House - The Psychedelic Furs - Book Of Days (Cassette, Album)

Digital sales caused this increase, with a Digital Album sales growth of Despite the decrease, physical albums were still the dominant album format. Vinyl Record sales increased by Global trade revenue according to the IFPI.

The List of music associations and organizations covers examples from around the world, ranging from huge international bodies to smaller national-level bodies.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Companies and individuals that create and sell music. Main articles: s in the music industry and s in the music industry. Further information: List of largest music markets. WMG Sony BMG UMG Independent SME Music portal Business and economics portal. Sony Corporation of America. Archived from the original on October 3, The Economist. October 15, The New Yorker. Annals of Entertainment. February 14, Archived from the original on October 21, Retrieved February 28, Amazon is now the world's biggest book retailer.

Apple, the world's largest music retailer. Retrieved March 3, Free Press. ISBN March 26, Retrieved November 21, July 14, August 4, The Guardian. See also Lewis A. For more on the "darky" stereotype, see J. Retrieved February 4, The Atlantic. Retrieved December 10, Retrieved December 1, But at the end of last year, the music business was worth half of what it was ten years ago and the decline doesn't look like it will be slowing anytime soon.

IFPI annual report. April 9, Retrieved July 18, Billboard Magazine. The New York Times. Retrieved July 6, January 10, C Net.

The Register Chen, Brian April 28, Retrieved November 19, Retrieved April 24, According to a Nielsen and Billboard report, digital music purchases accounted for F—Spotify': on-demand streaming and the controversy over artist royalties".

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Upcoming UK tour! Oh, just watch the video! It's too much to type out. Voltaire served in jury duty on a trial that lasted over two months. Hurray for fulfilling his civic duty, but it did keep him away from performing for quite some time. Time to catch up! House - The Psychedelic Furs - Book Of Days (Cassette shows can be found in the calendar section. More Lair of Voltaire videos coming soon! With the help of one lone witch, this small group must face off against their deepest fears and the most unholy monsters in a battle where their very souls, the world they live in, and any chance of returning to Hot Topic in one piece is at stake!

The first novel by musician and horror media personality, Aurelio Voltaire, Call of the Jersey Devil is a hilarious and terrifying homage to 80s horror and genre films. Like a mad doctor, Voltaire has Frankensteined together elements of Evil Dead, The Breakfast Club, Poltergeistand This is Spinal Tap to create a creature feature that will have you laughing out loud when you're Album) glancing nervously over your shoulder.

Release date: May 28th on Spence City. If you can't make it, don't fret because this gorgeous cover by Michael Komarck is being released simultaneously on-line. In fact, you can see it right here right now! After a grueling summer, desperately trying to get "BiTrektual" finished in time for Dragoncon, finishing up his Jersey Devil novel and surviving a mini-flood in the Lair, Voltaire is back!

And what better way to be caught up on Voltaire news than by the man himself. The latest spooky state of the union address can be seen at The Lair of Voltaire on Youtube, conveniently embedded for you right here!

Get yourself a digital copy of the album, a physical, signed and personalized CD or even a private Voltaire show in your own home! There is something for everyone and every price point! Pre-order BiTrektual right here:. Everyone is cracking up! See if you can recognize what inspired this little ditty:.

Well, it's that time again, Friday the 13th! And you know what that means! It's time for another 4 hour, monster bashing, song filled quest on AdventureQuest Worlds lead by Voltaire and his evil teddy bear, Deady. In this installment the last of ! Voltaire and Artix wrap up the three-story arch by taking you for the first time into The Neverworld, a dark world that lurks in the shadows of Deady's universe those of you who read the Deady graphic novels already know to avoid this place!

It's going to be a creature killing blood bath, so tune in tonight at 7pm EST at www. It's free to create an account and join the mayhem! Today, Voltaire gives you a glimpse into the process by posting this preview from the album comprised of clips of most of the songs from the album. They are all rough, unmixed demos with temporary guide vocals, but it will give you an idea of how things are shaping up on BiTrektual!

It's just a short excerpt and it's only Voltaire singing this song is a duetbut it's the first time anyone's heard anything at all of the mysterious title track outside of drummer Brian Viglione, co-producer, George Grant and Voltaire's wife!

Click image to Enlarge. Remember the Bunnypocolypse from last April??? Well, it's NOT over yet! A new wave of vinyl bunnies are invading Voltaire. Get yours NOW in the Voltaire. You can't be "BiTrektual" without a little variety so in this next image Voltaire apparently from Vulcan gets busy with a Sith Twi'lek!

