Legenda (The Stunning Sound Remix)

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Dark Horse. The Legend of Zelda. Scene: staff credits. Club Legenda (The Stunning Sound Remix) in German. Nintendo : April Creative Visions Speech. Game Developers Conference in Japanese. Nintendo of Europe. Takashi Tezuka, a great lover of fantasy novels such as Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, wrote the script for the first two games in the Zelda series]. Super Play Sweden. Legenda (The Stunning Sound Remix) Mortensen.

April 23, Retrieved April 2, All ideas for The legend of Zelda were mine and Takashi Tezukas Books, movies and our own lives. Miyamoto: Yes. So with a world of swords and sorcery as my theme, I decided to make an adventure game based on treasure-hunting, and that was the beginning of The Legend of Zelda. Retrieved May 18, And I was really happy that we here in Japan could make a medieval tale of sword and sorcery liked by the people of the world. Gamekult Interview in French.

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The Nintendo II is several years off, and even Nintendo themselves — in the shape of their UK agent Mike Wensman — recognise that software is the problem there. Still, according to Wensman, that pays off. In Japan, he claims, Legend Of Zelda sold a mind-boggling million copies on its first day of release, and it does provide hours of play.

The Magic Box. United States: Nintendo of America. Newsfield Publications 5 : The Magic of Interactive Entertainment. Sams Publishing. Industry-wide, 4. The Legend of Zelda became the first million seller of this "new generation" of home video game software. Boys' Life. Boy Scouts of America. November ISSN Orange Coast Magazine. Emmis Communications. Houghton Mifflin. In Japan, it has become a great honor for a video game designer to design a game that sells a million cartridges or more in the United States.

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