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When a trend persists, indicating wild, rampant speculation, you're close to a general market correction. The unweighted index attempts to measure the market strength as a whole by eliminating any possible bias due to weighting of individ- ual companies.

The glamour index is composed of speculative or aggressive-type stocks. This index attempts to measure the demand for such stocks, thereby indicating investor sentiment toward the market.

With the advent of program trading and various hedging list that could be categorized as either defensive, low-priced, laggard, or devices, some funds use such techniques to hedge portions of their portfo- preferred stocks.

In pre cycles, some technicians stated their lack lio in an attempt to provide some downside protection during risky mar- of concern with weakness in the market because of the number of new kets. The Grandiose - Detect (2) - Grandiose (Vinyl) to which these are successful again depends greatly on highs being made.

Yet, a detailed analysis of the stocks that make the skill and timing, but one possible effect for some managers may be to new-high list has shown that when a high number of preferred or defen- lessen the pressure to have to dump portfolio securities on the market. A little surface knowledge can hurt you in the stock market. This is because most managers have difficulty in getting out and into cash at the right time and, most importantly, then getting back in fast enough to partici- The Best Monetary Money pate in the initial powerful rebound off the ultimate bottom.

Indicators Money market indicators mirror general economic activity. History proves that the direction of the general market, as well as of No, C-A-N S-L-I-M has absolutely nothing to do with momentum invest- several industry groups, is often affected by changes in interest rates. In fact, I'm not even sure what momentum investing is.

Some ana- Because the level of interest rates is usually tied to Federal Reserve tight- lysts and reporters, who have no idea at all how we invest, have referred or-easy monetary policy, you may want to be aware of measures such as to what we're suggesting as momentum investing and have said that it's reserve requirements for member banks, the Ml and M2 money supply buying the stocks that have gone up the most and that have the strongest percent rate of change, federal funds rate, consumer price index, mem- relative price strength.

No one in their right mind invests that way. We're buying companies with strong day Treasury Bill yields, and U. Treasury Bond prices. Changes in day Treasury Bill rates and the erratic and tricky Fed To summarize this vitally important and rather complex subject, learn Funds rate sometimes help predict impending discount rate changes. Once you know how to do this correctly, you can sures used by professionals.

The Fed also watches economic data such stop listening to all the uninformed, costly, personal market opinions as unemployment figures and Gross National Product GNP changes. Don't be discouraged if the subject of monetary indicators seems complex; it is.

Few economists, few presidents, virtually no one in Congress, and even few people at the Federal Reserve, including some heads of the Fed, understand it as well as they should. How to Remember and Use This is just one of the many reasons why the Fed should probably remain relatively independent and not subject to political control or What You've Read So Far extreme pressure from the Congress.

It might, however, be constructive It isn't enough just to read; you need to remember by association and to let the term of office for the head of the Fed coincide with the presi- apply a simple-two word phrase—C-A-N S-L-I-M.

If most successful stocks exhibit these seven common characteris- tics at early emerging growth stages, these basics are worth learning. Here is the formula. Repeat it several times until you can recall and use it easily. They should show meaningful growth for the last five years. Buy companies with new products, new management, or significant new changes in their industry conditions.

And most important, buy stocks S as they initially make new highs in price. Forget cheap stocks; they are usually cheap for a very good reason. There should be a small or reasonable number of shares outstanding, not large capitalization, older companies. And look Be Smart from L I for volume increases when a stock begins to move up. Buy market leaders, avoid laggards. Buy stocks with at least a few institutional spon- sors with better than average recent performance records.

It will determine whether you win or lose, so learn to interpret Grandiose - Detect (2) - Grandiose (Vinyl) daily general market indexes price and volume changes and action of the individual market leaders to determine the overall mar- ket's current direction. It's Your Money When you meet the broker recommended to you, ask how he or she gets stock ideas and research information.

Don't be afraid to ask a lot of 8 questions. It's your money. You could ask about the broker's investment philosophies, beliefs, and methods. What are two or three of the best stock market books he or she has read?

If the broker can't easily name a few, then maybe you should be a little cautious. If the broker relies solely on his or her own firm's research department Finding a Broker, for ideas, information, and reports, you may be better off visiting with a Opening an Account, few other brokerage firms before you decide where to open your account.

The better brokers will show more initiative, perhaps by subscribing and What It Costs to a chart service or Investor's Business Daily on their own, and will probably have several other sources of information, ideas, and research. When I was a broker with a major New York Stock Exchange firm years ago, I never followed any of the firm's research because it wasn't too astute.