Once again, the praise goes to the amazing Shamine King for her incredible illustrations! At long last Voltaire has revealed the cover of his upcoming album, "BiTrektual" a collection of his Star Trek and Star Wars parody songs and it's a stunner!

The glorious image was illustrated by a very talented, young lady based in Singapore, named Shamine King. King, who goes by Canadian Rainwater on Deviantart. The image caught Voltaire's eye and with King's permission, he used it as the art for a poster announcing a show of his in Seattle a couple of years ago.

Voltaire has been an admirer of King's work ever since. He says, "Her deviant art page is full of wonderfully sexy Star Wars drawings so I knew right off she was the perfect choice to draw the BiTrektual album cover. Congratulations on a job well done! Dresden Dolls drummer, Brian Viglione also returned to join Voltaire on this album.

He contributed amazing tracks rhythm tracks last week and now Voltaire will focus on fleshing out the album with violin, tuba, bass and other instruments. More info and a behind-the-scenes look at Viglione and Voltaire in the studio can be seen at the Lair of Voltaire here:.

Voltaire is now in the studio working on his new album "BiTrektual", a collection of his Star Trek and Star Wars parody songs. An artist has been hired to illustrate the extremely racy cover art let's just say most of the songs are about having sex with Star Wars or Star Trek characters and the title track is The artist whose name will be kept secret for the time being is a fan who has contributed Voltaire fan art in the past.

Voltaire felt that in keeping with that spirit, he'd have a logo contest to find just the right logo for this album. It should bring to mind Star House - The Psychedelic Furs - Book Of Days (Cassette and Star Wars right away.

Do NOT send attachments!!! You must only include a link to where your entry can be seen online. Aurelio Voltaire formerly just "Voltaire" has been releasing albums since One of the key features of his music has always been the epic and expertly crafted instrumentals.

A cadre of acoustic instruments including violins, cellos, drums, horns, banjo, etc Now for the first time, Aurelio Voltaire offers this amazing instrumental version of his latest album "Riding a Black Unicorn He has remixed and released a collection of these songs, removing the vocals and rebalancing the instruments to create versions that allow the instrumentals to take center stage.

Though Voltaire is often labeled "Goth" primarily due to the dark humor in his songs, most will find the instrumentals span the gamut from gypsy to cabaret to New Orleans hot jazz to acoustic rock, Americana, classical, baroque and even acoustic heavy metal! Professional filmmakers and students alike will find these songs to be a great source of background music. As a filmmaker himself, Aurelio Voltaire has an extremely liberal policy regarding the usage of his music in student films and indie projects.

In short, he generally approves most requests to use his music for no more than the 99 cents it costs to download the track! Aurelio Voltaire is also a writer and he says, "I like to have music playing when I write, but if there are lyrics it distracts me.

I'm hoping that writers will find this instrumental music stimulating and inspiring to write to. Also included on this album are Karaoke versions of the songs.

Whether you are a filmmaker, writer, throwing a Voltaire Karaoke party at your house or just someone looking for well crafted, original music to enjoy, you will love this first release in a series of Voltaire's albums released as instrumentals! Three singles were released during and that were a significant divergence in style; essentially, pop hits.

With the singles " In-Between Days " and " Close to Me ", the band became a viable commercial force in the United States for the first time. The band's double album Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me resulted in further commercial success, with a sold-out world tour booked in its wake.

Despite the international success the band was now enjoying, internal friction was increasing due to Tolhurst's increasing alcoholism at the time. As Tolhurst's alcohol consumption increased, the other band members would tease Tolhurst, leading Smith to later comment that his behaviour was similar to that of "some kind of handicapped child being constantly poked with a stick". Regularly taking LSD to cope with his depression, Smith once again felt the band was being misunderstood and sought to return to its dark side with their next record.

Smith's depression prior to the recording of Disintegration gave way to the realization on his 29th birthday that he would turn 30 in one year. This realization was frightening to him, as he felt all the masterpieces in rock and roll had been completed well before the band members reached such an age.

Smith consequently began to write music without the rest of the band. The material he had written instantly took a dismal, depressing form, which he credited to "the fact that I was gonna be thirty". Displeased with the swollen egos he believed his bandmates possessed, Smith entered what he considered to be "one of my non-talking modes" deciding "I would be monk-like and not talk to anyone. It was a bit pretentious really, looking back, but I actually wanted an environment that was slightly unpleasant".

