to get and operate machinery.

They tended to be of mixed blood, so this intensified the political differences of the two sub-groups of the reservation. When the original Dawes Act allotments were made, some people had split entitlements with homesteads on the hillsides or in the river valleys, but another acreage on the flats which turned out to be impractical. Inland Seas At one point the whole interior of the continent was slightly below sea level so that it formed a shallow sea full of marine life of various kinds.

When the petrified sediments inside the cornets erode and separate into segments, they look uncannily like small buffalo in graduated sizes. Other more local seas formed when the glaciers intruded onto the land and trapped melt water along their southern edge.

Lake Great Falls put the present location of the city underwater by feet, though it is built on the crest of the Sweetgrass Arch, a formation of rock bowed slightly upward. Icebergs broke off from the edges of the glaciers and floated out onto the water. Since they had rocks -- sometimes huge boulders -- embedded in them, when they melted they dropped the rocks in piles or singly. When the lakes dried up, these boulders became welcome scratching surfaces for itchy bison and perches for hawks who encrusted the top with their droppings.

The circling bison wore small trenches which became moats when it rained. Small mammals dug their burrows under the the rocks, especially appreciating the jumbled piles of smaller rocks. Under the surface of the land, whereever there were gravel beds and limestone with watercourses worn in it, exist aquifers. These underground lakes, which wells try to tap, move water -- over thousands of years and miles -- from mountains to lakes.

Most of the water under Montana seems to be moving from the southwest corner of the state to the northeast corner and on up across Manitoba to the major lakes up there. Giant Springs is a place where the ground is broken up enough that the aquifer underneath breaks through to the surface. In early days people had no concept of the limitations on underground water and if they punched a hole in the surface, they let the results flow freely or even, in the case of artesian rise in a fountain, whether they needed it or not.

Today we are exquisitely aware that this water can be exhausted and projects have sought to find and cap the many wells now unused. Marine Sediments The huge limestone deposits that accumulated from the skeletons of many small shelly creatures when the land was covered with sea are white and when eroded can take fantastic shapes. Marine fossils of many kinds can be found throughout the state whereever the land is eroded enough to expose the layers of the land that were once underwater.

Volcanic Sediments Even when Mt. Helens exploded inthe fine silvery dust sifted down in Montana. When the Cascades were catastrophically erupting as volcanoes, the results must have clouded the skies. It is often used to block wells, rolled into dry balls and dropped down the wellshaft, because when it gets wet, it expands greatly and plugs up the space efficiently.

Wet, the stuff is extremely slippery and slimy. Some have suggested that the way the pyramids were built was by using caleche as a lubricant to slide the huge blocks of stone up inclines. The practical consequence of gumbo is that the village of Heart Butte was for many years only accessible when the weather was dry in summer or frozen in winter. The roads were impassible when the the gumbo was wet. Since the small settlement tended to be old-timers, their children were not anxious to attend school past Heart Butte grade school graduation when they could legally quit, but if they did want to attend high school, they would either constantly be making up absences or would have to attend a boarding school somewhere -- maybe far away.

When the road to Heart Butte was built after the Flood ofwhich nearly erased the small cluster of houses and forced many residents out, people were suddenly able to return home while still commuting to jobs and school in Browning. Aeolian Sediments People visiting the Blackfeet are always impressed by the wind and the amount of dust it carries. Some of the dust has been traced to its origins as far away as China, and it comes high enough and in big enough amounts to affect the climate by screening sunlight.

When rain allows vegetation to return, the silts and particles once more built up into topsoil. More recently, plowed soil can create brown-outs so complete that traffic must stop; roads are closed. Since the terrible Dust Bowl of the Thirties in the midwest, people have become more cautious and take steps, like strip plowing and no-plow seeding, that prevent so much dust from blowing.

When one looks at these strips, the green planted crops are obvious and so are the brown plowed strips. It No Seas Cruel - Dont Be Cruel - Mike Berry - No Seas Cruel (Vinyl) to be seen whether dust or herbicide is worse.

The Eruction of the Rockies Underneath the continents, floating in huge plates or islands of the sixty-mile thick lithosphere, are mammoth sections that carry the continents like froth as they move around the planet. At one time the west edge of the Rockies was the coast of North America and was underlaid by a crack between plates. Then the crack, which earlier had pulled China and Mongolia away from Montana so that land once continuous and still similar was separated by the Pacific Ocean, reversed itself but now was pushed under the edge of the land that became the Rockies.

Where layers of sediment had quietly built up, the land was now forced on edge and even into somersaults, clearly visible now in the various colors of the sedimentary rock.

The raising up of these mountains, which stretch all the way from Canada down through both North and South America, had profound consequences. They provided a refuge for game. In the years when there was good snowpack, they fed the streams that cross the reservation from west to east.

Dead animals and especially vegetation lived and died along those fertile places and added their carboniferous remains to the land in lodes of peat which became coal and then gas and oil. Gas and oil will ooze upwards, since they are lighter than stone, and accumulate where they are trapped in places like the Sweetgrass Arch. Discovery of oil and gas along the higher grounds of the reservation greatly increased the value of the land as No Seas Cruel - Dont Be Cruel - Mike Berry - No Seas Cruel (Vinyl) as the corruption and dissension that always follows big money.

Early on, the effect of the wealth split the reservation population again between those who wanted to make quick money and those who wanted to learn how to manage their own assets.

More recently the split has been between those who see the land as sacred and inviolable and those who want to aggressively explore. The first wave of exploitation has ended but there is always the hope that there are other reservoirs of wealth. Glaciation: The Old North Trail At various times when the glaciers withdrew or formed, they left a passage down the east slope that was not covered by ice for long periods of time.

These grasslands became covered with a kind of braided trail that people and animals have used ever since. Traces of the Blackfeet travois are still visible in some places. Highway 89 vaguely parallels this extremely ancient way. Watercourses and Aquifers: Run-Off Country Modern topography shapes a system wherein snow piled up in the mountains becomes streams feeding the prairies. The reservation is defined by rivers running west to east: the farthest north Milk and the farthest south Birch are shared by white irrigators and create political problems of international dimensions as water diversions age and tribal people become more willing and able to develop irrigation.

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