He or she will probably be called a registered representative certainly should be far more knowledgeable than those who haven't. RRan account executive AEor an investment consultant 1C. This is the person you will likely talk to if you visit a broker's office look- ing for information or to open an account. How do you find a competent stockbroker? I suggest you follow a Should You Have Several slightly different procedure.

Brokerage Accounts? Go to the office of the firm you choose and ask to see the office man- ager or vice president in charge of the office. Introduce yourself to the Some customers have accounts with two or three different brokers. In manager. Say you are considering opening a new account but would most cases such a practice is silly, since your account won't be as impor- like to deal with a broker that has definitely been successful at making tant to any one broker.

You may also receive conflicting advice, which money in his or her own personal account and for most customers' will be confusing and costly. Money is made in the stock market by concentrating, not scattering. This person should have already been a broker for two or three years The same should go for your brokerage account. Concentrate your or more and possibly be 27 or older.

But don't be too impressed with activity with the best stockbroker you can find. If this doesn't work well age. The registered representative you're looking for could be young, after a year or two, change and find another broker.

Age or years of experience is certainly no sign If you are more accomplished and make your own buy-and-sell deci- that a broker is a very successful student of the stock market.

Discount brokerage firms years' experience but was turned down for a job by a new principal? It certainly doesn't guar- larger discount firms. Members usually pay several hundred thousand enced. Merrill Lynch has approximately 6 million customers, and dollars or much more just to buy a seat on the New York Stock Exchange. Prudential is a member of the giant Prudential Insurance Company fami- Stock exchange firms also have many rules and regulations to which ly.

There are also many capable medium-sized, regional retail, or dis- count retail brokerage firms that are New York Stock Exchange members. And they are subject to surprise audits and annual An exceptionally able broker can be almost as important to you as a examinations from the stock exchange.

Conversely, some firms that are only members of the NASD, the National Association of Securities Dealers, and perhaps a local or region- al exchange, may have too easily gained entrance into the securities busi- ness.

They may not be backed up with as substantial a capital base. Why You Should Have an If you've never opened an account with a brokerage firm, don't be Individual Retirement timid or reluctant to visit one. It's simple and easy, just like opening an Account IRA account with your local bank or savings and loan.

You will have to fill Why are so many people investing in IRA accounts, as they are com- out and sign new account papers before you will be able to buy or sell monly known? You may open a single account or, if you're married, you may U. The broker will also ask for credit refer- every year in a tax-deferred IRA account if the company they work for ences, such as your bank.

All brokerage firms have a regular commis- does not have a qualified retirement plan. This can be an enormous tax sion schedule which they should be able to show you. The commission advantage, and every American should consider taking advantage of it. And you can do this every year that you invest in an IRA, until you sold, the price paid or received, the commission paid, and the total dol- are 70 years old. If married and both of you are working, you can invest lar amount you owe or will receive if you sold a stock.

The second advantage of an IRA is that the profits, dividends, or It's best to pay these bills immediately on receipt since they will be due interest you earn from the investments you make in the IRA account are in a few days. Stock certificates must be delivered to your broker proper- tax-deferred.

These earnings compound tax-free for the many years until ly endorsed without delay when you wish to sell a stock, otherwise the you retire and begin taking distributions. If you are disabled, you can withdraw early; otherwise Corporation, and additional insurance is carried by most firms. You should, though, view your IRA as a long-term plan for deferring taxes and saving for your retirement.

Be determined and stick with it. You will pay ordinary tax rates on your 9 withdrawals, which should be lower once you retire. Most families in America should budget carefully their monthly and annual expenses and make sure they save enough of their hard-earned income to invest in their own Individual Retirement Account each year.

You can open an IRA account at any bank or stock brokerage firm. IRA accounts cannot be margined. The most favored vehicles for investment of your IRA money have When to Sell been interest-bearing money market funds, savings accounts, certificates of deposits, mutual funds, or self-directed accounts in common stocks if Your Selection or Timing through a NYSE stock brokerage firm.

However, fixed-income savings accounts and money market funds are not likely to provide the maxi- Might Be Wrong mum hedge against inflation. Keogh plans are similar to IRAs except they are only for self-employed workers. Keoghs, however, allow a higher maximum contribution: a Sometimes the best offense is a great defense. Another form of a when to sell them. In sports, a team that is all offense and no defense Keogh, known as a defined Benefit Keogh, may allow even greater annual seldom wins the league.