He sought to abandon the mood present on Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me and the pop singles they had released, and rather recreate the atmosphere of the band's fourth album Pornography Despite the serious subject matter of the album, O'Donnell commented in that the atmosphere in the studio was still upbeat during the sessions: "I remember very clearly laughing and joking and fooling around in the control room while Robert was singing 'Disintegration', and then all Album) us trying to be serious when he came in to listen back.

While Tolhurst had contributed to the foundation of the song "Homesick" according to O'Donnell[16] his musical contributions to the album were marginal as his alcohol abuse rendered him more or less incapable of recording. When Tolhurst arrived to the mixing of the album, and then became excessively drunk, a shouting match ensued and he left the building furious; three weeks later, Smith decided to terminate his tenure with the band prior to the band's upcoming tour.

It was during this period that O'Donnell was asked by Smith to become a full-time member, instead of simply a touring musician.

He's getting married, maybe that's his comeback. Disintegration was Smith's thematic return to a dark and gloomy aesthetic that The Cure had explored in the early s. Smith deliberately sought to record an album that was depressing, as it was a reflection of the despondency he felt at the time. Smith recalled "they thought I was being 'wilfully obscure', which was an actual quote from the letter [Smith received from Elektra].

Ever since then I realised that record companies don't have a fucking clue what The Cure does and what The Cure means. Disintegration is characterized by a significant usage of synthesizers and keyboards, slow, "droning" guitar progressions and Smith's introspective vocals. The album's third track, "Closedown", contains layers of keyboard texture complemented with a slow, gloomy guitar line. The track was written by Smith as a means to list his physical and artistic shortcomings.

Smith himself delivers the lyric softly, with gentle passion. Much of the album made use of a considerable amount of guitar effects. Roger O'Donnell's keyboards add both extra shade and melody, while Smith's singing is intentionally delivered in a combination of cutting clarity and low resignation, at times further distorted with extra vocal treatments. While the album mainly consists of sombre tracks, "Lovesong", "Pictures of You" and "Lullaby" were equally popular for their accessibility.

Smith wrote "Lovesong" as a wedding present for Mary Poole. The lyrics had a noticeably different mood than the rest of the record, but Smith felt it was an integral component of the album: "It's an open show of emotion.

It's not trying to be clever. It's taken me ten years to reach the point where I feel comfortable singing a very straightforward love song. She is regarded as cutting edge but for some reason released one album then disappeared from popular music. Question: What was the early 80's song with the lyrics "cool cool water"?

I'm thinking you probably mean that one. Answer: Although the psychedelic rock band The Church released a number of popular singles that were hits in their native Australia and they had modest success on the US rock charts, they had only ONE song that crossed Album) to the Top 40 of the US Billboard Top That was "Under the Milky Way," which peaked at I've added this to the list of one-hit wonders, thanks to you!

Answer: The Dutch rock band Golden Earring's hit was most popular in the Netherlands and Belgium, but they did have limited success in other countries too. Therefore, YES, they are a one-hit wonder.

I will add them to the list! However, they also were able to follow that up with another Top 40 hit the following year, "Cryin," which reached Therefore, they are NOT a one-hit wonder. Answer: Robert Hazard's song, "Escalator of Life" peaked at 58 of the US Hotthus he isn't a one-hit wonder according to the definition in the article.

Unfortunately, they failed to crack the Top 40 with any song. Although they don't meet the one-hit wonder definition in the article, note that "I Want Candy" did perform in the Top 40 on the US Dance and Rock charts as well as on international charts. However, they aren't one-hit wonders because they actually had additional songs to reach the mainstream pop Top "Do You Want Crying? She is sometimes referred to as a one-hit wonder but you'll see that that is wrong.

The sheer number of Top 40 hits she had surprised me. She is clearly best known for her most successful song, "Bette Davis Eyes. She was able to follow up that song with a second hit, a chart-topping song incalled "You Keep Me Hangin' On. Answer: The simple answer is that these groups each have had multiple hits on the Top 40 mainstream chart.

However, rather than the s, they released this song in What an awesome addition to this list! Andrew Wilkinson - Check the definition. Devo is indeed a one-hit wonder.

Doesn't mean they weren't good. Hi Flourish, your brain must be computer with the way you can catalogue all these songs.

I liked these selections and thank you for them. Peggy - I think she'd be especially proud of William's choice of brides. I'm not sure about the Markle girl. Seems a bit unstable, but Harry loves her. Seeing that photo of Diana dancing with John Travolta seems not that long ago, and yet it was. Too bad, she could not have been there to see her sons grow up and meet their wives and her grandchildren. That makes me think of the song not from the s "Thanks for the Memories.

Grateful Dead one hit wonder? They were one of the most successful rock bands of all time! Facundo - Thanks for stopping by, and I am glad you enjoyed this. I have an aunt originally from Argentina. Christopher - Thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks again! There are other artists who are successful, for example, with a slew of hits on the country charts or adult contemporary charts but only managed one Top 40 mainstream pop hit on the US Billboard Hot Thanks for being nice about the way you asked the question. BriantheBrain - I wanted to acknowledge your awesome comment and list of suggestions.

I'm working my way through them and it'll take some time to get these updated because of the holidays and I've been ill recently. Again, you are fabulous! Soft Cell's "other" hit in the US was on the Dance chart, not the mainstream pop chart. They had multiple non-US hits though. Men without Hats were not a one-hit wonder. They had another hit with Pop goes the world. Soft cell were also not a one hit wonder.

Luis - According to the definition, they are indeed one-hit wonders. My answer hasn't changed. Let me point out that mainstream Top 40 pop does not equal rock, alternative, country, adult contemporary, international charts, etc.

Thank you for your suggestions. I added the two that qualified and welcome others that you feel might also qualify. Thanks again. Stella - I do too!

My parents didn't want to spend the money on the real Cabbage Patch doll so my mother had a lady make a knock-off and it was authentic-looking. Thanks for stopping by. Twisted Sister and Midnight Oil are not one hit wonders so they should not be on this list. Loverboy and Ratt are also not one hit wonders, they are not on the list but were suggested by others. In my opinion collaborations should not be counted as one hit wonders and there are a few on this list.

I could go on! I was born inand so grew up in the 80's. I was born in the UK I remember seeing a video clip of all these grown women going absolutely crazy over the cabbage patch dolls. I remember vhs and really wanting to get Back to the Future. Of course, back then, you couldn't just go into a store and buy a movie, unless you wanted to spend a lot of money.

Landon Vincent - Rockwell is on the list already, but the other three artists actually had other mainstream Top 40 hits.

I appreciate your comment. Other than those, great list! Dean Yerkey - Oddly enough and this surprised me! McCall wasn't his only mainstream Top 40 hit. He had one more, "WolfCreek Pass" that barely squeaked by at 40 the year prior. Harmony's baby up I like the music there's more music back then than it is now some of the stuff they have out now is just noise. Norman Khan - Tiffany whose last name -- who knew? Great collectoon. Brought back so many memories.

Wasn't " i think we are alone now" by Tiffany was also one hit wonder. It was also featured in one of the Full House episode. I didnt see it in the list. Flourish Anyway--I'm afraid I have too retentive a memory for my own good. It's rarely as much of a blessing as I'd like it to be.

Furthermore, there are 2 additional lines at the end that weren't included in the hit version originally a British bootleg remix by "DNA". LaustCawz - Fascinating backstory! You're a music encyclopedia. Thanks for sharing this information. Thanks for stopping by! Originally, the song being pushed to be the single from that first album "Greetings From Timbuk 3" was "Life Is Hard", but when " When Timbuk 3 was invited as the musical guest on SNL, they played neither of these songs, but instead, opted for 2 other songs from the album, both of which were very impressive.

One other thing about the '80s: the film "Troll" made over a decade before J. Gregory - You love the s like I do! I think I like the music even better now than I do then because I have an appreciation of how good it truly was. Thanks for your comment, and have a great weekend! I enjoyed reading or feed and I'm definitely from the 80's and I would like to add simple minds don't you forget about me House - The Psychedelic Furs - Book Of Days (Cassette Jovi wanted dead or alive Cinderella don't know what you got till it's gone poison something to believe in Jefferson starship jane pat benatar all of the above she was awesome and beautiful I met my wife 20yrs ago and to this day my wife still looks like her.

LaustCawz - You're so fantastic. Additions have been made. Got the typo with Charlie Dore — thanks. On the Ann Wilson and Mike Reno song, this was the only song each of them had as individual contributors although certainly, they both had hits as part of groups Heart and Loverboy, respectively.

A fun trip down memory lane with your list. Hope you would consider adding these two greats to have the list amount go beyond Michael - You're obviously an Adam Ant fan. I think he had 3 Top 40 hits so he's no one-hit wonder.

I'm sure you know that though. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.

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