Since the days of Branch Rickey, the Los contributions. Angeles Dodgers, and before that the Brooklyn Dodgers, have generally Many companies offer k salary-reduction plans which allow you had good pitching. It's just impossible to win without it.

IRAs, but under different rules and restrictions. In the stock market, you absolutely can't win either unless you have a k plans have several other advantages and if your company has a strong predetermined defense to protect yourself against large losses.

This k plan you should definitely investigate participating. In time, IRAs could become more These poor decisions will lead to losses, some of which can become important than Social Security. This will mean a large increase in the quite awful. No matter how smart you may think you are or how good you number of savers and investors in America in the future.

You right all of the time. In fact, you will probably be right only half the time! There is no mini- mum dollar amount required to begin an IRA. If you opt for an IRA, then you had better start learning about invest- ments in a serious and planned way. Keep this book and read it two or Bernard Baruch's Secret three times until you understand everything in it.

And then reread it Market Method every few years to help you keep on target. You owe it to your- time, he is hitting a good average.

Even being right three or four times self and your future to learn how to manage your important invest- out of 10 should yield a person a fortune if he has the sense to cut his ments properly. MCI Communications inPrice Company inThe whole secret to winning in the stock market is to lose the least Microsoft inAmgen inand International Game amount possible when you're not right. In other words, in order to win Technology in But how can you tell when you may be wrong?

That's easy. The price of the stock will drop below your purchase price! Each point your Are You a Speculator or an favorite brainchild descends below your cost increases both the proba- bility that you are mistaken, as well as the price you are going to pay for Investor?

Before we delve further into the intriguing shell game of when to sell, let's define two misunderstood words. These words are speculator and investor. A speculator, therefore, is a person who observes and acts before it People think a successful person is either kicky or right most of the occurs.

This is not so. Successful people make many mistakes. Their suc- Jesse Livermore, another old-time stock market legend, defined cesses are a result of hard work rather than their being lucky.

They suc- investor this way: "Investors are the big gamblers. They make a bet, stay ceed in spite of their mistakes because they try much harder and more with it, and if it goes wrong, they lose it all. There just aren't many overnight These definitions are a bit different than those you will read in successes. Success takes time. Webster's Dictionary. But we know Baruch and Livermore on occasion In search of a filament for his electric lamp, Edison carbonized and made millions of dollars in the stock market.

We're not sure about tried different specimens of bamboo. Three of them worked. Before that, he tried thousands of other items from cotton thread to One of my primary goals is to convince you to question many of the chicken feathers.

Grandiose - Detect (2) - Grandiose (Vinyl) Irving Berlin said, "Out of more than songs I have writ- The amount of erroneous information and ignorance about how the ten, no more than 50 have been hits. I missed 11 times for every time I stock market really works and how to succeed in the market is down- succeeded.

England before they finally made it. I have found over the years that only one or two stocks out of every 10 I bought turned out to be truly outstanding and capable of making sub- stantial profits. This means in order to get the one or two, you have to How the Normal Investor look for and buy 10 different stocks. Thinks If we find the two extraordinary investments, what should we do with Let's examine how the normal investor thinks and makes decisions.

If the other eight average or poor choices? Sit with them and hope, like you are a typical investor, you probably keep records of your transac- most people do, or keep trying until we come up with a few more formi- tions in the market, perhaps in the following manner: dable successes.

Heinz 31 37 didn't sell; now you will probably be better off selling the stock and 60 Wal-Mart Stores 55 61 going back to a cash position. You can think more objectively with cash in your stock account than you can if you're worrying about a stock that has lost money for you.

Anyway, there are other securities where your chance of recouping your loss could be far greater. When you think about selling a stock, you likely look at your records Here's another suggestion that may help you decide whether or not to see what price you paid for the stock, don't you? If you have a profit, to sell. Then ask yourself this question, "Do I really want to buy this stock After all, you didn't invest in the market to lose money. So, in this example, you may decide to sell your Luby's Cafeterias or Wal-Mart Stores stock because they show a profit.

But these are the stocks you should consider keeping. Instead, you should probably sell one of the stocks showing a loss, like Navistar or Storage Technology.

You value of each stock position you own by multiplying the current market may sell it because you've made a profit. But what does the price you price of the stock by the number of shares you own. Does this change its future potential? Your list would start with Polaroid on top, then profit or loss may have little to do with future potential. Exxon and Tektronix. At the end of the following quarter, do the same thing. After a few reviews, you will easily recognize the holdings that are not doing well.

When Does a Loss Become a They will be at the Grandiose - Detect (2) - Grandiose (Vinyl) of the list, and the ones that performed best Loss? This method, while not foolproof, does force you to focus your atten- When you say, "I can't sell a stock because I don't want to take a loss," tion not on what you paid for stocks, but on the relative performance of you assume that what you want has some bearing on the situation. Yet your investments in the market. It will help you maintain a clearer per- the stock does not know who you are, and it doesn't care what you hope spective.

Of course, you have to keep records of your costs for tax rea- or want. If Eliminating the price-paid bias can be profitable and rewarding. If you you think a loss is not incurred until you sell the stock, you may be kid- base your sell decisions on your cost and hold stocks that are down in ding yourself.

The larger the paper loss, the more real it will become. Because of position size problems and broad diversifica- tion which lessen risk, most institutional investors do not usually follow The stock market is really no different from your own business. This is a terrific advantage you, the indi- Investing is a business and should be operated just like a business.

Assume you own a small retail women's clothing store. Once you are ahead and have a good profit, you can and red. What do you do about it? The yellow ones don't seem to have any demand, but I still think When the late Gerald M. Loeb of E. Hutton was writing his last they're good and besides, yellow is my favorite color, so let's buy some book on the stock market, I had the pleasure of discussing this issue more of them anyway"? In his first work, The Battle for Investment Certainly not!

He said, "I would predicament objectively and says, "We sure made a mistake. Let's have a sale. He feels of those 'old dogs,' and put it in more of the hot-moving red dresses individual investors should sell half of their position in a stock if it is that are in demand.

Why not? Everyone will make buying errors. When you do slip up, as limit. On occasion, you can sense that the mar- potential profit and the possible loss. This is only logical: you would not ket or your stock isn't acting right or that you are starting off amiss.

But how do you know this is not the situation when two points. Once you get to that point, you can no longer hesitate. You can't think about it or wait a few more days to see what might hap- I suggest you consider writing down the price at which you expect to pen. It now becomes automatic—no more vacillating—sell, and sell sell if you have a loss, as well as the expected profit potential of all the immediately at the market.

By writing it down, you will focus your atten- your cost is the reason you are selling. You don't need any other reason. At this time nothing else should have a bearing on the situation. How about unusual situations where some bad news suddenly hits and causes price declines?

This policy of limiting losses is similar to paying insurance premiums. Does this loss-cutting procedure apply all the time, or are there excep- You reduce your risk to exactly the amount you are willing to take. You must protect your hard-earned pool of capital.

You will probably get very perturbed and think you Letting your losses run is the most serious mistake made by almost all made the wrong decision if the stock afterwards rebounds in price. You positively must accept that mistakes in either timing or If you bought insurance on your car last year and didn't have an acci- selection of stocks are going to be made by even the most professional dent, did you waste your money? Are you going to buy the same insur- investors.

In fact, I would go so far as to say if you aren't willing to cut ance this year? Of course you are! Did you buy fire insurance on your home or business last year? If your Would you drive your car down the street without brakes? You don't buy fire insurance because you know your house is going to All Common Stocks Arc burn down. You buy insurance just in case, to protect you from the Speculative remote possibility of a serious loss.

It is the same for the winning There is considerable speculation in all common stocks, regardless of investor who cuts losses quickly and closely; he or she wants to protect their name, quality, or purported blue chip status.

Having the raw courage which it may not be possible to recover. Decision and action should stocks they were holding. In this situation, it is best to sell and stop worrying. When it to make decisions. Never argue with the market—your health and peace of mind should be sold anyway. In fact, in my experience the ones that get away from you for larger Small losses are cheap insurance and the only kind of insurance you than normal losses are usually the really awful selections that must be can buy on your investments.

Even if a number of the stocks move up sold. And you still have buy stocks that double? Many don't, and some take years to recover. If you don't give up many first downs, how can 20 years to come back. In my view, the way to make investment decisions is to take stocks being down because they are good stocks, and I'm still getting my your losses quickly and your profits slowly. Yet most investors get emo- dividends. It may be just your personal A little boy was walking down the road when he came upon an old opinion that they are good stocks.

A thin trail of If you aspire to be a successful investor, you must face facts—most of corn scattered along a path lured turkeys to the box. To counter success, you need a high offsetting dose of robustness, even high doses of antifragility. You want to be Phoenix, or possibly Hydra. Otherwise the sword of Damocles will get you. On the Necessity of Naming We know more than we think we do, a lot more than we can articulate.

Our perceptions and intuitions, as expressed in deeds, can be superior to what we know and tabulate, discuss in words, and teach in a classroom. We will have ample discussions of the point particularly with the potent notion of the apophatic what cannot be explicitly said, or directly described, in our current vocabulary ; so for now, take this curious phenomenon.

But when given a simple test, they can successfully match strings to their corresponding colors. They are capable of detecting the differences between the various nuances of the rainbow, but they do not express these in their vocabularies. It is not well known that many colors we take for granted had no name for a long time, and had no names in the central texts in Western culture.

I contacted Guy Deutscher. He was extremely generous with his help and pointed out to me that the ancients even lacked words for something as elementary as blue. Read more. Don't have a Kindle? Hear something amazing. Discover audiobooks, podcasts, originals, wellness and more. Start listening.

Customer reviews. How are ratings calculated? Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Reviews with images. See all customer images. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Top reviews from the United States. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. This author is just too full of himself.

This book is more of the same, only worse. Taleb pontificates - hands down the truth from his pulpit - on one subject after another; to underscore his erudition, every few pages he throws in a phrase in Latin or French that he then translates - for the benefit of the less-erudite-than-him readers - into English.

The final takeaways? Embrace randomness and unpredictability. Be wary of over-regulation obsessive attempts to prepare against the unpredictable. In sum, this book is nothing but the random musings and rants of a windbag. The idea of the book is very interesting and is filled with examples and anecdotes which help clarify the concept and its implications.

It is very interesting how such an important concept with clear implications in multiple contexts has flown under the radar by academics and professionals. I have read other books by the same author, had high expectations and I wasn't disappointed. However, I cannot stop thinking that it could have been written in half the pages. His mix of informal prose, references to classic literature, self-congratulation, grandiose explanations, and real-world stories are tiring at some points.

It took me much longer to read than usual because I often got saturated with his style. It sat at my table for months while I read four other books in-between. I wish there were a way to give more nuance when assigning starts to a review.

Some people rave about this author and his ability to challenge conventional thought. Others complain about his drawn out and stream of consciousness writing style. I'm in the group that found his writing style so distasteful to read that his content was lost on me.

I enjoyed the ideas he shared and his point of view. My time was more valuable. Oh, Taleb. You make it so hard to not use vulgar language in my review. This book, which introduces and describes the concept of antifragility, is pretty revolutionary. Few books have fundamentally changed the way I think about the world, and this is one of them. My understanding of risk and how to address it has shifted dramatically, and the application of the concepts discussed has yielded surprising results.

That being said, the author is as pretentious as they come. Expect a lot of fancy-pants language for no reason other than to show off, and off-topic stories to illustrate just how much better than the rest of mankind Taleb is.

This is the type of book which truly requires some introspection and reflection on your part. You cannot take this at face value and read it truly as a work of nonfiction. While you are reading, you must imagine how antifragility and all its domains work in your particular life and lifestyle. What likes volatility; what dislikes uncertainty?

Treble is extended well on both, but the Variations goes the extra mile. Clarity is also better on the Variations. Where the SA6 stumbles in comparison is staging and imaging. The Variations does a noticeable better job. If bass is not a concern, the SA6 is a really great set specializing in midrange tonality. The Variations is a beast for almost all types of music, especially those with a lot of subbass. Keep in mind that both are not perfect though. Pick your poison.

The Clairvoyance is a great competitor to the Variations. The Clairvoyance bass is solid across. Neither subbass nor midbass is emphasized over the other. Midrange is also similar with some differences. Male vocals seem to be slightly more pleasant on the Variations while female vocals are more pleasant on the Clair.

Both present great detail on both. Instruments on both also sound relatively neutral. Staging and imaging honestly go neck and neck. In my opinion, if you want more balance, go with the Clairvoyance. If you want a more energetic, go with the Variations.

It plays well with most of my music library. From the bass to treble, it's excellently tuned with little to fault. It strongly made me rethink what I should expect from an IEM. Excellent job to Moondrop once again for their consistency.

Reactions: Codename johnillumidata and LunarLight. Last edited: Sep 15, Reactions: illumidataguatavofujinoharaSteveK27 and 2 others. C Codename john Great review. As you said not quite kilobuck league saying that in it's price range it is very hard to beat. Three Kings Pros : great tuning, mostly great technicalities, great accessories, cable has interchangeable termination system. Cons : large shells, EST drivers are overhyped and are less realistic-sounding than balanced armatures to me.

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